Huck: 2024 Could Be The Last Election Decided By Ballots, Not Bullets

This is one of the biggest obstacles to me.

I simply can’t imagine the current crop of Southern governors – Brian Kemp, Greg Abbott, Tate Reeves (who disgracefully lowered the Mississippi state flag) – showing anything resembling leadership in a true revolutionary crisis moment. Joe Biden is going full dictator and their response is pathetic.

But who knows? This is startling coming from the likes of Mike Huckabee. Huck is the author of God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Is Huckwaffen mobilizing in the Ozarks?


  1. It is startling from former Arkansas Governor Huckabee.

    That said, he is perfectly symbolic for how most normal White Southerners, outside of university towns and our largest cities, are feeling.

    If we were not at the brink during President Trump’s time in office, then the Color Revolution, thrown by the United States’ Government in 2020, to get Vice-President Biden into the Oval Office, certainly put us there.

    I have long thought that the 2024 presidential election would be the last for this country, as currently constituted.

    The foundations of The United States have all been rotted out.

  2. I don’t think that these old men can rally the younger crowd. They’re too far removed from the society that they allowed to be formed. Regardless of whether a youngster is Left or Right, they have an -intense- animosity for Boomers. Trump worked because he was actively hostile to everyone around him, and that appealed to the hotheads. Doomsday warnings aren’t “punk rock” enough when every day is hell.

    Gen X is only starting to realize that the “peace and love” horseshit they were fed as kids can’t come true.
    Millennials grew up mocking everything, but are beginning to find something to believe in.
    Gen Z is the most divided generation in our history, but they won’t be fully active for almost another decade.

    The Movement needs a Millennial to sound the clarion call, but the vast majority on our side are either outside of society, too stupid to portray strong optics, or browbeaten into silence…

    • @Hugh…

      “I don’t think that these old men can rally the younger crowd. They’re too far removed from the society that they allowed to be formed. ”

      Generally I agree with you, but, Trump and RFK Jr. are exceptions, as exceptions to every group there will always be.

    • I’m Gen X and can remember the endless liberal high school English teachers lecturing us on how wonderful the 60s were and how if only Reagan hadn’t have come around we’d now be living in paradise. My brother messes with that “facebook” stuff and he says half of the girls from high school still believe that crap their ex-hippie teachers spoon fed them 35 years ago. I remember this flighty girl in my high school who looked just like that “band camp” girl from that 90s movie. She wasted her parents money going to “art school” in California after graduating, I hear she’s still a big liberal living down in that crap hole city of Chicago. Why would anyone as an adult who knew how nice, clean, and peaceful the upper middle class Chicago Suburbs were where they grew up, the world of the John Hughes movies, want to live down in that hellhole? We had a fat guy in our circle whose girlfriend had to do that “Wrigleyville” scene thing after college. He was so happy when she got sick of it after a few years and they moved back to Arlington Heights. He said his happiest moment of the day was when he only had to spend a half hour circling around looking for a place to parallel park for the night and it was within a half mile of his apartment. I hate urban living, I don’t understand how people could stand it, let alone these days with the authorities abandoning all pretense of keeping the Morlocks in order.

  3. The title of his book sounds like some bumper sticker I’d see on a pickup. Next to the one that says Gas Ass or Grass. Nobody rides for free.

  4. The current governors are total cucks.

    Like every other step of the way, they will have to be drug kicking and screaming the whole way.

  5. “Joe Biden is going full dictator and their response is pathetic.”

    That’s been the rule for alleged ‘conservatives’.
    Reagan was the last one to have any spine, albeit missing our mark.

    Back to my old theme, only natural forces of crisis will change the political trajectory.

  6. Huckwaffen! Hey Hunter there was a good article at Counter Currents the other day pertaining to your “Against Activism” article. “is Kosher pro-white identity politics coming?” Worth checking out.

    • I saw it.

      My take on it is that these people obviously have internal polls which is showing them the same thing as the public polls. Conservatives have been radicalizing since 2020. Counter-Currents / Homeland Institute recently did their own poll and it showed the same thing. It is more damaging to be labeled woke on the Right than it is to be called a racist.

  7. lol. I remember when Huckabee was meme’d into Mike…Cuckabee back in 2015. He used to be a cuck on the level of Kemp. Now, he is Huckwaffen.

    The Altright was a bit like that Serbian revolutionary group, The Black Hand that ignited WW1. We indirectly ignited the Ukraine war and collapsed globalism, which may lead to WW3. All it took was poetizing the dreaded “N word.”

    • Mike Cuckabee is now Mike Huckwaffen, because he sees that the Left (who favors the Democrats) has figured out that the Republicans have finally outlived their usefulness to them and no longer want to share any of the perks of power with them.

      As an earlier post shows, the people who would have voted for Trump (and other Republicans) have been too demoralized and disgusted by the broken promises and the bipartisan bills which only grant tax cuts to the uber rich and fund welfare to illegal aliens to be bothered to vote for them.

      Trump is only the first Republican politician who is going to end up behind bars and it can only get worse going forward for any Republican. I’m not talking about contesting an election; I’m talking about aggressively campaigning against the Democrat.

  8. “””.. showing anything resembling leadership in a true revolutionary crisis moment….”””

    No, they don’t. But they may cave to pressure from our side. Donald tells them that his ass is now bigger than Jew one and better start licking The Donald ass before it’s too late.

    Then they change sides. Good thing about spineless filth is, that they are not loyal and Jew ass for them is not the hill to die.

  9. As a Virginian I certainly can’t imagine it either. But I’m sure in the late 1850’s Southern nationalists would have said the same thing. The character of the men of that era was far superior to those in office today, but they were nevertheless conservatives who opposed secession and were pushed into it by popular demand. The same occured in 1776 when elected delegates responded to the reality of the outbreak of war because of the actions of the people the year before.

    I don’t see the current crop of Southern politicians producing true leadership in a revolutionary crisis, with the possibilities of someone like Senators Cruz or Hawley who could be pushed over the edge by their constituents. But I do see a new crop of Southern leaders, some whose names we may have heard of at lower levels of government and doubtless many whose names we have not heard, replace the old guard by strategically riding the revolutionary zeal and correctly reading the moment with less to lose.

    We’re almost there. Pray and Prepare. Take care of your families and look forward to the new order that will come from this decadence. Perhaps even an independent Southern nation.

  10. I’m going to coin a term

    Martin Luther King Conservatism

    Once these people figure out that they don’t have to meekly hide behind MLKs dream speech, the necessary elements will be in place for what comes next.

  11. An evangelical ziocon like Huckabee has zero relevance or credibility in 2023, except with his shrinking audience of Southern boomers.

  12. I was gonna devise a decent reply (Zyklon Hucka-B?), but I’m still practically crying laughing at “Huckwaffen.” That reminds me of a based Twitter user under the handle peachwaffen a few years ago; she was unceremoniously Zio-space-lasered pre-Elon. Not that I’m Team Elon like most dissident rightist alt-liters. He wants to kill off the combustion engine and have us drive around in boxes that emit insane amounts of radiation to sterilize / kill us (a.k.a. electric vehicles), lied about his college degrees, wants to microchip our noodles, fakes his SpaceX vids as badly as Not A Space Agency fakes theirs, calls for vastly increased legal brown / curry-collar immigration, knocked up a kooky socialist radical, hired an authoritarian leftist WEF Jewess to patrol Twitter, and even wore a blatantly Satanic costume (with a Baphomet & an upside down pentagram) ca. last Christmas. In other words, he pretends to spar w/ ZOG, but his role is to help popularize the aforementioned ideas by shifting conservatives’ Overton window to the left a bit. As an example of how rigged even his seemingly off-the-cuff interactions are: Elon (4 letters) Musk (4 letters), whose surname has gematria number value of 44, bought Twitter (gematria value of 444 in a different cypher) for an absurd $44 billion, 4 years, 4 months & 4 days after originally floating the idea in what seemed like a humorous ad lib Twitter exchange. See an infographic explaining this at
    And the number 44 is renowned among noticers for the fact that the letters K+I+L+L (11+9+12+12) add up to a value of 44, which is why MLK was offed on 4/4, and why Obama became the 44th Prez as an homage to that prolific plagiarist & philanderer. (Perhaps the number 4 also refers to the fact that BHO looks about 1/4 black.) And 4/4 happened to be the 95th day of the year in ‘68 because that was a leap year. See what they did there? 95 of course refers to his namesake Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, which reshaped Western civilization by popularizing Protestantism over Catholicism. (About 98% of the founders of the U.S. were Protestants.) All major celeb-related events occur by the numbers like this. I’ve previously detailed many of the 666 number rituals in which the faux-populist Trump has participated over his life.

    I had always thought the Huck was a controlled GOPe puppet, playing the role of the well-meaning but dorky uncle who shares last year’s memes with you, but maybe he has broken free. The beard certainly gives him some intimidation value for the first time. Knowing how our matrix works, there will probably be a fake sh00ting blamed on a righty 666 days after that Huck tirade.
    Imagine how kosher the people at RightWingWatch have to be to sit around and watch rw media all day and not be converted by it…

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