Mike Pence 2024: The Last Gasp of True Conservatism

Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was killing off these people. Seriously, Mike Pence was the VP and can’t even crack 10% on the presidential stage. He is losing to a guy named Vivek who no one had ever heard of a year ago. True Conism is over.


  1. “Populist Republicans would have us trade in our time-honored principles for passing public opinion.”

    What gibberish !

    Populism has more fundamental principles than ‘conservatives’ can imagine.
    “trade in” , no ! We want them swept away.

    Pence is an empty shirt, a nitwit.
    (Young earth idiot)

    • @Arrian…

      Yes, total gibberish – speaking bravely about opposing those many tens of millions of Americans who feel repeatedly betrayed – as if those who wish to live in a decent European nation are the problem!

      Walter Mitty – in Red, White, and Blue!

  2. “strong national defense”

    Make me laugh.
    We’re being invaded while spending 100s of billions in nations we have no business in.

    I’m sick of the ‘global bully’ policy.
    Time to fix things at home.

    (I’m sick of ‘national defense’ being a code word for global bully.)

  3. Mike Pence… “strong national defense, limited government, and traditional values must guide our party and our nation as much today as they have guided our movement for the past 50 years!”

    We don’t have any of those things though. What the fuck is the matter with this boomercon?

    Every opportunity that conservatives have had to choose those things they have absolutely failed to seek them and undermined them every chance they get.

    Fuck Mike Pence! He’s yesterdays politics and he belongs in the dustbin of history along with liberalism, libertarianism, marxism and nazism.

    I’ll never forgive this asshat for caving on 2020 and not sending the votes back to the states for further investigation. Useless coward!

    • @Iromic…

      “We don’t have any of those things though. What the fuck is the matter with this boomercon?”

      As you imply – he’s like the rest of most of our political class – taking brave stands against dangers in scenarios that either no longer exist, or never did,.

      And, yes, not only does your last statement speak for me, but, my family, and many I know.

    • > What the fuck is the matter with this boomercon?

      You really have to ask? The answer is right there: boomercon. Pence is the epitome of boomercon from the Gay Ol’ Pedobears. He’s a total stooge of the Kosher-Nosetra, along with Lady G, the Kentucky Undertaker and all who don the R-jersey. Pence was a worthless cuck POS as Indiana governor and he’s only become worse since then.

    • “I’ll never forgive this asshat for caving on 2020 and not sending the votes back to the states for further investigation. ”

      Amen ! A spineless twink.

  4. The problem is that Trump’s populism really isn’t an economic populism, it’s a grievance populism. It’s more about complaining about minorities than it is taking on corporations. I want someone to really take on corporate USA and Wage Slavery. That candidate is not Trump (or any Republican or Biden).

  5. . . . timeless “conservative” principles of stabbing in the back the decent people who put their hopes in these horrible hypocrites simply because the Democrat candidate was so terrible. Judas had timeless “conservative” principles, thirty pieces of silver from what I hear. If Judas were alive today he would be head of the Republican Party shaking the hand of that dolt, Mike Pence and condemning that dreaded “populism”.

    Mike, Mike; that “conservative” train you are waiting for left the station back in 1982 when Ronald Reagan was busy selling out the country, bigly. Mike, you stupid dickhead, you are forty years too late with your bad ideas. The grifters in the Republican Party have used them all up and sold them to the highest bidder. All they have left are “timeless principles” no one cares about.

    • @12AX7….

      How right you are to belittle the vice president’s panegyrics about ‘Timeless Conservatism’.

      What has ‘Timeless Conservatism conserved?

      I like President Reagan, for I think he truly understood Americanism and embodied it, but, his Libertarian mistake of appointing, and allowing, Alan Greenspan to dismantle out manufacturing economy, and send it elsewhere, all in the name of ‘Free Trade’, was a mistake for the ages.

        • @Arrian…

          Very true, though, at that time I did not object to it, because I did not realize what the destiny of White European Americans was to be.

          When I awoke to it, it was one of the worst moments in my life.

          Talk to you soon!

  6. The true conservative are Reaganites, Irish henchmen who have sold out Christ and the common man to the interests of Jews and big business.

    Tax cuts for the rich
    ever increasing military budgets to fight senseless wars
    privatize, privatize, privatize
    the free market knows best
    tush kissing every Jew heinie in sight
    big cuts to all social welfare programs

    The are not really against abortion or gay marriage, that is just their schtick to con you into voting for them.

    We are on to you Mike. Papa better get a brand new bag.

    • This is the Blackrock agenda. Our Brooklyn overlords have two uncles, one a communist, the other a greedy money grubber. These Mike Pence and Nikki Haley types are totally on the payroll of the later.

  7. Shortly after the Senate confirmed Biden as President, someone walked up to Pence, still at the Senate podium, and handed him what looked like some kind of coin. Pence put it in his suite pocket. I saw this on television. Did anyone else here see it? What was that all about I wonder.

  8. Thirty Pence was done after Tucker hung a RINO pelt on his wall.
    The GAE true believers will never vote for him and neither will so called MAGA.
    BTW-What exactly has been conserved by conservatives?
    (Thurston Howell William F. Buckley voice not included)

  9. Pence was a great pederast in his time, he liked butt boys so much he almost became a Cathoic priest. Zog could fill a whole film festival with the videos they have of Pence sodomizing boys. He will get his 2% in the primaries.

  10. In.a strange way Con Inc may be a victim of its own very limited success.

    Roe V Wade has been over turned as well as Affirmative Action.

    Since those issues are taken care of I can turn my attention to economics.

    The Cost Of Living is horrendous. I have been very lucky that my union got me a 13% raise this year.

    Well I know True Cons are just going to advocate for Zombie Reaganism and are generally anti-Union. So my attitude now is ‘Screw ‘Em’.

    Taking a long look at RFK Jr or even the Green Party. (Biden is too old stood by while Obama signed a free trade deal with S. Korea)

  11. Of interest,

    They are now putting police stations in Walmart, Atlanta area.
    Need a copy, too bad they’re busy providing security at Walmart, TS !

  12. Mike Pence is an extremist ….

    Extremely dull !

    Boring , really really boring .

    Comes from a lifetime of hanging out in boring American Conservative places – churches , meetings , boring family members , avoiding doing , saying it thinking anything controversial like something …


  13. Thanks for letting me give my comment. Come 2024 I will NOT be voting for Donald Trump…. Why Trump choose Kelly Ann Conway over the angel moms. Trump made Senator Feinstein smile when saying take the guns first ask questions later. Supported red flag laws. Did zero about the carovans coming in from Mexico. Promised to end trade deals and broke them. Allowed BLM to ravage through suburban conservative neighborhoods and did nothing to stop them from taking over Chad in Washington state. No my friends. Unless Trump is not the nominee. I will be voting Biden in 2024. Electing Trump will make it worse for us and Trump had never said how he will stop the deep state if he is elected. No SORRY. Trump vs Biden. I vote for Biden as Trump will do nothing to stop the carnage the left will do if he is elected

    • Kevin Basher ” I will be voting for Biden in 2024″ what Biden what that be? The clone Biden, the body double Biden, the A-I Biden, or just the regular demonic, can’t keep his hands of the little girl’s Biden?

    • No need to endorse the total fraud Shitpants Joey. Just stay home. I have no intention of voting for Cheetohead the clown either. He stabbed his base in the back in every possible way so he can go to hell with the rest of them. The only way I would even consider voting for that clown would be if it would bring the evil empire to its knees even faster. There is something of an accelerationist case for Dump. Most whites – despite being allegedly high IQ – are so stupid they have no survival instinct at all. The shitlibs will go into full war mode should Dump somehow overcome the massive rigging already under way.

      While a national divorce would be far preferable, I suspect we’re going to get a full-blown civil war. The shitlibs will be winning out of the gate because non-shitlib whites are mostly numbed by normalcy bias. Perhaps – if they’re not too completely brainwashed – enough of them will rise up to fight back. If not, better find a place to run to.

  14. Pence’s campaign is tailor made to appeal to the 00’s. If he ran for President on this against Obama he would have done better than McCain did. Pence doesn’t seem to realize that the “War on Terror” years are over and no one wants them back. He can’t expect a single person born after 1970 to heed his advice because their rejection of Bush Era Neo-Conservatism has its roots in 911 and the War on Terror (Gen X and Millennials specifically) and Zoomers are far too young to have lived through that era and see all that stuff as not only boring but totally unimportant to the real domestic problems they have to deal with from greedy corporations and so called “wokeism” neither of which Pence would dare want to touch.

    I actually understand through video games what Pence and the Neo-Cons are feeling. There’s nothing more annoying than your citizens getting restless while you’re trying to maintain and in some cases grow your empire. You just want them to shut up and eat the instability while you keep playing global politics.

  15. He is losing to a guy named Vivek who no one had ever heard of a year ago.

    It’s encouraging to see how effortlessly the pajeet obliterated Pence’s worn out claptrap in that tweet.

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