Fourteenth Amendment Efforts Underway To Disqualify Trump

Can we just elect someone who will clean house?

In order to be elected president, you have to first be on the ballot. There is already a campaign underway in swing states with Democrat secretaries of state to block Trump from the ballot. He is automatically disqualified for being an “insurrectionist” or so the argument goes.

Let’s assume this goes to court. Trump prevails at the Supreme Court. Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. In that case, the groundwork has already been prepared for a violent revolt by the Left against an illegitimate president.

Suppose it doesn’t even come to that though. The people who are publicly trying to remove his name from the ballot now are in charge of elections in key states. Are these people above miraculously finding tens of thousands of mail in ballots in the middle of the night?

Note: Listen to the Colorado secretary of state below.


  1. Can’t you just write him in anyway or is that too much effort? I’m going to write in my local garbage man for president. Like I said before screw them and their selective rules, disrupt.

      • I know, it’s symbolic. They do not have the power to rule, even by force, hence the transparent appeals to division for a divide and rule style governance, even down to who is masked and who is not. I believe Dump is part of this ploy but whoever is elected we’re screwed. So do anything to screw them, even down to the most trivial.

  2. What happened to ‘due process’ ?

    Oh, that’s just the keystone of our judicial process.
    Just toss it away.

    This is getting so dangerous.

    • I’m afraid they will succeed. Look at the picture of him posted for this article. He looks like hell. I don’t know what or if he was thinking when he tossed his hat in the ring. Thanks to the lawfare conducted against the most innocent people supporting him, I don’t see a lot of people lining up to join any new Trump administration.

      I think he would have been far more effective laying low for a few years while quietly building a network of successors who would be even bigger nightmares to the Usual Suspects than he would be.

  3. That MSNBC thing is so skewed, it’s just amazing.

    “There we’re guns at the insurrection”. MSNBC Hag
    The only guns were in hands of federal thugs.

  4. The ‘nose behind the curtain’ is pulling out all the stops to run this script across all media platforms. I’d sure like to see who sits on the committee to push this agenda and their methods of dissemination, it’s powerful .

      • Zog continues to build up Trump. He was finished it seemed, until the first of these lawsuits was filed, and Zog media began talking obsessively about Trump, building up Trump. There is no room for an authentic populist. Trump the fake populist has occupied the space, and the retarded masses like it.

        On and on it goes. In 2016 Zog was divided. Trump got in because the military vetoed Hitlery as unacceptable. In 2020 Zog united behind Biden, and Trump went away meekly, only pretending a mild objection with the j6 sham, which he was in on. But he is a team player so he followed the script, and most of all, he went away meekly, as the script called for.

        The script for 2024 calls for Zog to build up Trump by making him a martyr in the eyes of the retards, thus blocking the rise of any authentic populism. On the dem side, the three fake Bidens being used act increasingly demented, leading to ‘Biden’ exiting the race , but probably not the office.

        Who they have chosen to replace him with is hard to say. Whitmer comes from a big pharma family, it might be her. She will surely continue the ongoing operation to kill billions of people via bioweapons. But the Hindu woman VP has a Jew husband, they might go with Heels Up. Or Newsom. Who knows?

        In any case, Trump loses in November. He has a 100% chance of losing, because that is the script, and he will follow it. But the man is a great actor, reality tv shows, and reality political dramas, the best actor of this generation. A far left kook from Brooklyn his first 60 years, liberal democrat, best friends with Epstein and the Clintons, he hasn’t changed.

        All of you saw him govern for four years as a liberal democrat. Alright, fooled once, shame on him. But what is the rest of that proverb? Say it out loud.

  5. “””….violent revolt by the Left…”””

    Pointless looting without clear plan is very ineffective. This can be just ignored or put up minimum resistance for example defend your own property or town. Peasant revolts never work.

    “””…Are these people above miraculously finding tens of thousands of mail in ballots in the middle of the night?…”””

    I think, this time counter measures are in place already, so they will get caught or they are already too afraid to commit crime. Soviet apparatchik’s back in 1991 were also too scared to support coup or do anything illegal. They preferred to run away.

    Bureaucrat mindset is similar everywhere. In critical moment, some of them getting Covid, their cars breaking up, their grandmothers start dying and million more things happen so they can’t attend to workplace to do ugly things. And of course all their phone batteries will be empty so their can’t get them by phone either.

    Cowards doing shit only when they are sure that they get away with it. When cowards feel threatened, they lay low to avoid possible revenge, punishment or other risks.

  6. The administration is illigitimate, boycott the election period, republicans/democrats, they are the same, trump beat them at their own game,.”AMERICAN SOLIDARITY NOW” !!!!!!!!……..

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