The Atlantic: Ignore Jack Smith’s Critics

Democracy Defenders insist that democracy is fragile.

It is fragile because it is human. It is fragile because it is up to us.

In order to save democracy from dangerous authoritarians like Trump though, we might on occasion have to dispense with democracy when public opinion isn’t trending our way.

The only way to save democracy and vindicate “the rule of law” is to so discredit the law that half the country no longer believes in it!

The Atlantic:

“Several distinguished individuals have recently expressed grave reservations about the prosecutions of former President Donald Trump. Notably, they appear to have no dispute about the seriousness of his wrongdoing. Rather, their main concern is that “terrible consequences” may result, because the prosecutions “may come to be seen as political trials … and play directly into the hands of Trump and his allies.” Although many Trump supporters will view the situation in just this way, any suggestion that prosecution is therefore unwise misconceives what is at stake here and, sadly, is evidence of America’s diminished national spirit.

For a free society wishing to preserve its governmental system, the prosecutions of Donald Trump for trying to overturn our democracy and willfully mishandling national secrets is not optional. They are the essential step that must be taken if America’s rule of law is going to survive, and be worthy of the trust that is essential to that survival. More hopefully, they offer the nation its single best chance of escaping from the appalling thrall of Trump’s lies and insults since he came down that escalator eight years ago. …”

I see the liberal establishment is telegraphing YET AGAIN that it will never accept a Trump restoration.

“The challenge that America faces calls for the country’s best and brightest prosecutors to do their utmost in formulating and pursuing these most important of cases. Hand-wringing that things might go awry is not productive in the least. …”

These people are delusional!

“Instead, this is a time to celebrate the great corner that has been turned in the effort to once and for all repudiate Donald Trump. While the justice system alone cannot save democracy, the reckoning now finally under way may be of appreciable help in restoring some rationality to our public life. … “

Once again, it is getting to the point where it is a harder to imagine a scenario where this all shakes out peacefully and our politics calm down than it is to imagine all the ways our politics could boil over into violent conflict.


  1. Doxxing, Canceling, Shadow-Banning, Denunciation, DeBanking, Gulaging, Exiling, or Executing – or simply refusing to pay others any mind, these are all manifestations of the same thing – their unwillingness to countenance any reflection but their own.

    Needless to say, this is a very dangerous state, particularly for those around them, because we cannot be who they want us to be.

  2. The American empire is on its way out.
    They can imprison or assassinate Trump, it’ll just turn him into a martyr for tens of millions of Americans, who may revolt, and someone else like say RFK Jr or some other heretic or group of heretics will come along to replace him because Americans have lost faith in their institutions and the political/ruling class.
    And the developing world no longer fears America, they’re pooling their resources together to destroy the dollar and they’ll succeed.
    The America neoliberal world order is falling apart we just don’t know how exactly and what the world will look like after the dust is settled.
    If things go nuclear there may not be much of a world left.

  3. The latest CNN Fake News poll has shown that Biden could very easily lose to almost any Republican candidate.

    Brandon has been pantsed and this proves the only way he can win is by prosecuting and persecuting Trump!

    This realization has lead to an epiphany. My current politics are just anti-Biden! He is almost as bad as Carter and Trumen.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  4. With the outrageous prison sentences for mild J6 infractions the Left is mistakenly making it so people who act up in the future will be better off going all the way than peacefully walking between the capitol ropes. When someone has nothing to lose…

    • It’s all about intimidation.

      They don’t care if a few individuals go all out, so long as they can intimidate the great mass of people.
      They can easily handle a few people who go to extremes, but they can’t handle a massive uprising.

      So, intimidate to control.

    • The persecution of J6 protesters and Trump, internet censorship, the shrill tone of the Lügenpresse, waving the talisman of “Our Democracy” around to summon support from normies; these are all signs of weakness not strength, desperation, not confidence from the Deep State. They lost control of the narrative and that is how Trump got elected in 2016. The Covid scam and ballot stuffing as well as Trump’s many failures is how the Deep State returned to power in 2020. With a vegetable as Mr. President and an idiot, mystery-meat colored woman as VP they have a very weak hand to play now.

      They have to crush their opponent again. They are desperately, irrationally afraid of Trump and his voters, making the Left do self-destructive things. Covid won’t do the trick a second time. Calling out BLM/Antifa won’t be smart because Dementia Joe will get the blame for the destruction that follows. White suburban women are already nervous about the future with inflation and all the colored people invading the country. More violence will drive even some stupid, White liberals to either not vote or vote Republican then lie about it later.

      What will the Left/Deep State do to retain power? Trump has said he will wreak vengeance upon his enemies if he is reelected. Bombast aside, that is exactly what a successful politician should do and exactly what the Democrats are trying to do now.

      This raises the stakes in next year’s election. The Deep State can’t afford to have a spiteful, vengeful, angry President start really turning over the Mount Everest size rocks the U.S. Government has been hiding their many crimes under. The Left/Deep State needs a good lap dog like the estimable Mike Pence to uphold “Timeless Conservative Principles” like cucking, everything for Our Greatest Ally, more wars, censorship and flooding what’s left of the country with wogs for “Our Democracy”. Poor Mikey, that idiot train left for the asylum in the 1980’s with the Reagan Administration’s many sellouts.

      Remember what GWB II, the American Talleyrand said after 9/11: “They hate us for our freedoms, that is why we were attacked”. With such morons even the gods contend in vain.

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