Mitt Romney: A Very Large Proportion of My Party Really Doesn’t Believe In The Constitution

“A very large portion of my party really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.” –Mitt Romney

Do you believe in the Constitution?

It is complicated. I have mixed feelings about it.

Which Constitution are you asking about? There have been several constitutions. The Articles of Confederation, for example, was technically never repealed. The Confederate Constitution is another dead letter. Neither of these constitutions have anything to do with how we are governed.

The original American Constitution was destroyed by Lincoln in the War Between the States. It was undone by the existence of the Union. If the Founders had excluded the New England states from the compact, I think it could have worked. Something like the original American Constitution without the Northeast would be an ideal form of government. I don’t want to live under a centralized government.

In a homogeneous Anglo-Protestant polity, the Constitution as it was originally conceived and designed would work fine. If only people like James Edwards, Sam Dickson, Jared Taylor, Brion McClanahan, Jeff Sessions and Ron Paul could vote, the system would work. It would work even with a high level of racial diversity as long as voting rights was restricted to natural born White men. Basically, I believe the system rests on a foundation of racial, ethnic, cultural and religious homogeneity that it took for granted. Without that substantial homogeneity, the institutions of free government collapse into polarization and gridlock.

Lincoln and the Radical Republicans disfigured the Constitution with Reconstruction amendments which centralized and consolidated the federal government. The Progressive era did even more damage to the Constitution with women’s suffrage, the income tax, the direct election of senators and the nationwide Prohibition experiment. In particular, the income tax dramatically expanded the power of the federal government over the states without doing much about economic inequality.

The Reconstruction constitution died in the Great Depression and World War II. The federal government as it has existed since FDR has become more and more decoupled from the Constitution. In theory, for example, Congress is supposed to declare war, but that now rarely happens. Vast federal bureaucracies now exist which trample all over the Constitution. Are we supposed to believe the Tenth Amendment still restricts the power of the federal government? Does the Fourth Amendment restrain the “intelligence community” from spying on American citizens?

Christopher Caldwell is correct that the civil rights regime has metastasized and devoured the original Constitution like a cancer. The rapid loss of racial, ethnic, cultural and religious homogeneity since the 1960s has also made the antiquated system more and more dysfunctional. Diversity is glorified by the liberal establishment. In practice, diversity destroys the social trust and philia that makes democracy possible. Tyranny is the natural form of government of multicultural empires.

By my count, America has had at least five constitutions: the Articles of Confederation, the original American Constitution, the Confederate Constitution, the Reconstruction era Constitution and the New Deal era Constitution. In the 1950s and 1960s, America decided it was going to recreate itself in the image of the United Nations and embarked on an experiment to become the first country in the history of the world to be held together by nothing but pure liberalism. Race was expunged from our national identity. Then religion and culture. Finally, the republican ideal itself has come under attack.

The surviving remnants of the Constitution like the First Amendment, Second Amendment, occasionally the Fourth Amendment, the Senate and the Electoral College mainly thwart the ambitions of our ruling class. We would be worse off without the Constitution. Democracy Defenders have a new screed out about these vestiges of the Constitution called The Tyranny of the Minority.

Do I believe in the Constitution though? Do I have faith in it?

No, I don’t believe the letter of the Constitution has much to do with how we are governed, especially after what is going on with Trump. I think the Constitution has been disfigured. If I had it my way, I would throw out half of the states and everything after the 12th Amendment.

The Declaration of Independence is a bigger problem than the Constitution. Specifically, reinterpreting and disfiguring the Constitution to bring it line with the universal ideals of the Declaration. The Confederacy wisely dispensed with the Declaration of Independence.


  1. I consider the tendency of White people to prefer free market libertarianism to be an embarrassment. The constitution was created by America, America didn’t create the constitution. All the people you listed would vote for the sort of free market policies that we already have but frame it as something new and radical – such as Jared Taylor and Ron Paul. Jared Taylor would try to seem different by appealing directly to race, Ron Paul would embrace neo-liberalism more openly and directly. I’m hoping that younger Whites embrace a stronger critique of corporate America and wage slavery. There’s conflicting info on this – some articles say Millennials lean left because of Demographics, other articles claim that Whites too are starting to break away from their parents.

    The environment is set for White Millennials to rebel against their parents because evidence suggests that the racial wealth gap is shrinking because Whites are getting poorer, not because Blacks are getting richer. The question is whether it’s White Millennials who embrace “socialism” or if it’s just because Millennials are more non-White than Boomers. If Whites have to rely on non-Whites to liberate themselves from wage slavery, then I consider that a huge embarrassment.

    • The racial divide in the U.S. hasn’t been black/White for a long time, it’s been White vs. black/hispanic/Asian for quite a while. There are more hispanics than blacks in the U.S. now after decades of failed border control and promiscuous naturalization of wogs. The Asian population has also grown tremendously over the last forty years.

      Recent protests by blacks in Chicago against the black mayor’s decision to move hispanic invaders into “their” neighborhoods shows cracks developing in the multi-cult, Rainbow Coalition. It was Asians who led successful anti-Affirmative Action lawsuits against Harvard et al. because blacks and hispanics were getting places in universities under AA that Asians thought belonged to them. The growth of non-black populations agitating against the 1960’s (so called) “Civil Rights,” (sic) pro-black, anti-White agenda contradicts the Lügenpresse’s narrative so they suppress this part of the story.

      The ruling class is obsolete, stuck in the past with their black vs. White thinking. They have made the U.S. into Whites vs. everyone else to the point where national unity is impossible, especially when the next national disaster strikes. Whites are the last to wake up from this vicious, anti-White, communist, (so called) “Civil Rights” (sic)propaganda but Dementia Joe, Cackling Kamala and their cast of thousands of misfits are slowly helping to wake up sleeping Whites as civilisation crumbles around them.

      When the electric grid goes down it’s Every Man for Himself and Devil take the Hindmost.

  2. Though I do know some people who do not like the Constitution, they represent less than 1%

    As for myself, I think the first Constitution was a work of genius – the greatest document in the history of Western Civilization – after the Bible.

    The New England Amendments, 13th, 14th, and 15th, passed during the 1860s, when The White South had almost no representation in Congress, denigrate this document, and are some of the foundation of what is wrong with this country – corruption being the greatest problem.

    That said, what , or we on The Right, feel about the Constitution is irrelevant, because The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government does not follow it, except when it suits them.

    No, they are lawless, the only laws they followed after 2001 being one – the APPEARANCE OF PROPRIETY.

    That said, since 2015, they have abandoned adherence to that, as well.

    Certainly the capital cities of The Blue States have no regard for the law as we know it.

    So, Senator Romney – as per usual, you have your finger pointed at the wrong people.

  3. The CON-stitution? Not anymore. Not unless Free, White, Male Landowners are the only ones allowed to vote; where niggers are returned to 3/5ths of a White Man; where women are in submission to their Lords/Husbands/Fathers; and where open, communal stoning of unrepentant sodomites, lesbians and trannys is an everyday sport……

    As Gary North wrote, over 40 years ago:

    Speaking on Article VI, Clause 3 of the apostate covenant document known as the Constitution: “…If there be no religious test required, (of citizens, and people in public office) pagans, deists, [Jews] and Mahometans might obtain office among us, and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.” [Henry Abbot, N.C. Ratifying convention, 1780’s] A prophetic voice, indeed! But it was not heeded.” – G. North, Political Polytheism, p. 390-91.

    “And so, there was ‘from the beginning’ [ I John 1:1] an inevitable civil war between Christ and Caesar. Church and State. This war was eventually won by the earthly representatives of the ascended Christ. Christians finally replaced pagans in the offices of civil authority.

    This ‘Constantinian settlement’ still outrages and embarrasses political polytheists in the modern Church: fundamentalists, pietists, neo-evangelical liberals, and Christian college professors, everywhere. They much prefer to see pagans occupy the seats of civil authority, so the example of Constantine offends them. They prefer a contemporary political polytheism analogous to that of the Roman Pantheon, either because they secretly worship the messianic monotheism of the State (political liberals, humanists, and some neo-evangelicals) or because they refuse to acknowledge that statism is always the political manifestation of polytheism (fundamentalists, Lutherans, most Calvinists, and any remaining neo-evangelicals). Like the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, they prefer rule by polytheistic taskmasters in the service of a [sic] divine State…”… It is time to begin making plans for the conquest of Canaan.”
    – Gary North, PhD, “Political Polytheism,” (1989) p. 536-7.

  4. From the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence:
    “… that to preserve these Rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    The Great Awakening, for me, was the realization that my native country is opposed to my will and agency. It is either ignorant or apathetic of my hopes, dreams, and desires for a powerful nation, under God. It believes that freedom is anarchy, when true freedom is self-responsibility, self-accountability, and self-reflection, without a third party to determine that for the individual.

    • @Hugh…

      Your words reveal you to be a strong, rational, and moral White Man – a true American of European descent; and, as such, you are absolutely right that this country, or, perhaps better said, those who control it – to pillage and raid it, to sell it off, part by part, as opposed to you.

      As Tucker Carlson and Steve Turley say, day after day – You, The American descendant of those who founded this country, ARE the Enemy.

      It’s terrible, but, but, it is the truth.

      If we want this truth to change, we will have to honourably exert ourselves and insist.

  5. Christopher Caldwell, noted in this article for his book decrying the Civil Rights Movement as the source of all that ails America today( bingo!)
    is an intellectual wimp who offers no solutions for the problems he identifies-never has and never will! He’s always been a milquetoast conservative for decades. No white person should apologize for segregation, which is merely the inevitable consequence of people exercising their constitutional freedom of association.. Blacks want separate dorms, separate graduation ceremonies, and separate courses of study taught exclusively by black professors, but their segregationist impulses provoke no denunciations from our liberal powers that be- because they’re natural and normal. And if they’re natural and normal for them , then equality demands that we have the same rights. They used to have them – in HBCU’s – exclusively black colleges and universities which still exist today. They are becoming evermore popular with blacks today because our ancestors knew what was best for them and for us, but know it all Jews threw the wisdom of our ancestors out the window.We should have refused to endorse associate justice Felix Frankfurter’s (sole jew on the Supreme Court at the time who masterminded the Brown decision) brainchild of declaring the “separate but equal” doctrine unconstitutional and kept it, as required by stare decisis (which was blithely ignored by the Court, thereby denying us of due process under the law), and merely enforced the then existing doctrine of separate but equal, telling the defendant school districts to equalize spending between the black and white schools, but this would not have served Frankfurter’s and the Jews secret revolutionary agenda. The result has been a disaster for public education in the U.S.-especially for working class and lower middle class whites who can’t afford alternative private schools for their children. The unspoken truth about the so-called Civil Rights Movement is that without direction, funding and masterminding by Jewish Power and Influence, especially in the Jewish controlled media of the day, the whole enterprise wouldn’t have amounted to a hill of beans. Jews are the secret sauce- the yeast that makes the dough rise- in every radical egalitarian movement the has bedeviled America since the end of WW2. Their goal wasn’t benevolence towards blacks but rather malevolence towards white gentiles. And it’s worked like a charm.

    • ^^^^^^ all true !

      “Jews are the secret ….. every radical egalitarian movement the has bedeviled America since the end of WW2. ”

      That can be more generalized.

      Jews are a malevolent force in ALL gentile societies.

  6. > In theory, for example, Congress is supposed to declare war, but that now rarely happens.

    This is due to our ratification of the UN Treaty in 1947. There has been no formal congressional declaration of war since WW II. All subsequent wars have been implemented by the executive branch with no resistance from the fake congress. The constitution everyone used to have to read in high school is long dead.

  7. > “A very large portion of my party really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.” –Mitt Romney

    Funny to read of Mr. Pot complaining about Mr. Kettle. Capt. Underoos and his contingent of the rainbow-flag True-Cons, like Lady G, the Kentucky Undertaker, McCarthy, have been using the old document as toilet-paper for decades. One must ask though, who’s worse? The True-Cons or the Caved-Head Conserviletards who continue to believe they somehow oppose their D-jersey team-mates?

    The power of (((media))) gaslighting is truly remarkable – actually kind of shocking when you start to consider it seriously. Look at what they did with the white people in Jewkraine in the space of a couple of decades. Half a million died willingly for Jew bankstains and their looting plans for the Europe’s bread-basket – still doing so as I write. This is from a populace whose average level of education was better than that of the legions of tards puked out by Murikan edumacation camps for yoots – mouth-breathing idiocracy writ large. What an absolute shitshow.

  8. By my count, America has had at least five constitutions

    Invert that phrase.

    Remember what I wrote here I think about two weeks ago? That basically the same constitution, merely warmed over a few times, served five distinctly different systems and regime types in Germany from 1852 to 1945. To boot, the 1949 Basic Law for West Germany and eventually reunited Germany openly carries over some of the DNA from that era.

  9. The South is not part of white civilization. Never has been, never will be. The several paragraphs of this your present blogpost, Mr. W., represent nothing more or less than a Southerner’s almost congenital unwillingness or inability to recognize that.

    Any white who is not a Southerner and who would further the flourishing of whites will be well-advised to avoid involvement with Southerners.

    • Any white who is not a Southerner and who would further the flourishing of whites will be well-advised to avoid involvement with Southerners.

      I’m not sure how long you’ve felt this way, but bravo for saying it. This has been obvious to me from day one. I’m not necessarily opposed to their goals (it depends), but I would be wary of cooperating with them, let alone counting on them in any way.

      • I’m happy, of course, to hear you say so, Ivan, but you yourself have stressed to me right here, at Occidental Dissent, the unbridgeable divide between Southerners and Northerners. Some years ago, when I, here, effectively extended that to a divide between Southerners and the rest of whites in general, our fellow commenter James Owen, of Texas, told me I was on target. Though Google can’t now find for me whatever was my comment to which James responded, I remember it included words to the effect that Southerners inspire no affection in non-Southerners and bear no affection toward them.

        Yes, you and I and other commenters here exert ourselves to engage with each other amicably across that divide, but the divide remains. If you yourself have never quite said as much to me, you’ve come close.

        • @John…

          Thank you, My Friend, for your excellent reply.

          The South is definitely part of White Civilization.

          To say otherwise is to sound like Anglo Gentile New Yorkers of the mid 19th century who asserted that the arriving White Niggers (The Irish) were not really human, and worthy of no respect.

          That said, Southerners are truly different than Northeasterners, and, to that end, I assert, have asserted, and will assert that our being in a union with one another is very detrimental to us.

          This union is destroying every semblance of our people, and so it ought not be abidden.

          Southerners and Northeastern Yankees are like Norwegians and Calabrians to one another – the opposite poles of White Civilization.

          That said, I respect your right to regard as subhuman bogeymen, I just do not see it, however, as anything but the manifestation of animus in your very bright mind which is apt to see people less as people and more as symbols.

          In any case, all the best to you.

          • No member of white civilization, Ivan—or of civilization in general—would express his attachment to home by deprecating Paris, not even the racially-besieged Paris of today. Only a Southerner (or, in the following case, a para-Southerner) would do that …

          • Thank you, Dear John, for all your thoughtful replies.

            I very respectfully disagree that there is any one criteria that could disquality any White Nation, or people, from being White.

            We are a part of White Western Christendom, and, like the erstwhile East Prussia, a conservative plantation culture.

            All the best!

          • @John…

            Okay, maybe we are that unique.

            I do not see that, but, maybe being a Southerner, as I am, I am too close to see it.

            Have a great day!

          • I’ll add, Ivan, that you might have countered with the link below (though I think the tone is different) …

  10. Well for the life of me, i’ve tried too understand, but it is not working for me, why would someone, anyone, perhaps a philly Yankee, come on a SOUTHERN and just not any SOUTHERN site, but the prominent SOUTHERN site on thee Earth, insulting the FINEST people, with the FINEST society and civilization, in the history of ADAMKIND, is simply beyond me, I reckon it’s just not in the SOUTHERN CHARACTER, to behave so strangely, when I think of the city of Philadelphia, I think of KENSINGTON AVENUE, it’s the twenty first century, you would think by now, that people who live in glass houses, would have enough sense, not to throw stones………well, I reckon not……….

    • “Bone-of-Contention”- John, my man. What are you trying to say? I have lived in the ‘South’ for almost a decade, and it appears to me to be just as ‘American’ as anyplace I have lived in Yankeedom, from Boston to Californication. But what it IS, that is different, is a state of mind that still reserves civility and some modicum of decency, that the brash North long ago, dismissed as outmoded. But don’t worry. The JEW TUBE is destroying that southern gentility with every [c]rap song white boys listen to, every Dismally-Tragic Kingdom/Queendom, LGBTQ movie and tv series, and every faux ‘country’ singer North of Richmond…. if you know what I mean…..

      Does the South need a corrective? Hell, yeah. Why they tolerate the Niggers, is beyond me- even with all that paternalistic ‘care for the lesser’ ethos. Yes, that is true, but it’s only supposed to be YOUR ethNos, not any old Darkie EthNos. No Tulsis, nor Kamalas, and especially not the Nimrata’s of the South. JUST WHITE FOLK!

      There is also a lack of true High Art/culture here, that makes it a somewhat barren wasteland. This didn’t use to be the case. But the ‘brain drain’ of their best and brightest for the North, could have been averted, if the stubbornness of the Southrons would have been tempered a bit, by their inability to see themselves as one with the good northerners, and not confuse them with the “Judah Benjamins” that now control us all… oh, and their lust for Sport, and the stupidity of fraternal organizations (Masons).

      • Consider, Father, “Beware, My Lovely,” a 1952 movie I’ll link below. If I’m recalling correctly, its geographic setting is not indicated, but maybe you’ll agree with me that it could be set just about anywhere in America—anywhere, that is, outside the South. The South is simply different, as Southerners themselves are proud to maintain, until, at least, someone like me agrees with them.

        As far as I know, the writer of the radio play that was, I think, this movie’s original form was not of English descent, not fully, anyway. His surname was Italian, but even more important is that he was born in, of all places, New Mexico—Albuquerque—before World War I. Even so, he had no trouble at all rendering, in fiction, the Anglo-American world that was America. I mean the America that extended from Maine to Seattle to Southern California—anywhere but the South. More connected was he to it, more in sympathy with it, than was or is any Southerner of even the purest British ancestry. He was American, as are the story’s characters—and as is no Southerner.

        Maybe you’ll recall the experience of the man the Confederacy sent to England, to solicit that country’s support for the South during the Civil War. Although he himself was, I’d guess, of English descent—though I don’t recall his name—he found it impossible to communicate with the English. “I don’t understand these people,” he wrote, in a letter back to the Confederate government. No non-Southern American, whatever his ancestry, would have said anything like that.

        Her own surname notwithstanding, the beautiful Ida Lupino, who stars in this movie, was of English and Irish descent, as far as I know. An ancestor in her show-business family adopted the name Lupino from another such family, in a period, I guess, when Italian surnames had cachet in the performing arts.

        Immediately below is the link, to a movie that you’ll understand, that I understand, and that even a Hindu-American whose family has been in this country only a third of a century can understand. A Southerner can observe it only as if he’s peering through a store window—or into an aquarium …

      • @Fr. John…

        Thank you for your defense of The South, based on an honest, yet, fair-minded assessment.

        We have many strengths, and some weaknesses, and, as that to which you allude – the South of today is a long shot from The South of 1950..

        People have changed a lot in this country, and it’s not just in The South.

        Selfishness, superficiality,a lack of resourcefulness, know,how, and self-reliance has largely disappeared from American Culture.

        I know this because I have lived in many states, and I have seen the same thing.

        That said, we are still, to this day, as both you and John say – different.

  11. Do you believe the Declaration as whole to be a to be a mistake or merely the post-Lincoln misinterpretation of the “all men are made equal” line to be the problem with the Declaration? The author, Thomas Jefferson, was merely commenting on monarchy and aristocracy; he clearly did not believe in racial equality.

  12. Mr Bonaccorsi – just a bit of further advice. As you enjoy the diversity of Blue State America, if you spot a quarter on the sidewalk, don’t bend over to pick it up, or else you may wake up the next morning with rosy cheeks, a wet ass, and a quarter rolled up in your fist as payment in full!


    “If I had it my way, I would throw out half of the states and everything after the 12th Amendment.”

    Hear, hear!!!!


    “Lincoln and the Radical Republicans disfigured the Constitution with Reconstruction amendments ”

    Yes, and it began the destruction of the very country that led us to here.

    The whole original idea of this country was local control by local White Men, who were property ,owners, of a mature age, and repsected as moral men in the community.

    This country we have today is the very antithesis of that.

    Whatever you want to call what we currently have, it is not America.

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