Donald Trump Has Never Been More Popular

Here is something we haven’t seen before: a campaign where one man is running against the entire system, middle finger in the air, vowing revenge, with his life and liberty on the line.

How would such a campaign poll against the sitting president? Even if it is Donald Trump who most people already have strong feelings about one way or the other.


  1. Love him or hate him, he seems to rub the right people up the wrong way. He’s probably your least worst option to lead, going forward.
    There’s been nobody quite like him.

    • @Goose…

      Yes, say what you will about President Trump, what is doing by running in this election, despite everything, is an act of heroism and self-sacrifice.

      Most people would shrivel under all the fire he constantly receives.

      I know I would.

      How he does it, at almost 80 years of age, is a wonder to behold.

    • He can’t fix anything. Congress and the embedded power structure will never allow it. One thing he can do is drive leftists mad and increase polarization.

  2. I’ve never understood the hatred for Trump (or “Drumpf” as this website has often called him).

    He’s done more to bring about the political shift among conservatives (that this site also alludes to frequently) than the entire Alt. Right, WN 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. etc., combined.

    The only legitimate criticism from the Right is that he carries on the foreign policy agendas of our oligarchs. Seems like he’s representing the nominally Christian, wildly-hedonistic oligarchs of the 80’s – the “masters of the universe” Wall Street guys, rather than the new-breed religious liberal oligarchs, who, frankly, everyone in the business world is getting sick of.

    The most important thing Trump said in his recent interview with Tucker was about the Panama Canal. It was a dog-whistle to the oligarchs, effectively saying he plans to continue the Bush dynasty’s agenda in South America and extend the economic dominance of our empire. (Recall Bush senior literally invaded Panama – people forget this ever happened).

    Frankly, were I an oligarch right now, I’d be really worried about Hollywood (and the looming shake-up disaster in the entertainment industry) as well as China’s control of the Canal – as well as the spreading influence of their digital currency. All problems Trump, with his assertive deal-making prowess, will be ideally suited to deal with.

    • Yes and no.

      Yes, Trump is such a polarizing figure that he has ultimately radicalized conservatives over the long run.

      No, this trajectory wasn’t obvious during his presidency, which he largely squandered. It was also unintentional. The radicalization of conservatives has taken place under Joe Biden. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, we took a big step backwards. Things did not begin to turnaround until 2020 and that was when he went along with COVID, folded during the George Floyd riots when he impotently tweeted out law and order and was running for reelection on the Platinum Plan.

      Trump’s spectacular comeback in the polls is also due to the actions of his enemies. They created this narrative for him with the four indictments. They did it because they were convinced that Trump would be easier to be beat than Ron DeSantis or another challenger without his baggage.

    • Big problems with Trump:
      1. Didn’t follow through on his immigration promises. (Did not repeal DACA, sabotaged Sessions, pardoned Rubashkin (!), etc.
      2. Continued the counter-productive, Israel-first Neocon foreign policy in the Middle East.
      3. For four years, he failed to defend his supporters from censorship, leftist street violence and politically motivated prosecutions.
      4. Pardoned every big-name Jewish criminal in America (including Charles Kushner of course)
      5. A Judas goat who led his supporters into a trap on January 6, and then never lifted a finger to help any of them.

  3. Pols don’t matter because American Presidential elections are rigged. Black inner city voting precincts dummy up an unlimited number of fake ballots. Our election rules are specifically designed to make it impossible to prove if a ballot is real or fake. Michelle Obama will be our next President.

  4. Proof positive that white Americans are just too stupid for a democracy. Pootin is more realistic. He did say that if Trump somehow got in, there would be no change. That’s the reasonable position, based on past experience. Trump is no different from the others, except he serves the Jews more shamelessly than anyone.

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