British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Launches Vicious Racist Attack on American Pitbull Community

This is the most racist action that I have ever seen from a head of state.

Every pit bill is an individual and to suggest otherwise and to argue that there is an inborn hereditary difference in the temperament of this breed is nothing but prejudice and the worst and most evil type of racial stereotyping. Rishi Sunak goes even further than that though and is calling for a ban on their entire race. How can you discriminate against the pit bull on the basis of race? Race is a myth. There isn’t a clear definition of the pit bull race. What about other breeds of dogs that are dangerous?


    • Yep. Dogs know that their owners are such a filth and losers that they can ignore their owners and maul people and other animals as much they want.

      From million dog owners there is maybe one who has some control over his puppy.

      We have whole internet full of videos about dog attacks. But had anyone saw a video, where dog quit attacking because owner told him so ?

      Meet Udar, most powerful Russian revolver. Russian prison dogs are very well trained. Also Russian dog handler course is 2 years long, only well trained strong men can apply and most important thing you learn about dogs is that they don’t obey human and with dog you must always keep powerful firearm close to defend yourself against your well trained dog.

      • Pit bulls were bred for fighting, not for obedience. They are uncontrollable when they are fight excited.

        How anyone can look at dog breeds and not acknowledge the genetic components in character and behavior is either a tard or lying hypocrite.

      • @Juri,

        Are you Russian?

        I am very aware how the backward Russians trained dogs to be four-legged suicide bomber jihadists for the USSR in WWII. Only Asiatic people could be so cruel to ‘Mans Best Friend.’

        • I am not Russian. And destroying tanks with dogs was one great flop.

          The problem was that dogs were intelligent enough to make difference in tank models.

          So when dogs with explosives were released on battlefield, they often run under the familiar tank model, what was used in their training, the Soviet one.

          There were few tanks destroyed by dog bombs but generally this story is mostly hoax. Like flying tanks and other similar inventions.

          Animal cruelty unfortunately is problem but in whole former Soviet block territories are also effective counter measures in place and public outrage will follow so actually we do not have unpunished sadism against animals like in the West. Down here in Eastern Europe you can not upload your animal cruelty videos to youtube and hope that nothing happens. We have our sadists but we have also methods to deal with them.

  1. The main demographic that loves those vile animals is basketball americans and white women. I’ve found animals to be far more honest and tolerable than people, but such creatures need strong and responsible owners to ensure their own quality of life as well as protecting the people around them in case it chimps out. Neither of those demographics have the responsibility and self awareness much less the desire to do that, so I’m going have to say I am in favor of this ban.

  2. “How can you discriminate against the pit bull on the basis of race? Race is a myth. ”

    All breeds are the same, they all bleed red.
    Just a social construct.
    We need critical dog theory.

  3. Queers on cuck island still call German Shepherd Dogs “Alsatians,” therefore, the British shitskins and others need to STFU on canines.

    Ignorant pajeet doesn’t even know that the “pit bull” breed known as a Staffordshire Terrier originated on cuck island, and they were bred to be vicious by the English.

  4. I’m not quite sure if you’re serious or doing an Andrew Anglin. Pit bulls being banned is an attack? They’re dangerous, ugly, kill children, and are uncontrollable if they whack out. The English bred them to fight bulls…and the dogs started winning. I live in St. Louis, and people seem to be in love with these beasts, which tells you something about St. Louis. There are Pit Bull rescue groups, puppy breeding groups…Sunak would have a field day here.
    I just miss seeing the dogs of my youth, like beagles and setters. Nice, good, doggies.
    As for Sunak, he should be banned. The English have simply given up and are being as occupied as were the Indians and Pakistanis they occupied centuries ago…slowly, by infiltration and with the help of opportunistic locals. As a Mexican friend of mine said, “in the 19th century, you gringos occupied the third world. Now, it’s their turn to occupy you.”

  5. @TW,

    He referred to Blondi as a Deutscher Schaferhund.

    The British being the cunts that they naturally are renamed them as a dig at the Germans. Like US patriotards called French fries “Freedom fries.”

    GSDs may have originated in the Alsace region, but while that area has been a source of contention between the French and Germans, that breed is globally known as a German breed.

    The so-called “French Poodle ” is also a German breed. The French moniker arose from the haircut those dogs received. Kinda like calling the pandemic flu of 1918 “The Spanish Flu” because the neutral Spanish newspapers reported on the disease during WWI.

  6. The Amurrikwan pit-bull is a separate breed which should be recognized / registered as the “ZOGling whigger doper-dawg” or “ZOGling dope-dog” as an agressive big mongrel dog breed with an agressive temperment able to bite down, tear off and gulp down in one bite the entire face of a four-year-old baby crackhead.

    Actually here in Southwestern Missouri they are known as “doper dawgs.”

    Around 1999 Missouri was second only to California in the number of meth labs seized. And in Missouri the #1 counties were Jasper and Newton Counties. The meth-heads would buy packets of ephredrine from dollar stores and truck stops and cook it down to meth in labs in the back of Buicks and single-wides and these old houses would become “crack-houses” even though cocaine was expensive and crack was a nigger drug. Instead the place was overrun by crackheads and crackhead females who would give you a blow job for a nickle bag and a fuck for a dime bag of meth cooked up a little while ago. The drug cookers would sell half of theys’ production to buy some more packets of cold medication to render down for meth and smoke the remaining half.

    You couldn’t go a day without seeing emaciated crackheads with meth skulls half-full of rotted black teeth from using meth. They would “tweak out” randomly and half of the dangerous whigger nuts committing murder like blowing the heads off of other meth-heads with a 12-gauge.

    Well Missouri made it to where the meth cookers couldn’t buy the cheap ephredrine or pseudo-ephredrin more than one pack every two weeks with proper ID written in a book. Initially the meth cookers used “smurphs” to buy it but when the meth-cookers were caught, so too were the smurfs. So mexican meth replaced the home-cook stuff, and with the added expense the meth-cooking was over, replaced by fentanyl also from Mexico, which far kills more ZOGling whiggers than the meth ever did.

    When you are dealing with the lawless thieving, copulating dregs of society you can’t call the piglice to settle disputes, so what are you going to do? The answer was in breeding mongrel “pit-bulls” known popularly as “doper-dogs” around here. Meth cookers and crackhouse owners needed security from theys’ own thieving amoral kind and they can’t call the piglice, so they took pit-bulls and interbred them with rottweilers and other mastiffs to create the ZOGling doper dog as its own breed. These mongrel dogs were actually more unstable but they had massive jaws capable of breaking bones and tearing and eating the faces off in a single snatch, tear, and gulp of a four-year-old baby crackhead — which they did quite often. So to prevent that the druling local regime-criminals made up laws banning these doper-dogs in shitholes like Granby until whiggress skanks said it was unfair to be mean to doper-dawgs as a breed. My own rat-terrier chihuahua poopy dawg — Buddy the Poopy-dawg / Baalzepup Pisser-PossumBane would nip me at least four times a year and half the time draw blood whereupon I would promptly slap the shit out of the mangy little door-dasher. But unlike the doper-dawgs his yap was small and he didn’t have 30,000 psi jaw strength to even bite off a finger, much less tear off my face and then gulp it down like happened all the time. I’ve personally heard of two times when some crackhead’s pet pit-bull “who wouldn’t harm a fly” would chew off and eat theys’ baby crackhead spawn’s face. Then it would be all boo-hoo-hoo with the crackhead or some deputy sheriff blowing off the head of the doper-dog with the 12-gauge. Tough shit for all involved, and yet another Great Moment in the History of White Trash.

    When you live out in the country you either have old Boomer whiggers or crackheads as your neighbors and you learn quick enough to mind your own business and not inquire as to the tall plants of weed growing amongst theys’ tomotaoes, squash and beans. The crackheads know that they’s ‘harmless’ doper-dawgs are not allowed on your property but you will fire one shot from the 22 telling them to collect their dog right now or the 12-gauge with buckshot gets unlimbered and used.

    The crackhead next door had a German Shepherd female puppy who grew to be a beautiful animal and my purebred Mountain Feist brindle hound Gustabus Adolphus loved this big girl. But the doper-dawg killed Nala over a dispute and was aggressive to other dogs. The girlfriend of the crackhead got tired of supporting him this year and runnt him off and he took his doper dog “Precious” with him. No great loss.

    The Amurrikwan pit-bull is a separate breed which should be recognized as the “ZOGling whigger doper-dawg” or “ZOGling dope-dog” as an agressive big mongrel dog with an agressive temperment able to bite down, tear off and gulp down in one bite the entire face of a four-year-old baby crackhead.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


  7. Decades ago I mostly saw these in the backyards of older black dudes who actually had a wife/kids/mortgage/job and needed cheap security. They bought pits or homebrewed their own psycho watchdog.

    Then the thug subculture blew up (thanks, jews) and these monstrosities are everywhere.

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