Jack Smith Seeks Gag Order To Silence Donald Trump

Our King is tearing down the justice system tonight on Truth Social.


Special Counsel Jack Smith requested a “narrowly tailored” gag order on Friday for former President Trump to limit his public statements in regard to the 2020 election interference case.

The big picture: Smith’s office said in a filing that Trump has tried “to undermine confidence in the criminal justice system and prejudice the jury pool” through “disparaging and inflammatory attacks” on those involved in the case.

His office asked a federal judge to restrict Trump from making “certain extrajudicial public statements” on the case, in which Trump has pleaded not guilty. …


  1. About the Argentinian Javier Milei…just looking and listening to that gross despicable bizarre biotrash one begins to wonder if the creator of the universe is not really insane or a sadist.
    He manages to be even far worse (and far dumber) than Trump and Bolsonaro.

    Argentina in reality is a sad joke of a country, and nothing of value can ever be expected from any Latin-American country (I write from Southern Brazil).
    The truth is that both Spanish and Portuguese ruined an entire continent.

    Plus the Spanish language is something else, if one decided to create out of nothing a really horrible, rigid, vulgar, and stupid language, I doubt very much that he could come up with something worse than Spanish

    • Argentina is 100% kosher occupied territory. Mexico is about to elect a sickening yenta president. It wasn’t the spanish and portuguese that wrecked these places.

    • Anshul- Friends have said we would feel very comfortable as retired American Expats in Brazil, South (i.e, Florianopolis). They say it looks like Italy or Germany, the race of the people, I mean. I’m curious to know if this is true, and the ‘white awareness’ quotient of that part of Brazil.

  2. I love this man. I don’t care what any of y’all say. It isn’t about competency as president. It isn’t about accomplishments. Yes he makes everything all about him. But no human on earth has the same ability to twist all the liars, scoundrels, and thieves in our “establishment” into pretzels the way Trump does.

    Y’all need to lay down your idealism and go all in. The emperor is not wearing clothes anymore. The system has been exposed. But it continues on like nobody is seeing it crumble.

    Trump has done more to chip away at the system than anybody in history.

    • > But no human on earth has the same ability to twist all the liars, scoundrels, and thieves in our “establishment” into pretzels the way Trump does.

      That at least appears to be true. There is an old saying about those who ‘protesteth too much’ which one should always keep at hand though. In light of his absolutely typical Repuke record on every issue of import. why the hell would the be screeching so loudly. Also keep in mind that shitlibs scream “Hitler” whenever an R-jersey is (s)elected for office. Are you too young to remember “Bushitler”?? Hell, the Caudillo of Crawford is easily twice the shitlib most of those who used that term were.

  3. A gag order is something Trump should definitely not abide by. He needs the bully pulpit.

    It would be worth forcing them to arrest him for it. He can’t lose on it either way so long as he doesn’t submit.

    • They are no doubt counting on him disobeying it so that can charge him with contempt and lock him up indefinitely.

  4. If the judge agrees with Smith and is later overturned on appeal that would indicate bias. And Trump would be proven right about both Smith and the black judge.

  5. This is a real thing. Even more liberal types normies, if you tell them they can’t have a gun the first thing they want to do is go buy one.

    Normies understand that guns are freedom.

    Freedom is power for the many to spite the few.

    Normies also understand that not having guns makes them vulnerable, to everybody including the government we all hate and mistrust because of their wanton abuse of power.

    Power is freedom for the few to spite the many.


    The only people that like government are those who want to use its power and largesse for their own ends.

    The united states needs a more heavily armed and trained population. Not less.

    I want to see guns on every hip. In every purse and hung on the rear window of every truck.

    The spirit of the Gadsden Flag is the American Spirit. Peace, and liberty, through the threat of overwhelming force if you step on our tail.

  6. The Democratic Party is composed of Roman Catholics, Jews and Blacks. Trump has that coalition running scared.

    Lets face it the Roman Catholics have a rich history of censorship, and Cathoics like Biden and Smith are only proving this point.

    • @ORANGE in the last election White Catholics who attend Mass at least once a month supported Donald Trump (Protestant) over Joe Biden (“Catholic”) by a margin of 63% to 36%. White Catholics who attend Mass even less frequently that at least once a month also supported Trump over Biden, 53% to 47%. Acadiana is deep red and is one of the most Catholic places in the contemporary United States. Note White mainline Protestants. Those who attend church less frequently than once a month support Trump strongly, 59-40. Interestingly, unlike Catholics and Evangelicals, mainline Protestants are considerably MORE likely to support Biden if they attend church at least once a month or more. For White Catholics, church attendance is associated with conservatism while for White mainline Protestants church attendance is associated with liberalism. Something tells me religion isn’t the dividing force here, but the cultures where people live regionally. Most Catholics historically settled in New England and were influenced by New England culture as a result. Those in Louisiana trended very differently. Get over yourself and post something productive instead of eliminating an extremely large portion of American Whites from the “movement” because of their religion, even when they agree with you.

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