Retired White Cyclist Murdered In Las Vegas


Apparently, this is a trend now.

If the American XL bully dog is a danger to our communities, what do you call these people?


    • I’m torn about this one.
      I hate blacks like nothing else in life.
      But my hatred of cyclists isnt far behind.
      Plus, if whites become afraid to go out and shit up the roads in their lycra shorts maybe they will start to admit to themselves that blacks are nothing but a cancer.

      • @Dyck,
        I ride a bike, and I own vehicles. I pay my way.
        I generally ride on dedicated bike paths as I just don’t trust drivers I don’t know. In more remote areas with little traffic, I just use regular roads.
        Exercise is great. Walking, cycling, etc allows you to really take in and feel the area you’re venturing into. In cars, you don’t notice it.
        We had bikes long before cars. Children like them. Try it one day.

      • “Dyckgazinya: I hate blacks like nothing else in life.
        But my hatred of cyclists isnt far behind.”

        Fuck this so-called movement. Fuck white nationalism or white advocacy or whatever you want to call it. There’s too many anti-social creeps involved here. I will never read or visit another pro-white website. This is bullshit.

  1. ” XL bully dog is a danger to our communities, what do you call these people?”

    This is America, the truth is prohibited.

  2. Not going to be popular here, but…

    Back in 2011, after I was devasted by the Jewish Wall St. bank bailout fraud, I had a brief heated discussion with a retired fire chief. He used to frequent a place I used to eat at. He heard me talk about pensions and got real defensive. Long story short, you might respect the job these guys do, but when the chips are down, they look out for themselves and their pensions. And they often vote that way, meaning for democrats. Then they leave California with their bloated pension and go live in a place like Nevada. Meanwhile, I am evermore slaving away to survive in my home state.

    Too bad for you, Probst. At least you got to retire and enjoy your jew pension for awhile. You never had to worry about Wall St. scum because you got to retire. And I sure don’t feel as bad as everyone else for what happened to you.

    • Yeah, on that- it turns out this guy was caught in a corruption scandal back in 2010.

      “Rizzo is also charged with giving unauthorized city-funded loans to himself and numerous others, including Spaccia, Hernandez, Artiga and former police chiefs Michael Chavez and Andreas Probst.”

      Along with this:

      “The judgment settles suits filed in state and federal court against the city, former Bell police Chief Andreas Probst and Officer Feliciano Sanchez.”

      It doesn’t change the fact these two nogs saw a random person biking and decided to run them down. It could have been anyone. And questions of personal character has never stopped the media/the left from deifying every BLM martyr. George Floyd participating in an armed home invasion of a pregnant woman didn’t stop them from wanting to burn down civilization over his repulsive face.

      • The worst of the George Floyd issue is that he did not die in 2020. His guardian ad litem attorney (Dan Japhet) in Corpus Christi stepped up when he saw his deceased client’s image used on major media. He said Floyd died several years before in a hospital. No media would return his calls. Recently TPTB pulled an entrapment scheme on him. I tried posting to a news site several years ago but it was not received. Catherine Austin Fitts found that the properties destroyed in 2020 appeared to be tax advantaged areas, not that the middle class business owners received any of that benefit and they should be doing a RICO suit against the elites behind the riots.

    • Typical. White people throw other Whites under the bus when they are victimized by negroes, while negroes defend to the death a literal piece of shit like George Floyd.

  3. Read some of ‘news’ articles associated with this crime.

    “Driver swerved hitting the cyclist”
    ‘Swerved’, my ass, they aimed the car straight at probst.
    Teens, teens, teens, that’s all they say, no other identifier.

    “We need to bring more awareness to cyclist”……. Just a media of lies.

    • @Arrian,
      race and sex work the same way. Men who are firm with women and take no nonsense from them, will gain their respect and admiration. On the other hand, men who are simps, repulse women.
      With race, it’s the same. By 1965, Black’s had virtually every right enjoyed by whites throughout the US. Did they improve as a group, and respect whites more? Well no. They were better behaved before, because they had deterrents and boundaries in place. In 1955, no sane black would get in a car, at least in the South, and mow a white cyclist down. These days, they just do whatever, and pull out the race card if you notice it. They DON’T respect freedom, kindness or racial simping.

      • @Goose
        Yes, it is worse now, but blks have always been a problem, 1905 Houston race riots, black murders and rapes 1920s Oklahoma riots.

        1918 battle of the Argonne Forest was started by blks breaking cease fire orders and firing randomly into German lines. “deadliest battle in the history of the United States Army, resulting in over 350,000 casualties, including 28,000 German lives, 26,277 American lives “.

        Blks have two modes of behavior, bad and worse.

  4. “If the American XL bully dog is a danger to our communities, what do you call these people”?

    Our rulers call them “Our strength”. American Renaissance posted a video yesterday discussing official crime stats in NYC for 2022. Blacks and hispanics committed 96% of the murders. Whites and asians combined committed 4%. When your goal is the destruction of Western Civilization these people really are their strength. Not our strength but theirs.

  5. So what kind of Pohleece Cheeph was Mr. Probst? The kind who was enjoying his thirty pieces of pension, who would have gladly ordered the Lon Horiuchi wannabes who staff police depts. to kill whitey upon the orders of Schlomo (who controls all the LEO pensions), or was he from some small county and possibly sympathetic to our people? I am of a rather ambivalent opinion when I see a report of some white LEO getting whacked by the orc-nogs. How often to we see these Police bureaucrats steadfastly denying that even more horrendous murders of this type was racially motivated (when everyone knows damned good and well the orc-nogs killed the victims they were white). Was Probst one of these lying sacks of shit wearing a badge? If so, Karma can be a real bitch as they say. If so, his family can easily find sympathy under “S” in the dictionary.

    I think you’re jumping the gun ps_mike. I don’t know anything about the victim here. He could have been one of the good cops. We do know for certain that orc-nogs like to this this kind of thing for kicks – kind of a vehicular version of their favorite knock-out game. We also know that there are far too many whites of all kinds who will be making excuses for the thugs, who would simply be on a very fast road to an execution in any sane society.

  6. I watched the video and it looks like the driver is white if you pause it at the part where you can see his arms and legs, which surprised me. But the passenger is black from what I can tell.

    Can someone tell me what the driver looks like to them please?

    • I honestly saw the same thing. It isn’t conclusive at all that he is black. And even the passenger, it’s questionable if the passenger is black. He “appears” a little darker tone, but it isn’t at all clear.

      I am just calling it honestly. Blacks are guilty of plenty of serious criminal behavior toward whites, so there’s no need pinning things on them that aren’t true.

      This kind of murderous mischief is rare among even white teenage boys. But it does happen.

  7. This didn’t happen in a bad area in Vegas. There are niggers mixed in everywhere, but the area itself isn’t a shithole at all.

    Crooked cop get mowed down by blacks. Nothing of any value was lost.

      • > They didnt know he was a former cop.

        This is an assumption on your part. Considerably more evidence has been presented here already in the comments that Probst was indeed a crooked cop – but it’s not total proof. It’s by no means impossible that this contract hit for something as routine as making sure he would never testify as a witness. Might have been connected to the Mexican cartels who operate freely now in Murika. Dead men tell no tales, as they like to say. Telling that the Adelson-owned rag calls it an “accident”.

  8. This happens a lot. Blacks run over whites on purpose, knowing they won’t be punished. If you are walking or riding a bike, you have to be alert at all times. This happens all the time. Usually the Masons (cops) just call it an accident.

    • Good and valid point. As for this particular member of the badge-gang, it looks increasingly like he was one of the kind who would have chalked up his own murder as such an accident. What’s even worse are the police-clowns who refuse attribute obvious black-on-white hate crimes as such (robberies gone wrong, etc.). Note also how the manifesto of the Nashville tranny-shooter who slaughtered kids at a Christian school remains a state secret. The police cannot be trusted in any circumstances. They nearly all take their marching orders from Pope Noseferatu’s ADL, the likes of Merrick Garfinkel, etc.

    • Jump the gun or not, it looks increasingly like you were correct. Probst seems to be the kind of political officer who would have classified a killing like his own as an accident just to keep the official murder rate in his turf down.

  9. “you have to be alert at all times.”

    Good advice, but not humanly possible.
    Everyone is distracted or concentrating on some other issues.

    How can you be alert to a stray bullet, someone sneaking from behind to play ‘knockout’ or a car accelerating from behind?

    • (((Las Vegas Journal))

      Owned , via a shell company, by the late Sheldon adelson.

      They were doing a lot of articles on Adelson’s involvement in organized crime and corruption. So Adelson formed a shell company, bought the paper and fired the reporters.

      Free press in America.

    • The RJ is typical of news media. One of its reporters, Jewish guy, was killed in his yard by a city councilman earlier this year. It was a fairly big local story. The heeb was digging into corruption and angered the councilman. It was premeditated and he was subsequently caught within a week.

      I’ve moved but still spend time here on business regularly. The city has gone to total shit since the 2020 riots.

  10. You know the drill. Reverse the races….national media story for the next month.

    So glad we have very few blacks in my area.

  11. I meant to reply to this earlier, as it hits home. My brother is a retired policeman, 77, and he rides a bike for exercise, although it’s almost always in a park. One time he did ride on a street, he made some kind of wrong turn, got ‘distracted’, wound up on the road with cracked ribs, a fractured hip. After a certain age, bikes are dangerous. Also, with new, much-hated ‘bike lanes’ in St. Louis city, I would never ride a bike in the city. Just too dangerous.
    As Andrew Anglin noted in 2020, blacks now understand they can kill whites and nothing will happen to them. He said it would take a while for it to filter down, but now the word appears to be out.

  12. Yeah, bicyclists can be frustrating sometimes, but Dyckgazinya is probably just another one of those a-hole drivers I see every day, all day, who think they have to drive like they are in the Daytona 500.

  13. Pitbulls are vicious killers and should be illegal to own as pets but they are sweet hearts in comparison to blacks and the damage they cause on society in incomparable beaners are dangerous violent plague on society too

  14. If you didn’t already know you were at OD you would know by comments about the victim deserving to die due to bein a retired policeman and the killers probably being White.

    The biker was killed for being White. They didn’t know he was a retired cop. Which is beyond understanding for many OD commenters.

    The victim’ daughter (who has been told about the suspects) has gone on TV saying, in effect, “it wasn’t about race.” This is what relatives of black on White murder victims are expected to say.

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