Democracy Defenders Take On The Constitution

As I have explained, my belief is that the remnants of the Constitution are mostly a good thing that vex people like this, but the Constitution has been disfigured by Lincoln, the Radical Republicans, the Progressives, FDR and others and doesn’t have much to do with how we are governed.

Note: Defending Democracy is arresting and incarcerating Trump and shredding the Constitution.


  1. What disturbs them most about ‘the remnants of The Constitution’ is that the states are in charge of their aspect of the national presidential election.

    As they wonder if their rigging techniques will be up to this coming election, they feel this keenly.

    The 10th Amendment, and anything implying States’ Rights, has always vext those with The Northeastern/New England Spirit greatly.

  2. While touring the university circuit in France, I was able to engage in some passionate, yet personable, debate with both an American abroad and French academics about “the law.” I wish that I had the gift of filmmaking, and the opportunity to capture that moment. A dimly lit common room, the haze of smoke, and half-filled glasses scattered on end tables and counters, as a group of four men were propped in positions of either relaxation or agitation, the room’s warmth coming solely from the passions of the speakers…

    I bring this up, because at one point, one of the Frenchman, having replaced too much of his life blood with aqua vitae, begrudgingly conceded behind closed doors that the US Constitution is “a beautiful document.” Whom that is French can disagree? Since our own Constitution was ratified, the French have burned through SIXTEEN constitutions; whereas our own has been merely amended twenty-seven times in almost two and a half centuries, the French have twenty-four amendments for a document that is sixty-five years young!

    When you hear someone such as myself speak of a love for the Constitution, I promise you, it is not due to familiarity. It is because blessed works deserve to be preserved. To see so many willing to put the Constitution to the flames or dismiss it as a mere “fluke” revolts against the divine inspiration that framed it.

    I suppose, in a society where God does not matter, then neither will His Word, no matter the form it manifests in.

    • “Divine Inspiration “
      No where in the US constitution does it proclaim The Holy Trinity, or The Kingship Of Jesus Christ.
      Actually it does the exact opposite, it promotes indifference.
      Are you saying Our Lord willed an atheistic government ?
      The constitution is a relic of its time. In a more homogeneous society or maybe the pan European population, minus the Jews, after WW2 , it may have worked. But the fact of the matter is the foundation was built on sand.
      Like HW has written many times in this blog , the constitution took a major hit once the Civil War broke out , the once the New Deal was imposed it really became a dead letter.

      • Thumbs, thank you! Hugh, seriously?

        I would recommend that you get a copy, or look up on (under his free books) the 1989 book “Political Polytheism.”

        And read the whole thing through with a marker handy. North decimates the position that the Constitution had any divine or moral connections in it, but was rather, an apostate document from the beginning.

        I no longer think of the United States as under God’s protection, because “by their fruits you will know them.” And all Joe Biden had on the White House front lawn or a bunch of faggot fruist. That should tell you everything you need to know.

        • @Fr. John…

          “I no longer think of the United States as under God’s protection”

          As Pastor John MacArthur said last year, ‘We (this country) are under judgement’.

          Of course, that belabors the obvious, for God always sends to us the reflections of our choices.

          In this I think of the conversation Robert Thurman and Deeprak Chopra had, the conclusion of which they drew being, we must be very careful in this life, lest we wind up in bad circumstances of our own making.

          God made a reflective universe, it requires no belief to see.

    • Great post. The US Constitution was the most successful in history as was the American war for independence and revolution, which were incredibly bloodless compared with the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution and Indian independence. Grated many Loyalists/Tories were “run out of town” but they were not brutally murdered as in the French Revolution in the same historic era.

      Thomas Paine, the great pro-revolutionary firebrand, supported the French Revolution but was imprisoned in France by the revolutionaries he so strongly supported. He avoided being put to death by the intervention of President Geo. Washington. After escaping death and arriving in the US, he immediately launched journalistic broadsides against Pres. Washington, the man who saved his life. He could at least have said “Thank you for saving my life,” but he didn’t. Thankfully he died alone and in poverty and had little influence in his final years.

      . Edmond-Charles Genêt (January 8, 1763 – July 14, 1834), also known as Citizen Genêt, was the French envoy to the United States during the French Revolution. His actions caused a major political and international incident, which was termed the Citizen Genêt affair. President George Washington asked the French government to recall him. After Genet learned that his own government had issued a warrant for his arrest, Genêt begged for asylum in America, which President Washington , granted.

      Unlike Thomas Paine who viciously attacked Washington, Genet had the good sense and the good manners to show some respect and gratitude to President Washington and the country that allowed him to live out his life safely. He went on to marry the daughter of the Governor of New York and lived the quiet life of a well to do gentleman farmer in that state.

      The men who founded our country were not fortune tellers and did the best they could with what they had in the turbulent era in which they lived. However many their imperfections, they were extraordinary men. Then, as now, people came here for a better and safer life unavailable to them anywhere else..

      • ” US Constitution was the most successful in history ”

        The Norwegians were great admirers of the US Constitution and patterned their constitution after ours, but they went a step further and included a jewish exclusion clause, forbidding jwz from entering or living in Norway.

        Sadly that clause was repealed.

  3. What is the nature of the beast? And by beast I mean those in government and those that wish to hold power over us. Is the beast a benevolent beast, some how as civilized as the rest of us and wanting to be like us, or is the beast consumed with its desire to feed on us…..

  4. This has been a PR scheme, brainwashing, always pushing “democracy”.
    They never use the true term ‘Constitutional Republic’.
    This is a major element in the dumbing of America which will lead to total media controlled tyranny, which we are already deep into.

    Powerful media and a stupid public, a deadly combination.

  5. Rushdoony pointed out 50 years ago that the left uses democracy as a code word for socialism. Socialism was a much hated word at that time.

    But what the left is doing here is building Trump up so he will get the nomination. As the weakest candidate by far, the Dems assure themselves of four more years in power.

    What they will actually get is a fractured nation. Texas would be the largest oil producer in the world, if it were an independent nation. And it will be.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, in this I think of the Gospel According to The Apostle Philip, wherein he said…

        ‘They took the names of the good and gave them to the not good, so that they could trick us and rope us to the not good.’

  6. I think I’ll enjoy watching Trump rip the country apart, that fatass who is clearly more than the 215 he self-identifies as. Richard Kuklinski had this thing where he would take two cats and tie their tails together to watch them fight. I kind of get that sick enjoyment at watching the boomers fight each other. Whatever makes the country look more pathetic is okay with me. But after the country is ripped up, I want a nice big welfare state where people don’t have to work.

    • :)) Quite a few lids. Maybe he can roll it up into (((Federal Reserve))) notes for some greenback blunts. The dollar is not even worth the paper it’s printed on in reality.

  7. The authors are “2 Jewish geniuses”? But of course-all Jews are geniuses-just ask them! Jews have no respect for the founding of our nation, or any of it’s founding documents like the Constitution-why? Because no jews were involved in the founding of our nation or the drafting of our founding documents. We and our ancestors are cattle according to the Talmud. Jews are often in error but never in doubt.

    • “Jews have no respect for the founding of our nation”

      Because it runs contrary to their principles and doctrine of global jwzish dominion.

      Freedom of Speech?
      “Vat, vat, yov can’t say nuthin against g-d’s chosens.”

    • “Jews are often in error …”

      Jwz are never in error, it’s your lack of education and understanding that keeps you from seeing their true brilliance.

  8. I agree that making this country look more pathetic and clownish is pretty much all that remains, at this point. But wishing for a welfare state where you don’t have to work is not possible. Unless you have a bunch of robots that can do all the work.

      • @Arrian…

        The problem in that is that, not only did ‘they’ not leave NS Germany alone, neither did NS Germany leave anyone else alone.

        This is the problem with Mankind – we seem hellbent to screw each other up.

        It’s the worst part of humanity, either on an individual level or a collective.

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