Donald Trump on Meet the Press

In the last CBS News poll in the 2020 election, Biden was +10 points on Trump. In their poll which was released this morning, Trump is +1 on Biden and winning Independents by 15 points.

Note: I suspect the media are rigging the polls against Joe Biden to push the narrative that he needs to drop out of the race.





    • Indeed. Also should be well-past taking any statement coming from (((gaslight media))) at anything resembling face value. Organizations controlled by congential liars spew lies. Continually. Why is this so difficult to comprehend? As the old grandmother said: It’s their nature.

    • @Ironic…

      Yes, generally, BUT … not all pollsters are the same.

      One poll I have found to be consistently on target and ,therefore, not corrupt.

      It’s name is Rasmussen.

  1. You really believe that the media is rigging the polls against Biden? I think there are people who shift back and forth every election – swing voters. The swing voters are swinging to Trump just like before they swung away from Trump.

  2. So you think the Jews are rigging the polls? They always do. The question is, has the DNC decided who it will be? I am not sure the military will accept Camel. They have to avoid a repeat of 2016, when Zog elites were seriously divided, allowing Dump to get in via Military support.

    Of course at this point no Zog elites would tolerate another term by Dump. But will the military support a dimwit skank Hindu like Camel going into what looks like fullblown World War?

    Witchmer would be an easy winner. All of Zog elites would support her against Dump. Doesn’t matter what the voters think. We are not stakeholders. Only the people that count the votes matter.

  3. The Deep State wants to replace Dementia Joe, probably with Gov. Newsome. Dementia Joe is an old, stubborn, corrupt, decrepit, stupid, hot tempered moron who does not want to leave the White House, he has worked his whole life for this shit. He has an insuperable problem though. His unpopularity will only grow as gasoline prices climb to $5, $6/gallon and he gets the blame, which he richly deserves.

    The Lügenpresse is now openly reporting on Joe’s corruption, which they covered up until recently. This indicates the change in attitude towards Dementia Joe within the Deep State. With his impaired, limited faculties, natural stupidity and poor judgement Dementia Joe is not getting the message: “it’s time to go, Joe.” The Deep State will have to dig deeper into its bag of dirty tricks to get rid of him.

    After Dementia Joe goes away it’s time for Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, even if only temporarily. She is exactly what this country deserves, the epitome of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, as thick as a brick. Cackling Kamala is the Special Olympics VP. Perhaps she can put Admiral Levine in charge of the Navy, Sam Brinton, the nuclear guy who stole dresses, in charge of the Pentagon and the Buttplug in charge of everything else. Why not max out the diversity to see what happens?

    • Cackling Kamala as Mr. President,

      Hey, stoners deserve a chance.
      If it isn’t a joint in her mouth, it’s something else, ask willie brown.

  4. Not gonna cast shade at this homeowner, who clearly acted reasonably, but…. what can you shoot someone twice with at close range that they survive?

    Two things I’d like to suggest as primary home defense weapons. A .45 handgun, and a 12 guage shotgun loaded with buck shot.

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  5. HW. Do you understand anything about AI? I don’t. But stuff like this article keep showing up and I’m not sure what to make of it.

    Bit coin and digital currencies in general were the saving grace of much of the dissident right after the great lockdown, post Cville, and this is yet another digital frontier it would seem prudent to discuss.

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