Breaking Points: Will Republicans Trigger a Government Shutdown Over Ukraine Aid?

The long term has arrived.

It is September which means it is time to fund the government again. As I expected, public opinion has swung against further Ukraine aid on the Right. MAGA Republicans now control the House. Zelensky has arrived in Washington to beg for more funding after his failed counter offensive.

Note: It is put up or shut up time for House Republicans.


  1. No. Muricans, especially Southerners, are bloodthirsty and are not picky about who they are told the “enemy” is. Notice it was all Southern country singers in the recent patriotard contest. Anyone who volunteers to fight Russia richly earns a body bag.

    • There are plenty of people in this country who could reasonably be called the enemy, without screwing around giving The Ukraine lots more money.

  2. Some major military Navy has threatened to cut off the the floor sea Banking trans lines connecting North America with Europe?

    Is that a win if it happens?

    Analog rocks!

  3. When have the faux-opposition D-jerseys not cucked on raising the debt ceiling? As always there will be some tough-sounding chest-beating but the Gay Old Pedobears always do what they’re told to do by Uncle Schmuel. Tricky-Dickie Piano-Man will get his weapons and even Murikan troops in Novo-Khazaristani uniforms.

    The Russians are totally inept at the propaganda war. Just one well-placed drone strike to turn the perverted freak Sarah Ashton-Cirillo into a crispy-critter would send Clown-World a message that would be heard ’round the world. It would be appropriate payback for the murder of Dugin’s daughter and the Islamic world would be encouraged as well. The various Vice-Rois for the Empire of Lies might not quite be so enthusiastic about flaunting the rainbow flag in certain locales if they faced a serious chance of ending up like their colleague Chrissy Stevens did in Benghazi.

  4. “Zelensky Urges Fundamental Change to U.N., Citing Russia’s Veto Power

    President Volodymyr Zelensky called for Russia to be stripped of its veto power in the Security Council” nytimes

    You can never do enough to please jwz.
    (and you’re a complete fool if you try to.)

  5. There is no “debt ceiling” for the U.S. Government. When has the U.S. Government been forced to stop spending? It cannot happen when the same government operates the printing press that (digitally) turns out money by the ton and unlike Third World money, it’s readily accepted for valuable things like gasoline, diesel, motor vehicles, food, clothing, votes, medical care etc.

    This ability to print endless money and have it accepted around the world was correctly described by Charles De Gaulle in 1965 as America’s “exorbitant privilege.” Nothing is free and the result of this “exorbitant privilege” has been raging inflation, loss of manufacturing, destruction of the White middle class, endless wars, flooding of the country with wogs and seizing of power by The Usual Suspects through usury.

    No tree grows to the sky and this financial reign of terror will finally come to an end, probably starting next year. 2024 is an election year, always a bad thing. Dementia Joe is a mess and his controllers are looking to dump him. Their problem is Cackling Kamala is warming up in the batter’s box and would obviously guarantee Herr Trump being elected Mr. President again, the sum of all fears of the Left.

    Oil is heading for minimum $100/barrel (a petroleum barrel is 42 U.S. gallons) meaning gasoline and diesel are going up. Ukraine is heading for defeat, probably this winter and there is zero public support for U.S. direct, not proxy involvement. Even the corrupt, idiotic Republicans can count the votes against them on this issue in an election year.

    All of this means more turmoil, more disruption, more trouble, more national failure. Add to this the flooding of the country with wogs and the very stability of the U.S., the issuer of the world’s reserve currency may be called into question. With the dollar backed by exactly zero grains of gold or silver a foreign flight from the dollar as the country disintegrates is a real possibility and no amount of money printing will fix this, it will only make things worse.

  6. What’s really going on here? It’s a debate on if Russia should be allowed to take over Ukraine. What’s next? How many countries will Putin invade? Is this World War 3. I think everybody should be talking about that. The Conservatives are so stuck on money it’s pathetic. I like Putin’s ideas in a way. However Russia should be Russia and stay that way. It’s common sense Nationalism. I support national independence for all the countries of the World. Dixie included. ?

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