The Atlantic: The Patriot

I can’t even …

In what f***ing universe is Donald Trump the dangerous warmonger and Joe Biden – who has spent upward of $100 billion dollars on a proxy war with Russia, which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths on both sides – a steady pair of hands?

The Atlantic:

“In normal times, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the principal military adviser to the president, is supposed to focus his attention on America’s national-security challenges, and on the readiness and lethality of its armed forces. But the first 16 months of Milley’s term, a period that ended when Joe Biden succeeded Donald Trump as president, were not normal, because Trump was exceptionally unfit to serve. “For more than 200 years, the assumption in this country was that we would have a stable person as president,” one of Milley’s mentors, the retired three-star general James Dubik, told me. That this assumption did not hold true during the Trump administration presented a “unique challenge” for Milley, Dubik said.

Milley was careful to refrain from commenting publicly on Trump’s cognitive unfitness and moral derangement. In interviews, he would say that it is not the place of the nation’s flag officers to discuss the performance of the nation’s civilian leaders. …

For Milley, Lafayette Square was an agonizing episode; he described it later as a “road-to-Damascus moment.” The week afterward, in a commencement address to the National Defense University, he apologized to the armed forces and the country. “I should not have been there,” he said. “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” His apology earned him the permanent enmity of Trump, who told him that apologies are a sign of weakness. …”

Are you kidding me?

Though the specter of a recklessly instigated nuclear confrontation abated when Joe Biden came to office, the threat was still on Milley’s mind, which is why he set out to visit Minot that day in March. …”


  1. Gaslighting on steroids.

    The above article is the perfect example of narrative control. Invert, project and twist 180 degrees.

    Jwz have this peculiar concept, if they can lie widely enough and far enough it becomes truth. Their polemics are saturated with this concept.

  2. The Maralago classified documents that were in Trump possession, and which Trump is being prosecuted for, are war plans, to attack Iran, drafted by Miley, on Miley’s own initiative, without a request from Trump.

    • @Terry….

      A lot of General Milley’s behavior seems to be at odds with practically every other one of his predecessors.

      I think the general well symbolizes what the Northeastern Elite would like to this this country would be, but, is not.

      As to Milley as a leader of men who would go into combat, I have a hard time seeing him as anything remotely akin to that.

      He reminds me of Frederich Paulus, who took Reichenau’s place, as commander of the 6th Assault Army, a position Paulus was not up to, even though he was a very conscientious administrator

      That said, Paulus at least had oodles of combat experience as a junior officer in WWI.

      General Milley does not have that, yet, Secretary Blinken seems hellbent on recasting him as a warrior prepared to tango with both China and Russia.


      • @ Ivan Turgenev, your so right Ivan, milley, has surrender and collaboration, written all over his painted up face, he is a picture perfect scalawag…….
        Corrupt, corrupt, the whole thing stinks too high heaven….

  3. Our progressive elite’s panic and self-blindness around their own panic is creating a feedback loop that continually pushes them farther and farther from reality.

  4. Gen. Milley has some nice, lucrative spots already lined up with Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, various universities, some moronic and useless “think tanks” in D.C. and speaking engagements paid for by corrupt businessmen. He is looking for a big payout and he is going to get it, too.

    Late stage, thoroughly corrupt and debased GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is incapable of producing statemen, great thinkers or true leaders. Political hacks and corrupt businessmen abound and are feasting off of the carcass of the former U.S. and Gen. Milley is no exception.

    When that loathsome scumbag Bill Clinton was sworn in as Mr. President in Jan. 1993 one of the first things he did was send former Pres. Nixon on an official trip to Moscow to talk to the leaders of Russia. The USSR had recently disintegrated and Russia was the most important successor state to the USSR. Pres. Nixon was received in Moscow as a hero, receiving great honors and had many discussions with people in the Kremlin.

    Love him or hate him, Pres. Nixon was a smart guy, a deep thinker and had a profound understanding of foreign policy. It is impossible to imagine any living ex-president, secretary of state or other political figure having such stature today. Who would want to consult any former president or other government official on anything important now; they aren’t even lightweights they are so insignificant.

    President Carter was a decent man but his presidency was a failure. Presidents Clinton, Bush II, BHO and Trump are simply grifters, mountebanks, empty suits who happened to draw a pair of aces at the blackjack table of life. They are good representatives of late stage, thoroughly corrupt and debased GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire however.

    • @12AX7…

      President Nixon was, despite his paranoic warts and extra-legal moves, light years ahead of what we have had lead this country in recent years.

      Nixon was as you have described him – a very deep man with a very deep understanding of life, people, and this world.

      We do not create people like Nixon, at this time in history, which, in my view, is very problematic for us, going forward.

    • “…President Carter was a decent man but his presidency was a failure…”

      Something no one takes account of or I never anyone but me say it. Carter is said to be a failure but during his term Paul Volcker slammed the brakes on the economy by raising interest rates to 20%. I don’t care who is President, you raise interest rates to 20% and the economy will collapse. They wanted to get rid of him real bad. He was pressuring Israel for peace and might have been willing to force them so….20%, and now he’s gone.

      • @Sam J.

        Yes, you are so very that no presidency can survive such rates.

        The thing is, however – why would they want to get rid of Carter.

        What sort of a threat was he to anybody?

      • He was pressuring Israel for peace and might have been willing to force them so….20%, and now he’s gone.

        While I’d agree with you that Carter’s presidency was a “failure” based on factors completely outside his control, that is some pretty impressive JQ-reductionism there bro. Among economists, discussion of interest rates as a lever with which to control inflation had been taking place for years before Carter even became president, but somehow it was all with a view to taking out presidents who might compromise Israeli interests. Okay!

        For the bazillionth time I observe good “antisemitism” – eg taking exception to Jewish double standards and hypocrisy – is driven out by bad antisemitism – seeing a Jewish factor in everything and maintaining that that Jewish factor is always the most important factor, no matter badly you have to torture the evidence.

        But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this kind of mindless bullshit is actually helping to move the ball up the field and impressing on the minds of the thinking classes the importance of critically examining Jewish behavior. Could be!

    • @Rangewolf…

      President Obama redesigned the military by early-retiring officers who think like us.

      All of that leads us to a General Milley.

      Milley is a developmental abstract of President Obama’s mind.

      Problem is that President Obama, though an extremely intelligent, articulate,. charismatic, and cagey man, has not a clue what the military life is, and what a soldier has to be.

      If the modern American army ever gets in a fight with a real army, lead by real untheoretical men, like The Russian Army, the fatal disparity in the comparison will show up very quickly.

      Although our country still possesses some very brave soldiers, particularly in Ranger, Airborne, Air Cavalry, Marine, and Special Forces units, our forces, as a whole, are running the risk of becoming little more than political toys.

      • All O’Bummer was, was a “extremely intelligent, articulate,. charismatic, and cagey ” NIGGER FAGGOT, who got a Tranny wife into the BLACK HOUSE, and fooled everyone. That’s not a leader I’d be proud of…..

        • @Fr. John…

          Thank you for your thoughts.

          Yes,, President Obama said he would be a Uniter, but, in fact, was the very opposite; he who took an already troubled nation into much much darker place.

      • Obama wanted to make sure there were no men like Francisco Franco, Emilio Mola and Jose Varela in the top ranks of the US military.

  5. Just wait till you see what replaces Milley – a T’Genius BLM from the USAF. At this point any white person – male or female – who remains in the Clown-World Imperial Legion is either so stupid they’re eligible for a Darwin Award or they’re an active traitor to their own flesh and blood. The sooner the Empire of Lies is destroyed the better it will be for everyone in the long run.

    • “either so stupid they’re eligible for a Darwin Award or they’re an active traitor”

      Or desperate for a stable job, needing medical care for family or money for college.

      With affirmative action, opportunities for young WHITES are very narrow.

      Young WHITES are cornered.

      • Once the anti-white woke policies are ramped-up even more under Milley’s dindu replacement, more whites retarded enough to remain in the Imperial Rainbow legion for a “stable” job, medical care (already administered under Church of Woke pokemon points) and money for college (where nothing whatsoever is taught aside from Church of Woke dogma) will be leaving or forced out. Only the traitors will remain at the end of the day. Being forced out is better for them in the long run.

        You’re correct that young whites are cornered. However most are gaslighted to the point they are utterly unaware that they are cornered, why they are cornered and who is cornering them. They might be dimly aware that something’s wrong but they’re quite incapable of independent thought about the matter. Nor are they even interested in genuine learning – being generally content to repeat Church of Woke platitudes and dogma learned in publick schuls (all lies of course).

  6. Objectively speaking, Trump was somewhere in the middle. He wasn’t as bad as Bush but he wasn’t as good as he talked himself up to be. He probably ranks similar to Biden and Obama. He killed an Iranian general and attacked Syria, while he prolonged Afghinstan. Because he spent time attacking Jeb Bush on the debate stage, he wrongly is seen as isolationist, but he in fact supported the Iraq War at the time and continued a more moderate but still imperialistic foreign policy. Biden is spending a lot of money on Russia, but in the middle east he hasn’t been that bad.

  7. Dump droned that Iranian general and Iran barely acted in retaliation. Iran didn’t take the bait and took the hard L. No Dump led MIGA war but he still gets accolades for not starting another war, what bullshit.

  8. Who spent four years building up Ukraine into the 2nd biggest army in Europe? Who was the first to send them offensive weapons? Seriously, it is time to stop playing this play pretend game that Trump is any different.

  9. So I asked, who put Milley in that position? (Chairman of Joint Chiefs) and a guy answers Obama. That illustrates the problem our side has. People are just delusional to the extreme.

    No, Obama did not appoint Milley Chairman of Joint Chiefs. Trump did. Of all the men Trump could have chosen, he chose Milley. Trump did. In 2019. Not Obama.

    I do understand Hunter’s viewpoint, that he expects to get nothing out of Trump, he just likes that Trump likes to kick the hornet’s nest. I get that.

    • From a certain angle, Trump could be seen as the best choice for ‘imminentizing the eschaton’ for bringing the Empire of Lies to it’s collapse. The deep-state and it’s shitib legion will go to war if he’s elected. That much is practically guaranteed, but it’s going to happen sooner or later regardless.

    • @Rangewulf…

      “No, Obama did not appoint Milley Chairman of Joint Chiefs. Trump did. Of all the men Trump could have chosen, he chose Milley. Trump did. In 2019. Not Obama.”

      Two things here : Milley is a yes man, so any president would likely cotton to him.

      Say what you want about Milley, he is very political and knows how to ingratiate himself.

      Moreover, your analysis is neglecting one salient aspect, however, and that is this : President Obama early retired many many officers, those whom you and I would like, to create a senior officer group of Milleys.

      If you are not Milley, then you can not only not get to the rank of general, you probably cannot even get to major, anymore.

      Thus, President Trump had only a shelf full of Milleys from which to select.

      If it had been me, I would have unretired many of those officers President Obama had retired, and re-redesigned the military to be something along the lines of what it had been was in 1960.

  10. Yea but would that have lasted? It’s obvious that both parties are warmongers. Trump would have played the “Civic Nationalist” card for a while but the first smell of a War and he would been all for it with China or Russia or who knows. It’s the DNA of the Republican Party and every single person with Confederate ancestors knows it. ?

    • @Brian Pace…

      Yes, I agree with you about ‘The DNA of the Republican Party’, as you mention, to which all of my Confederate ancestors would attest.

      That said, President Trump is not a Republican, but, like so many other current Republicans, an orphaned Democrat, who, in his case, organized a hostile takeover of the GOP from the New Englanders.

      Trump is not a Republican – not by a long shot, which is why they hate him so – the old cadre of that party.

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