Donald Trump Suggests Mark Milley Should Be Executed For Treason

This is one of his better ideas.

If Trump was serious about this, I would be tempted to vote for him.

Still, I am enjoying the Revenge Tour a lot more than the 2020 election. It is only Monday and the former president and the current leading candidate in the polls is threatening to execute the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for treason. Also, the first impeachment hearing in the House for the current president is set to get underway this week, which could end this weekend in another government shutdown. We’re on quite a roll. The state of our union is strong!

Note: In spite of headlines like this, I still don’t think it has dawned on our leadership class how deep into a profound national crisis we are currently in. The full magnitude of what is slowly happening won’t become apparent until the violence begins. At that point, the buildup to it will look obvious in retrospect. The warning signs that something has gone seriously wrong in this country were in plain view.


  1. Milley should have been out long ago, the good Military needs to clean house or resign and send Congress out to fight the first wave in the war they desperately hope for.

  2. He broke down crying on television. He is losing it. Melanie will have him commited in the end

    Milley was doing good in Afghanistan at first in the pullout. He wasn’t allowing very many of them to come here. Then Trump and all the Republicans began demanding that they bring more Afghans over (“American citizens”).

    That is how we got 400,000 of them over here, and another 300,000 are in line. It was the Republicans demanding it.

    So the lunatic Tramp is demanding executions of Generals. Down the drain he goes. Good riddance, Tramp.

    • Rangewolf ” Down the drain he goes, Good riddance, Tramp” really Wolf man, he may not be your symbol, but too those who war against us, he is our symbol, we all know his flaw’s, but he is our proverbial, ” DIRTY WHITE BOY ” keep swinging them fist, DON JOHN TRUMP, he won’t win and neither will we, if we don’t back him….
      silly milley is, worst AMERICAN general since Benedict Arnold…

  3. As Boston journalist Howie Carr said, Milley is from Massachusetts, and nothing good comes from there. I was Leary of him when he introduced the brown uniforms harkening back to WWII because they “were my father’s uniforms, and his was the greatest generation.” The uniforms were a kind of totemic ritual to bring back the glory of WWII and strengthen morale. Is it working?
    To me they look dull. I also disliked Milley turning his coat on Trump after the riots in DC.
    Lt. Col MacGregor said Milley is typical of the system in that the upper ranks say and do what they must to keep their rank and position. He seems to be a tad more vocal in the pointless Ukraine war, but says little because he’s…afraid? Of a bunch of Obama leftovers who make up Biden’s coterie? But he cries on TV, so why am I not surprised?

    • Another sad and comical ritual they are doing (see Army Times, Stripes, Task And Purpose websites) is trotting out 85++ year old men and giving them valor awards or school badges for shit that happened 60 years ago. It reeks of desperation. Why didn’t the person get the award more near the war? Why now? This pathetic resting on false laurels is a symptom of a withering organization.

      Trump, of course, is a big-talking buffoon.

  4. Most Obama-approved officers would be executed for treason in a sane country, assuming they ever got that far in a functional military without being purged long before rising to that level. Milley is an utter joke. So are nearly all officers above Captain (maybe). The dindu who will replace Milley is even worse, if that’s even possible.

    USA delenda est. The sooner it totally collapses the better for those whites who have enough common sense to survive (not very many from what I can see here). The Imperial Rainbow legion is probably already majority dindu plus other diversities, perverts, criminals and outright foreigners. Milley and his Church of Woke successor are exactly the kind of leadership such a worthless rabble deserves.

    Grand Twattermeister Cheetohead is just tossing out red-meat to rouse his clueless groupies. As previously, he wouldn’t do anything other than fellate Schlomo and praise the Platinum Murikunz if he were actually seated in the White House.

  5. Mick Mulvaney, Chris Christie and Mark Milley, do you think Trump has realized how often it is an Irishmen who turned on him, or is he just too fzxcking stupid to see……… and be like one of us racists.

  6. Ryan Christopher Palmeter, the Jacksonville shooter, purchased one of his guns from the same store Trump visited, why is Trump doing this?

  7. There is no alternate but Trump. If it’s stolen from him, they will have to pull out all the stops and cheat like never before. People will be watching even closer this time, and I suspect Trump will not go quietly into the night this time. It will be so obvious that it will either spark reform, or it will show everyone with even a quarter of a brain that we are in big trouble. If he wins and betrays us, well, what’s new. None of the others who could replace him would do any better and most would be far, far, worse. We can’t lose, (everything being relative to our current position) in having Trump run.

    You never know, the people cheating might choke in the end and not be able to steal enough votes to pull off another Biden win. If, like in Florida, when the Democrats locked the doors to recount in the Bush election and the Cubans kicked the doors in…might keep them from stealing enough votes. No one knows the future. And even better, Trump could go authoritarian on them and throw them in jail, in mass.

    Whatever we do let’s not let the Jews manuever us into a huge civil war like Ukraine where we murder each other off to the amusement of the Jews.

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