Ryan Carson Tweets Surface


The killer is now in custody.

If one of their pets had killed a “chud,” they would celebrate it.



  1. “””….MattWalshBlog……how leftism short circuits your brain …..”””

    Fundamentally false information. Different brain structure makes you liberal. Or whatever lunatic. Those people have inherited genetic defects and all issues are only expression of their sickness.

    This is the reason why we must address people, not issues. Like good pig always finds the dirt, human garbage with genetic defects always finds expression of their madness and getting rid from issues gives us only new issues. They will terrorize and bully us with other methods.

    We cant live with those people. Eastern Europe is not conservative by some supranatural force but we had 2 revolutions and 3 wars within 50 years so we got rid of defective genes. Like smallpox. People with responsive genes just died out and others remained.

    • Yes, it’s frustrating that most people wrongly believe that issues create people rather than people create issues. Our genes cause most of our behaviour.

      • “Our genes cause most of our behaviour.”

        And paradoxically, it’s genes that give some people in higher races the ability to greatly modify their behavior.

    • Agreed that they are mental defectives. Only the protection and safety of civilization, built by better men, has allowed them to survive. Well, now they are building societies which they will not be enjoying as much as they seem to believe.

  2. He’s the kind of guy who would try to pet the Bull bison at Yellowstone park. Or try to get close for that tick tock photo to a couple of baby bear cubs. At least he does this to wildlife on the streets anyway. Dumb progressive city guy. Tragic idiot.

  3. This notice make me more happy for what is happened……….i’ve said this many times: leftists don’t care if conservative or right-wing person die, they are very happy when this happens. Remember Aaron Jay Danielson and other right-wing people killed or death……leftists celebrated on social media this. Even in my country some far-left where happy for the end of Aaron Jay Danielson……… so why should we be sad when this happen to them (leftists)?? I’m not for violence (at least not in all cases) but i’m not sad for the end of this scumbag.

    Pastor Marcel Italian church nation of fck leftists 😉

    • In my country those people made Soviet revolution and murdered 20% of my ethnic group. None of them never admitted that something went wrong . All blame of communists crimes lays on victims. Victims resisted goodness and progress so poor commies were forced to defend all good things against stupid evil people.

      Those people are pure evil and we can not live with them together. Luckily today whole planet Earth is united against Evil, finally we have competent leaders, Putin Trump Orban, Xi Assad and many others, so this time mankind will win global Good vs Evil battle.

      Funny that Bible told us natural born evil already 2000 years ago but until recently , whole mankind wandered in darkness and many still do.

      • Juri,

        I know you are a high Zion Don fanboy.

        The truth is that Trump would have given that murdering nigger gibs from his infamous “Platinum Plan”, and/or let him out of prison on his and kushner’s “First Step Act.”

        You can recite line and verse of the history of communism in Eastern Europe, but you are very gaslit on Trump’s supposed virtues.

        • I would also give this and other nigs something good and keep them out of prison. They took 3 enemies down within week.

          Looks like diversity IS our strength and those others really do the jobs what white people cant do, bolshevist pest control for example.

          Of course I am The Donald fanboy. He is taking down 400 years old anglozionist Empire. Our Eastern European guys fought whole civil war and we lost. Later Hitler tried and he also lost. First time in history we have enemy seriously on ropes.

          At the end of the day, we need Platinum Plan. Look how effective are Chechens and Assad men and Taliban. We need people who can really give communists some serious diversity enrichment and you will not find such people from your local Sunday Bible School.

  4. “black people commit 52% of all homicides”

    Complete BS!
    IT is far higher, like 80+%, if statistical extrapolation is made onto the unsolved murders the figures soar.

    Where’s Biden to talk about ‘knife crime’ ?
    Knives kill far more people than ‘assault guns’.


  5. “Furthermore, the effect of health on political trust is partly dependent on individuals’ ideological values. Those on the right are more trusting and among them health plays a smaller role in determining political trust; in contrast, among those leaning towards the left, health is a more important predictor of trust. Poor health combined with leftist ideology produces the lowest levels of political trust.”

    “Aligning our results with those of former studies, the following picture emerges: conservative vs. liberal persons may have different behavioral predispositions related to cooperativeness, trust and reciprocity which emerge when no information on their interaction partner is available.”

    “The results of P2 empathic neural responses support our hypothesis that G/G carriers of OXTR are sensitive to in-group memberships, as defined by either racial or mini group relationships, and thus they showed significant empathic neural responses to perceived pain of in-group members defined by either or both of the two in-group relationships. By contrast, A/A carrier are less flexible to social relationships and they showed empathic neural responses only to those with whom they shared in-group membership based on both racial and mini group relationships.”

    In case you were wondering why certain right-wing white individuals still believe Dr. King’s Lie, and why certain left-wing white individuals still commiserate with the black community.

    • @Arrian,
      If only he had the same approach as Mick Dundee in Nu Yoyke……….. ‘that’s not a knife, now THAT’S a knife’.
      That’s how a real man would handle it.

  6. Say what you will about Matt Walsh, but he broke through a leftist assumption that conservative types tend to cling to with this video. Even though many of us have natures that are resistant to “color blindness”, we’ve all been through the conditioning of our culture, and most people, even conservatives, will admonish us that we can’t make assumptions about people based on skin color. 

    Matt is now abandoning that position rhetorically. He would not have done that 5 years ago. He would not have touched this incident 5 years ago, and if he had, he would have avoided the racial angle, focusing on the “thug”, or the behavior. In this video, he specifically states that “normal” white people (in this context, normal meaning not homeless, or paranoid schizo, or the type person who panhandles on the street corner) … normal white people are using common sense to avoid a black man at 4 am near a bus stop. HE is literally stating, the TRUTH that we all know through instinct and common sense, that there is a high statistical probability that something bad might come of the interaction. He does add various layers of context that increase the risk, such as the time, location, behavior of the other person, mannerisms, dress, etc. He doesn’t caveat it with, “but I’d think the same thing if it was a white guy”. He is publicly admitting that the color of the “other” is part of the equation that elevates the risk. Even though be would not be wrong to say that a white guy having hallucinations on a drug could pose the same danger, but he doesn’t need to are that, because a white guy NOT on a drug would be a much lower threat statistically. You don’t have to add “on drugs” to the equation with a young black male. Walsh is admitting that his race alone is a reasonable red flag to avoid an interraction. 

    This is pretty significant. If more people would just admit what they already know to be true, we could move forward in this national divorce. 

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