Israel’s 9/11

I see the second front in World War III opened up overnight.

The fighting started in Ukraine over a year ago now. Israel is about to use this as an excuse to go to war with Iran. How long will it be now until China invades Taiwan?

Note: Agent Poso is correct. We’re about to be engulfed in something.


    • Goose, the US will always find a way to supply israhell, even if it means giving Fort Knox to the Chinese for supplies to the devil nation.

      • The USA caused the war with Japan by blockading it, an act of war by itself. Then the Yanks allowed Pearl Harbor by ignoring their prior knowledge of the attack, to get the population’s backing. By doing so, the USA knew that would mean war with Germany.

        • Yep,

          Adm. James Richardson as the Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet in San Diego, he refused to move the fleet because he said it was dangerous and dumb. So he was replaced by Kimmel, who did move the fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.

          (((FDR)) insisted that the fleet be moved to Hawaii.

          Who was in charge of Pearl harbor defense and withdrew patrols just before the attack?……….. (((Adm. Harold Raynsford Stark))
          and withheld information from his superiors of imminent japanese danger.

    • This is going to be a disaster.

      Israel is going to declare war on Iran. Republicans are going to “Stand With Israel.” Very reminiscent of WW2 and the role the Japs played in getting us into a war with Germany which otherwise wouldn’t have happened

      • I think you nailed it, Brad. “Something” had to kick start a war with Iran. And of course Russia and China will be in the mix when things go kinetic.

      • Congress declared war on Japan, not Germany. A few days later Hitler declared war on the US because Japan was an ally. Hitler’s biggest mistake.

        • Hitler’s biggest mistake was having a high opinion of the English.

          The US was already firing on German U-Boats, and the US was supplying the Red Army food, arms, and other equipment through Iran, after England invaded neutral Iran in the summer of 1941.

          The US government was already at war with Germany, before Germany declared war on America, in order for their U-Boats to finally sink munitions and food being shipped to England.

          • “Hitler’s biggest mistake was having a high opinion of the English.”
            Amen !

            “The US government was already at war with Germany,”
            Did you know that it was a US pby that tracked down and targeted the Bismarck, albeit with a British paint job ?

          • No, it was his failure to hold raves in Poland and Ukraine.

            If there had been a Nazi rave in occupied Ukraine, the media would have supported it

          • “The US was already firing on German U-Boats”

            And who was in charge of those ‘Neutrality Patrols’……….
            (((Adm. Stark))

          • “Hitler’s biggest mistake ….”

            The war’s worst consequence may be that German nuclear research fell into the hands of USA, USSR and subsequently israhell. it may be the end of us.

          • @Arrian,

            No, I wasn’t aware that the US Navy had played a role in finding the Bismarck. It doesn’t surprise me, as we also had the US Army Air Corps (Flying Tigers) fighting the Japanese in China, before any declaration of war.

            The GB/UK, USA, and jewish axis of evil has been the worst enemy of Western man in recorded history.

        • The US and pissrael have been having joint war games/exercises for a war against Iran annually for decades.

          After the Stuxnet virus was planted in Iran’s nuclear research computer network by the CIA and Mossad, Iranian nuclear scientists assassinated by Mossad and CIA assets, and sanctions on Iranian oil for export, and medical aid for import, both Big and Little Satan’s are already at war with Iran.

          • Re-instituting the draft by Congress passing a bill of conscription is one thing; getting young, White, Christian, males to comply with such a law is a whole other thing. Never even mind White females being conscripted, the opposition to that would be so fierce those reprobates in Congress won’t dare do it even though their religion of diversity and equality demands it. Hypocrisy and amorality have always been politicians’ strong suits.

            N.B. 2024 is an election year, not a good year (nor this year either) to pass a bill of conscription or any other unpopular legislation. The first duty of every politician is to get elected, the second duty is to get re-elected, the third to get re-elected . . .etc. There is now a miles wide chasm opening for these scumbag politicians between their owners who are demanding, demanding the U.S. fight a war for Our Greatest Ally and the politicians’ voters/(nominal) constituents who don’t want any part of another war. Their is also the fact that the U.S. is now a shadow of its former WWII self from an industrial/production point of view after 40 years of Republican/”Conservative” free trade.

          • Wouldn’t be surprised if the boomer screamers and thugs that opposed the Vietnam war will be pointing rifles at their grandchildren, forcing them to go fight for the Israel.

        • I sincerely doubt it’s going to happen.

          The Left’s campaign to purge the Toxic Straight White Christian Male (especially from the South the region where the USA got their best fighters) has been all too effective.

          Many young people these days are obese; it would take too many months to whip them all into shape to go through boot camp to defend our own borders much less any other country’s.

          We have exhausted our petroleum reserve, our finances, plus any weapons stock. Who would lend us the money to fire up our MIC to go to war? Why would our usual creditor, China want to do that when this is the perfect time to annex Taiwan?

          This is an election year: Draft Our Daughters for Israel may be a funny meme that got Ricky Vaughn in trouble due to Hillary Clinton’s snit, but the reality of it drafting ANY of our children for Israel would unite Right and Left and make the January 6th “insurrection” look like a walk in the park. I can’t think of anything else that would bring on The Day of the Rope mentioned in White Nationalist fan fiction faster.

          There will be no Draft Bill coming out of Congress.

          That’s the good news.

          Congress is not going to stop Israel from attacking Iran, but the United States is not going to attack Iran instead. If it didn’t happen when Obama was in the White House, it’s not going to happen when his senile old puppet, Joe Biden is there now.

          There will be a unanimous bipartisan resolution making the usual We Stand With Israel noise and enthusiastically supporting Israel’s Right to Defend Herself. Just the way they did when Bibi Netanyahu was agitating Obama to attack Iran the last time.

          Bibi went away with his hat in his hand and the whole matter was dropped. Netanyahu , the Knesset, and all the other oligarchs are going to have their hands too full trying to get out of Israel with skin and any wealth intact just like the rest of the Israelis.

          The bad news is that we can expect six million new refugees from Israel clamoring to get into the West … where all these Muslims they imported to Christian European countries will be waiting for them.

          Interesting times.

          • “The bad news is that we can expect six million new refugees from Israel clamoring to get into the West … where all these Muslims they imported to Christian European countries will be waiting for them.”

            Exactly. I understand that the Palestinians and Israel’s neighbors are the victims, and that however and whenever they choose to fight is fair and up to them. But, if Israel loses, we are almost certain to get the Israelis as refugees, and you don’t want Israelis. We’d be best off getting rid of the Jews we already have, and we certainly don’t need to add to their numbers millions of Israelis. Our situation would truly be hopeless then.

  1. Feels a bit like the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Only the Js are in the opposite position – “The Stroop Report”.

    Just look at a map. Look at the Gaza Strip. It’s an extremely small geographic area, one of the highest populated per meter places on planet earth. It’s a ghetto – ghetto is of course a term for walled in J populations in Europe back in the day where the Js were confined to specific areas in basically walled in parts of European cities.

    It’s like the Casbah – the Arab Muslim quarters in French Algerian coastal cities – back when Algeria was part of Metropolitan France.

    See the movie “the Battle of Algiers” to understand real race wars in high populated, occupied ghettos.

    • Yep. My thoughts exactly — Israel is an occupying enthno-state that has segregated their racial enemies in ghettoes, and this is a ghetto uprising like Warsaw. No surprise.

      But the Jews, being the Chosen People of God, think that they and they alone have the right to “smite Amalek.” They get pissed off when anyone else tries the same thing.

      Fuck them. I have no love for Palestinians — they are basically like niggers — but Israel keeps goading them like poking a caged dog with a stick, and then they they can’t figure out why it wants to bite.

      Jews want gun control for the goyim for the same reason that the Nazis made it illegal for Jews to own weapons — because they know they are an occupier who plans to screw their racial enemies.

  2. The way I see it, the American ‘liberal, democratic and capitalist’ (illiberal, undemocratic and crony capitalist in practice) unipolar world order is collapsing.
    This is happening because there’s nothing special about America anymore, other than its geography (still has the best geography in the world, excellent land, plenty of resources, perfectly situated for trade between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, friendly, nonthreatening neighbors north and south).
    America has grown extremely corrupt, drug addicted, morbidly obese and sexually degenerate, criminals, drug addicts and the insane roam the streets, the working and middle classes have been shafted, the borders left wide open, the military overextended, meanwhile the rest of the world has caught up, industrially, militarily, scientifically, technologically.

    That said, due to a bunch of factors like infertility, an aging population and dysgenics worldwide, I believe the world is headed for stagnation and a certain amount of degrowth, decentralization and deglobalization, total collapse if WW3 goes nuclear.
    Israel can no longer count on America as much to protect it.
    America’s enemies; Russia, Iran, China and North Korea are challenging its dominance.
    We could see North Korea attack South Korea too.
    Also expect to see more secessionist movements, not just in America.

    We are headed for a multipolar world order.
    And a world with more conflict, crime, poverty and piracy.
    The ‘rules based international order’ is breaking down.
    The American empire is finished.
    At best America’s going to be a regional power, if it doesn’t balkanize into multiple pieces that is, which it probably will.
    No one’s going to save America, not any of the candidates running, it’s too little, too late.
    All we can do is just watch it unfold.

    • Who will be Israel’s sugar daddy when ZOGmerica goes bankrupt? Nobody. Jews aren’t as smart as they think they are. They shouldn’t have killed the golden goose.

      • “Who will be Israel’s sugar daddy when ZOGmerica goes bankrupt? ”

        Bankruptcy is the jwz harvest, that’s when they move in and scoop up everything.

        I think our bankruptcy is well planned.

  3. At the current moment, Israel is paralyzed. When Hamas brings in more fighters and Jew doesn`t organize soon, then Israel will be taken over like Denmark in 1940. Germans just flooded in and Danish Army just watched. At the current moment, Hamas fighters are already 30 kilometers inside Israel and no organized resistance in sight.

    Looks like whole world Jewry caught by total surprise. Tel Aviv town is completely empty. No reservists rushing to their units. No patriotic citizens building fighting positions. And no commands, what people must do.

    There is possibility that Hamas will quit attack and goes back to wait Israeli bombings and other revenge measures. But I do not believe it. This time things look serious. At least now we know, why Hamas folk visited Moscow few months ago. They wanted Vlad approval do to something serious.

    Hamas delegation on official visit to Moscow

    • “No reservists rushing to their units. ”

      They never use jwz to do the serious fighting, they are too cowardly.
      Israhell uses Druze and Christian soldiers when and where there is real danger, while the jwz cower in bunkers.

  4. I tried to be positive, but then I remembered that Our Glorious Emperor Trump “did more for Israel than any other president in the history of the US.” There’s no positive spin on this (apart from the demonic “oh boy, another holocaust!” tripe), is there?

  5. Kikestani on the warpath in the Levant.

    You can be sure the Roman Catholics in Congress will be screaming for blood too. (The O’Assholes in particular)

    Meanwhile, who killed the 100 plus Syrian civilians the other day?

      • Being a WASP, I think you Roman Catholics have taken on the Semite value of exaggeration. More White Americans have been killed in the last year by your Catholic pets from Latino America, directly or indirectly, than anything that has happened in the Levant.

        Try some more Semite screeching.

        • Being WASP you don’t undertstand that catholics are the same race of yours………simply different confession than yours

        • @krafty wanker,

          You are as Anglican as the current Archbishop of Canterbury, and have a Southern heritage identical to “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David.

          As I wrote prior, you tell us you’re jewish without actually admitting it.

          • @November LOL. You are dreaming Catholic boy.

            I will predict @November, that your Catholic descendants will intermarry with your non-White Catholic co-religionist, Latinos and Blacks that have been streaming into the US since 1965.

            @Marcel Don’t be another Catholic O’Asshole. I’m going to assume that you know who the Huguenots were? If you don’t, they were French, Swiss and Dutch Protestants who came to America to get away from the Catholics.

        • @Orange i know, the question is your hate for catholics Who are in the majority White (even protestante have black people in their church, in some church only black)…….catholics are Christian as you, Simply different confession.

  6. … [Jews] are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not SOME DAY BECOME DEADLY TO THE HUMAN RACE
    —Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771)

  7. The Middle East is like Pet Cemetery, every time you think everything is buried, it come back from the dead with more ugliness than before.

  8. This is SUS. I’m certain Mossad infiltrated and have been running Hamas for decades like the CIA ran Al Qaeda. The Palestinians transformed into ISIS going ape on civilians? The IDF really had no idea these guys were about to go Red Dawn on them, paragliders? False Flag history repeating? I found this interesting, kicked off the same day in 73. I guess the new version will have a 9/11 pastiche.

    Anywho, this won’t benefit the Palestinians long term one iota.

  9. What happened to those billions worth of weapons the US left behind in Afghanistan? They could have not got sold off to fanatic Muslims. Nooo.

  10. Godspeed, Hamas. Palestinian liberation is a righteous cause for humanity against tyranny and injustice. One major hit against ZOG for all of us in occupied land.

  11. The funniest take on this was by Republican jewess Laura Loomer who blamed the Biden administration for ” emboldening Iran.”

  12. I tend to think this is happening because Assad wants some vengeance in the Zionist Entity for misdeeds committed during the Syrian Civil War.

    Also the demographics in the Middle East are horrible for the Zionist Entity. They are surrounded by millions and millions of brown skinned barbarians. Eventually even an advanced first world military will not be able to keep the hordes of Orc like beings at bay.

    Maybe Kushners Abraham Accords were a last ditch effort to stop the inevitable flood of Mohammedan Savages?

    • Whatever one thinks about the Israelis, this is a warning to the West. When Occidental Whites become minorities and surrounded by people who have been taught to hate them, bad things will happen.

  13. This is why might makes right is a losing argument.

    While Israel was founded explicitly on some moral arguments. It also relied heavily upon might makes right arguments, especially in the settler regions.

    It was also the only argument that could be made to Americans. “Palestine wasn’t a country” “that territory was always disputed” “to the victor goes the spoils” etc

    Ok, if the land is disputed and it’s up for grabs to whoever can take it and hold it, what’s the moral argument against what hamas is doing???

    This is obviously why they’re highlighting the rapes. I have no idea if hamas is raping more than Israel has when they’ve conquered land.

    Unfortunately rape has always happened in war, especially in wars of conquest. Not to say there aren’t meaningful degrees of some groups being worse/more brutal than others but simply posting images/videos of singular victims while tragic isn’t compelling. And does very little for the moral argument of why it’s wrong when Israel loses territory due to force but Israel is justified when taking territory from conquest.

    I agree with Hunter if this does go to WWIII which that’s definitely a real potential I don’t see how a draft would be avoided.

    Israel is settler colonialist state. Settler colonialism is seen as illegitimate with no room for nuance.

    Israel still has a lot of support from many Americans only many of them are too old. There are a lot of young people who are apathetic to Israel or even skeptical but see Iran as worse. Could they be whipped into supporting a war on Israel’s behalf? Undoubtedly a significant amount of them, but there’s no real data on that and I have no idea how those numbers would shake out.

    Most young americans either have a hostile or apathetic view towards Israel.

    But even more so than ideological opposition- which there would be. Americans can’t be rallied to fight a “Great War” because no one feels like war benefit’s Americans.

    The hollowness of Americans recent wars leave only mercenaries as volunteers. Very few are actually “bought in” to the idea the wars we’ve fought recently benefit America.

    Also what is America? Which america would a Great War benefit? Is America fighting for queer BLM America? Or historical america?

    Both sides are large enough you cant choose one side and have majority support. Also historically america is where all the top American soldiers come from.

    But if you’re being honest theres a good chance a pro historical america population is too small to fight a Great War alone. Many within that class have already fallen victim to addiction/despair from decades of antiwhite propaganda, whether that’s as something as hardcore as opioids or video games, many white Americans have simply checked out.

    Our opposition overplays whites current antisocial tendencies and there might be enough fighting age white men (along with nonwhites who aren’t offended by centering whiteness) to fight a world war. But the numbers would be close either way.

    More importantly the home front population DEFINITELY is too divided to sell a world war based upon historical American propaganda and would have to sell the war as promoting queer blm America to get buy in on the home front.

    We’ve seen with Ukraine how unpopular that messaging is with the right- and we aren’t even fighting in Ukraine!

    If white Americans were expected to die in Ukraine for queer blm America the right’s opposition would only intensify.

    I don’t see how we could even go to war in an expansive manner/world war.

    Who would fight it? What America would they be fighting for? Each side is numerical too large to ignore and each side are in too much direct contradiction for a bland “freedom loving America” propaganda.

    Freedom to keep trans out of the classroom or freedom to perform drag shows for 6 years olds?

    Freedom to walk the streets in safety or freedom to commit crime and get immediately released on no cash bail?

    The bland “America loves freedom” “they hate freedom” propaganda doesn’t work when what is freedom is so contested.

    No social conservative person believes they have the freedom to live their life/raise their family how they want.

    Brain-dead shitlibs like Destiny complain all politics is national.
    That’s because for social conservatives there’s no locale that’s not under the same pressure. Only varying degrees. If you work for Wells Fargo your manager in middle America might be less libtarded but Wells Fargo HR’s policies are set nationwide.

    If you’re a baker who doesn’t want to do gay weddings libtard NGO’s will fish for bakery’s until they find one that says no, and then ruin them. Regardless of where they’re located, that’s how the bake the cake case brought. A nonprofit called rural bakery’s until they found one who wouldn’t accept their request and then destroyed them. It wasn’t even local customer issue. Not to say I still wouldn’t support the bakery’s freedom, but social conservatives are under attack regardless of where they’re located.

    Some areas might be slightly behind shitlib hubs, and might have some local buffers but those local buffers have no national institutional backing. They’re actively being eroded and forced into libtard compliance. How successful or what time horizon varies slightly but even in the most “based” parts of the country they know libtards are working overtime to attack their communities with varying success.

    Luckily social conservatives have learned “live and let live” doesn’t apply to them and they have to actively resist.

    So the old propaganda of “America loves freedom!” Doesn’t work because no one has a shared conception of what freedom looks like nor do they believe the other side is going to honor their end of the “live and let live” bargain.

    Americans have also lost the right to consume. Social conservatives weren’t allowed in the early 2000’s but Americans purchasing power was very high. Now many Americans in the bottom half of income earners spend 1/4 of their money simply on gas for their car to get to and from work. Most Americans in the bottom half spend 50% of income on housing costs… not only is Americas elites empire making us hated worldwide we’re no longer even getting the financial spoils of it- let alone the ability to organize communities how we see fit or set social norms.

    No right to have a community that reflects your values and no mindless consumerism… what’s the buy in???

    Putting the serious question of logistics and readiness aside- I don’t see how the US could fight a world war without tearing the country apart domestically.

    Hopefully America being so dysfunctional it keeps us out of a world war. We’ll probably eat the L and sell it domestically as a win… “china have a competing currency is actually good for America bcus no the world will see how great we are!” “The American model thrives off of competition, while the Chinese needs monopoly power to work!”

    Blah blah blah

    Really only strivers will suffer. Actual rich people will be fine, poor people already can make do with less. Strivers will be the most demoralized and hardest hit both financially and psychologically by American economic downturn… oh well

    At one point strivers selected for smart people. But that’s less and less true. Strivers are generally on the spectrum of narcissists to sociopaths, and sadism.

  14. Nb4 everybody starts talking about how Palestinians are our natural allies, just because they hate jooz.

  15. My gut reaction was and is FALSE FLAG.If they can fake the moon landings then certainly they can stage these relatively small occurrences.Then they film regular Palestinians celebrating for effect.Normally the Palestinians have little chance against all the advantages Jew money/power bring.So why so successful now?And remember that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Mossad controlled even if they lower level fighters have no idea.We truly live in a world in Satan’s grasp.But God is in control and the Synagogue of Satan has only a short time left.Embrace Christ,love the Lord and praise Him and thank Him for everything He has given you.The literal children of Hell occupy the Holy Land and I rebuke them in the name of Jesus.

  16. Assuming this is not another Israeli false flag operation, I hope Hamas, Iran, Egypt, and all of Israel’s enemies have the military capability of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. And I hope Israel’s allies in Washington and Moscow do nothing about it because they are too busy fighting each other over Ukraine, which is really a battle over which anti-racist rival gang will triumph in the turf wars.

    To the ADL and Mossad agents monitoring this website: Absolutely nothing you do can change our minds about our hatred of your vicious race of ugly rat faced child foreskin lickers. You unironically deserve everything Hitler and the Nazis are accused of doing to you. If there ever comes a day where a critical mass of our own race stops bootlicking your people, it is over for you, and there is no “Sampson Option” that can save you.

    Your race is militarily incapable of defending itself for more than six days, which is why Rome burned your holy city to the ground and will do so again when the whole world sees what a lie and a hoax every Abrahamic religion really is. You are not “God’s Chosen People,” as there is no Yahweh or Volcano god or Jewish god to save you from the wrath of the material world. 2000 years of deception will be undone. No race as ugly and horrible as yours is worthy of ruling the world, and no sally sob story you can conjure will convince us that you are anything other than a wicked race of subhuman insects.

    • Hopefully that demonic city Jerusalem is laid waste and the earth is salted and irradiated. To much human blood, especially European blood, has been spilt over that “City of Peace”.

    • “hope Hamas, Iran, Egypt, and all of Israel’s enemies have the military capability of wiping Israel off the face ”

      You daydream too much.

  17. I saw Nosferatu on MSNBC blaming the attacks on Israel by Hamas on White Supremacy, no bullshit.

    Talk about a sick compulsion, he and his ilk are mentally ill.

    • he and his ilk are mentally ill.

      They are so evil that it looks like mental illness.
      The goyish mind just can’t grasp the level of evilness.

  18. Here in Australia, the local media was condemning our pm for being slow to respond to the crisis. I’m not actually sure what they want him to do or say that will make a difference, but anyway……
    We elected him to run Australia, not the entire world.

  19. Here’s the thing, Israel has 90 nukes, its neighbors have 0.
    Maybe Iran has 1 or 2 but it would be wiped off the face of the map if it ever used them.
    And so no serious army will ever challenge Israel, unless they can acquire nukes and nuclear defense capabilities.
    Furthermore America, Britain and France, Israel’s allies, have a ton of nukes.
    All countries like Iran can do is fund small time militants like Hamas.
    If Hamas and its ilk ever posed a serious threat to Israel’s existence, those funding them could be wiped off the map, and so it’s unlikely they’ll ever pose a serious threat.

  20. Upon closer inspection, yea this was a false flag in all likelihood, I dropped the ball back there.

    Of course Israel will use this as it uses all the other terror attacks as a pretext to continue occupying Gaza/Palestine and settling it with Jews until there’s no Palestine left.

    Business as usual, Israel needs Hamas.

    It doesn’t matter whether Israel arms and trains Hamas directly, they don’t have to, they let them get funding from Iran or whoever, then they let them attack, then Israel has its pretext to clamp down harder on Palestinians and continue settling there lands.

    Duh, it’s a no brainer, it’s just been a while since I focused on Israel, lost the plot there for a bit.

  21. Ah, the old Pearl Harbor-9/11 formula. Allow an attack to happen, and stand down your defenses enough for the attackers to inflict some meaningful damage. Voila, casus belli. Israel realizes that with the deteriorating social and fiscal conditions in the United States, their window of opportunity for the United States to fight a war against Iran on behalf of Israel is rapidly closing.

    The one thing that would prompt Congress to reinstate the draft would be for a war to bail out Our Greatest Ally. Of course, some of those draftees will inevitably find their way to Ukraine, but that was all part of the plan.

    If you are of prime military age, or have children or other loved ones who are, now is a good time to start making plans if you have not already done so.

  22. Paragliders descending on a rave, thousands of Hamas rockets raining down, and already over a thousand Israelis dead, wounded or taken hostage?

    And the Mossad didn’t know?


    Howitzer ammo is low and the American factories have been offshored to China.

    Is Samson looming on the horizon of this Fourth Turning?

  23. Iran, Russia, China are the axis of the opposition to The US Empire. Israel is an ally of the US Empire, as is Ukraine now.

    The Cold War was a long succession of proxy wars on multiple fronts. This is just a continuation of that.

    This is Iran opening another front against a US ally. Its the strategically correct thing to do.

    I don’t see any benefit to Israel staging this somehow. They don’t need an excuse to take land, they’ve been doing it with impunity for generations.

    Its also the most parsimonious explanation. The kinds of things are complicated enough to orchestrate overtly, let alone adding some secret Israeli network that somehow supposedly controls hamas and hezbollah would be stupidly complicated and almost certain to be discovered. Besides, it is known beyond any doubt that these are Iranian backed groups, with a long history of coordination.

    Sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be.

  24. If there was ever a soft spot of the US Empire that you could press and get a reaction, its the security of Israel.

    If your strategy is to bleed the Empire, as would be expected assuming its the Axis Powers doing this, which is likely, then hitting Israel hard in a provocative way to ellicit an expensive revenge campaign is exactly the correct thing to do on a strategic level.

    This has proxy war written all over it.

  25. The geriatrics in Washington might not have noticed but things have changed since 9/11. You no longer have a functional population to recruit from and the military doesn’t even want the most capable people from what’s left. In an official capacity they hate straight white southern men. Maybe the US can win a media propaganda war but they’re not going to win a ground war with Iran. Not anymore. Even twenty years ago it would have been difficult but now with an obese sick pool of recruits and a woke officer corps it’s national suicide. Not that that will stop them from trying since Israel is their actual priority.

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