Israel Plans To Starve Out Human Animals In Gaza

Good morning.

Here is the round up of the latest developments in this total shitshow:

1. First, it is worth revisiting the last time Gaza was in the news, which was back in the summer of 2021. Two years ago, there was a flare up between Hamas and Israel over the conditions in Gaza, which is the world’s largest concentration camp and the worst tyranny on earth.

Gaza was a ticking time bomb. The place was projected to become uninhabitable in the 2020s. Abby Martin and Max Blumenthal made documentaries about how bad it was years ago. YouTube deplatformed Chris Hedges and Abby Martin and censored the hell out of their videos about Palestinians.

Once again, it was no real surprise that this happened. The Gaza Strip is essentially Alcatraz. Watch these videos to get a sense of what caused this “unprovoked” war.

2. Israel announced this morning that it is cutting off the electricity, water, food and fuel in order to starve out the human animals in Gaza. Gaza has been under a blockade for the last 15 years.

3. Zionists on Twitter are calling for glassing the Gaza Strip or turning it into a parking lot. They are also calling for war with Iran.

4. Predictably, Israel has been bombing the hell out of Gaza with illegal weapons in preparation for a ground invasion.

5. Fights are breaking out here in the United States between Stand With Israel and Stand With Palestine protesters.

6. Christian Zionist lunatics have responded exactly as you would expect. It is time to bring on Armageddon.

7. The Wall Street Journal is claiming that the surprise attack on Israel was planned by Iran and plotted in Lebanon with Hamas and Hezbollah.

8. It is Christmas for neocons who are already trying to use this to get us into a war with Iran.

9. A U.S. Navy carrier group is headed to the eastern Mediterranean to Stand With Israel.

10. Netanyahu has ordered the Palestinians in Gaza to somehow leave.

11. The Taliban want to cross Iraq, Iran and Jordan to enter the war.

12. Hezbollah in Lebanon has threatened to attack Israel if it launches a ground invasion of Gaza and the United States if we intervene.

13. Sorry, Hezbollah seems to have ENTERED THE WAR minutes ago.

14. Nosferatu is making the rounds.

In sum, it is as bad as it looks.

ZOG is rapidly spiraling into a war with Iran to “Stand With Israel.”

Note: I have repeatedly told you that war is coming.


15. EU cuts off Palestinians.


  1. Since we are an anti-nation operating on fiat money system that begs the question of who should receive the bulk of funds; Ukraine or Israel? I can tell you who wins that battle!

    • Well, the U.S. is has been giving Ukraine something like $220 million per day, and we’ve been giving Israel a slowly-escalating daily extortion amount for decades (up to around $12 million per day now). Both nations are of course run by Jews, the only real winners in all wars.

  2. Does anyone else think that it’s strange that all this is coming on the heels of that Emergency Alert System test that happened last week?

  3. The thing is that this should be enough of a reason to not support Trump and Biden. If you’re opposed to this, you should vote Green or something. I personally think Trump would be the greater evil vs. Biden here, not the lesser evil.

    • You can either stand with Israel or stand with your own people. No one can serve two masters. We already know which master or traitorous leaders have chosen.

    • @Dryl,

      In a war in the Middle East, Trump is the bigger threat.

      Both Biden and Trump administrations would use America’s treasure in fighting pissreal’s enemies, but only Zion Don could rally MIGAtards in the South to bleed for the zionist occupation tyranny.

  4. Wiser elders of Zion are somehow quiet. Are they shocked or do they know something what we don’t ?

    All those screaming is sign of weakness. Jews know that they are losing badly. Of course they want push whole world into war but world honestly disagrees.

    This could be the time when Israel becomes such a burden that their supporters have choice. Let burden go or go down with it.

    Anyway, this time things are serious and Israel actions are pretty erratic what demonstrates that they don’t know what to do. Whole talk about flattening Gaza is one big BS. They don’t have resources for that.

    CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years
    Friday, March 13, 2009

    • @juri


      Whether America comes to the aid of Israel or not this is still a win. America generally not only eats the L in wars for Israel in blood &!treasure but also in narrative.

      It’s a big win that if a war escalates it’ll be unambiguously for Israel.

      I’m still hoping we don’t get a war, which is very possible. Our countries are a mess and that might be a saving grace in keeping us out of war.

    • Juri I do so pray that it is true.But their bases of power are in America and London.Soon Christ will come brighter than the sun and their immense evil will finally be stopped.Only Christ Jesus can defeat the Synagogue of Satan.But we must never give in or lose hope.Has anyone noticed how every single Jew from the Israeli Government etc,has the most misshapen and ugly features imaginable.They truly are creatures from Hell.To all here: rededicate your commitment to God and thank and praise Him daily.Let Him know you love Him and be glad that He has given you all that you have.DO NOT let the Jews drag any of you to Hell with them,that is their ultimate goal.Christ is Lord!

    • Yes….this is jews for you. They are better than you because their made up god, which is an embodiment of themselves, told them so. Orthodox jews are probably the most disgusting and ugliest people on the planet. I am no friend to Islam either, but they are at least a more honest enemy.

  5. Definition: Hamas means “bravery” in Arabic. Another definition closer to American usage might be “patriot”.

  6. Wonder if Israel might use this good crisis to demolish the Al-Aasq (sp?) mosque in Jerusalem and build the Third Temple. Now that would be literally world shaking.

  7. It’s hard to believe that the vaunted Mossad had no idea that this attack was coming, and that it was truly a surprise.

    Paul Craig Robets asks: “Why would Netanyahu enable Hamas to attack Israel by standing down Israel security? It seems a nonsensical suggestion, but isn’t as it creates the conditions in which Israel can absorb all that remains of Palestine, just as 9/11 created the conditions for the neoconservatives to launch the wars they had planned in the Middle East.”

    • “it creates the conditions in which Israel can absorb all that remains of Palestine,”

      Very likely.
      It fits their deceitful character.

  8. United States has always been the vassal of Israel from 1945 to the present, republicans or democrats, it has always been the armed arm of Israel………I go without saying to you American brothers and sisters that I hope you will stand up in case your country (the greatest servant of Israel and Zionism) decides to intervene……. and unfortunately I am sure that this will be the decision…… just as I am sure that our European Parliament will also intervene in the matter

  9. *shrugs*

    This is why it makes more sense to be pro White, rather than just being an anti semite.

    Its not in Whitey’s interests to intervene when two enemies are slaughtering eachother. Hopefully they are thorough. Its not my problem.

    • “This is why it makes more sense to be pro White, rather than just being an anti semite.”

      I second that.
      Antisemite is a deceitful term, just become jew-aware.

  10. Israelis and Jews always claim that some other group or nation has to be destroyed in order to have peace in the ME, when Israel is mostly the creator of its own problems, and American Jews tend to be the biggest war-mongers on the planet. If the path to peace is truly to get rid of problem peoples and nations, the Jews and Israelis should be targeted, by their own logic.

    It is really bizarre to see groups of Jews and Muslims wrapping themselves in American flags to fight over issues from the ME. Both groups should be sent packing, as we need a homeland, also, and they all seem to have no respect for that fact.

    And Christians have to realize that by allying with Jews, or supporting Israel, they are destroying their own religion.

    • “Israelis and Jews always claim that some other group or nation has to be destroyed in order to have peace in the ME”

      This is true.
      It’s because you and all other gentiles don’t know what ‘PEACE’ means in judaism. Look to Deut 20:10 to find what jwz mean by ‘PEACE’.

      “make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you.” Deut 20 10

      In real English, ‘give everything you own to jwz and submit to eternal slavery’.

  11. Gaza also has a border with Egypt so a blockade cannot be effective without egyptian participation.

    Egypt claimed just hours ago that they timely warned Israel about something big brewing in Gaza and that this warning was not well received but rather ignored.

    The israeli government replied that this is a lie, that no such warning ever came from their closest partner in the arab and sunni world, so I suggest the egyptians demand a receipt if they ever feel like doing this again.

    Cause I believe the egyptians on this btw…

    • “Cause I believe the egyptians on this btw…”

      Be certain of it.
      They are bought by the US for 3+ billion a year.
      Paid by USA, in the service of israhell.

  12. Unfortunately, the haters on both sides have reached a point where one side or the other has to totally win, or it will just start again. That was what happened in Texas with the Comanche, and in Arizona with the Apache where I grew up. Until these tribes were totally obliterated as effective fighting tribes , it never ended for hundreds of years. Sigh… both sides have their own lists of reasons to hate the other side, and now more reasons, and little reason for both sides to see the other side with any humanity.

  13. Gaza is only about 141 square miles in area: about 25 miles long and less than six miles wide, about twice as big as Washington, DC. About 2.1 million people (N.B. not “Human Animals”) live there giving it a population density of approximately 15,000 people/square mile. It is one of the most densely populated places on earth.

    Gaza shares a 7 1/2 mile long border with Egypt, closed off of course and a 32 mile border with Israel. There is nowhere for the Palestinians in Gaza to go in spite of Israel’s warning to evacuate. Gaza is a filthy death trap on a good day, totally dependent upon Israel for electricity, water etc. Israel has refused to allow Gaza to operate its own electric plant.

    Many people living there are doomed when Israel launches its counterstrike against Gaza, it’s inevitable, everyone knows this. That is the point of Israel’s attack, to tell the people in Gaza: “We can kill you any time we like,”.

  14. these demonstrations in the US reminds me that we should deport all the non-whites and Jews out of our country

  15. “Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke delivered a predictably insane sermon this morning calling for Israel to “make the Gaza Strip a parking lot” by next week.”

    The ‘Scofield Reference Bible’ has done more harm to the U.S. and thereby, the rest of the world than Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Antonio Gramsci’sPrison Notebooks combined.

    • Correct 12AX7.Scofield was filth and a traitor to the South and the White race.He was an agent of Hell and will reside there for all time.It still amazes me that any of my fellow Christians could believe that the foul,hideous Jews are the”chosen”.A dumbass lady from a call center repeated that bunk to me a few days ago and I tried to show her how inane that belief is but she was apparently to brainwashed and to stupid to grasp the truth.I told her followers of Christ are the God’s people and she replied that the Jews will all just renounce their ways and they are the”chosen”.So some followers of Jesus are better?And the more evil they have done the better?And the more young Whites they cause to go to Hell will be rewarded in the end?Madness and makes no sense.God gives us all free choice and the Jews choose Satan every time.I love God and Jesus and I hate enemies of the Cross,quite simple.Thank the Lord for this site and its great commenters,God brings us what we need.I learn so much here and get such a boost from all my resolute White brothers who do not give in to the madness we are living in and through.

  16. So far the counter invasion of Gaza has not happened yet.

    When it happen I expect it yo be very bloody.

    This could all spiral out of control very quickly. Putting updating of my bug out bag on hold (to evade Hillary Camps) and trying to stock up on iodine in case the nukes start flyining.

    One good thing is I imagine alot of the anti-White vitriol may die down as jews realize White Christians are the only one who care about thrm or even feel anything about the alleged Holocaust which literally happened in the last century mow and only old Boomers really think about.

    (part of the anti-White stuff dying down is Ibram X Kendi losing his institute in the North East and also the New York Times has come out against his radical anti racist views recently.)

  17. The closest parallels to this war against combats hiding amidst high density civilians in urban slums are:

    The Warsaw (j) Ghetto uprising against German occupation in the last year of World War II.

    The Battle of Algiers in and outside the Arab Casbah slums in the French city of Algiers French Algeria ~ 1955-62.

    Neither the Germans, German allies or Israeli Zionists showed are showing a lot of “restraint” and the siege tactic, cutting off supplies going in and going out were/are being employed.

    French counter terrorism tactics in the Battle of Algiers were much more restrained, not indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas where terrorists were hiding out. There was talk of doing so, but instead, infiltration of terror cells was the preferred method.

    I highly recommend the war movie “The Battle of Algiers” it’s presented more from the Arab terrorist/anti colonial revolutionary side but I found it surprisingly fair and balanced, the French counter terrorist officer has the best lines:

    In response to French reporter questions asking if French military are using torture:

    “The FLN (Algerian anti French revolutionaries) want us to go. In France – all political parties including the French Communist party said we should stay. If you still say “Oui” then you must accept the consequences”.

    My take on the current, latests go of Arab intefata….

    Get reading for millions more young Arab, Afro Arab – 3rd worlders from Afghanistan to Pakistan and even Indian pretending to be Palestinians being offered asylum in White places like remaining White places in Germany, Holland, France, ENGLAND, Sweden and especially USA, Canada, Australia.

    The most hard core pro Israel Zionists, Neo Conservatives or just J liberals in the USA are currently on the phone with IDF offering to sponsor thousands of young Arab Males of military age in Gaza and now in Israel to go to San Diego CA or North Carolina.

    Any White Gentiles in places like San Diego CA or North Carolina who object to either Israel wars, USA military support, US bomber attacks of GAZA or more likely object to still more millions of diseased, rapist 3rd world Arab/Muslim/Paki males being dumped in American towns- we’ll get smeared as beyond the pale RACISTS, NAZIS etc.

    Well, we’re probably used to it by now.

  18. How is our side doing there near Jerusalem ? How are White British Anglicans or Lutherans doing in this ?

    Probably not so good

  19. Am I the only one who is worried the Israelis are going to pull a USS Liberty 2.0 on the Gerald Ford with Popeye Turbo cruise missiles and then blame it on the Iranians?

  20. That’s what Jewish Supremacists think of everyone that’s not Jewish. If anybody on Earth still questions who controls US foreign policy that person is clueless. The Jews and the Islamics both reject Jesus Christ and hate the White Race. None of them are our friends. Stick with your own White Race. Diversity is a failure. It’s time for White Nationalism which is the only solution for White racial survival. ?

    • “who controls US foreign policy”

      It’s been growing stronger and stronger over the decades.
      It started with Wilson , then FDRs kosher cabinet, then Kissinger packed the State Department and NSA with jwz.
      like fungus, once they become embedded, you can’t remove them.

      “Jwz are the fungus of civilization “. …….. some German guy.

  21. “We’re fighting human animals.”

    Isn’t that pretty much the same thing Himmler and Goebbels said? My, how the wheel turns…

  22. Watching the Uniparty fawn over the israel government has really been disgusting, not unexpected. These political hacks are so insipid and infantile in their endless devotion to the Israeli war criminals. They need to hand out air sickness bags before turning on the tv. They act like they never heard of the Palestinians.

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