Israel At War


Babies in incubators!


The last 72 hours.



Here is your morning round up:

1. Max Blumenthal launches Operation Gaza Truth Flood to explain the context of the war in Israel.

2. Max Blumenthal explains the logic of the siege of Gaza which has been going on for around 15 to 16 years now.

3. This was the White House last night.

4. Stew Peters on the Gaza concentration camp which is like Alcatraz.

5. Breaking Points is covering the war. Krystal Ball makes a good point. In Israel and the Western media, the Gaza Strip basically doesn’t exist. We kind of pretend it isn’t there. It became invisible. This rave was going on several miles away from the world’s largest concentration camp. The people there were even celebrating freedom. Many of them obviously had no clue about their surroundings.

6. Iran War propaganda is being rolled out.

7. The IDF told civilians to leave Gaza.

8. It is officially dead baby day.

9. Norm Finklestein on Jimmy Dore


  1. Ugh. Again with the Krystal and Saagar posting?

    These people aren’t our allies. Israel is doing with minorities in Palestine exactly what we need to be doing with them in the US until they can be forcibly removed.

    Far be it from me to praise Jews for anything, but when it comes to their ethnic self preservation they are second to none, with the exception possibly of the Han Chinese, who are also not our allies.

    White interests aren’t served by throwing a pity party for brown people just because they are in a circumstance we wouldn’t want to find ourselves in. Our interests are served by preserving our own territory so that animals like this aren’t able to murder us. These brown people will not reciprocate our support or commiseration. They only care about themselves.

    Why is it so difficult for Western dissidents to understand that this is NATURAL and we should be doing the same? Is this more of this pervasive Christian guilt? Or more of this misplaced sense of camaraderie because we share a mutual loathing of Jews and Jewish influence?

    I don’t get it HW. We aren’t conservatives concerned about muh principles and intellectual consistency. We are supposed to be chauvanists for WHITE interests.

    • Because, Israel has long wielded total control over our government and now that “Israel Is At War” it inexorably follows that all the politicians who they own will plunge us into the war to rake their coals out of the fire, probably with Iran / Syria / Hezbollah over this. Last week, it looked like we were turning the corner on Ukraine with the fall of McCarthy, but that has been thrown completely out the window as all of these politicians rush to “Stand With Israel.”

      • We have no dog in this fight. On either side.

        Whitey’s bread isn’t buttered by activism over Palestinian grievances.

        • Bull fucking shit! The jewSA created and supports the jewish terrorist entity that occupied Palestine. The jewSA was the very first nation on Earth to recognize the terrorist “state of israel.”

          We have not only ‘skin’ in this war, but the blood of all those murdered by israel, but also all those murdered, orphaned, crippled, and displaced by (((America’s))) wars in the Middle East.

          Not our problem, eh?

          What color is the sky in your world?

          The US Congress recently gave the president of israel 29 standing ovations! On entering the US House Chamber, israeli president Herzog received a 4 minute standing ovation alone.

      • Certainly the neo cons want to push us into war with Iran. They have for years.

        What does any of that have to do with the poor conditions in Gaza, or any discussion of whether or not and to what degree these atrocities are justified, or Israels response?

        For Whitey, it doesn’t matter.

        • Sure it does.

          Israel controls Congress.

          Hamas attacked Israel. This is going to be taken more seriously than an attack on the United States.

    • @IronicSockAccount

      1) Group 1 (who hate my group) do X to group 2. If they are not allowed to do X, we might not if we ever get the chance We have to protect the principal, even if it means helping our enemy.
      2) Group 2 has low status, I don’t want to be associated with them. I will not support them, even when they attack my enemy.
      3) Group 2 probably don’t love my group in the deepest depth of their heart. This make me very angry, and I will not support them attacking my overlords.

      This is not politics. It’s just excited emotions, feelings of disgust and empty speculative abstractions. This is so typical of American political culture. It’s totally retarded mindset, and incompatible with political organizing.

      • You have things exactly backwards, Max. You’re the one who has no grasp of politics, who’s indulging emotion. Evidently, you think whites so hapless that they need the help of these witless Palestinians to throw off the Jewish yoke. Though I fear you’re right, I haven’t yet given up on whites.

        Condemning Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians is, as someone I know once observed, “condemning the Jews for not being Jewish enough.” It confirms the leftist narrative, the multicultural, anti-oppression narrative that is the core of Jewish suzerainty. Even if, as seems to me unlikely, a handful of rock-throwing Arabs prove able to drive Israel out of the Middle East, Jewish power will not be reduced; it will be strengthened. The Jews have other bases from which to operate, and they’d have no trouble spinning Israel’s loss as a triumph of Our Values. That means the values by which they hold sway over the Teutons.

        Back in 2011, when Anders Breivik shot up that leftist youth-camp in Norway, one of the youngsters at the attack site said, in a newspaper article I read, that he (the youngster) had thought, when Breivik appeared, that it was some kind of teaching exercise. He thought, that is, that the adults in charge of the camp had staged a pretend attack to enable the youngsters to understand what it’s like to be Palestinians.

        I hope I made that clear: The first thing that came to the mind of a presumably-white young Norwegian, when gunfire erupted, was the plight of the Palestinians. That’s who supports Palestine: Your leftist enemies, who’d be just as happy to see the Palestinians kills you as they’d be to see Palestine destroy Israel. That, in effect, is what IronicSockAccount was pointing out: If you sympathize with the Palestinians, if you cheer for them to even the slightest degree, you’re sympathizing with your enemies, just as any Fox News broadcaster who sympathizes with Israel is sympathizing with your enemies. That’s politics.

    • “Why is it so difficult for Western dissidents to understand ….”

      I’d suggest, ISA, avoidance of the word “dissident,” which is part of the problem you identify with this question of yours. It savors of the pathos of the revolutionary, the leftist pathos. We Aryanists, racists, are not revolutionists. Revolutionists are our opponents.

      By avoidance of everything that works against oneself does one accumulate power.

    • Ironic,why do you sympathize with the Devil’s children?Why do you support their interests?If someone killed my father I would never dispassionately discuss what points of the killers life would also be logical to mine.The Jews murdered my White South,and I despise them with my being.For you to wish anything on these demons but Hell fire tells me you are not a White Christian but you are a Jew working to undermine us.I rebuke you and hope you end up in the same place as your Jews.The way to always tell a Jewish plant is that they can never hide their hatred for our Lord Jesus.Yours shines through.And only an effeminate Jew would use the absurd term”muh”.

    • @Ironic Sock Account

      Of all the people I see posting on the various sites that I read, your thoughts are typically the most reasonable, and I appreciate your input.

      I agree with you, it doesn’t follow, to my mind, that just because I am aware of malevolent and powerful Jewish influences in our society, that I must by default be *for* anything that the Jews are *against*, or ally myself with anyone and everyone who opposes Jewish power (for whatever self interested motives they may have).

      I’ll go so far as to say that I’d rather have 6 million Jews in America than 6 million Palestinians. This is because 5.8 million of those Jews will live far away from me in either NYC, Chicago, D.C. or L.A. The Palestinians will spread themselves like butter into whatever 7/11 or other convenience store ownership offer that arises.

      I live in the suburbs of a deeply southern city, and I can’t go to the park with my kid without seeing hijabs and baby strollers everywhere. I don’t ever see yarmulkes or those long curly sideburns. I’ve never run into anyone where I live speaking Yiddish. I hear various middle Eastern dialects all the time.

      If a Jewish kid happened to go to school with my child, I doubt they’d know the difference. (Except on holocaust history day).

      I totally understand all the problems associated with Jewish power and influence, and their concentration in big northern metros is a big part of the problem, but at least it isn’t in my face and on my doorstep.


      I’ve got “normie” conservative type friends who nearly ejaculate in their pants talking about how “badass” the IDF and Mossad are, about how “you don’t want to piss off Israel” etc. This fetish for the Israeli military is almost mythical. But it’s more sinister than that. The reason I hate hearing that crap is because these same men will balk at the idea of our military being deployed into the ghetto to police blacks. They can’t understand that the violence that blacks commit on a daily basis in the US dwarfs anything that Palestinians have ever done. It’s OK to cheerlead for Jews when they put their foot down, but heaven forbid straight white Christian men doing anything but cheer on our own displacement.

      • @Sumguy

        Pretty much. If pressed to chose a side in this I choose Whiteys side. Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself and they’ll never kill all the Palestinians even if they try.

        The sooner people here and in the media get bored they are going to be back to our economy, border and domestic issues. Not the least of those is immigration, and I want the brown people gone, or forced into city ghettos with walls around them so my family and yours don’t have to worry about them.

        Going to be hard to do that when our own dissidents are busy playing the worlds smallest violin just for the poor Palestinians.

        Whatever, I guess. Its going to be a long news cycle.

      • Sumguy,

        Who the fuck do you think is responsible for the open border policies from North America to Europe to Oceana? Who funds the “NGOs” that buys the boats, food, water, diapers, sundries, etcetera that makes migration across seas, oceans, and continents possible?

        It’s the jews, stupid! I am guessing that you are a Southerner or Appalachian by your lack of critical and rational thinking skill set. There must be outliers in those regions, but you are definitely not among them.

        • You didn’t read the part where I said “I recognize there are malevolent Jewish forces”

          But you’re a black and white thinker, which is why you don’t comprehend things that aren’t within your digital programming

          • @Sumguy,

            “I’ll go so far as to say that I’d rather have 6 million Jews in America than 6 million Palestinians. This is because 5.8 million of those Jews will live far away from me in either NYC, Chicago, D.C. or L.A. The Palestinians will spread themselves like butter into whatever 7/11 or other convenience store ownership offer that arises.”

            I wouldn’t want either 6 million, and neither would you, BUT you wrote that you would prefer 6 million jews with the clear knowledge that for the last 2500+ years it has been the jews that have been behind endless schemes, plots, and pernicious agendas against Europeans, not muslims, or Arabs.

            You are insanely naive to believe that your little spot in Dixie will not suffer from West Wing and Capitol Hill jews, but as I guess, your Southern, so…

      • I’m 1000% sure that ISAccount is not Jewish.
        I’ve read 100s of posts and he never denies or downplays Jewish malevolence. Instead he offers pragmatic ideas that aren’t tunnel vision on the JQ.

        This is a good example of how “fellow travelers” on the dissident “right” create unnecessary conflict that serves to do nothing but weaken the cause. He isn’t a Jew. Accusing him of being one doesn’t help anything at all. Nb4 “you’re a Jew too!”

  2. The U.S. military is depleted by more than twenty years of war and unexpectedly having to supply Ukraine with vast amounts of weapons and ammo. Ukraine will have to take second place (the U.S. takes third place) while Israel takes first place for whatever they want for their war. If war breaks out with Hezbollah, Our Greatest Ally will demand not just weapons, ammo and equipment but U.S. troops also.

    There must be difficult conversations in the Oval Office (while Dementia Joe sleeps) and the Pentagon about the lack of supplies and the lack of industrial capacity to manufacture more supplies. I guess the decline of manufacturing that accelerated under Reagan wasn’t such a good idea. Even more troubling is the lack of manpower in the military.

    The Army and other branches have missed recruiting targets while major forces are deployed to Eastern Europe. Reserve forces for all branches have even greater shortages as troops finish their enlistments and don’t join the Reserves anymore. There just aren’t enough troops to deploy large forces to the Near East to fight for Our Greatest Ally if called upon.

    • Not only are they unable to fill recruit quotas, the recruits they do get are of a different quality than post-9/11. Generations raised with cellphones, rampant obesity with ADD and porn induced ED. And southern boys aren’t signing up now. Just those who are really desperate. The US is a shambling corpse and the politicians are going to sacrifice it for Bibi.

      • I have read that enlisted ranks in the Army are about 60% colored now with Whites concentrated in ADA (Air Defense Artillery) and other high tech fields. There is also a large contingent of women, especially colored women with children in the ranks. The same situation applies to the other military branches.

        Since the U.S. Government has made the purpose of the military advancing Diversity, Inclusion, Equity this should be considered a great success. The U.S. military, with its bizarre looking mystery meat types and a Sec. of Defense who looks like Idi Amin, a chick-with-a-dick Admiral, a new, angry, racially aggrieved colored Air Force guy as Chairman of the JCS replacing the previous dickhead who looked like an admiral in the Bolivian Navy with all his ribbons and medals, what could go wrong for the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire? We may be about to find out.

    • I’m guessing Hindus don’t realize that Jews think Hindu deities are false satanic idols?
      It really doesn’t take much research to get a clear picture of how much Jews hate other religions than their own. Mamonides “Kings and their Wars” is a good start as well as reading up on the Noahide Laws.

  3. The above photo of the White House illuminated in Israeli colors shows who truly controls America.

    The photo should be a source for endless memes.

  4. Look at the parallels.

    Over the decades the Palestinians have been incrementally displaced from their traditional homes to ever smaller areas and less resources.

    Over the decades the Americans have been incrementally displaced from their traditional homes to ever smaller areas and less resources.

    Over the decades the Europeans have been incrementally displaced from their traditional homes to ever smaller areas and less resources.

    The same method is being used to displace and eventually crush people.
    It’s the same design, instigated by the same group.

  5. “40 babies with their heads cut off”. 2023

    “Babies were taken out of incubators and thrown onto the floor”. 1990

    “German soldiers bayoneted Belgian babies”. 1917

    Is their a pattern ?

    • @Arrian,

      If the old saying goes, “Fool me once. shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me.”

      Fool me 6 million times. Don’t spread antisemitic conspiracy theories, goy.

  6. The Jews have not started their ground offensive yet. Remember Jewish blood is not cheap and a ground offensive in Gaza could result in 20,000 or more dead Jew soldiers. Somebody else must do battle and die for the Jews, Jewish blood is not cheap. USS Gerry Ford is on its way. What would that Irish retard in the white house do if the Gerry Ford was sunk? It smells of a golden opportunity for the Jews to get the Americans to do their fighting and dying for them.

    • I think that Hamas grabbed Jews by the pussy and they freaked out.

      All Jew action looks extremely erratic. Launching massive bombing on civilians when all Nato storages are empty.

      Massive mobilization without knowing what is going on ? Will Iran involves ? What Syria will do ? And Russia and China ?

      War calculations take time and jumping shark is generally not recommended. First we go to war and only later will find out, how many enemies we have, what their plans are, who will be our allies etc.

      Some people claim that this is all hoax. I do not believe this. No point for false flag when enemy is strong and allies are weak. Ammo is in the Ukraine, troops are streched all around the world, many lost wars have demoralized allies and allied countries are on political turmoil. Every Israel ally has it’s own version of Trumpism.

      I think that great day arrived and Jewry knows that their road to Hell has begun. This is the cause of erratic action. They just freaked the shit out. They didn’t expected this so soon.

    • ” Remember Jewish blood is not cheap and a ground offensive in Gaza could result in 20,000 or more dead Jew soldiers”

      Only if they stupidly sent unsupported infantry into an urban environment that would negate their advantage in artillery and mobility. The smart approach is to keep hitting them with air power and long-range artillery while waiting for them to run out of food and ammo.

      What Hamas thought they’d accomplish by starting this is beyond me.

      • Hamas has won a great victory. They know their enemy much much better than you know. The Jews are not going to go in on the ground. They are Jews, they do not have the balls for that kind of a fight. The Jews laid siege to Beirut in 1982 than reached a negotiated settlement rather than risk heavy Jew casualties. We are getting a negotiated settlement and the next time around Hamas will be stronger and better equipped. There is not a Jew on earth who is willing to die for Israel.

        • Hamas has won a great victory.

          There is not a Jew on earth who is willing to die for Israel.


          The power of delusion is strong in this one.

          • @Silver—— there is not a Jew alive willing to die for Israel. Men are willing to fight and die for truth, but there is no truth in the Jews, and their chosen, racial supremacist, world dominion project, it is all clowns play. Pull my finger clown.

            Think about it, if it happened once it could happen again, some 2,000 years ago the Romans got so fed up with the Jews and decided to deal with them by force. How many Jews did the Romans kill Christ killer? Millions and billions, right Silver…….?

  7. Looks like the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, with Js on reversed sides. How long did the siege of then Leningrad last?

    How about Massada – I’m not sure the Js have actually ever done a siege, but they sure have been on the receiving end of them.

  8. I thought the babies were cooked in microwave ovens? Oh yeah, another ziowar, another lie. But it rhymes.

    The Iron Dome systems are designed and built in America. Israhell tweaks theirs a little bit then claims, in Kosher fashion, that they made it.

    Nope. Made in America. Zog is in the process of sending some Iron Domes to Ukraine. The Russians know that system well and they know how to defeat it.

    Most of us following World War 3 thought the next front would open up in the Balkans. But the Joos beat them to it, in a very clever way. When Hezbollah shows up next week things should get interesting.

    The entire alternative media except this place and a couple of others are kowtowing to their satanic masters. It is pathetic.

    • I am getting tired at being told by the jew media I am supposed to care about this. Nobody I know has even mentioned it. There is no solution, unless one side or the other is largely expelled or killed off, which isn’t going to happen.

  9. I see the Palestinians the same way I see our own Southern people: we are both under occupation. It is time for both groups to break free

  10. “retard in the white house do if the Gerry Ford was sunk? ”

    Nearly impossible to sink, those carriers are triple hulled.
    Anything short of a hydrogen bomb would only do superficial damage.

    Those carriers were built to endure a nuclear war and survive.

  11. “Gaza could result in 20,000 or more dead Jew soldiers”

    Little or no jewish blood will be spilled.
    They use christian, druze and Arab Israelis to do the dangerous combat.
    Jwz will stay back and use range weapons.

  12. Why can’t we be developing programs like was done by the “Arab Counter?” Oh, because we want to pretend it’s all the fault of “Duh, Jews.”

    Meanwhile, Eastern European nationalist parties have been collaborating with Israel’s right-wing on developing those programs. They are successful. But, moron faggots like Nick Fuentes want Russia to steamroll them cuz “Duh, Jews.”

    In contrast, back at home, a bunch of mostly White Gentile leftists have ruined our armed forces and continue bringing in millions of foreigners. Answer from the right: “Duh, Jews.”

    If we ever want to win, we have to start accepting our own culpability and responsibility instead of blaming a mere 2% of the population, let alone Israel. AMREN, has been around for decades. It has enough talent to have developed a program similar to the “Arab Counter” by now, instead of an endless parade of doomer porn anti-White racist incidents.

    • If we ever want to win, we have to start accepting our own culpability and responsibility instead of blaming a mere 2% of the population

      Whenever I hear an ostensibly intelligent person mention “2% of the population,” I know they are not serious. It’s just pathetic. It’s like saying “haw haw the rich are only 1% of the population – there’s no way they can exert so much influence!!!”

      Aside from that, it’s one thing to be aware of Jewish influence, but I certainly agree that obsessing over it isn’t productive. Whatever Jews do is completely outside your control. You have to focus on what is within your power, rather than solely complaining. Otherwise it’s like an army whining “aw man, we woulda won that battle if only the enemy wasn’t shooting at us!”

  13. Contrary to claims and very rare exceptions, there is nothing even remotely Christian about American conservatives. They are easily manipulated to be blood thirsty morons in the worst kind of way. No compassion or charity. No good will. Backbiters. They are not peacemakers. Greedy. They are horrible people not much different than their shit-lib political rivals other than IQ. They are so pathetic that they cannot even direct their hatred and anger in the correct way. Instead it is channeled in fiery intensity for the despicable State of Israel. History will reflect very poorly on American conservatives.

  14. Trotting out some old hat dead baby propaganda for a new generation, The Yom Kippur War: The Force Awakens. It’s a damn shame they promoted so much abortion in our country that this type of propaganda carries little to no water anymore. It’s like their propagandists are creatively bankrupt like their cohorts in Hollywood. In clown world even the wars are crappy remakes.

  15. Check out George Galloways interview with Scott Ritter on YouTube. He says Israel is fucked if Hezbolah gets involved. And that Tel Aviv will be destroyed. Let’s hope he’s right on this one. He usually exaggerates a bit when talking about how amazing Russia is. But maybe despite the bluster he will proven right. It would be amazing.

  16. Look out for a false flag in the US to draw us in. Seems to be an inevitability at this point. Israel can’t do this on their own.

  17. Just a snippet about the IDF, the worlds most moral army. I watched a video about 10 years ago where jew soldiers invaded a Palestinian home and shot a woman. The woman’s children begged the soldiers to get her an ambulance, but no, they didn’t. She died with her kids looking on.

    The idea that Israel had no idea this was coming is laughable. This has been planned for a long time. I watch, intermittently a YouTube channel called the watchmen with Eric stakelback. For over the last 12 months the channel has been banging on about the coming ‘Great Northern War.’

    Looks like we will witness the Final Solution of the Palestinian/Hezbollah problem.

    How ironic!

    Understand, what the jew is doing to the Palestinians is precisely what they have planned for us.

    Death to ZOG.

    • This bullshit kicked off 50 years ago to the day of the Yom Kippur war in the seventies, there’s no ******* way that was just a coincidence. This is a false flag to engage in genocide, pure evil. Did we have any CIA there dancing and recording this going down by the way?

  18. Scott Ritter has never been better than this rant about israeli war crimes against the Palestinians. He was a man on fire.

    • And that same kind of rhetoric is employed against whites, from one end of the West to the other, every day, November. By reveling in its use against Israel, you endorse its use against you. (See my reply of 7:11 pm, October 11, to Max, above.)

      • @John Bonaccorsi, Philly

        I disagree with that supposition because when liberals of all colors scream imperialism, war crimes, any other accusation that is used against the West and israel, the actions of the West were more often than not done at the behest of jewish bankers/financiers (e.g., Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan) and colluding European elites (see my response to your post on the “Beheaded babies”). They do not speak or represent my positions on whatever vilifications the anti-white left utters. To think that we must force ourselves to own the actions of jewish supremacists, and their corrupt Gentile accomplices is a ridiculous burden to bear. I refuse. As the same anti-white left might say, “Not in my name.”

        • I didn’t suggest you should “own the actions of Jewish supremacists,” November. I suggested, in effect, that that phrase, “Jewish supremacists,” is meaningless. It represents an attempt on the part of whites like you—whites who want to avoid confronting white weakness—to overcome Jews by putting them in a bad light. Have a little dignity, white man.

  19. Charlie Waterhead Kirk, “40 dead babies some with their heads cut off.” He forgot the punchline: BOOM.

    Lol, just kidding. But all of us should always refer to him as Forty Babies Kirk, from this day forward.

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