Hamas Beheaded Babies


41 Serb babies were found dead by Reuters in 1991


It has been a depressing day.

I’m currently laid up in bed with an ear infection.

I’m watching people losing their minds again over a firehose of unverified war propaganda.

1. Are you ready to join Lindsey Graham, BoomerCons and the GOP and Stand With Israel in a religious war against Hamas and Iran? The Axis of Evil is back.

2. Ron DeSantis is Standing With Israel against Nick Fuentes. Obviously, I have my own issues with Fuentes, but he is right that these people control their puppets like DeSantis.

3. It became gospel within an hour based on unsubstantiated rumors that Hamas had beheaded babies in a kibbutz in southern Israel.

4. Who could have predicted this? Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, James Traficant among others. Everyone who knew anything about the situation in Gaza knew it was a ticking time bomb.

5. Norman Finkelstein on Gaza

6. Don Jr. jumped on an old ISIS video from Syria and claimed it was proof of a massacre in Israel.

7. CNN caught staging fake news. War criminals are crying on television.

8. Videos of dead people are being misrepresented.

9. BoomerCon Christian Nationalist Doug Wilson is ranting and raving about anti-Semitism.

10. Joe Biden is echoing claims of 40 beheaded babies which ultimately trace back to a single source.

11. The White House is walking back Joe Biden’s claim that he saw photos of the beheaded babies. The IDF is also refusing to show photos of the alleged beheaded babies because it would be disrespectful to the dead. They are now canon and questioning their existence is tantamount to denying the Holocaust.

12. The attack was unprovoked

In short, “journalists” are throwing everything against the wall in order to sell us on another war, as we saw in Iraq and Ukraine. FOX News hasn’t been this unbearable since the George W. Bush years. The GOP appears poised to rush into the war to Stand With Israel.


  1. Dump would have had us in this war. Dump’s fake as ****. America could do so MUCH better, but we just get garbage.

    • Israel wants U.S. troops do the fighting this time, that is why the Lügenpresse is emphasizing the baby killing story. Hamas denies it and the story is probably not true because the IDF and even some news reporters are questioning the story. Killing children is so despicable it makes every normal person recoil in horror and if it is later proven false, like the babies thrown out of incubators story in Kuwait from 1990, it won’t matter. The damage has already been done.

      The Lügenpresse is also emphasizing “Americans” have been killed and taken hostage. In reality these are dual nationals whose loyalty is to Israel but a U.S. passport is extremely useful, especially now. Since “Americans” have been killed and captured, it naturally follows that U.S. military forces must rescue them. It’s obviously not a civilian police matter like abductions in the U.S. which civilian police forces handle.

      No doubt only “small numbers” of so-called “special forces” will be deployed at first but they need support troops and soon reinforcements, air cover, naval support etc. At that point why not go balls out and attack Hezbollah or anyone else Our Greatest Ally demands? Of course, between the Ukraine fiasco, threats to go to war for Taiwan and shrinking numbers of available forces as well as endless financial troubles the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is all tapped out but that never stopped those geniuses from starting another war.

    • Wonder when things are REALLY going to set off. In a week, a month or two? Don’t see this going peacefully or settling down and becoming a side show like Ukraine.

      • Israel has U.S./UK politicians and top business people by the balls. Remember Epstein’s lair with all the video equipment the FBI removed? Some of it was 1/2 inch video tape; old, obsolete but still working which means that Epstein had been getting video on his “friends” for many years before he was shut down.

        It’s a safe bet that the Mossad and FBI have the only copies of what went on there. Any politician who doesn’t want to do the right thing knows some of that video will be accidentally leaked through the Deep State’s mouthpieces in the Lügenpresse such as the NYT, WSJ and WP. Losing an election is worse than death for those loathsome scumbags in Congress so those mountebanks will scramble all over each other to show support for Our Greatest Ally, or else.

        • Yeah, I don’t doubt blackmail is going on in at least some cases. As everyone knows the Epstein client list has never been released. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to be.

    • Muslims circumcise too. It’s actually one of the good things about that part of the world that everyone should do. Having a dick that looks like a dog and stinks is absolutely disgusting. I’m glad my mom had a Jewish obstetrician. It’s also much healthier and prevents all kinds of infections.

  2. I love how Ron DeSantis who has made a career out of lambasting the “mainstream liberal media” with his constant laughable political theater runs to CNN for cover claiming everyone is anti-Semitic after being called out on their lies about muh babies killed. It’s a disgrace and it proves how fraudulent the whole conservative movement is. They are just as big of liars as their shit-lib political rivals are and it is during times like this that you see that they are in truth friends and allies and come together goosestepping to the same bullshit propaganda.

    • HW, the above compendium of postings and your commentary is just excellent. It clearly shows the source and baseless amplification of this sinister war lie. It’s top quality and heads above any major media outlet.

      Take care of yourself.

  3. Gaza is slightly smaller than Chicago and has about the same population, 2 million.

    None of the Arab nations care about Gaza or the Palestinians. Iran gives minimal aid to Palestine and none to Hamas. Most of the support for Hamas comes from Turkey, where the political leaders of Hamas live.

    Egypt has them walled off, same as the yids. Like everyone else in the region they hate the Palestinians.

    Why should we even care? We have more than enough problems here.

    • “Why should we even care? ”

      Because what they do to the Palestinians is what they plan to do to us. They’ve displaced the Palestinians and that’s what they are doing to us. Palestinians have been de-housed and the same thing is happening in America, albeit by different means.

      Because if they can get away with this, it gives them a green light to do it to others, namely us.

    • Because they are of European descent, but not very mixed and similar to the “ereb’s” … “The Philistines (Hebrew: ??????????????; Koine Greek (LXX): ??????????, romanized: Phulistieím) were an ancient people who lived on the south coast of Canaan during the Iron Age. The Philistines originated as an immigrant group from the Aegean that settled in Canaan circa 1175 BCE. Over time, they gradually assimilated elements of the local Levantine societies while preserving their own unique culture.[1] In 604 BCE, the Philistine polity, after having already been subjugated for centuries by the Neo-Assyrian Empire, was finally destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar II of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.[2] After becoming part of his empire and its successor, the Persian Empire, they lost their distinct ethnic identity and disappeared from the historical and archaeological record by the late 5th century BCE.[3]

      The Philistines are known for their biblical conflict with the Israelites.

      The English term Philistine comes from Old French Philistin; from Classical Latin Philistinus; from Late Greek Philistinoi; ultimately from Hebrew P?lišt? (????????????; plural P?lišt?m, ?????????????), meaning ‘people of P?leše? (?????????)’; and there are cognates in Akkadian (aka Assyrian, Babylonian) Palastu and Egyptian Palusata;[6] the term Palestine has the same derivation.[7] The native Philistine endonym is unknown.


  4. We just can not have little Schlomo coming home in a body bag. There is a desperate need for someone to take little Schlomo’s place in that body bag. Do we have any takers?

    • Most so-called “Christians” in Murika will be the first to line up, clutching their Scofield Bibles.

  5. The Republicans was ohhh so against helping the Ukraine fight Russia. Oh but now the Republican Party is 1,000% for War in the Middle East between “Israel” and Palestine and everybody else. Wow how fast was that change in Republican thinking? While we’re talking about Jews. What’s the most racist country in the World? Israel! It’s only for Jews right? Is that not racist? What if we White Nationalists like the idea of our countries being restored as all White? Oh that’s ultra White Racist right? So what about Islamic countries? Those countries are just for Islamics right? Is that not racist? Yea and those same Jews would call us “White Supremacist” if we said that our White countries should be White. If you read all that I just said and agree with it…you know what’s going on and obviously love White Nationalist thinking. The most discriminated race on Earth is the White Race. ?

  6. This sounds a lot like the atrocity propaganda ramping up to the first Iraq War (courtesy of George H.W. Bush) where this Kuwaiti “nurse” said she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers unplugging incubators, dumping Kuwaiti infants out, and stealing the incubators.

    This was false and the “nurse” turned out to be Nayirah al-Sabah, the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States, Saud al-Sabah. Babies and other patients did die when Iraq invaded, but because the hospital staff fled, abandoning them all.

    The Weapons of Mass Destruction rumor ramping up to the second Iraq War (courtesy of George W. Bush) was started by Iraqi Shiite and Iranian agent Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi. Of course, after invading Iraq, capturing Sadaam Hussein, we found no WMD which George W. Bush laughed off.

    At this point, even if the rumors of decapitated babies is true, any one with a memory will be inclined to disbelief it. The Usual Suspects have cried wolf waaay too many times.

    • “nurse” turned out to be Nayirah al-Sabah, the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States”

      Members of the Kuwaiti royal family.
      She was 15, a minor, so she couldn’t be prosecuted for lying under oath.
      The entire testimony was staged by the PR firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

      Our f….. Congress did nothing to vet her testimony.
      Congressmen warned the media not to inquire into her testimony.

      So much for a ‘free press’.

    • Yep, most WHITES are very simple, they rarely look beyond the superficial.

      It’s a cruel paradox that a race with the germ of genius is in the custody of a herd of fools.

  7. It’s thoughtful to see how immediately the media, esp. the “conservatives” turned to Israel forever. it was almost like the flick of a switch. Two conservative talk show guys I like are unbearable now. “Burn down every mosque in Gaza,” one mutters, “it’s GO time for Israel.”
    I note on Glenn Beck’s show Vivek Ramaswamey gave the usual 1000 percent for Israel, saying “I’ve lived there, and the Israelis are very candid and the most honest people in the region. Their entire nation is based on honesty and openness.”
    I also note the immediate instinct to go to war with Iran. Beck keeps talking about the Tenth Iman, a sect “devoted to creating the Antichrist”, and is being nurtured in Iran.
    He’s really hitting the demonology button hard, of course in a very sober speaking tone and blue eyes. “We need a miracle,” he said in hushed tones, “only God’s blessing will save us.” Whew.
    America has a latent, feral hatred for Iran, stroked by 1979, and a desire to “get even.” War with Iran is probably the one war that you southern boys will gladly fight for the deep state. I also note how the conservatives like to tie Iran with Obama; both deep enemies. I think Trump keeping Israel from going to war with Iran was probably a big reason he was gotten rid of.

    The GOP is desperate to get back to “business as usual,” and a good war backing Israel would do that. A real, George Bush kind of war. They’d vote for that.

    As for the babies being decapitated, it sounds like a familiar atrocity story re-painted and set out. From the Huns bayonetting babies in WWI to the Viet Cong killing “little mayors” in Vietnamese villages, it just goes on.

    • “May the streets of Gaza overflow with blood” rep. Fine

      ??? These are the people who are going to “bring light unto the world ” ???
      No thanks, I’ll provide my own light, I don’t want theirs.

      Keep the top quote forever in your mind, it gives a glimpse into the inner nature of their character, what’s really under their pretense of civility and morals.

      • Not all holocausts are equal to other holocausts. Two million dead 3rd worders or two million more 3rd worlders coming to your countries, goyim. Those are your choices.

    • “the Israelis are very candid and the most honest people in the region. Their entire nation is based on honesty and openness.”

      That’s the most absurd statement I’ve heard this year.

      “feral hatred for Iran,”
      Never mind the US, UK, USSR invaded neutral Iran in 1940s and commandeered their national rail system causing mass starvation , so we could supply freedom loving “uncle joe” with weapons to kill our German cousins. Which the Iranians still have a suit in the World Court.

      No compensation for 10,000s Iranians starved to death!

      • @Arrian.

        To paraphrase Stalin, “Ten thousand Iranian deaths are a statistic, but one jewish death is a tragedy.” Basically, every jew and jew loving Gentile in the West.

    • Iran would not have a theocracy if America and Britain had kept their hands out of there in the first place. We installed the hated Shah, the Revolution occurred, and the clerics took over. And now we demonize this country due to actions which we perpetrated! There is no end to the lies and hypocrisy spewed by Washington, DC.

    • “I think Trump keeping Israel from going to war with Iran was probably a big reason he was gotten rid of.”

      Nonsense, Obama kept them from doing this too, even Bush Jr. wised up enough to not allow his neocon advisors to start a hot war with Iran. Biden too is smart enough to know not to go that far, or at least the previous non-senile Biden, the question is how lucid is he still and how much dirt do the neocons have on him get him to do something so destabilizing. Watch these people join in on the Hunter thing to try to get that airhead Kamala in there.

      But Trump gotten rid of because of neocons? Nope, it was the entire mainstream, liberal Jewish community who got rid of him because he stirred up a resurgence of WASP flyover country and the mid 20th century gentile culture which they abhor with a passion and scares the bejesus out of them. And most of all because he questioned the mainstream jewish project of giving America a non-white majority in the 21st century. They can live with a black liberal president who holds back the mid east warmongers, but questioning their planned demographic change is non negotiable.

  8. Just before Western forces are committed to battle there will be a dead babies story. It is an iron law of war propaganda.


  9. After I read this post of yours, Mr. W., I was at YouTube, where I was watching a news video in which these alleged atrocities, including the beheaded babies, were being discussed. As the video concluded, up came an advertisement, in which, as is not infrequently the case, the fictional adult couple on display looked to be a white woman and a black man.

    That’s the atrocity. Those are the babies about whom I’m concerned, the ones that are being beheaded genetically.

  10. As you said and all we know, parte of the opposition is controlled….mai stream conservative in USA and Europe are worthless

  11. Jesus was correct when he said that jews came from “The father of lies and a murderer.”

    Too bad Christianity became corrupted by the same tribe that had their messiah executed.

    • That was a retcon by the Greek Gentile authors of the New Testament to distance their new mystery cult from the Zealots who resisted Rome. Josephus blames the whole Jewish War against Rome and destruction of the Temple on the followers of the figure of Judas the Galilean who founded the whole messianic Zealot movement in the very first decades of the first century AD. There’s no documentary evidence extant to prove it, but I suspect that Judas the Galilean is the historical Jesus. An anti Roman militant Zealot who was so charismatic his followers expected him to be resurrected to return for the final battle. A cult Paul joined in his youth but then left to preach a more cosmopolitan version of Judaism to the Greeks in Asia Minor. After the Temple debacle in 70AD and the disastrous war against Rome this figure was whitewashed into the fictional pacifist character of Jesus of the Gospels. Sort of like how airhead white liberals today imagine the Indians as hippie pacifist environmentalists practicing something akin to their new age “Gaia” religion. But the historical Jesus was most likely part of the Zealot movement and what he preached much more akin to Islam that Greco-Roman Christianity.

  12. What I find disappointing is that many people have forgotten how susceptible to propaganda the mainstream conservative movement is. Because the propaganda was off for a little bit, people forgot that we’re one major propaganda away from catastrophe with conservatives. The media really is a major problem in the United States. I believe it lies most by omissions, but it propagandizes as well.

    Bernie Sanders’s first statement was not that good, but his second tweet on the issue was a lot better. He’s certainly better than Ted Cruz or Vivek Ramaswamy or Ron Desantis. Trump only became a conservative when he wanted to get elected, so he probably doesn’t believe a word he says. But he’ll still whore for Israel just to impress the base.

  13. Well, I like jews bitching about how theys’ non-Talmudic cousins want to kill them all and do so whenever given the least chance. They’s all Canaanites some of whom gravitated to Talmudic jewdism after killing Christ anyways so screw them all. No way that caged Canaanites who can’t be allowed to run wild lest they use suicide-bomb vests are going to keep a secret when given an AK-47 and a few 30-round clips any more than I can keep stray cats out of my Hovel East if I leave the door open. Give em a chance and of course they will kill Talmudic canaanites whenever possible.

    And like the original 9-11 I knew ZOG did it and the result would be a series of jew wars which would drain ZOG/Babylon. This latest outrage means that the Russian-jewkrainian was is over anyways because the same limited 155mm artillery shell can’t be used to both shell the Gaza Canaanites and the Russian Donbassers. Hopefully the Iranians will get to battle-test they’s hypersonic bsllistic missiles with a nuke warhead and the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford go to Davy Jones Locker along with 5,000 sailers and gyrenes and 300,000 jew reservists create theys’ own Stalingrad in the Gaza Strip.

    ZOG Delenda Est.

    Day 5 of the Arab-jew Khazar-Wars video:


    Hail Victory !!!

  14. The furor is already ebbing.

    What will last from this is that a wedge was driven hard into the heart of the coalition of the Left.

    While dissidents on the right have been gloating over dead jews 10,000 miles away, and playing small violins for dead brown people 9,900 miles away, the jews and brown people here at home have been at eachothers throats over this attack on israel, the blockade of gaza etc.

    When I say this isn’t Whiteys fight, I mean it. Its a fight entirely confined to factions that currently comprise the coalition that is our chief adversary HERE AT HOME.

    Part of the absurdity of the Stand with Ukraine, Stand with Israel is that it sets aside first and foremost our own domestic interests in favor of foreign adventures which ultimately will only have indirect effects on economy, and which are not existential threats one way or another. Meanwhile, at home our border is open, inflation rages, and White people are finding it increasingly difficult to live in peace.

    We should be focused on hammering this wedge into the left ahead of the elections, because that will cause real damage to the regime. Thats our business. Not dead brown people.

    We have too many brown people here already. I have no intention of adopting more.

    Any focus on standing with brownie is as absurd as stand with Ukraine. Its a diversion from our own business.

    • “We have too many brown people here already”

      We’re being displaced like the Palestinians . Just by different methods.

    • A war between cousins, not of my people, over land and religion. I DO NOT CARE. Anyone wanting Israel to be overrun will be greatly disappointed. You wouldn’t want that anyway, as the survivors will flee and metastasize like cancer cells all throughout the West.

      • But the Palestinians are enormously popular with much of the global south along with the entire Islamic world so it’s important that whatever our foreign policy is it not be perceived as totally under the thumb of the Israeli lobby. No doubt China will try to take a reasonable policy towards both and will come out of this looking like the new global leader should the Pence/Nikki Haley/Lindsey Graham factions prevail in the US.

  15. Killing babies and raping women are always the stories used to stir up the sheeple so they will bleed for their sinister controllers.

    Go back to the old press clippings of 1898, the Hearst papers where showing drawings of American women being stripped naked by the Spanish in Cuba.

    Know the score, liars 1, believers 0.

  16. No, Ironic, I’ll say it again: “Standing with brownie,” as you put it, isn’t merely absurd or a diversion. It’s suicidal. It’s an endorsement of the liberationist narrative, which is the anti-white narrative.

  17. “The exterminationist call for “Ending Whiteness” was created by the Jewish Communist Noel Ignatiev (born Ignatin) and is currently being carried out by Jewish elites. We are under no moral obligation to treat them in any other way than how they have treated us. Jews murdered tens of millions of our people in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungry, Germany, Finland, and other Eastern European countries with their Communist regimes and then fabricated an entirely made up narrative about how it was in fact them who were the victims. Then they proceeded to use these lies to carry out our extermination through mass invasion in Western Europe and the Anglosphere with their Capitalist regimes.

    Not a single Jew has lifted a finger to stop the genocidal behavior of their people, they’ve only enabled it by coming into our political spaces and then attacking those of us who point it out. Advocating for the complete destruction of Israel is entirely morally justified self defense on the part of European people. Jews do not have a right to a territory, a state, or political power. They should be completely stripped of it all. We have seen that they have no morals, and are the most evil race to have set foot on this planet.”

    – Nathan Damigo

    Where is the lie?

    • In a glance, November, the lie would seem to be the closing sentence, which should be reworded as follows:

      “Jews are better at dominating than we are.”

      • @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

        “Jews are better at dominating than we are.”

        They sure are because we are too honorable and gullible for our own good.

        Since your Phillies are in the NL playoffs, allow me to use baseball as an analogy in the way jews play to win versus Gentiles from European heritage.

        Jewish pitchers are uses spitball, scuffing up the ball with sandpaper, and their hitters are using corked bats and PEDs, while Team White Gentile are adhering to the rules of the game.

        Jews also have all the umpires on their payroll to the extent that obvious pitches that bounce before they cross home plate, are called strikes, and hits that are clearly in foul territory are deemed in fair territory.

        How does a team beat the one that cheats on every level of the playing field? They do not in the post-WWII West.

        My own example of European Gentiles taking charge of a nation where jews were undoubtably dominating the culture, media, finances, academia, and law is National Socialist Germany.

        You may or may not know the events that took place, in order for the German nationalists to unite around Europe’s greatest son.

        Perhaps, you do not have a favorable opinion of NS Deutschland, Hitler, and National Socialist ideology, but their ability to cast off the jewish menace from their demoralized, bankrupt, and emaciated military is remarkable. Not only did they remove the jews from all their parasitic positions of power, but they built a happy, healthy, folk-based culture and society that was the envy of the entire world.

        So yes, the jews are better at dominating White Gentiles since 1945. The blame lies completely at the feet of the establishment elite of the Anglosphere. Traitorous and powerful WASPs have acted as the Judas Iscariots of the White race in allowing our worst enemy to take over the reins of our institutions and nations.

        • > Traitorous and powerful WASPs have acted as the Judas Iscariots of the White race in allowing our worst enemy to take over the reins of our institutions and nations.

          This an important point that is all too often ignored and overlooked. Jews could not have done all this on their own. It’s not only elite whites either, but all whites who mindlessly repeat the Jewish narrative they are taught from Kindergarten and immersed in 24 x 7 x 365 on all media. The white sheep are being led by wolves.

      • @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

        As an addendum, allow me to add that since the jews are using a “by any means necessary” strategy, we too must change our tactics to the “end just the means.’

        • Whew, that’s a lot of words for the saying of nothing, November.

          Your “own example of European Gentiles taking charge of a nation where jews were undoubtably dominating the culture, media, finances, academia, and law is National Socialist Germany”? That, I take it, is the National Socialist Germany that was rubble by the end of its ill-conceived military exertions. It could be the type specimen of Aryan Foolishness.

          “They sure are because we are too honorable and gullible for our own good.”

          Spare me a loser’s self-flattery. The Jews are a challenge. Whites will either meet it or perish.

          In the manner of many an earlier white man who had nothing to say, you will, I fear, keep saying it. Try, at least, to designate your own people as something other than “Gentiles,” your opponent’s name for you. Pathetic.

  18. @ ironic
    You’re essentially right, but the Palestinian situation provides a vivid object lesson in the true character of jwz. We see the jwz without their mask of virtue.

    • BLM has thrown in with Hamas and the Palestinians yet jews declare that will continue to support BLM. Why? Because they understand BLM niggers use as a bio-weapon/golem against White Gentiles is much more important to their goal of White genocide than the useless endorsement of BLM of the Palestinians.

      • Well, one good image to burn into the minds of all the white females out there whom we foolishly allowed to control our destiny through the ballot boxes is that these videos of brown Palestinians running amok is exactly what the global south wants to do to us. They want our wealth and countries and hold us responsible for their poverty. Even though I am not a marxist, if an alien space ship was hovering a thousand miles up looking down on this completely oblivious to our languages and histories. They would conclude that this dispute is about haves and have nots. The same situation festering at a lower level around the globe and within Americas cities as the baby mamas and their criminal offspring think they’d be living like Winthorpe in mansions driving Deusenbergs if white people hadn’t cheated them out of their rightful lot. They don’t feel an ounce of guilt about their crime wave even if they could because they think they are taking back what is rightfully theirs. Maybe some images of what human beings are really capable of instead of this nonstop utopian propaganda on the tube is good for the Eloi.

  19. The bitches on the view.


    The wedge sank deep.

    @arrian Yes, we know the Jews and their self serving victim narratives. Are the narratives of the Islamists, who would kill or subjugate us as well given the opportunity, any less perfidious or obviously self serving? No.

    Whitey has zero business providing succor to either enemy by carrying water for one against the other. Let them slaughter eachother and with each casualty the wedge in the coalition of the left gets wiggled painfully and they fracture a little bit more.

  20. Here we go goyz. Are we going to see a summer of floyd style nationwide riot where orcs turn on the Nazgul?


    They’ve already been terrorizing Jews in Australia, making them stay home to protect themselves.

    These are diaspora Jews! They aren’t even in the actual fight in the middle east and they are still under fire. There is so much support for Palestine in the Democrat party though, this could go nasty very fast.

    This is the wedge in the coalition of the left.

  21. In response to Dan Crenshaw’s brilliant tweet, I would say….ZOGmerica, aka Sodom and Gomorrah, wants to control the world.

  22. Despite the baby story being slowly exposed as propaganda, it has embedded itself into the national psyche. Josh Hawley, my senator from Missouri, called for new measures to support Israel to stop “baby massacres.” A “conservative” talk show here reports that the “baby massacre” will be met with more defense spending…
    now there is an element that has taken it into their minds, just like the mask/vaccine followers did with Covid.
    Netanyahu said Israel can do what it wants, since “80 percent” of America is with them.
    The problem is that, despite the rhetoric and new military action, Scott Ritter said Israel has lost. They are, in essence, committing war crimes against Gaza, and no amount of atrocity stories foisted on gullible aspects of the American society can save them.

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