Washington Post: Israel Says 1.1 Million Residents Must Leave North Gaza Strip


The genocide will not be televised.

Here we go.

I have told you for months that war is coming.

Isn’t this a bit rich though? What do you think about this surprise twist?

We have spent our entire lives getting guilt tripped about the Holocaust. We have been lectured about the evils of racism, nativism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, xenophobia, white supremacy, Islamophobia. It was only three years ago that Corporate America had a meltdown about systemic racism. Statues were toppled all over the country. The NFL had “End Racism” stenciled in its end zones. Countless people have had their lives and careers destroyed over trivial politically incorrect comments.

Today, OUR GREATEST ALLY has announced it has cut off all the water, food, electricity and fuel going into Gaza, which is under a total Medieval-style siege. It has ordered 1.1 million people to leave the northern Gaza Strip. Israel is about to flatten the place and annihilate everyone there.

Washington Post:

JERUSALEM — Israel’s military ordered the evacuation Friday of more than 1 million Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip, a move that the United Nations described as potentially “calamitous” amid heavy airstrikes and a rapidly declining humanitarian situation.

Israel has indicated that it is readying a ground invasion of the besieged enclave, a move aimed at ending the rule of Hamas, the militant group that controls the area and which launched an unprecedented attack on Israel this week, killing more than 1,300 civilian and soldiers, and trucking scores of hostages into Gaza.

But the retaliatory military operations have effectively turned the narrow 25-mile long Gaza Strip into a kill box: exits to Israel and Egypt are shut; more than 1,500 people have already died in the bombing campaign, a third of them children, and another 6,600 are wounded, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. …

Where are our moral superiors???

They are all “Standing With Israel” and cheering it on!

For the first time in their lives, they are confronted with how they would react to an actual unfolding genocide. Hundreds of thousands of people are probably about to die through starvation or getting blown up on account of their race, religion and ethnicity. The Holocaust is the worst thing that ever happened in world history. American politicians like Ron DeSantis go to Israel to tour Yad Vashem.

I’m just saying … WOW, we always knew the political establishment was morally bankrupt, but JUST WOW. Don’t ever try to lecture us about the Holocaust again!


  1. It has also known that one day we must do the Final Denial.

    Holy hoax doesn’t go aeay like bad weather. This is one of most powerful weapons against us and once we must finally destroy it .

  2. Hw! I found the soundtrack for the imminent catastrophe which Palestinians are going to face at the hands of the merciless Jews!


    It really sets the mood. I’m just sorry there’s not a damn thing we can do to help them, its too late I’m afraid. They will have to leave, kinda like the Irish who got starved out of their land by British robber barons. Nobody gave a shit about them, but at least we can stand with brownie and share bad feelz!

    Sorry brownie! Bad luck. Theres no room for you here, we are all filled up.

    • Oy veh! The theme from Schwindler’s List! Mein augen wuz filled mit tears! I need some good chicken soup mit schmalz. BTW, that music was composed by a goy named John Williams.

  3. This your present post is just an elaborate “Gotcha,” Mr. W. Gotcha is always counter-productive.

  4. Yeah we should use this event to flay any credibility of being “morally superior” that these Neo-con and Zionist devils might use against us.

  5. Maybe that’s one million refugees heading for the West. Once they arrive there, Jewish leftist groups will be telling us to welcome and embrace them…….the same refugees Israel forced out!

  6. Shot and chaser:


    “Cindy Flash — a 67-year-old Minnesota native — and her 66-year-old husband, Igal Flash, were among more than 1,300 people murdered by Saturday’s brutal Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.
    Flash’s family described her as a ‘staunch advocate for the rights of Palestinians’ and an outspoken opponent of Israeli military action.
    One of Cindy’s last messages to her daughter presaged her fate: ‘They are breaking down the safe room door. We need someone to come by the house right now.’”

  7. Well, this is simply how the 19th century worked, yet nobody else is allowed to conduct campaigns in a logical, but merciless way? South Africans were not allowed to have a cast system and forced to turn their country over to the savages. Australians have get their radios filled with subversive, traitorous “Midnight Oil” crap singing about how they should “give their country back” to the stone age aboriginal drunks on welfare. The hound Yugoslavs, hassle China about “the wiggers” even drag African potentates to the Hague. Yet the Blinken type Anglo American jews pushing this “rules based order” give Likud the green light to go all 19th century, Andrew Jackson style ethnic cleansing on the Palestinians? I hope the crying females whom we foolishly allowed to hold Western Civilization hostage at the ballot box pay attention to this.

    No it’s not hypocrisy, it’s quite simply an example of who the new nobility and aristocrats are. We killed off our own aristocracy 200 years ago under the foolish notion that we were entering a new era of equality, well, a new blood based aristocracy moved into the vacuum and they have different rules than those that apply to you and me. It’s a sham all this is unfolding, it really looked like a lot of the Arab rulers wanted to deescalate the whole temperature in the Middle East and focus on development. Really, if Israel didn’t want to follow the current “rules based order” forced down by NYC, DC, and London where every featherless biped within a territory is your “citizen” for demographic and security reasons.(probably quite legit) Then they should have returned Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan and let them deal with the situation.

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