RIP Non-Interventionism

Last week, it seemed like after two years of funding the war in Ukraine that the GOP was on the cusp of turning the corner. Public opinion had shifted against the war in Ukraine. Political support was drying up in Congress. Kevin McCarthy lost his job as Speaker of the House.

Today, it is like watching a dog return to its own vomit. The corpse of the counter-jihad movement has risen from the dead. Neocons are demanding a war with Iran. Hysterical Christian Zionists and Ben Shapiro want to “glass Gaza.” FOX News is worse than I remember it being in 2003. Kevin McCarthy and Marsha Blackburn are even throwing around the term “New Axis of Evil.” We face the ugly prospect of Americans dying in yet another futile Middle Eastern war to “Stand With Israel.”

Anyway, it is depressing. I also wouldn’t support it in a million years. All we do is relentlessly meddle in these countries whether it is Ukraine or Iraq or Syria or Israel and Palestine. Every single time without fail we choose NOT to exit and focus on our own domestic problems. We elect people who promise to get us out of these wars only to watch them plunge us into the next one.

It is maddening. I am also so tired of it.


  1. HW, what are your thoughts on the speaker race in congress thats been going under the radar in the interim?

    I thought Scalise had it wrapped up! The next speaker will certainly set the tone on this intervention if any wouldn’t he?

    • No clue.

      I’m glad I didn’t write anything about Steve Scalise who dropped out last night. It is in flux

      • OT Hunter but I just want to thank you for your great coverage of Gaza and everything else. It’s a lot of work and you have a family to take care of first and foremost. Hats off to you for presenting a rare, intelligent, informed and independent viewpoint, something completely lacking from the toadies in the horrible Lügenpresse.

    • Mistake for THEM. It means that it is actually good news for us.

      Diversity does the jobs, white people can’t do. For example helping us get rid from our marxist elite. When they burned down richest neighbourhood in Frane, Paris, is was pure fun to watch.

      And those 3 communists in US recently. Serious jobs demand serious workers. Lenin Old Bolsheviks were not destroyed by Christian conservatives but by Stalin and their own NKVD.

      Now it looks that their own brought pets will eat them alive.

  2. America (or better USA) it’s an empire in its DNA, so it couldn’t avoid to intervene in the middle east as in Europe and other countries. It started with WW1 and from then is going on. Even here conservative are blinded, they’re saying in my country that ISIS is still rising. When this happen we all understand that some people are redpilled on some issues but in other cases they’re still blinded and naive.

  3. Chaos in DC. Nothing can happen of any scale until Congress is back to work on its usual subversive agenda.

    Hopefully the vacancy of the speakership lasts long enough to get past the worst of the bloody shirt stuff coming from both propaganda machines in the middle east. If we can’t get someone who will focus on US interests, oppose everybody and let it all fall apart.

  4. Sounds like brownie has a big problem. Hamas wants them to stay and guard the missiles in their basements til the last child soldier has been exhausted. Jihad is a bitch I guess.

    Their chagrin is understandable. They join the long list of displaced non Whites whose land has been forcefully claimed by land grabbers and oppressors. The irish, the indians (feathers,
    not dots), the muslims in india during the partition of Pakistan, and the poor islanders whose island paradise Whitey claimed as their own vacation state, and many more. Alas, they are doomed.

    Or they could just take boats to europe like the rest have.

  5. I’ve been observing this Zog beast 50 years, and I have seen no recent changes, nor did I see any evidence that Ukraine funding was threatened. I do see that Zelensky will soon be in Miami or Israel, because the Europeans are sick of him.

    Scalise is triple vaxxed and now has cancer of the blood. Jordan is probably too pro American to be speaker. Gaetz defeated McQueer. It was over a broken promise on omnibus spending. Gaetz is alpha.

    A big new front has opened up in the Great War. I stand with Texas and Wyoming. Where my two properties are. I stand with the Southland. Most of all I stand with Israel, which is the Church of Jesus Christ.

    Mark well all those that stand with the Synagogue of Satan. The time is coming, after Zog loses WW3, they can be dealt Justice.

  6. Why continue to support the republican party?
    It’s not pro-America, pro-Christian or pro-white, it’s pro-Israel and pro-Jew.
    It’s also pro-big brother, big business and the military-media-industrial complex.
    If you’re on the right, support a 3rd party like the constitution party, or stay out of politics.
    Stop being duped by the duopoly.
    Now is the time, as the world is spiraling into WW3.
    No WW3 for Ukraine, no WW3 for Israel.
    No more blank checks.
    If not now when?
    Abandon republicans, abandon democrats, they are cut from the same cloth.

  7. From macciavellian viewpoint, this war will destroy the Empire so we actually should support it.

    I predict that after first victories, Jew gets cold feet. The whole point of this provocation was getting Jew in so deep that Jew can’t get out anymore.

  8. Agree Rangewolf,Israel is the Church of our Master Jesus.The demonic imposters and liars who inhabit the Holy Land hate our Lord.Chuck Baldwin(preacher)has a great article on chuckbaldwinlive about how Christianity got perverted by Scofield etc.God bless you.

  9. America can send it’s culturally enriched military to fight. The fags, trannies and diversities can show us what they’re made of.
    The real men on the other hand, should stay and worry about problems closer to home.

  10. The GOP is a Zionist political machine that blatantly disseminates disinformation to serve a foreign state at the expense of White Americans. Any racially-conscious white person who votes for or otherwise supports GOP candidates further emboldens these Zionist operators in the U.S. Rather than critiquing leftists to reap libtard tears, white nationalists should ruthlessly undermine the conservative movement in the U.S. All of our intellectual capital should be expended in attacking the GOP, Zionism, Judeo-Christianity, and the Conservative movement generally. We should focus on defeating the right-wing of the leftist state. If the conservative movement writ large is correctly viewed as a traitorous, Zionist, anti-white confidence game, then ethnic nationalism will likely be seen as the only viable right-wing alternative to the Judeo-Bolshevik U.S. government. Our greatest enemies are those who are leaders of the Republican Party because this party functions as safety valve that diverts any revolutionary pressure into harmless channels. We cannot vote our way out of this. There is no electoral solution to our existential problem. We must work to end the GOP because whatever good that it accomplishes does not outweigh the harm that it willfully inflicts upon our people and the nationalist movement generally.

    • Yes. You are exactly correct. The Gay Old Pedos and Christian Zionism (an oxymoronic term if ever there was one) have to be destroyed. Both are absolutely toxic and utterly irredeemable. The faster the Empire totally collapses the greater the number of our people who survive to emerge from the ensuing chaos.

  11. Vote Democrat so they will empower trannies who will terrorize the children of White Christian Zionists across the fruited plane. It’s not like conservative voters have any interest in keeping America a White country anyway. 1488 D chess move.

  12. Time flies when I’m not having fun.

    Seems like it was only last year that I fled 1990s New York City, immigration anarchy, Sharpton led Black mobs, 2,000 plus murders a year, White tourists from Utah getting murdered on the Subway – Black wilding mobs attacking robbing multiple victims in Central park then gang raping a White Central Park jogger leaving her for dead – all the rapists except one were set free by a scam engineered by Al Sharpton and Manhattan DA Morganthau (yeah that Morganthau family) – they got one of the rapists that got away who was in jail on something else to confess he supposedly did the gang rape all by himself . The other gang rapists were freed and received $ millions in tax settlements. I lived a block and half from a Dominican Crack cocaine house “The Rock” in the East Village where they were beheading victims. I went to supposedly the #1 MBA program (ha ha!) 2 blocks from the World Trade Center – I predicted multiple Islamic terrorist attacks in New York City – I just saw the hateful, dark hairy Muslims and new the history.

    I went back to Nashville TN in ~ 1990 where I had graduated from Vanderbilt University 5 years early. I tried to warn everyone I saw and met about the horrors that were coming our way via mass Camp of the Saints 3rd world immigration, Muslims that hated us, diseased Haitians, and South Americans and then this first Iraq War came up George HW Bush Sr was President – all the frustration of post World War II America, the 1960s was unleashed on Iraq.

    I took out full page America First anti War advertisements in the Nashville TN, Chatanooga Times and the Vanderbilt Hustler (not the porn mag) student newspaper and was interviewed repeatedly on Nashville TN talk radio and Teddy Bart (kowsky) Cable TV presenting arguments why this war was not in our interests and I identified exactly who was promoting this war – the Emir of Kuwait, The Israeli Lobby, Military Industrial Complex, New World Order nonsense. I was treated very fair by the Tennessee media including the small Jewish Media (Has to have grown dominant 30 years later) and the Individual White Tennesseans I interacted with conceded my arguments made sense. We should do as President George Washington recommended, stay out of foreign wars that don’t concern us. we should guard our borders fro invasions and not let our cities fall down in to 3rd world cities of drugs, disease and despair.

    But I and a small Populist Party in Tennessee were the only Conservatives opposing this Great Patriot war for Democracy and Freedom. Regular White Red State Amurikuns just couldn’t get it out of their head that the only people opposing a US military operation were those hated 1960s Liberals, Hippies, Jane Fonda and now Jessie Jackson and by God we were going to win this war like World War II. Then the Powers that be got Hank Williams Jr to crank out some god awful let’s Get SADDAM HUSSEIN LIKE WE GOT HITLER the war propaganda song was “Don’t Give us A Reason”.

    SO here we are 32 years later and the situation is exactly the same. All our issues of 3rd world migrant invasions, Black criminal anarchy in our cities, Homo LGBT, J Pornography, anti Southern, anti traditional American statue and grave desecration – that’s all off the front burner – it’s


    And they only ones in the USA that are protesting us Sending all our Warships off the Coast of Gaza are the usual rag tag Antifa, Lib Leftists, BLM flying the Palestinian Flags and post Tucker Carlson Fox News, Conservative Inc is all falling in line.


    Yeah, seemed like just last year I was doing a one man American First anti War demonstration in Nashville TN.

    Who’s gonna listen to me/us, after I insulted Hank Williams Jr, Toby Keith, Ted Nugent and 5 days a week SEC, NFL, Fantasy Football fans/addicts.


    I might be on TPC tomorrow Saturday Night to try to “Wake Up White America with…the truth”

    • Good post JR. Sadly, the problem you describe with the evangelitards has only gotten worse. Take a look at the picture. If this represents Christianity, it’s time to toss Christianity onto the notorious garbage heap of history. Yes Vox’s point is absolutely spot on about their false heresy, but what the hell has happened that the Jews are now in charge of what’s left of organized Christianity in the west? Those nice white folks in the picture might as well sacrifice an infant upon an altar to Pope Noseferatu of the ADL. Fecking morons.

  13. “Mark my words: When Israel moves into Gaza, people will call for Israel to exercise “restraint.”

    Hamas showed NO restraint when it slaughtered innocent Israelis.”

    Well, this is exactly what they tell men NOT to do in domestic situations where an unhinged female strikes you out of anger. (Yes, very often in domestic violence the female is the initiator.) There is a magnitude of difference in power between the two in such a situation and the overly dominant partner has to show restraint or can inflict damage way out of proportion to the original incident. Basically, Likhud wants the whole population of Gaza to flee out into Egypt and then go to the EU and across our border and onto our dole so they can raise the place and not have to deal with the threat anymore. A 19th century solution only you know who are allowed to get away with anymore in this so called “rules based order” run by their cohorts controlling the Anglosphere.

    “As the only member to serve with both the United States Army and the Israel Defense Forces, I will always stand with Israel.

    Tlaib’s got her flag. I got my uniform. “Global Day of Rage” my ass.”

    Funny, I noticed in the fine print I had to sign to get my passport that my citizenship would be revoked if I fought in a foreign army? I mean don’t get me wrong, if I lived in Israel I’d probably support Bibi because this is the logical thing to do to end the threat. But I don’t live there and don’t like seeing how blatantly the GOP is under total control of this foreign entity, squandering our treasure on issues that don’t benefit us one iota. An American controlled government by actual Americans would seek to defuse this whole situation, not this crazy rhetoric about escalating it beyond even Gaza. A large part of the public who are not conservatives notice this war mongering and its a big part of why the GOP lost big in the ’06 and ’08 election cycles and could well put all three houses back into the democrats hands in ’24. That and the evangelical hobbyhorse of anti-abortionism are sheer losers with the electorate we currently have.

  14. It looks like Our Greatest Ally will get U.S. ground troops in this war to do some of their fighting. The excuse will be that U.S. citizens (dual citizens actually) have been killed and captured by Hamas and the U.S. Government is responsible for their safety.

    The fact that the U.S. military is already stretched thin by worldwide deployments and munitions shipments to Ukraine and now Israel is of no concern to either Our Greatest Ally or the ruling class in the U.S. They are wholly owned by Our Greatest Ally and are walked around in front of TV cameras like yippy little dogs on a short leash. Logically, conscription (or attempted conscription) will follow these bad decisions.

    This will not end well.

  15. I hate to say it, but the only way that sanity will return to the U.S. is for the military to lose a war badly. I just hope it’s all over before my son turns 18 and the goons come calling for him.

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