Poll Watch: Americans Are Deeply Sympathetic Toward Israelis


Elderly people whipped up into a frenzy by atrocity propaganda on cable television are getting violent.

This is what you call burying the lede.


The American public expresses deep sympathy for the Israeli people and broadly sees the Israeli government’s military response to Hamas’ attacks as justified, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, and two-thirds are at least somewhat worried the fighting between Israel and Hamas could lead to terrorism in the US. The poll also finds divisions by party and age in how Americans view the conflict and the US response to it. …

Half of Americans (50%) say that the Israeli government’s military response to the Hamas attacks is fully justified, another 20% say it’s partially justified and just 8% that it is not at all justified, with 21% unsure. Republicans are far more likely than independents or Democrats to say the response is fully justified (68% of Republicans say so compared with 45% of independents and 38% of Democrats), and older Americans are also much likelier than younger ones to say it is completely justified (81% of those age 65 or older see the response as fully justified, compared with 56% of 50-to-64-year-olds, 44% of 35-to-49-year-olds and 27% of 18-to-34-year-olds). Majorities across age and party, though, say the Israeli response is at least partially justified, with very few Americans of any age or party affiliation saying the response is not at all justified …

81% of Americans over 65 are Standing With Israel.

Just 27% of Americans under 34 are Standing With Israel.

Keep in mind that this is the peak of the news cycle when the memory of the surprise Hamas attack on Israel is going to be the most salient in the public mind. Nearly 3/4ths of young people who would be called on to fight in a major war in the Middle East over Israel … DO NOT CARE.

I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but it is obvious. It is old people who watch cable and network television, who are on Facebook and who listen to Michael Savage and Mark Levin yelling on talk radio who are Standing With Israel. It is old people who are Israel First Dispensationalists. Everyone else my age or younger was raised on the internet and shaped by the Iraq War and its aftermath. Christian Zionism is a passing phase that is dying with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

Zoomers are checked out. Good luck trying to get them to fight Iran. The core audience watching FOX NEWs, CNN and MSNBC is over 70.

UPDATE: It is not just one poll.


  1. Same in Europe. But besides hating Russians and loving Jews, boomers are also most active voters so any politician who wants to win, must cater them.

    At least in Europe. And at least in words. In other news, Poland just had elections and looks like PiS lost. By the same reason why our side keeps losing. Left is voting as a block, our side is divided between radicals and moderates.

    When you push moderate nationalism, radicals jump the ship. When you push radical nationalism, moderates think that picking up fight with whole world is bad idea and jump the ship. This is our side problem in the whole world that left is forgiving they politicians everything, our side is punishing our representers every single mistake.

    • Really, what is going on is the right has a bunch of Putin bootlicker political retards running strategy. When the right puts isolationist ostrich head in the sand people in charge of strategy while the left runs a globalist 360 multidomain multiinstititional campaign, the right loses….everywhere.

      Thus, because Poland was run by a far right party that also took a hard foreign policy line against Russia, many other right wing isolationists ignored them. Without coordinated action with the right in the EU, Poland and even Hungary were isolated, marginalized, and ignored while boatloads of money, assets, and fraud assets went to the left wing in those countries, by the globalist left.

      As a result, instead of Poland’s right getting help by nationalist right wing spokespeople, campaigners, and parties, they were ignored cuz they didn’t like Putin. In turn, the Polish left went full bore attacking the Polish right while the US right had a meltdown because “Duh, Boomercons” might support Israel against Apache style savages and “Putin is based, bro.” So now, you get to see the atrocious neo-commie Tusk lead a victory displacing the right in Poland.

      In conclusion, the isolationist, ignore the rest of the world, let it burn, “muh, Russia is cool man” lolibart Putinbootlicker mentality will see every single right wing government collapse. In turn, you are all gonna get lgbtq shoved down your throats and massmudslide of brown people overwhelming your houses, and still get drafted to fight for World War Fay. Rethink, your world outlook. No man, and no nation is an island. You might ignore the world, but the world is interested in you.

    • The kids was six years old and he was stabbed 26 times. Why aren’t the Irish saying he had it coming to him? We need to hear you Jaye? Tell us how the kid had it coming to him, go ahead Christ killer.

  2. Amazing how much an entire generation of people, who should have gained wisdom with age, can be riled up by Zionist propaganda.

    • “I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but it is obvious. It is old people who watch cable and network television, who are on Facebook and who listen to Michael Savage and Mark Levin yelling on talk radio who are Standing With Israel. It is old people who are Israel First Dispensationalists. Everyone else my age or younger was raised on the internet and shaped by the Iraq War and its aftermath. Christian Zionism is a passing phase that is dying with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.”

      I’m over 60, and I am utterly disgusted with the White, American SHITHOLE MINDS that have gorged their souls and bodies on the CRAP THAT IS DISPENSATIONALISM. I’ve known Charismaniacs, Mormons, Baptists, and those Scofield types ALL MY LIFE.
      They are ALL victims of some variant of a JEWISH MIND CONTROL CULT. Back in the 1980’s, I freed myself from all of this, by reading Reformed Authors, and coming into contact with the Chalcedon folk. It saved my mind (and my soul). From there, it was continental reformers, and then, Orthodox authors.

      Coming from that Reformed position back to a catholic frame of mind, I can tell you, I now feel, were I to be Grand Inquisitor, burning heretics at the stake- though cruel, now appears absolutely necessary in hindsight- both of the Reformation era, and the modern Apostasy of the last forty years.

      Jews clearly are the Problem; And ANYONE who sides with them, is a tool/golem of the Antichrist. Whether street N-words, LGBTQ idolators, or your local Baptist grandma, who lifts her hands in ‘prayer’ as she mumbles in jibberish to a Jewish Revenge Deity akin to Baal, rather than YHWH…. such folk are a cancer on the body politic. The sooner they are removed, the better. Maybe we SHOULD have religious wars in this land. Let’s start by driving all Jews and jew sympathizers/Amalek into the sea.

      • The damage caused by the utter reprobate Cyrus Scofield and his acolytes equals or exceeds that of feminism. Take a look at this picture. You’ll note it’s not limited to boomertards – though I’d not be at all surprised if the fake-and-gay “wailing wall” was cooked-up by some Jew-fellating boomertard. Would their military-age kids coming home in body-bags after dying for the Talmudic state change any minds?? I seriously doubt it. The power of the massive gaslighting is truly remarkable – and horrifying. We see it in Jewkraine also – even though the dispensationalist lie isn’t to be found there. They’ve gaslighted half a million white folks to die for Globo-Pedo.

        As the book most admired by Lenin asked: What is to be done?

        The draft is coming back to Murika. Satan and his acolytes in Yizrael and Murika demand more white meat puppets to be slaughtered upon his stinking altar.

  3. When most people think of Muslims, they think of terrorist attacks in Paris or refugees flooding southern Europe.
    When they think of Jews, they think of Seinfeld or Simon and Garfunkel.
    I don’t believe many understand the role of Jews in geopolitics, business, entertainment and education. It’s too complicated for them.
    Until this changes, the status quo goes on.

    • I’m not thinking so well of “Seinfeld” these days. It’s mostly Jerry and his buddies lusting after beautiful White Gentile Shiksa actresses – and yes there were so many.

      That’s a common theme in American situation comedy even the Marry Tyler Moore Show.

      There’s the tough but lovable Producer Lou Grant (in real life a terrible, hateful J communist Ed Esner), the smart but underpaid writer “Murray” and the complete dumb White guy/White goy Ted Baxter – he plays the same role in Candyshack . Then there’s lovable “Marry” the pretty Shiksa surrounded by cleaver, smart Js.

      Many of these funny J comedians like the Borak comedian aren’t so funny in real life and they and the ADL, SPLC are very much in to taking away all of our 1st Amendment rights, same as they did in the first 20 years of the Soviet Union after the J Bolshevik Coup 100 and 5 years ago. I believe the punishment for “Anti Semitism” was the Death Penalty in the first 25 years of the Soviet Union.

      Sorry, today’s election results in Poland and another brutal J foreign war in the Middle East and just daily life outside of Chicago, 5 days a week of Amurikun tackle football – very depressing.

      Rugby World Cup seems good.

    • Goose,

      When I think of Je*s I think of Js in America, Js in France, Js in Germany and the UK not so secretly flooding White countries with the worst Arabs, Paki, Islamists such as Muhammed Ata and his 9/11/01. It seems impossible to most Whites that aren’t in the know, but yes, International Js are and have always been in to taking the Muslim migrant invaders, J white slavery side against local Whites. White Spanish Catholics expelled all Js or put them under the Spanish Catholic Inquisition for taking the Muslim Moor side against Spanish Whites, for being the Muslims’ tax collectors and for selling White girls in to White sexual slavery to Arab/Turk and Black Muslim buyers.

      It’s always been that way and still is the Israeli J vs Palestinian Arab mostly Muslim war is a side show.

      • @Jaye,
        Agreed. And now the latest batch of refugees could be heading for the West……thanks to Israel. And why was there an intelligence and border failure, allowing Hama’s to penetrate, despite having the most secure and impenetrable border in the world? It’s like they wanted the attack.
        Jews in Israel want them nowhere near them.
        Jews in the West want us to take them………and to be tolerant once they get here.

  4. True but it is likely a result of the extreme leftism of the youth in America, which is correlated with their browning versus the aging white population. I’d bet that the percentages of these groups flip on the Ukraine war.

    The left in America is brown and leftist, and increasingly non-Jewish but in a way that is based on Jewishness; it borrows the same 20th century Jewish morality to blame Israel. I suppose in that sense it out-Jews the Jews. The American right is eternally owned by Zionists. The “bipartisan consensus” is still ostensibly pro-Israel. Biden has dutifully lined up behind Israel and equated Hamas with Charlottesville even though the youth of his party would equate Israel with Charlottesville.

    Whites as such have no place in any of this. Literally all of it is antiwhite. Demographically there isn’t much a future for us in general. Blame feminism. The 2022 midterms was the nail in the coffin for me. Women put abortion before every single other issue imaginable and continued doing so in all the subsequent state elections on abortion, the wide majority of which failed.

    • > Blame feminism. The 2022 midterms was the nail in the coffin for me. Women put abortion before every single other issue imaginable and continued doing so in all the subsequent state elections on abortion, the wide majority of which failed.

      As if we needed yet another proof that women should not be allowed anywhere near a voting booth. Too damned stupid/brainwashed to even comprehend that the SC decision merely returned the matter to the states – and too lazy to drive their fat asses to a state where Schlomo’s abortion/body-parts mills run 24 x 7 (like Soviet Pritzkerstan, a place well beyond any hope of redemption).

    • “The left in America is brown and leftist, and increasingly non-Jewish but in a way that is based on Jewishness; it borrows the same 20th century Jewish morality to blame Israel. I suppose in that sense it out-Jews the Jews.”

      I’m not sure you’re entirely correct about that, anonymous. This leftist, pro-Palestinian front has always seemed to me to be guided by Jews, who use it to sustain the liberationist, anti-white mentality that is their core, while making sure it never poses a real threat to Israel’s security. I’m sure I couldn’t provide evidence for that view, which is mainly a feeling on my part.

      Decades ago, at Alex Linder’s website, a commenter posted a remark whose exact wording I don’t recall but whose thrust was something like the following …

      “Jewish power, the Jewish political front, advances in the manner of a hurricane, within which is encountered many a cross or counter current but whose movement, overall, is always in a single direction.”

      If young white Americans sympathize with the Palestinians more than do older white Americans, well, they’re probably influenced by Jewish gab different from what was peddled to the now-aging Bible thumpers. It reached them, I guess, primarily through the universities, which they attend via loans co-signed by white taxpayers.

      • Agreed. There’s very little wiggle room allowed by the various logics of each media narrative. Even those kids opposing Israeli bombs have some kind of anti white animus inspiring them. It’s a thing to behold.

  5. If the U.S. military gets in the fight, especially large, conventional ground units the resulting casualties will change many people’s minds, even old people. Add to that the necessity for conscription to staff the U.S. military, which of necessity falls on younger cohorts and support for Israel can turn on a dime. Even CNN, yes, those notorious liars and their friends on Fox TV too will have to admit the truth, eventually, when public opinion turns against Our Greatest Ally and GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

    The Vietnam War, fought 10,000 miles away for nothing. S. Vietnam, abandoned to its fate after N. Vietnam was defeated at the end of 1972 such that they were forced to sign a peace treaty in Paris, Jan 1973 after 52,000 U.S. dead, soured people on conscription. The last guy was conscripted coincidentally in Jan. 1973. After that it was an all volunteer military down to the present day. That is how the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire has gotten away with its wars, the dead and wounded were all volunteers.

    It’s another matter when GloboHomo has to force people into its military.


    • “…The Vietnam War, fought 10,000 miles away for nothing…”

      That’s incorrect. It ignores the times. At that time the USSR was funding expansion of communism. It was not a Jew war so it got no good pres like they do now. While VN was going on commie guerilla wars were all over East Asia. Many were defeated. The lucky did the not so lucky became North Korea and Cambodia. How did that work out? Anyone who can not see how the trade lanes cross near Vietnam is not paying attention. It doesn’t take a brilliant geostrategious to see this. China was not much before that, completely lost. There were real strategic reasons for the war. The soldiers that fought in Vietnam are constantly degradated by the Jews, when if fact they saved millions upon millions of peoples lives n South East Asia. Think if the whole region, instead of crushing communism while our Vets fought them in Vietnam, had just been rolled over, and we had many, many more Cambodias.

      And let’s not even begin to pretend it was America that lost the war. It was 100% the Democrats. We had treaties with them and when the North invaded the Democratic Congress, which they ruled completely, told Ford if he intervened he would be impeached, and then they voted the South Vietnamese one hand grenade and two magazines of ammunition. The South fought until they ran out of ammo ad collapsed. With our help, we had real stuff then in huge quantities, we could have bombed the few roads South with Naval gunfire, carried artillery to the hills and fired on them from there and hundreds of fighter-bombers. It would have been a bloodbath. It would have been impossible for them to take the South. The Democrats directly lost Vietnam by threatening Ford.

      Vietnam vets are some of the few Americans who have fought selfless wars to defend freedom and are heroes of the highest caliber.

      And quoting Jerry Pournelle,

      “And in Viet Nam the North sent 150,000 men south with as much armor as the Wehrmacht had in many WW II engagements. That was in 1973, and of that 150,000 fewer than 50,000 men and no armor returned to the North, at a cost of under 1,000 American casualties. Most would count that an outstanding victory. (Alas, in 1975 North Vietnam had another army of over 100,000 and sent it South; the Democratic Congress voted our South Vietnamese 20 cartridges and 2 hand grenades per man, but refused naval and air support; Saigon predictably became Ho Chi Minh city as we pushed helicopters off the decks of our carriers in our frantic evacuation; but that is hardly the fault of the US military).”

  6. > The core audience watching FOX NEWs, CNN and MSNBC is over 70.

    Maybe they should go over to “New Yizrael” (Jewkraine) and sign up for the Dicky-Piano Legion. I read the Klown regime there is now going to draft wymyn and the over-60 set. Anyone who gets their news from that list is a freakin’ moron. QED.

    • Ukraine is all done, they are last cycle’s news, Our Greatest Ally is this cycle’s news. No one talks about Ukraine anymore, they are forgotten now. There isn’t enough money, ammunition, fuel, weapons etc. for both wars so Our Greatest Ally gets it all.

      If there were an ounce of wisdom in Kiev the generals would overthrow Zelensky, make the best peace deal they can with Russia and kick the U.S./NATO out of Ukraine. Permanently. No doubt Zelensky keeps a special, long range Gulf Stream ready and waiting to take him to Miami with some extra heavy baggage with “Central Bank of Ukraine” written on it. Tel Aviv isn’t looking so good as a second home now for Zelensky.

  7. from the Jew Josh Hammer of the Dailywire in the year 2019——

    It is long past time for the Israeli government to commence a full-on, comprehensive land/air invasion to hunt down and permanently root out every last one of the Hamas leadership there. Israel surely has no interest in formally re-annexing Gaza — calamitous as Sharon’s withdrawal was, the Israeli government could not be any less interested in now re-absorbing the radicalized Arab populace there. And while the Israel Defense Forces would no doubt suffer high and tragic casualties as a result of a prolonged land invasion, one is forced to consider the tradeoff of inaction — the continuance of the status quo. And that status quo is truly terrible for all parties involved.
    Yes, the world would howl and shriek. The Jew-hating ignoramuses of the “international community” — best embodied by that wretched hive of Western values-hating scum and anti-Semitic villainy known as the United Nations — would cry out in agony against Israel’s “militarism.”

  8. Love Hymie or you’re going to the hot sulfur place.
    No seat on the rapture rollercoaster for you.

  9. Fire is hot.

    Normie NOCs have been gaslit from birth about “our greatest ally” ©, and the six gorillian postwar foundational myth.

    None of those misguided souls knows how “lucky” Larry Silverstein was on 9/11, or the Mossad assets that planted WTC a few.days before with explosives in critical weight bearing structures inside the twin towers.

    Striker pretty.much.nailed it when he wrote, “Only jews and Nazis know what’s going on.”

  10. I’d also wager that all those blacks, hispanics and other American born non-white immigrants composing a majority of the younger generation sympathize with the Palestinians as the have nots being persecuted by rich, white Israelis. All the rhetoric they get in the schools about how white people stole everything in America from the Indians and Mexico and sat back and got rich off of black labor is easy to transfer onto other situations overseas. Plus they know Fox News, the hated tv channel of old white blue haired racists, is on the Israeli side so the other must have something going for it?

  11. If the US gets dragged into a boots on the ground scenario, necessitating a draft, and the body bags start to mount, look for a possible mutiny by US forces.

    We will witness an echo of Russia in 1917 but much worse, as the debt collapse will be happening and the millions of orcs who have flooded in begin to rampage.

    What a shitshow. Death to ZOG.

  12. So, basically Hunter and OD are in alignment with brown people and woke freak retards regarding Israel, Middle East, Ukraine, and presumably anywhere else in the world. The same brown, woke, freak, retards also are opposed to doing anything about the border or stopping 3rd world mudslide into America. But, that is where Hunter and OD draw the line right??? Methinks you are missing something here. Perhaps, being in alignment with left wing extremist foreign origin unAmericans on every single foreign policy issue should give pause and reflection on some core beliefs.

  13. It isn’t just Israel propaganda, its the living down at the VFW club s.o.bs that never seem to tire of sending somebody else’s kids off to get shot at, or the flag wavers who can’t see out of the windshield of their SUVs for the “We support the troops”, bumper stickers. The conservative movement if it could be called that, is full of Israel firsters. Some are Jews, some are not, but it doesn’t matter, the mindset is the same, like Mike Huckabee, he’s not a Jew but he plays one on television. Or Sean Hannity, he complains about New York City, crime and taxes, I got an idea where he could move his show, Israel, I think he fits in well there. Actually the same could be said of Fox Network period. There must be a rule there that the on the air crowd must mention World War 2 death camps at least every twenty minutes.

    • Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Fox TV types, CNN, the other TV networks, NYT, WSJ, WP etc. all know their paychecks can be stopped instantly, or doubled if they do the right thing, their choice. They can all be replaced instantly by toadies who will do the right thing, and they know it. The Murdochs dumped Tucker when told to even though he was their star attraction.

      Upton Sinclair summed it up: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  14. The older generations are Whiter and support the kikes. The younger generations are much less White and do not care. White Americans have been the world’s biggest suckers for a very long time. And you wonder why we are losing our country.

  15. Fr. John- I hate to be the one who throws the turd into the punch bowl, but the gentile group that is slavishly devoted to the Jews isn’t the Boomers- it’s the Christian Fundamentalists who fell for all of that Schofield reference Bible baloney- if you’re looking beyond the Jews for the real culprits- it’s them!

  16. Tikkun Olam- The Older generation supporting Israel are motivated not by their Boomer status, but by their Christian Fundamentalist Evangelical status, They – not Boomers generally- are believers in Jewish dispensationalism- “the Jews can do no wrong” and “He who curses Israel is cursed, he who blesses israel is blessed” blah, blah blah!

  17. As someone who understands number coding, looking at the numbers in this “poll” is cause for chuckles. It’s called gematria, invented by the ancient Juice to communicate with each other.

    The numbers corresponding to the letters K+I+L+L (11+9+12+12) add up to 44, which is why this number is seen so much in fake newsdom regarding war & crime. As the best-known example, MLK was killed, or not, on 4/4 (April 4th), & Hussein O. was made the first black Prez, Prez #44, as a tribute to that. I believe the particularly fearsome .44 Magnum was invented just so it could be named with that number.

    The number 56 is actually way more important, up there with the all-powerful 33 (Fr33masons), 47 (ditto), & 201 (Jesuit Order). I’ll let y’all search & find out about 56 if you want.

    27’s only occult meaning is the “27 Club” of celebs who have managed to croak at that age. It’s believed this number is used because it’s 3x3x3 (333 is half of 666) or 9×3 (Sun, which elites worship – see Lucifer, eclipses, Phoenix bird, etc. – is said to be 93 million miles away).

    I’ll disregard 81, which has been used in elite rituals a lot in recent years, but mostly in the sports world as a tribute to Kobe Bryant, who scored 81 points in his 666th NBA game.

    The main point is that polls are meant to influence behavior, not to record & convey opinions.

    In the alleged stabbing story, the boy was 6, the Jews’ fav. single-digit number. Look at the Seal Of Solomon / Star Of David if you need to, or at “6 feet under,” “6 feet apart,” $600 Cov19 checks, or simply the number 666. By the way, number 36 is seen a lot, especially in death ages & sports scores, because each digit from 1 to 36 (1+2+…35+36) chillingly adds up to 666.

    Also, old conservatives answering a survey like this are not as dumb as you / we may think. They may answer “more manna to Israel” just to not get put on a list. 44-D Magnum chess.

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