Poll Watch: Americans Split On “Standing With Israel”

I’m not completely blackpilled.

The polling on blindly “Standing With Israel” is mixed.

CNN Poll:


Unlike on “Standing With Ukraine,” the Democrats are badly split on Israel. You would also never know that Republicans are also divided given the coverage on FOX News.

There is no racial or class polarization on “Standing With Israel.” Whites, Hispanics and blacks are about equally split on the issue. There is no diploma divide either. Unlike so many other issues, it doesn’t seem to matter if you have a college degree. Instead, the huge divide is age with 64% of voters over 65 wanting to send weapons to Israel and 59% of voters under 30 opposed to it.


This is a Pew poll from 2019.

It also found that age was the major dividing line. Elderly people are far more sympathetic to Israel than Palestinians. Young people were about equally sympathetic to both groups.

Harvard / Harris:


  1. Still way too high – the effect of decades worth of gaslighting by Jewish-owned media – but there are some cracks in the monolith, which is always a positive sign.

  2. What is ironic is that The Usual Suspects were the catalysts behind the 1965 Immigration (so-called) “Reform” Act and also the biggest cheerleaders of flooding the U.S. and Europe with Third World wogs. Now the younger cohort in the U.S., many of them from Third World backgrounds are wildly opposed to Israel and openly, publicly, vociferously taking Hamas’ side. If the racial profile of the U.S. were the same now as it was in 1965 there would be Scofield Bible waving nut jobs publicly supporting Our Greatest Ally instead of Hamas supporters in the streets and on campuses.

    Smartest people in the world, highest IQs? They destroyed their greatest, most reliable ally. They did this to themselves. Unfortunately, all of us are on the trip to Hell with them.

  3. Dear ‘More of the Same-“Stand With Israel” will dwindle as Boomers die out” – No, Stand with Israel will diminish only when when Christian Fundamentalists see the light and purge themselves and their churches of Jewish Dispensationalist nonsense, such as, “He who blesses Israel is blessed, he who curses Israel is cursed’.

  4. Nobody likes the Palestinians. They are considered to be cockroaches by all of the muzzies that live around them. The land they are squatting on is highly valued, however, especially by Turkiye, which has a strong historical claim to Palestine.

    As to American public opinion, it has absolutely no effect upon what happens in Washington.

    A few examples. More than 80% of the people opposed: integration, forced school bussing, banning prayer in school, opening the borders in the 60’s to the 2000’s. The entire time over 80% of the people opposed it. It had no impact whatsoever on the policy.

    For over a decade McTurtle had been the most unpopular politician in America, yet has remained the Republican Senate leader the entire time, with overwhelming support of the Senators. Public opinion has had zero impact in the matter.

    McTurtle is easily re-elected every time in Kentucky because the elections are rigged.

    Internally there is no solution. Relief will have to come from external sources. What McStroke calls the Axis of Evil, which includes China now, so he admits that his Chinese wife is evil.

    If the Carriers go down, what is Zog going to do? Launch nukes? Avengaard missiles can reach any place on earth in less than an hour. Flying at 9 times the speed of sound, no air defense system can stop them.

    That is how Zog ends. The Jews in their stupid pride overestimate their power and underestimate the power of their enemy. So the missiles will fly.

  5. The demographics are basically like this:

    Young working-class people: Support Russia and Palestine
    Old working-class people: Support Russia and Israel
    Young bourgeois people: Support Ukraine and Palestine
    Old bourgeois people: Support Ukraine and Israel

  6. These polls are all lies. The same vermin running our mass media, are the same running polls. why would you even post them here?

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