U.S. Military Bases Under Attack In Syria and Iraq


It appears Yemen is popping too tonight.

“Don’t look away.”

It is all you are hearing on FOX News.

You’re not going to see all the photos and clips of dead and mutilated Palestinian children in Gaza. Thousands of dead people are buried and rotting underneath the rubble right now. It is not being shown on television in the United States, but the entire Muslim world is watching this.

DON’T LOOK AWAY is actually good advice right now because the practical implications of “Standing With Israel” is inflaming all 1.8 billion Muslims in the world at a time when an overstretched American Empire is already engaged in a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong?

Even if you don’t care about the human rights of Palestinians, it is clear whose ass will be called upon to deal with the fallout of this when the blank check that has been given to Our Greatest Ally is cashed. I can imagine all sorts of scenarios from a hot war with Iran and its proxies to a repeat of the Oil Shock of 1973-1974 to a dollar collapse to the entire Middle East being engulfed in war.


Never before have we talked to so many top government officials who, in private, are so worried about so many overseas conflicts at once.

Why it matters: We don’t like to sound dire. But to sound a siren of clinical, clear-eyed realism: U.S. officials say this confluence of crises poses epic concern and historic danger.

Behind the scenes: Officials tell us that inside the White House, this was the heaviest, most chilling week since President Biden took office just over 1,000 days ago. …

Not one of the crises can be solved and checked off. All five could spiral into something much bigger:

1. Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack …

2. Vladimir Putin …

3. A malicious Iran …

4. North Korea …

5. Misinfo …

Forgot China.

If the United States gets bogged down in a hot war with Iran and possibly the entire Muslim world over the actions of Our Greatest Ally in Gaza, China could waltz into Taiwan.


  1. A a representative 100,000 strong Muslim army just marched through Westminster from Parliament to Trafalgar. War’s over before it starts. MI5 and the MetPolice can’t contain that. GCHQ and the SIS will tell HMG to cut ties with Israel or face a civil war in London on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace.

    The Jews won’t dare to roll into Gaza as 20,000 committed fighters will soak up 500,000 men who’d otherwise hop on a plane and shop in London or New York.

    • That could indeed happen. The West will surrender so mudpeople and degraded wiggers can shop and we slowly collapse into a new dark age of oppression by foreign powers most likely a Sino-Islamic type. Kinda like how the Eastern Romans fell under the Moslem and Turkish yoke, or how Aryan Indo-Europeans in Central Asia where wiped out by Asiatics and Turks or driven into the Himilayan mountains to be degraded and forgotten.

      OR, on the other hand, whatever remains of a loyal deep state or patriot clique in it with any power, could just as well say “Fuck It,” and light up the whole world. Basically, the Armageddon option hinted at by various leaders throughout the last couple of generations. In which case we will quickly go into a new dark age but we won’t be under the total oppression of foreign powers. Personally, I am hoping for the later. Just remember, no man is an island. You where all warned.

  2. “Do you know how the Neoconservatives first came into being? They were Christians once, taken by the dark powers. Tortured and mutilated… a ruined and terrible form of life. And now… perfected: my fighting Zionists. Whom do you serve?”


  3. “”.. whose ass will be called upon to deal …””

    Diversity is our greatest strength. We must tirelessly explain to our dark buddies that racist things are not not decided in unemployed lorry drivers drinking parties but our left liberal elites are the ones who make bad things happen.

    The result will be Kadyrov effect or Soviet year 1937 when liberal own grown monster came back to eat them. Our poor darlings must know that when they hold our educated elite responsible for their racism, then they can take their property as reward for their sufferings and our side will not involve.

    Stable Genius laid the ground for that long time ago when he released black thugs from prison for future. Diversity does the jobs what white people cant do and proper communist handling is one of those jobs.

  4. There is a relatively small community of Arab Christians in the Middle East, although Lebanon might might be almost half. The entertainer Danny Thomas, who founded the large St. Jude hospital for children with cancer in Memphis was a Lebanese Maronite Christian. But I guess the “dual covenant” the Jews have trumps that. Just ask John Hagee.

  5. Well the world is going to hell. Open borders, soaring crime, wars spinning out of control. Everyone is getting pissed off at each other. Trump is going to jail, you don’t throw 95 charges against someone without having at least some of the charges stick. They’ll rig the elections again. Biden doesn’t even know who he is or where he is. Obama is pretty much running the show.

    Not like as if Trump would save us, Trump’s idea of solving a problem is tweeting about it and wrapping himself in the Israeli flag. Everything is beyond our control, all you can do is take care of your property.

    I think HW is right, this whole invasion into Gaza will catalyst into a bigger conflict possibly involving Hezbollah and Iran. Watching all those videos and pictures of dead Palestinian children was depressing. There’s no easier way to piss off 2 billion Muslims in the world than blowing up thousands of defenseless Palestinian children.

    From what I’ve seen the world is siding with the Palestinians, only Boomers and politicians are siding with Israel.

    • Exactly. This is what happens when enough people sit it out and the other side steals the election. WWIII.

      • 1. The 2020 election wasn’t stolen. Joe Biden was more popular and likeable than Donald Trump.

        2. The existing global system in fact makes it possible for millions of individuals to be islands. Myself included.

        3. Interventionism is only supported by idiot boomers and a handful of naive youngsters who think the U.S. military has infinity weapons and manpower. It doesn’t. Rome didn’t either

        4. “Aryan Globalist Bro” is one bad Reddit bot account. Fuck off

  6. 12,000 troops on 10 ships are headed for Sand Box III.
    This writer’s strike sequel won’t end well for the worshippers of Remphan.
    The drooling dictatorshit of the proletariat masses will use whatever illusion/delusion that works best to cope.
    Joined at the hip with the “most sacred ally” will be the demise of the KWA or FUSA.

  7. I tend to think China is a huge danger to the West. Unlike North Korea or these Middle Eastern backwaters that lack the capacity to do much, China is malignant and dangerous. It’s actively doing things harmful to America and the West.
    Firstly, they deplete us of our manufacturing sector. Over time, they’ve stolen intellectual property from us to use against us. They spread covid, continue to import fentanyl ingredients:- how many people combined have they both killed?
    They are overfishing in the waters of poorer countries and making claims over land and sea they’re not entitled to. And they’re doing all this during peace time?
    These Chinese entering America via the southern border, we know nothing about them. They could be CCP spies and goons. It’s funny how the CCP monitors everything it’s populace does, yet suddenly become incompetent when they escape it’s border’s, and head to the West.
    We may not want any wars with anyone, including China. But it doesn’t change the fact they may want one with us.
    To clarify, war should be strictly a last resort if your own country and people are under threat of invasion, or are having it’s economic, cultural or food security threatened.

  8. > If the United States gets bogged down in a hot war with Iran and possibly the entire Muslim world over the actions of Our Greatest Ally in Gaza, China could waltz into Taiwan.

    They could, but I rather doubt they will. One thing many forget is that Taiwan is over 90% Chinese. Chinese were the first to arrive after the aboriginals (who are more closely related to Filipinos and Polynesians). Neither want to get into a brother war over the issue if it could be finessed and even Xi has repeatedly stated he wants peaceful unification. The KMA (Kuomintang) – the founding party in Taiwan – still claims all of China (which is clearly absurd at this stage). Both KMA and CCP revere Sun Yat-Sen as father of the country. They’re not as far apart ideologically as you might think. Taiwan has a different history than the rest of China so there is a case for some sort of autonomy but it’s pretty weak. Even a few in Taiwan admit that the one good thing Mao did was to simplify the written language – the traditional (and much more complex) script is used in Taiwan.

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