Silver Linings

Here is why I am not blackpilled:

1. American support for Our Greatest Ally is shallow and this is the peak. As we saw with Ukraine, it is only going to get worse from here as the shock wears off. Young people who could be drafted to fight and die in a war with Iran for Israel are not buying into the mainstream narrative.

2. In spite of the best efforts of Israel to cover up the carnage in Gaza by cutting off the internet, it is still being broadcasted around the world. This is going to fatally undermine Holocaustianity in the long run. It has only been two weeks and the clips coming out of Gaza are far worse than anything seen in Ukraine. Decades of milking Jewish victimhood is rapidly coming to an end.

3. In the event our political leadership plunges us into a war with Iran for the sake of Israel, this will be Iraq for Zoomers, but with a few critical differences. Unlike the Iraq War, this war is going to play out on social media. Unlike the Iraq War, the country is deeply divided going into it. Unlike the Iraq War, there is no ambiguity that America is getting involved in this war solely for the sake of Israel. Unlike the Iraq War, the genocide in Gaza is going to undermine the war effort.

4. BoomerCon Christian Zionism has clearly failed to reproduce itself. If these people plunge us into a war with Iran for the sake of Israel, it will accelerate the decline of this faction.

5. The hardest nut for us to crack has always been the taboo on open discussion of Jewish influence and power and the Israel Lobby. As we have seen, Conservatism, Inc. has lost ground or outright conceded every other issue. Kosher White Nationalism was on the horizon. #BanTheADL was trending on Twitter. A war with Iran for the sake of Israel – while Israel commits all sorts of atrocities – could be the acid that finally dissolves the taboo on these issues. It is the last hurdle to going mainstream.

6. Finally, the mantra has been endlessly repeated by our politicians that Israel Is Our Greatest Ally when in fact it has always been a massive albatross and strategic liability to the United States. A war with Iran and possibly the wider Middle East for the sake of Israel is going to expose this lie.

Note: I’m done being lectured about “racism” and the Holocaust by these people. I have never done anything like this to anyone in my life. I have never treated anyone this horribly. I am taking the Holocaust card and playing it against them for co-signing the genocide in Gaza.


  1. I don’t recall any Palestinian or any Israeli saying that Whites have the right to any particular piece of land.

    They don’t care about my people, I don’t care about them.

  2. Things may actually be much better than we think. Jew is evil master and we do not know how many Israel Firsters in deep heart actually want this nightmare gone and are ready to dump Jew in the first opportunity.

    Jewry may get same bad surprise what they had in 1937 Stalin Purge era. That their humiliated and badly treated servant class actually hates them and betray them with greatest pleasure.

    Fed To The Boars | Hannibal (2001)

  3. Wow time flies when things are going this same way.

    Seems like just last year I was leading a one man “America 1st” anti war protest movement in Nashville TN. This was in 1991. Pretty much nothing, NOTHING has changed.

    I took out full page America first anti war adverts in the Nashville Tennessean (then as now a TN lib J Dem minor league version of the New York Times. Yalie son of Lib Democrat Maverick US Senator from Tennessee “Gore” – AL Gore did an internship there, to try to make him look and sound more “Tennessee/Southern’ than New Haven CT Yale, National Lib Democrat – Sort of a one of the Kennedys in Tennessee thing.

    I also took out full page America first anti War adverts in the Chatoanooga Times and Vanderbilt Hustler student newspaper (I received ZERO replies from the rich kids at Vandy – not one,, they don’t care).

    I was treated very, very fair by the Tennessee Media, including the then small Tennessee Jewish media – Teddy Bart Round Table (birth J name Teddy Bartkowski)

    On a one on one basis most regular White Tennesseans conceded I made lots of sense – yeah, lets stay out of these endless Middle East wars, let’s use our military for American interests not the Emir of Kuwait and yeah, not for Israel when they are being extremist.

    I named pretty much all the horrible things making our country go down – no border security, mass illegal alien migrant invasion, hard drug trafficking, cult marxism, anti American, anti Christian Hollywood, porn, rampant violent crime (implied racial violent crime) a controlled media that LIES about the war atrocities – that “There’s an Axis of Evil” Saddam was Hitler.

    The problem then, now is there aren’t any respectable, White American looking people, groups opposing that, this Zio war. There were at least some left over Conservatives “They Dare Speak Out” oppose AIPAC. Otherwise it was just me, alone.

    The media used that against me – “Hey it’s just one crank guy plus he sounds anti Semitic”.

    Regular Whites in Tennessee that like to hunt, fish, watch SEC and NFL football, fake wrestling just couldn’t get it out of their heads that the only people in the USA that would be anti war protesters were those hated Lib Leftist 1960s Hippies, homos, the drug culture “THE LIBERALS THAT NEVER WANT TO FIGHT, THAT LOST VIET NAME AND BY GOD WE”RE NOT GONNA LOSE THIS WAR LIKE WE DID IN VIET NAM, WE NEED TO FIGHT TO WIN LIKE WE DID IN WORLD WAR II AGAINT THE NAZIS.

    And the anti war Lib Leftist play in to their hands, dress real bad in che T-Shirts, carry Homo LGBT rainbow flags and try to blame the pro war sentiment on White Conservatives that want to steal Brown 3rd world people’s Oil “No war for Oil”.

    Then there are the Jimmy Carter pacifists that regular TN WHItes remember was the one that let rag head, ugly dark hairy Muslims storm the US Ambassy in Tehran Iran and “America Held Hostage” – idiot Anti White Lib Leftists like Rev. NOT Jessie Jackass Jackson do media stunts saying “America is racist, we deserve to be held hostage”.

    The Js that dominate the American media can play this game as easily as a fixed WWF fake wrestling cable TV match.

    Oh, I forgot the part about the J media hiring one of their C&W singer prostitutes like Hank Williams Jr or Tobey Keith to crank out a “We Stand with Israel” music video war propaganda music video – show NAZI rallies, starving J concentration camp POWS, mobs of hostile Arabs/Muslims burning the American flag and screaming “Death to America, Death to Israel”.

    Been there done that.

    I do think we should try to do some anti war activism as it’s the honorable thing to do for those of us White Americans that aren’t well, slaves – most are.

    I did reach out to the anti war community in Nashville TN that was overwhelming Lib Left – one nice, funny Palestinian guy married to an American White gal, they had an adorable 6 year old girl with beautiful green eyes who liked me as I was then young, blond, she said I looked like “Eric” In the Little Mermaid animated Disney movie. Ha Ha.

    There was a very small Populist Party in middle TN that understood everything I was saying and doing, but they were small, also a small John Burch Society anti “New World Order, anti UN”.

    My take is that the Eternal Js now have captured the Southern Christian Religious Right – these types don’t care that Christians are being driven out, marginalized or even ethnically cleansed throughout the Middle East, Jerusalem and of course the Islamic world – these Conservative Christians in the South can not get it in to their warped minds that Js and Muslims work together for the Great Replacement of our people here in the USA, North America, Europe and everywhere.

    If anyone wants to do anti war Activism in their local areas from a White America First perspective, PM me and I can give them lots of practical advice.

  4. The tweet by the CIA Catholic Counter-Espionage dude was pretty heavy. Then I got angry when I realized the kid was smacking a cat or dog against the wall “for play.” That’s the kind of people living in Palestine. So, now I don’t give a phuck about them, or that narcissist Californian and his Russian whore for Dugin. Propaganda piece backfired.

    The Israelis are attacking Hamas targets, and the sicko Palestinians who overwhelmingly voted them into office won’t get out of the way. When the Israelis go in on the ground expect more heavy casualties on both sides. Nothing anyone says or does is going to stop the Israelis from absolutely phucking up the Hamas savages and anyone near them.

    Jackson Hinkle will meanwhile continue receiving footage from his handlers so he can tweet, pose with his whore, and then run again for office while never dirtying his fingers. Speaking of fingers, seeing one of the Pedo Mexican Fraud Faggot’s members dead but still holding the America First finger sign, made we want to get a coke.

    • The Jews do not have the balls for the fight, not with a capable, well equipped enemy, sure they are great at beating up women and children and shooting unarmed men in the back, but when it comes to a fair fight, shit a Jew could get killed in a fair fight, you should know that Christ killer. We are going to get a negotiated settlement, a deal, and the deal is going to be broken, or in some way the opposing party is going to be cheated by the Jews as is their nature. Remember—What is the nature of the beast?, the beast is a deceitful coward. You should know Christ killer, the truth is staring at you in the mirror.

      • I note that (typically), Netayahu’s own son, aged 31, is sitting on his ass here in Murika and has no plans to go and get his precious shot at by some Hamas fighter in Gaza. He’ll sit here and smirk along with his fellow chosenites while their retarded white golemtards go in to slaughter the Musloids and the few remaining Arab Christians in the place to make it safe for those nice Jewish settlers living la dolce vita on the idiot taxpayer shekels. Schlomo will be there to sell off the body parts of dead honkies stupid enough to obey jew orders.

        Time to step off the hellbound train white man. It’s yet another jew war to cull the white population while getting rid of another group of ‘human-shaped animals’ (as described in Talmud) who are causing them some trouble.

  5. to Aryan Globalist Bro

    Identical things were said to the military counter terrorism activities done by the Germans to the Js during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and to French counter terrorism forces in Algiers French Algeria in the late 1950s. The terrorists – Js in Warsaw Poland and Arab Muslims in French Algeria were hiding amidst civilian populations to prevent, hold off the occupation forces simple carpet bombing the terrorists from blocks away.

    The Germans and German allied forces in Central and Eastern Europe tried to solve the problem of Partisan, J terrorists hiding amidst, getting support from civilian populations by removing the civilian populations from occupied cities to Concentration Camps. Well the Palestinian Arabs (mostly Muslim, some Christian, others secular) have been walled off in this refuge Concentration camp that is the Gaza Strip since ~ 1947.

    Our choices aren’t very good here or in Palestine/Israel/Jerusalem as our side, everybody that looks and thinks like us has been marginalized, dispossessed and or religiously/ethnically cleansed – same as in now 98% Arab Muslim populated, ruled Algeria. Please Aryan Globalist Bro understand that anti J critics like Martin Luther, Ben Franklin, AH – our Dad predicted 100% accurately that the creation of a J ethnostate in Palestine or Israel as the Js call it would not solve the JQ in White countries, White societies. Most Js don’t go live and work full time in their J ethno state, they go back and forth and worm their way in to positions of wealth and power where they don’t have to do honest work in existing White countries, White societies and they advocate, conspire for Israeli security and power in their international J diaspora, secret governments within White governments.

    Martin Luther, AH – Dad, Benjamine Franklin were right.

    And understand that selling your mind, body should and daughter (as was Donald Trump’s sad choice) to Israel, the Israeli lobby will not secure you good, fair treatment by the ruling Js occupying White countries, white Societies. Look what it did for Donald Trump – they impeached him twice, now work to put him in to dirty, violent Zio-BLM prisons with violent Black perverts.

    So do you want to be a slave to the Chosen Aryan Globalist Bro? You’ll probably also have to agree to be a Janissary slave to the Saudi Sunni Islamists – they’re pretty much on the same team, agree that White men should be their warrior slaves, and White women should be their concubine, prostitute sexual slaves.

    Are you OK with that? I’m not.

  6. Brother Jaye, well obviously you know we come from the same place. Absolutely correct too about the German and French counter-insurgency, probably the first time I’ve heard someone mention it in public in decades. But then, why didn’t they have a bunch of big concentration camps in France? The answer: The French weren’t assholes like the commie dominated Jews in Eastern Europe, nor where they’re enough other types of assholes to guard them. So, look I get it.

    Here is the difference. I also never gave up the old school rule of global politics. If you have power, use it or lose it. Second rule, if you lose it and you were the big dog, you will get phucked up by those who want to take the baton. So, no matter what we do, we are going to get phucked up one way or another. It’s a matter of degree and how much we take down the other savages. I’d rather we do it as offensively as possible, soon, rather than waiting for us to be REALLY old men, holding out in Hunter’s cabin, being defended by his grown kids. War is coming. Let us or our proxies get it done as much as possible over there.

  7. Has anyone called their representative in congress about why the South African apartheid was not allowed but “OUR GREATEAT ALLIES” “ANTIZIONISM IS ANTISEMITISM” apartheid must be protected at all costs?

  8. They’re fit to exterminate there but whatever the bitter leftovers are must be deported in mass to the US, cause like, of course.

  9. “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out”.”

    Joseph Goebbels

  10. Wow, it looks that after critiqueing the Dissident Right for its episodic devolution into brownshirting and nazyifying the right just at moments of key victory and ignoring the origins of America’s poison in the White Christian liberals of the Northeast, Occidental Dissent is back on the Nazi dope smack and will soon OD. ?

    • LMAO.

      I’ve opposed American involvement in every single war for 20 years and have voted on that basis since 2004.

      There are also fewer things more unifying in the Dissident Right than opposing a Jewish war for the sake of Israel.

      • But that’s the issue. The Dissident Right doesn’t overwhelmingly think Israel is the cause for our involvement in the MideEast. As polls you’ve showed prove, the majority of people outside the Dissident Right think our involvement there is not for the sake of Israel. There are other powers out there beside a coven of twelve Jews trying to screw over the White Christian’s.

        For example, the coronavirus was a Chinese bio weapon that did horrendous damage to the West in accordance with China’s Unrestricted Warfare. Or that effing Mexicans run huge portions of the Southwest and are moving into South, not Israelis.

        In fact, I just had to listen to Nick “Duh, Jews” Fuentes, get schooled by the half informed AJ. The later argued the fact that Chinese, Saudi, and other power influences are more at play than Israel in such things as Hollywood and the Middle East. Catholic Catboy didn’t admit it of course, because that’s his grift, “Duh, Jews.”

        Fighting the Islamic front is just one of many fronts we have to face and which threaten to spill into the US or overthrow our commercial interests to our huge detriment. Now, we might disagree on the importance of each front or the manner of fighting it if at all. But, no one wants $1,000 bread and millions of Israelis moving into Europe and Alabama cuz we left the MidEast to go fishing and be left alone allowing the Islamic front to overrun the MidEast.

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