GOP Senators Attend John Hagee’s “A Night To Honor Israel”

I’m a Christian.

I also want nothing to do with this Christian Zionist BoomerCon death cult.


  1. So it is Mike Johnson, now 3rd in line to the presidency. He is actually pretty good. I have no idea how he managed to get 217 votes, but he did.

    This actually matters, because the House itself decides who to seat or not seat. If they determine that an election in some district was stolen by fraud, the House can refuse to seat that person.

      • He’s a Repuke, what do you expect? He seems to oppose funded for Jewkraine, as far as we know. The system is so rigged it hardly matters – just some more deck-chair Feng-Shui for the tards. I bet he attended Hagee’s grand fellation of the golden schlomo-shlong. Talk about your golden showers….

  2. Brad, folks in the Deep South better keep your expressed opinion to themselves… Btw, I hope mother and child are well.

    • Where do you think that Hagee draws his support from? Wallace’s half-witted Evangelical kinfolk and neighbors in AL, MS, GA, TX, AR, etc. Just more evidence that God has cursed the South.

  3. 50,000 women in Gaza are pregnant and expecting to deliver in the next few weeks. The hospitals are in bad shape and can’t help these women. Yeah, lets get those evil SOBs. Lets get them now.

  4. Hagee is a false teacher and an evil man. The words of John Hagee only hold sway with those who are Biblically semi-literate -which is the vast majority of professing Christians. Dispensational Futurism, the eschatological foundation of “Christian” Zionism, is indeed a cult. The 3rd chapter of Galatians shows that the promise was not made to physical Israel (aka Jews) but to the church and that Abraham’s true seed was Christ (not the Jewish nation). The whole OT is undergirded with spiritual truth that is invisible to both Jews and most (current era) professing Christians. Paul told us, the Reformers knew it, but evangelicals are blind to it. What more can I say?

    • Joe Putnam lays it correctly for all to see. Haggee preaches a kind of heresy, a judaized and secularized version of Protestant Christianity. It has little antecedents with actual Protestant Christianity and is mostly a sacralized ideology. Pray for their souls and to keep the people away from their blindness.

      That being said, in no way should that take away from real foreign policy interests which align with Israel. While its stupid for Cruz and others to go listen to Haggee’s heresy thereby helping to shore up false doctrine, the more insidious part is giving up America’s foreign interests to a fake prophet. It would be better for Cruz and others to keep to real American foreign policy. Right now, the coming civilizational war and geopolitical reality puts Israel in alignment with us.

      • Nonsense. Jews are the spawn of Satan who accepted the devil’s offer rejected by Christ (Matthew 4). This is the real source of their power, not their allegedly superior IQ*. They are enemies of western civilization far deadlier than either Musloids or Africans. As even Paul noted they’re the enemies of all men. The west would not have a Musloid or Negro problem were it not for jews and their elite white step-n-fetchit house-niggas who serve them day and night. You’re position is scarcely different from Hagee’s at the end of the day.

        The only sensible position is to stay out of that dog fight and let both sides slug it out to the death. If Jews want an ethno-state they’d best be prepared to die for it as well as kill for it instead of having retarded goyim do the killing and dying on their behalf. One error WNs commonly make is that a strong Israel means less Satanic spawn to raise hell here in the ruins of the west. Not true. Satanist dual-citizens infest every western nation and more than a few in the global south. They go back and forth with ease. Israel extradites no jew regardless of what atrocities they commit against goyim.

        *The IQ study which continues to be repeated endlessly was a very small sample. It consisted of students from an elite Hebrew day-school in the 1950s. It’s Jewish author even explicitly cautioned about drawing any broad conclusions given the background of the subjects of his study and small sample size. Even with that the study reported only one standard deviation above the white average (115 vs. 100). What ends up being endlessly repeated is that all jews are super-geniuses compared to white goyim, hence their ease in taking complete control of the former Christendom. Just another lie being told by a race of congenital liars who serve the father of lies.

        • Judging alliances solely on whether some country follows Biblical standards is foolish. Catholic France and Protestant America created an alliance to help us secede from Protestant British Empire. We later fought a war with Catholic France, and ultimately become an ally twice with her against majority Protestant Germany. List could go on regarding Prods and Papists. But we also allied with atheist run Orthodox majority USSR against Catholic Nazis. We also allied with non-Christian China against non-Christian Japan. We allied with Shia Iran against Sunni Pakistan before reversing. Let’s not forget all the heathen savage Indian tribes we allied with against other heathen savage tribes or our Christian European enemies. Now we are allying with the Pagan dots against the atheist squints. Ergo, to not ally with Israel when in our interest, just because they “Duh, Jews” is retarded.

  5. These people know nothing about the Bible. The fact that Jews have fooled Christians into believing that Jews have a racial covenant with God and they don’t need Jesus for salvation is one of the biggest lies every told in the World. And Christians actually believe it and support endless Wars for the Jews. What’s really pathetic is that so many Christians are ignorant about the fact that some Christians do live in the Middle East. One of those places being Palestine. Shouldn’t the US and other countries be supporting the Christians in the Middle East instead of the Jews and Islamics that hate Jesus Christ? ?

  6. The Republicans are determined NOT to defeat Sherrod Brown by running a car dealer and legal immigrant named “Moreno”. Why no White men are running, and why the Republican Party thinks this guy has a chance in Ohio are beyond me.

    Meanwhile, another race mixer JD Vance has done nothing. Its pathetic.

    @Brad Jesus spent his time on earth preaching against the law of the Jews, and a lot of “Christian” buttheads don’t get it that the Old Testament is the law of the Jews. Do these “Christians” think Jesus was just flapping his gums for fun?

  7. Worthless virtue signaling. What is good because most likely this is maximum support they can deliver to Israel.

    Yes, there is a chance for war or even Nuclear war but it looks more and more that point of no return has arrived and Jew goes down to hell without catastrophic events.

  8. Rabbi Moshe-Mordecai ‘splains the Jew facts of life for YT boomertard Churchians (not that they’ll understand of course). Sinners can repent, but stupid is forever. Repeating the same thing over and over (like voting for the R-jerseys) and expecting a different result is a clinical definition of insanity.

  9. John Hagee’s Jewish supporters have nothing but contempt for his (Hagee’s) followers: “stupid goys”, and they have a point. Most of “Rev.” Hagee’s followers are sincere but misguided, decent, honest people being fleeced by a talented flimflam “Man ‘O God”. The Rotund “Reverend” and his flock, which gets shorn of their money relentlessly should remember that even the Devil can, and did, quote Scripture:

    ” . . . Again the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and shewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, 9 And said to him: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me. 10 Then Jesus saith to him: Begone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve.”

    The Rotund Reverend adores the money, the money; always follow the money.

  10. Hey Hunter,

    Remember back in 2016 people would repeatedly say “Walls work. Just look at Israel.”

    Turns out that’s a crock of shit

  11. Good grief. I don’t know who is worse anymore: the rabid vermin on the left or these Hageefied Christians being led around like cows by their nose rings by their psychotic Jewish masters dragging us right into a potential world war. I’m in hell.

    • Speaking of these Hageeite “Christians”, I’m a little surprised the Gay Old Pedobears didn’t select Brian Mast as their Ho-house speakah. That particular Caved-head conserviletard actually served in the Zioinst state’s army (as well as the Rainbow pedolegion). He walked into a communal blow-schlomo meeting wearing a Zionazi uniform. Make heretic burning great again….

  12. I am told Hagee cheated on his wife with a member of the church and they divorced, and he is now married to her. Christian Zionists are right. The Messiah is coming to Jerusalem and will reign in the new 3rd temple after the Dome of the Rock is destroyed. Jewish messiah=Christian Antichrist. So, in reality Christian Zionism is so biblically ignorant not knowing they are helping usher in the role of the Antichrist!

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