Gaza Update


It isn’t that bad!


We are the Autobots.

They are the Decepticons.


Blinken warned al-Jazeera to tone down their coverage.

“Don’t look away.”

In a few days, we will be in a war with Iran and its proxies at a minimum. It will be a war caused by the Israel Lobby’s stranglehold on our government.

It is important to see now what is so important about our foreign policy that we are being asked to fight for it before the war begins.

Note: We are going to need a Zoomer version of this classic video.


  1. “I have never before met a victim that is able to cut off food, water, and electricity from their oppressors with the flip of a switch.”

  2. We are rapidly reaching our generations Masada moment. A point in time when the Jews are under attack surrounded on all sides, and all alone without ANYONE COMING TO HELP. And what did the Jews do at Masada, 2,000 years ago when they were in a similar situation? They turned on each other and killed each other down to the very last Jew. Christ warned them.

    • That’s an excellent observation. Never thought of Masada that particular way (I just though of it as a military battle with the mass suicide being to deny the Romans their slaves), but your view of it is at least as valid as the battlefield one.

      As a rule, Romans treated their high-value slaves pretty decently as far as it goes. The low-value ones got sent to the mines to be worked to death but the ones who could read and write sometimes did amazingly well. A female slave of the Emperor Claudius’ mother Antonia by the name of Caenis (freed upon Antonia’s death) was the longtime mistress of Vespasian, who left the war in Judea to become the first emperor of the Flavian dynasty in AD 69. She was his de-facto wife after the death of his Roman wife Flavia Domitilla (before his emperorship).

  3. I don’t believe in karma or any of that, but I think it’s way overdue for the Great Satan to have a Great Humbling.

  4. Here’s my prediction; so long as WW3 doesn’t go nuclear, the west will lose, BRIC’s collective wealth, power and will surpasses ours.
    BRICS now includes Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
    The west is no longer superior, you cannot run a civilization on soulless corporatocracy, militarism that doesn’t benefit Joe & Jane average, and political correctness.
    These values or lack thereof can’t sustain a civilization, and so it is collapsing in slow motion, soon the collapse will accelerate.

    However, if WW3 goes nuclear, we will all lose, the west, east and south.
    Civilization will cease to be, perhaps man himself and sentient life.
    In that case, maybe sentience is overrated.

    500 years of the great divergence/western supremacy is over, we are entering a new epoch, I call it the great convergence.
    These frontiers/outliers of the west; Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, can’t be sustained, instead we must retreat, turn inward, focus on our own problems/where we went wrong instead of sweeping them under the rug.
    We are entering a multipolar world, the west can no longer dictate what Russia, Iran and China can do in their own backyard.

    Boomers don’t get it, they never will, they’re part of the old world, it’ll be up to the younger generations to figure this crap out after boomers get out of the way.

    Multipolarity is the historical norm, unipolarity under Pax Britannia then Pax Americana an aberration, so in one sense we’re heading back to the old world, but with industrial and postindustrial tech and institutions, that’s the difference, and so in another sense this is a whole new world, a new epoch, somewhere we’ve never been.
    Some things from the past will work, others won’t.
    We have to face reality and find our footing in this new world instead of denying it.

    • BRICS is a loose trading partnership and that’s all it will ever be. Those countries are not bound by a common race, culture, traditions, etc like the US and the 5 Eyes are. I do believe that as the Boomers die off so does support for Israel, though. The jews and Israel are the direct beneficiaries of the Boomers having had 60 years of TalmudVision beamed straight into their brains.

      • They all have one very important thing in common, they want to see the schoolyard bully, the usa, dethroned, so they can each rule their respective region of the world, Brazil Latin America, Russia Eurasia, India South Asia, China East Asia, without interference. America no longer has an ethnicity, religion or culture to speak of nationally speaking, it is a culture of no culture, a culture of soulless consumerism and greed, and so it has no real friends either, once its vassal states see an opportunity, they will betray it.

  5. That’s not a hard question to answer. The Neo-Klowns and their Repuke step-n-fetchits got a big woodie for war with Iran long ago. Überklown Juan ‘Forrest-fire’ McStain, whose daddy helped cover-up the Kosher-Nosetra’s attack on U.S.S. Liberty was chanting ‘Bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb, bom-bomb Iran’ back during the halcyanide days of Housnigga Hussein’s telepromter readership. One can hardly blame the Mullahs for pushing their missile and nuke development. They’d be insane not to.

    The City of London and the usual suspects want to get back their control of Iran’s considerable oil reserves, which they lost in 1978. It’s just another excuse to send white boys to fight Schlomo’s wars. It’s the first time I saw the vid about D-Day, and it’s a fairly devastating takedown. The best rhetoric is always rooted in truth and their is nothing untrue about the actual reasons all those young Americans died on Omaha beach in 1944. Not many Mogan Davids to be seen on those French graveyards full of crosses. The few that are there are for non-elite jews who got drafted and didn’t have the connections to get routed to offices like procurement and JAG. The cracks in the kosher-constructed wall of lies are starting to appear. We need to do what we can to widen them.

  6. Horrible and devestating pictures. Watching disintegrated from the inside heads, reminds me of past experiences I dont like to remember. Those are the sights of death from combat. Everything but the smell of cordite, singed clothes, ammonia, and other shit. Mental pics of friends, comrades and enemies. Sites of dead women and children apparentely in solid condition but nothing but jelly on the inside. Some caused from attacks we failed to stop in time, except for us. EXCEPT FOR US….That is the point.

    Now, everyone consider those images and remember that the Allies and Axis in WWII did that to each other but orders of magnitude greater. Now, consider that right now, not in the future, but right now, much of the non-White, non-Christian, non-Western world dreams in their beds of getting such weaponry, no, actually more modern and more powerful weaponry. They do not intend to hold back in their attacks on us, in contrast to the Allies and Axis with each other, but will use every insidious and ingenious way of torturing and killing us with them without regard to age, sex, class or condition.

    The Iranian mullahs and other mud devils have already determined they want to deliberately squish the insides of your children using airblasts from high explosives, roast your skin into crispy flesh with fires from the sky, and level your cities with nukes, and do it by paragliding shahidees onto your schoolyards. There is nothing you can do to change their mind. They made the decision long ago, before many of you were born, and it burned in their inside year after year that they hadn’t. So, they will attempt to do it unless we utterly crush them.

    The movement to civilizational war was unleashed the day the West abanded its superior position and empowered those cunning devils in the mud places. At your feet, they are now at your throat. There is no escaping this violence within the Middle East or in other places of the world which is mostly filled with devilry. It either is stopped by us over there, or it will be visited upon us here at home. Right now, its getting closer to home every single day.

  7. The civilian population of any region is ultimately reaponsible for what their government or representatives do in their names. Feelz bad! Sorry.

    Reality is harsh, and this is an iron rule of history. Nobody is immune to ultimate responsibility and Palestinians in gaza are no different. Hamas is using them openly as human shields to inflict PR wounds on israel, and thats how modern asymmetrical warfare is conducted.

    We can wave the bloody shirt all we want in the west. Its not Whitey’s conflict and we should be focused on our own interests, not carrying water for our enemies. Same goes for Israel. They can handle themselves.

    I’ve lost too many friends to the sandbox to have any fux left to give about any of them.

    Done reading about it too. Its deer season. I have better things to do.

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