Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House

Great news.

We can finally get on the vital business of sending billions of dollars to Israel and plunging into a hot war with Iran.


    • I know right? Time to fire up the money printers. It’s like we have a completely captured central government.

  1. I had never heard of this guy even being a contender. In fact I had never heard of him. Lady Lindsey Graham will party tonight!

  2. Congress is like MLB now – I can’t recognize or name more than 4 of them and they’re all interchangeable.

  3. These political people are going to let things escalate in Gaza to the point of us becoming a target. They do not give a crap about us.

  4. Look on the bright side…

    He’s not John Hagee.

    He’s a race-traitor, but he only adopted one, not five (like somebody I know near Dallas).

    Supported Trump’s Muslim ban. Thinks Ukraine aid should be reduced. (Or he did yesterday, probably not anymore.)

    Aw hell…who am I kidding? Ain’t no bright side.

    My next post will be from my brother’s rustic bunker at an undisclosed location in east Texas. Nice knowin’ you boys!

    • WS writes:

      “My next post will be from my brother’s rustic bunker at an undisclosed location in east Texas. Nice knowin’ you boys!”

      I respond: We understand and we feel your pain. How about inviting over a lass of child baring age to your bunker. Too many preppier, doomsday survivalists are loners or it’s a guy thing. Let’s include some worthy women for… at least procreation.

      • Yeah, I would, JR – but I was being facetious – if that’s still allowed. And the youngest generation of my family, pre-teen & teenagers, ic lasses of child-bearing age, are already frequent visitors to the well-protected, well-defended bunker complex, complete with target range, claymores, anti-radiation pills, you name it. At our next conclave, we’ll have a sing-a-long around the campfire to my guitar version of “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” The girls love it.

  5. Sigh.

    Well at least we’ve heard only good news about Hunter W’s new family addition. Let’s put more of our hope in our children as the grown ups supposedly of our kith and kin in the South have been a tad disappointing.

    Hey Hunter I have blog in draft mode about another Swiss People’s Party victory. I checked it and these days I’m always sober, gave up all alcohol drinking 8 months and counting. I’ll post in an hour unless you say “NO”.

  6. Basically, he says Blacks don’t have enough support to overcome their disabilities. That doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling regarding domestic racial politics. So, I looked it up. This effing guy came out in support of George Floyd. Total symp for Blacks. Disgraceful.

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