House Votes To “Stand With Israel”

As we saw yesterday, House Republicans finally got their act together and elected a new Speaker of the House, which is being cast as a huge victory for the far right.

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana has a black son, decried the murder of George Floyd and condemned systemic racism. His biggest donor is AIPAC. He moved with lightning speed to put a bill on the floor to “Stand With Israel.” It wasn’t some meaningless token gesture of thoughts and prayers either. It commits the United States to providing open-ended military support for Israel against its enemies.

New York Times:

The House voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to pass a resolution declaring solidarity with Israel, pledging to give its government whatever security assistance it needs to fight and win its war with Hamas.

The vote, 412 to 10, was the first piece of legislation considered under Speaker Mike Johnson, Republican of Louisiana. He was elected to the post on Wednesday after three tumultuous weeks in which G.O.P. members struggled to replace Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, following his ouster.

Nine Democrats and one Republican opposed the resolution. Six Democrats voted present, even though five of them had previously co-sponsored the resolution. …

Rep. Thomas Massie and The Squad voted against it.

All that Bibi Netanyahu has to do now is give the order to launch a ground invasion of Gaza. Iran and its proxies will respond by going to war with Israel. Then we are officially in a war with Iran.

Note: Israel can do whatever it wants to “defend itself.” You can see what it is willing to do here, here and here. It is has gotten so bad that American allies in the region like Turkey are threatening Israel. We are willing to co-sign its actions in Gaza and go to war with its enemies.


  1. Whitey’s interests in the middle east are limited to ensuring that another empire like the Persian or Ottoman Empires doesn’t arise there to lay seige to Europe and Christendom again. Israels presence as a perennial source of instability serves that end.

    In short, peace in the middle east is antithetical
    to White interests and I heartily endorse war in perpetuity there, until all the enemies of our race are smashed or obliterate eachother.

    Further, this will create the exact circumstances in which these violent subversive elements will make themselves known here at home, rioting and murdering Whites and easing the process of justifying throwing them all out or ghettoizing them in enclaves where they can be contained.

    Whitey should want all of these barbarians gone home or dead/ghettoized if they won’t leave. They don’t belong here, aren’t welcome, and never will be. I will spare them no tears.

    I will not tacitly align with enemies to spite another enemy. They all must go. Maybe more of these secular atheist Jews will get the picture and go home to fight for the hellscape their zionist brethren took over in palestine once they realize they aren’t here after they shit in their own feathered nest and imported their ethnic foes into our midst with their bullshit open arms policy to all the worlds orcs..

    Either way, there is absolutely nothing new about our having uncritical support for israel, its been that way longer than I’ve been alive and will only change once the poor brown people who have yet another fake grievance ideology win preference on the left and displace the jews as the new sacred cow who can’t be criticized. I won’t give succor to that, knowing full well we won’t get anything for it but more dead White people.

    While there is no sympathy or compassion for dead White people here, there will be none for them. They did this to themselves, all of them, and its not my problem.

    There is no stomach for war in the American population, and this won’t last. What will last is hopefully a few lost generations of our enemies, and I can live with that comfy and secure.

    I owe them nothing but the hatred and contempt of a cornered animal fighting for its life against a mortal foe.

  2. The hardest thing is watching American christians pander to Jewish interest. It makes me realize how joined at the hip protestant religion is with Judaism. It’s a cultural knot that can’t be severed without turning your back on the historical anglo culture altogether. I’ve been a long time believer in the reformed and evangelical faith, but this is just too much lockstep to bear. So, when mullahs hope to melt our cities for our role and relation to Jewish power, I understand why. But, don’t know how we can escape the same fate as the Jew without ourselves culturally ceasing as a people or being objectively annihilated. At least for me, AmNat is a very hard position to defend right now. Liberal protestants are at least a little more critical of the conflict?

  3. But…but, the Ukraine war? That didn’t go away. Just got put on the back burner for the time being. Our leaders can’t do enough for Israel as they let thousands of 3rd worlders flood into America every day.

  4. I saw a report this morning that Bibbi said in a address to the the Israeli public that a day and time has been set for the Gaza invasion.

    • Zion Ron the Shabbos Goy appeasing his jewish masters. 60 years of the jews flooding the US with üntermensch has consequences for the Tribe. In the future this exact moment in time will be considered Peak Jew. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet they have lost control of the narrative amongst everyone but the Boomers.

      • It has damned few consequences for the tribe. They can have jew-only polities in NY state where no kneegrows and other goyim cattle are permitted. Get lots of state money for their colonies too. No honkie would even dare to try the shit they routinely get away with and laugh about.

  5. Honesty, I don’t expect the Iranians to carry out any threats of direct involvement. The most they will do is influence proxy forces to engage in attacks, either on Israel proper or Jewish targets abroad. The reason for their support, which is more than rhetorical unlike the Arab regimes – is to give legitimacy to the Islamic government.

    But in the end the rulers there care more about their own interests than those of Palestinians. They will not risk a war that can potentially topple their own regime, the way the Russian government fell after having lost a war in 1917 (and almost in 1905).

  6. Who were the brave 10 Congressmen to vote against this Israeli Uber Alles “Slaughter the Arabs in Gaza” resolution?

    I would imagine they are AOC and that Somalian woman congresswoman in Minneapolis that just hate all things White, think of Israel as another form of White colonialism.

    This really, really sucks. I’m afraid pretty much all of our White Judeo Christian Conservative folks particularly in the South and Midwest are not slaves to the Js. Slavs to the J television/talmudvision. It’s pretty much useless to try to use reason with these slaves – if you have any in your family, I recommend treating them slaves/drug addicts. The J TV is definitely a narcotic and if it’s on 24/7 in you family’s homes – just recognize this and call them out for being drug addict/slaves.

    I’ll print up some labels that are similar to the warning label on Cigarettes, ours will say:

    “Warning, the Surgeon General has determined that Jewish Television/Talmudvision is hazardous to your mental health”.

    I recommend stickering a relative’s TV (that is on all the time) with such stickers.

    I also highly recommend the ZOG buster TV-B-Gone electronic device that zaps off TVs most everywhere.

    • It’s almost as absurd as when Netanyahoo gave an address to the congress of whores a few years ago. That was like a scene right out of the Gulag Archipelago – with endless rounds of standing-ovation for the official Kosher Nosetra capo.

      Guess none of the weasels wanted to end up like the factory manager in Solzheniitsyn’s story, who when he asked why he was being sent to the gulag for life (after finally ending his applause for Stalin and taking a seat) was told: Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.

      Voat moar harder, zeks!

    • Yes, I’ll bet every one of the 10 naysayers is Anti-White and I’ll bet 99.99% of the yeasayers are Anti-White too.

  7. There is going to be an attack on the continental United States and it is going to be blamed on the Muslims just like the last time, this is all in preparation for that moment. And then Irish Catholic Joe is going to be forced to send troops and the troop with all the gays and trannies leading the way are going to get their ……………. Just laugh at these clowns. And laugh when they reap what they have sown for themselves and our country.

  8. When i learned that AIPAC was the largest donor to his re-election campaign that told me all i needed to know about him. What a surprise that his first official act was to pass legislation giving a blank check from America to Israel for the upcoming war.

    • That is exactly why AIPAC gives “campaign contributions” i.e. bribes to Congress, to buy legislation like this. They sure got their money’s worth from those filthy reprobate scumbags in Congress this time, didn’t they?

  9. And there doesn’t appear to be even one nationally recognized White GOP, White Conservative openly advocating that we stay completely out of the latest Arab vs Israeli, now Israeli Js against the entire Islamic world and instead advocate that we used our incredibly expensive National Defense military to actually fight the Mexican drug, migrant smuggling cartels. Not one American Conservative is demanding we bomb some Mexican Cartel leader’s drug, migrant smuggling estates or arrest their girl friend/whores, parade them naked in our streets carrying signs saying “I’m a filthy whore for (specific names) Mexican drug cartels.

    I am afraid our people and definitely all our US Congress Critters are slaves, slaves to the Js.

  10. Dems/libs and Reps/cons are two sides of the same coin, you’d have to be politically retarded not to realize that by now, the left side worships power, money, blacks and indigenous, the right side worships money, power and Jews.
    Neither is pro-white, pro-Christian or even pro-America.
    Neither side is pro-worker.
    This will become apparent to the masses, but only after total socioeconomic and political collapse, which’s coming sooner than later.
    How long will you continue to be duped for?
    The answer is, until death, or something like it.

  11. According to sources, he was the compromise candidate between the slightly smaller Yankee and ethnic White Ellis Island rif raf Republicans on one side, and the mostly Southern Redneck Republicans on the other. He is also from Louisiana so perhaps he might hold the line against the Third Reconstruction.

    Southerners are the largest wing of the GOP. But, power in the conference still mostly rests with Northern interests. Scalise, wasn’t chosen principally because he was thought of as too old school Southern racist. Johnson is also from Louisiana but he had a Black adopted kid and was pro-Israel so it got him over the hurdle.

    In the end, we broke nearly 30 years of non-stop Papist control of the Speaker Chair, one reason GOP politics has sucked so badly. Secret Papists like Catholic Catboy and others on the dissident right are angry of course, especially cuz they hate Soutuerners. Now with a Southerner in there we might be in for more favorable weather on some issues. How he resists BLM will be important. Illuminating the link between them and Hamas will be key on ensuring he pushes correctly.

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