Tucker Carlson: The Iran War

We’re about to go to war with Iran.

The sole reason we are going to do this is to “Stand With Israel.”

Young Americans are going to be sacrificed in another huge war in the Middle East because of the anger stirred up among Muslims due to Israel’s aggressive policies in Gaza.

Right now, the only thing delaying the start of the war is that the IDF’s ground invasion of Gaza is on hold until the Pentagon can ship all of this equipment over to our military bases across the Middle East, which are about to get hit by waves of Iranian missiles and drones.

Note: I know it is Douglas Macgregor, but it was still an interesting conversation.


  1. Not real sure how another war for Israel helps the homeless living under a bridge, or improves the situation on the southern border, etc.
    Again, Americans are being distracted from domestic issues by another external conflict on behalf of your greatest alloy.
    Another wave of refugees and dead bodies are on their way…….

  2. Why is the Alt-Right full of hyperbolic Drama Queens? There isn’t going to be a World War just a genociding of the Palestinians and theft of their land by the jews. Besides – Iran vs Israel is as fake as the WWE – it’s just another one of the myriad of ways that Israel shakes down the USA for money.

  3. OK, Hunter. You are well aware that Douglas Macgregor has been wrong many times about the Ukraine war, predicting early Russian victory, making ridiculous excuses when that didn’t happen, “Putin is trying to limit civilian casualties, so he’s going slow…” etc., etc.

    Still, in 27 minutes, Macgregor is bound to say some things that are true. Like, the situation is precarious. And many bad things can happen to Americans & the U.S. economy if the war expands. But in focusing on Blinken’s belligerent comments, Macgregor ignores reports the U.S. government has been urging Israel to delay any large-scale ground offensive into Gaza, & doesn’t consider that much of the aggressive “turn Gaza into a glass parking lot” & “gotta strike Iran” type of rhetoric from congress members is designed more to show their Israel Lobby donors they are true Blue & Whites than to push for major military strikes by American forces. Blinken has also toned down the past few days. Remember that – thanks to mass Muslim immigration for the past several decades – Democrats depend for victory to some degree on Muslim electoral support. They can’t appear to be too thirsty for Muslim blood. It also appears the U.S. is not assuming Hamas & Hezbollah rocket attacks into Israel, are necessarily ordered by Iran. The attacks on U.S. bases in the region don’t appear very serious – no fatalities so far.

    Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks. I doubt large scale direct attacks by U.S. planes, missiles, or ground troops will occur, aside from small teams of American special operations forces trying to rescue hostages.

  4. If/when we go to war with Iran it’s terrible, and it’ll do a lot of damage to Americans. Both the direct lost of life but also the long lasting diplomatic and economic fallout will negatively impact regular Americans lives.

    HOWEVER, if you want to see something positive. And what we should hammer away at, and fortunately it won’t be just us… is that we went to war -potentially world war- because of Israel.

    Israel would’ve MUCH rather convinced Americans to go to war with Iran without them being the cause. But we didn’t take the bait, remember the ziocons trying saber rattling over Iran shooting down our drone??? lol

    They tried hard and they wanted Iran to react more directly and aggressively towards Solemani assassination. They were cool customers and resisted emotionally striking back.

    And while if/when this war happens it’ll hurt us more than any of our recent wars, and it’ll be painful. The zionists are going to take a BIG hit as well.

    Will they be totally ousted from power? Hopefully, but probably not. But if zionists were treated like a harmful lobby or even just like any other lobby/ethnic interest group that would be huge for white Americans.

    The only thing stopping pro-white ethnic organizations* is the zionist network.

    *we’ve been ghettoized for so long that pro-white and fascist have been conflated. When I say pro-white organizations I mean liberal pro-white groups that affirm basic tenets of liberalism while pushing back against antiwhite discrimination. I know many on here wouldnt like that, but one you don’t know what that would be like. We’ve only lived in overtly antiwhite diversity. And two all mainstream ethnic organizations support basic liberal tenets. Liberal in the political theory sense, not the partisan sense.

    While that might not be ideal, it would be much better.

    Unfortunately it’ll take a devastating war and our economy to go down the shitter to even have that opportunity.

    But always hit the message “this war is/was for Israel.”

  5. You’ve been right all along with what’s going on. Nobody wanted to believe the US would be sucked up into a foreign war but it’s already happened. The US has been supporting the Ukraine but not directly fighting Russia. Now supporting “Israel” but not directly fighting the Islamics in Gaza…yet. It’s only a matter of time before “Israel” fools us into fighting a large war in the Middle East against Palestine, Iran, and every single country in the Middle East not liked by the Jews. Hey wait a minute…haven’t we White Nationalists been saying since the 1970s that Jews control our foreign policy? Probably even longer than that…think 1948ish. More like 1913…who you think prints the money? Now everybody knows that European Americans don’t control our own country and sure not our foreign policy. Now gas will be $7.00 a gallon, the economy will tank, and yet political division will be even worse than ever. Americans vs Americans that is. Yet everybody will love the fact that the good ole US of A is fighting another War for the Jews. So what if the White Race speaks out about all this? The Jews will just reel in all those bank loans everybody’s got or turn off the Debit Cards and Credit Cards because how dare us speak up against the Jews. Speak up anyway. WPWW! ?

  6. I think everyone needs to calm down.

    Check out the polls and the data is plain to see: the closer Americans of any race are to military age, the less inclined they are to support ANY war, much less support and fight for Israel. Speaking as a Boomer who has many young people of military age in my own family, I would not encourage them to volunteer for the military and I would be at the Capital raising hell if the draft were brought back. And I would not be alone.

    The one thing that would reunite Left AND Right against the American government would be TPTB reinstituting the draft. A draft which now does not exclude women. Not sure if it still contains college deferments. They have to know that if they go there, all the “mostly peaceful” George Floyd Protests (and I am not counting that sad little January 6th Farce) would be a walk in the park and turn into an Anti-War Protest that could and would burn down Washington.

    The first order of business for any Congress Critter is to get elected, the second is to get re-elected. They ain’t gonna go there.

    Even then, even the military we have is slightly obese. The population we have is not only aging but very obese. IF TPTB have a major brain fart and pass a bill calling for the draft, assuming that any report for duty rather than telling TPTB to GFY, they’d all have to be sent to Fat Camp before they could be sent to basic training.

    Any woman of child-bearing age who could do so would get pregnant like many female soldiers did for both the first and second Iraq engagements.

    And before anyone points out all these brown skinned military aged men slipping over our broken southern border, I remember how hard it was to find Mexican Day Labor right after 911 for over three months. They would be gone like a flash.

    Most of our new Non-White, Non-Christian citizens, like the Asians, the Pakistanis, the dot Indians, our neighbors south of the border, and particularly all the Arabs don’t give a rat’s patootie about the Holocaust and will not be up to supporting much less fighting for Israel.

    I could see more cause for concern if we still had conscription and a ninety percent White Christian country. With a lot of fit young White military age men. Who would still dutifully put life and limb on the line even if there was some unfair draft with college exemptions.

    Ironically, the Jewish subversion of White Christian America has worked all too well. They provided the Palestinians with the road map for taking the high ground of Victim Morality away from them and snatching it for themselves by painting the Israelis and their Jewish supporters as oppressive White Supremacist colonists.

    So, yeah, the USA will bankrupt itself financially and deplete its own stock of weaponry to support Israel, but it will NEVER be the the kind of support they want, i.e. young military aged White Christian male cannon fodder to supply the boots on the ground to engage in urban warfare against Hamas.

    And yes, Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro are already threatening us with “The Samson Option,” I guess Israel could take that option and fire all its missiles at all the formerly White majority countries from which they have been exacting tribute all these years.

    The USA and NATO allied countries are all bankrupt from the Pandemic and being Coudenhove-Kalergied. The well has run dry. They have no choice but to remember that they have their own nuclear arsenals and call Israel’s bluff.So, we should all just kick back and enjoy the Schadenfreude before the inevitable refugees from Israel come here.

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