Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee Statue Melted Down

In a few days, the United States will be at war with Iran for the sake of Israel, and millions of us would rather crawl on our knees over broken glass than fight for this regime.


  1. The jews are all for destroying monuments to the great Robert E. Lee, who was easily a hundred times the man that any Talmudic will ever be. BLM is owned by jews. How many of the southern white boys soon to volunteer or be drafted to die on behalf of a bunch of chicken-shit Satanists like Benji Shapiro have even the slightest knowledge of all this? Also note that some confederates are more equal than others when it comes to the ongoing damnatio memorae. I’ve not read of any attacks on the few monuments to either (((Judah Benjamin))) or (((David Yulee))).

    Gen. Smedley Butler told the truth: War is a Racket!

  2. I could have missed them, but I didn’t see any Palestinians protesting our dispossesion at Cville. No, they were on the other side if they were there at all, right beside the jews and traitor Whites doing what they could to move our disenfranchisement into the nascent digital gulag that was even then emerging.

    Things to ponder when choosing allies or for folks whom you spend ink to advocate in good faith that will not be returned.

    I get your points HW, I do. I just can’t be made to give a single crap about any of them, and I am inured to emotional blackmail, so maybe thats why.

    There are plenty of dumb Whites to fight Zogs wars, and it will become another debacle to hang around the empires neck for far too long, furthering still more what should be the goal, balkanization in response to imperial over reach.

    Not all Whites will survive. We wouldn’t be in this mess if they all even deserved to in the first place.

    • IronicSock writes:

      “I could have missed them, but I didn’t see any Palestinians protesting our dispossesion at Cville. No, they were on the other side if they were there at all, right beside the jews and traitor Whites ”

      I Respond:

      Yes was true. And it was true for 700 years in Muslim Moor occupied Spain – Je*s and Muslims working mostly together to oppress, enslave local Whites.

      It’s Heads they (the Js) win or Tails – we lose in Charlottesville, London/Londonstan, Belgium, Sweden lose to the Js, Palestinians, BLM, Antifa.

      But the right thing to do is not to fall in to any of the Js traps – the Swiss People’s Party isn’t – nobody in the 23 years and county winning, ruling Swiss People’s Party is advocating making Swiss Military slaves, co war criminals with the IDF in Gaza, nor are anyone in the Swiss People’s Party advocating flooding Switzerland with the worst Arabs, Muslims, Antifa, Js to tear down historic Swiss monuments, desecrate Swiss heroes like William Tell, desecrate their graves.

      The Swiss People’s Party is led by sensible, intelligent White Swiss – who put the Swiss People First in Switzerland and stay out of other people’s wars, conflicts, sectarian Islamic divides – ain’t Shiite and Sunni militias running around Switzerland with AK47s, morters competing for who will run, control certain, all streets in Switzerland, Nope.

      And unlike here in Amurikuh, the Swiss don’t let this to happed because all the Swiss are glued to their ZOG TV screens worshipping Negro Felon tackle football players 5 days a week.


      • I have been to Switzerland. I was there during their military call up weekend. It was highly impressive. I wish we had an Ethno-State which was a fusion of Orania and Switzerland as regards ideology.

    • I noticed youve been leaving these talking points on every article even though he didnt mention the Palestinians in this post at all. It is so obvious you’re a ziobot infiltrator trying to use permission slip racism to get genuine White dissidents to stop attacking Israel.

      You know America will support Israel anyways no matter what we say, so practically all your “”neutrality”” will accomplish in reality is to lessen public outcry and pushback in online discourse. If you genuinely dont care then stop trying so hard to mute the anti-israel right.

      • The imminent war for israel… against palestinians… was specifically mentioned. Did you read it?

        I’ve been here for years and don’t have anything to prove, to you or anybody.

      • They are managing that all on their own without political capital from the dissident right being squandered to save brown people from their own stupidity.

        • There is a difference between supporting Palestinians and a refusal to support the Zionist entity in the middle east which seems lost on many. The BDS laws and House-honky DeSantis’ general totalitarianism – now used against Arabs – will be used against any whites who object or resist jewish supremacism (already is actually). Meanwhile, the outlaw regime in Sodom-on-Potomac is already bombing Syria on behalf of their masters in Jerusalem as our own border is totally open and unguarded. Washington’s admonition about foreign entanglements was damned good advice. Our utter failure to follow it is one of the many reasons Murika is collapsing. Calling for ceasefire and peace talks does not equal “supporting Palestinians”.

          One other thing about the Palestinians is that there is small minority of Christians (as opposed to ‘Christian Zionists’ – a term that is every bit as oxymoronic as ‘Christian Satanists’ dominant here in Murika) among them – who do deserve support from other Christians – despite the fact that the Muslim majority there have treated them only marginally better than the Satanic jews.

    • You sure are obsessed with bringing your hatred of Palestinians into everything, even when it is relevant. Might I ask why?

  3. This is just erasing White and Southern history. They’re sending a message. I have no respect for people who erase history and deface or destroy historical monuments. Why do people cave to the far left? If the far left can get away with this, they can get away with anything and they are. The open borders are a far left policy gone unchallenged. Why aren’t Republicans fighting on a daily bases over the border and decisions like this to destroy history? All they care about is Israel and Hunter Biden. If the right had balls, they would refuse to fund the government or pass any legislation until the border is fixed.

    The people who are supposed to be on our side only give their all when it comes to killing Palestinian children and supporting wars on behalf of Israel. The American right is useless, they only know how to lose.

  4. Totally ridiculous. It obviously represents heritage, not slavery. Even though I live in the North, I can see that, probably because my parents got off the boat in the 20th century. One can even find youtube videos with Blacks supporting the Confederate flag as heritage, not slavery. For that matter, there’s even a Black woman defending her Confederate flag purse (below). But it’s the standard yankee-puritan-judaic operating procedure. They are trying to post-WWII German-ize the South. There were many heroic men fighting on the German side during WWII who will never get a statue. The yankee-puritans, jews and their southern lap dogs are trying to erase Southern heritage.

    • The strange thing about Lee is that he was not all that fond of slavery – any more than his nemesis Ulysses Grant was. Both were career military officers married to women from slave-owning families. Grant’s own family were abolitionists and dis-owned him for a time for his marriage to Julia Dent of St. Louis. Lee would have preferred not to have to deal with the management of the slaves – most from his wife’s inheritance. Yet one of the confederates who was a notorious slave owner of a sugar plantation, where the field slaves were worked very hard – often with brutality – was David Levy Yulee one of the few confederates whose monuments remain untouched by negroid mobs. Darkie knows who da real mastah be.

    • I think it represents genocidal Jewish wars. Much like Ukraine and WWI. it was both a land/property grab and a blood letting. If the South had won they would still be under Jewish tyranny. Judah Benjamin (handler) says it all to me.

  5. Back with my wife in Tennessee
    When one day she called to me
    ‘Virgil, quick, come see
    There goes Robert E Lee!”

    • What a band !! Fitting lyrics for this article too. Dang, I’m old as ell and my memory is shot, but reading that I knew right away it was The Band, just couldn’t remember which track title it was, …. sigh, … had to go look at an old tape in my cassette collection The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Then I just went, well duh, of course that’s it !! lol Getting old sucks !!

  6. As you well know Brad, I care deeply about the cause of Confederate monuments and history in general, being a history major myself. I am very sorry that the hatred of the left has once again gone overboard.

  7. In a few days, the United States will be at war with Iran

    You seem awfully sure of this. I’m not sure why.

  8. Any perusal of the actors involved in the ethnicide of Southerners will see it has several factions. The most prominent factions consist of anti-Christian and Anglophobic Catholics, anti-Southern Yankee Liberals, anti-Nativist Judeo-Catholic corporate racketeers and their gangs, and assorted anti-White colored revolutionaries. Delving deeper into this campaign you will discover a lot more, such as Chamber of Commerce support, NGO support, and the politicians assorted with them. It’s a lot more than just “Duh, Jews.”

    But to keep it simple and relevant to Hunter’s neo-libertarian neo-isolationism, take a look at two of the public intellectual faces of the recent cultural genocide of Charlottesville, VA: Janal Schmidt and Andrea Douglas. The former is a Samba (Mixed Mestiza-Mulatta) Latino Marxist revolutionary with ties to Cuba and probably its revolutionary and intelligence services. The later is a Black Marxist with ties to liberal Yankee oligarchs and far left George Soros style foundations as well as street criminals across the country. Both swimm in the dark world of genocide and hate. Their acknowledged actions are clearly criminal and deserve to see them punished for crimes against humanity. But more importantly, not only are they ardent BLM supporters, but they are anti-Zionists who stand with paragliding axe murdering barbaric Palestinian terrorists.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. In a world where Whites are about 12-15% of the planet’s human population, and where Antlanto-Nordic Christians are about 7.5% and Anglo-Protestants are about 3.5%, you all better figure out how to make alliances and divide and conquer outside of some constructed “Huwite” race. Siding with the Zionists against the BLM-Palestinian-Moslems isn’t going to advance anti-Southern ethnicide, but it might help stop it. For certain, not doing anything is going to help the left’s and the North East’s ethnicide of Americans. It will merely assure that at some near future point, you as an individual, will be put into the next train to the nearest death camp and be melted down like Robert E Lee.

  9. @Brad Speaking of Muslims, after the Civil War/War Between the States in 1869, Lee met with Turkish Ambassador at the Greenbriar up in West Virginia. There is a photo of the meeting. Lee is seated next to the Ambassador.

  10. If you had two foundry ovens operating twenty-four hours a day seven days a week how many Robert E. Lee statues, could be melted?

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