Election Day 2023


Hard to believe the GOP blew it.

I’m in a negative mood.

I will be honest with you. I don’t care who wins.

In Virginia, I have heard that Glenn Youngkin did nothing to stop the Robert E. Lee monument from being desecrated or to stop the removal of A.P. Hill’s monument

In Kentucky, the black Kentucky Attorney General is running for governor. The last Republican governor was a cuck with multiple black children.

In Mississippi, the incumbent Republican governor is a cuck who took down the Mississippi State Flag during the Summer of Floyd.

In Ohio, there is another fight over abortion, but I haven’t followed it.

Sorry, I don’t see much to be excited about.

Even before the war erupted in Israel, I wasn’t interested in these dismal elections.


  1. And who is the more ‘conservative’ party meant to be? Whoever it is, they don’t seem to be conserving much these days.
    Two parties in this duopoly, with barely a point of difference between them. Sums up your democracy. Your vote counts……….LOL!

    • I watched a little TV today for a change and both the communists on MSNBC and Hasbara TV (i.e. Fox TV) were both:

      a.) breathlessly reporting on the heroic struggle of Our Greatest Ally

      b.) shocked, shocked over some opinion polls that showed colored people don’t
      like Dementia Joe and claim that they won’t vote for him.

      How many times have we heard this shit from the Republicans; “This time the colored folk are going to vote Republican, they really are!” When election time rolls around the colored folk vote Democrat again, they always do.

      Last time this line of bullshit was peddled was by King Cyrus himself before the 2020 election with his “Platinum Plan” to bribe blacks to vote for him. Of course, it didn’t work, it never does and the Republicans never learn a damn thing either.

      • Hope they all got their letters off to Santa Claus, or whatever woke version of he/she/it, is, at the same time. Pretty astounding that anyone still actually believes in this crap.

      • Oh they know it doesn’t work, and they know elections are rigged by cheating, especially cheating by niggers that you’re not allowed to focus on because it would have “disproportionate” impact and therefore be racist. You know, sort of like murder laws.

        It has never, ever been about getting blacks to vote Republican so Republicans won’t seem to be the party of racists. It’s 100% about teaching simpletons who vote GOP to accept black interests being put first by their own party that they vote for in the misguided notion they will get some protection. “Get to the back of the bus, you racist crackers, we’re trying to have a BIG TENT with the Floyd protesters and relatives of these young bucks in prison!”

  2. Politics is like the weather and democracy like ceremonial magic.
    Just as ritual magic has no affect on the weather, voting has no affect on politics.
    Voting is just a superstition the ruling class has us perform, to keep us invested.
    It’s silly when you think about it, the idea that scribbling on a piece of paper could influence what the rich and powerful do.

    Power does whatever it wants, the masses just have to adapt, one way or another, as we always have.
    Our real power, insofar as we have any, is in exercising noncompliance, in not conforming to the ordinances of the day.
    That’s always been our only true power, in antiquity as in modernity.

    This experiment in democracy was largely if not wholly a failure.
    We owe our national state nothing, no loyalty.

    Every ruling class needs a good bullshit story, the king has been appointed by the Gods, the president/governors by the people.
    Our ruling class just came up with a more sophisticated bullshit story, that’s all.
    But in every age, sooner or later the people catch on, they stop believing in and retelling the tale, they stop serving and protecting the thing that largely if not solely benefits the rulers, and from that dissention, real change, for better or worse, can happen.

  3. Passing: Ohio State Issue 2 To Commercialize, Regulate, Legalize, and Tax the Adult Use of Cannabis.

    More Blacks, Puerto Ricans and Latinos committing crimes.

  4. That’s the thing….it’s really hard to care anymore. Look at the race-traitor whore. It’s everywhere. That is the future of our people in North America.

  5. I’m putting on my White Nationalist / political activist hat for a second. If the Kentucky Republican Party would have had a White dude running for Governor he would have won. Note… Republicans should avoid putting race mixers on the ballot in the future. ?

    • The Republicans are hopeless. Usually they screw it up like last night. Even when they win they also manage to lose like King Cyrus or Gov. Youngkin. There is no salvation in the Republicans. They have had more opportunities to win, rule and change things for the better than any other party but they never fail to sell out.

  6. 16 years of Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama ‘fundamentally fransformed’ America.

    The country has moved way to the left, is the only way I can understand these results.

    When it comes to Trump, he has had his chance and has shown his true neo-conservative colors recently.

    Right now the only political type thing I am interested in is RFK Jrs. campaign. He doesn’t seem to hate Whites like Democrats do.

  7. @Hunter,

    If you guys keep waiting for the NYC Wall Street backed GOP to give you a candidate representative of Southerners, you will always be disappointed. Suggestion, a second time, get involved in the party and put your feet where your mouth is. Not in some quixotic campaign to separate some portion of Alabama from the Union so you can all go fishing, but in a real campaign to stuff it to these Yankee scalawags.

    That means becoming a precinct committeeman and using the GOP’s organization for your own end. Then you can influence election campaign laws making it difficult if not impossible for Wall Street to keep bankrolling these sacks of shit candidate like the Negro who likes his vanilla ice cream. Until that happens, all you will be doing is disappointing yourself with choices between Wall Street and Lenin Street.

    It’s sad to realize this happened in Kentucky, a state full of flinty redneck people who 100 years ago along with their cousins in West Virginia rebelled against al corporate Wall Street political machine backed by the US Army and again after WWII succeeded in overthrowing entire political machines in the process. The fact they now have a verifiable Chinese agent as Senator, who heads the Senate and is probably a pedo fag, shows what turning a state into a bunch of individualist libertarians gets. Time to get involved in real electioneering not shitposting. Note, if things go bad as in Matawan which initiated a full scale rebellion, you at least need a few Sheriffs to be successful. https://youtu.be/AGMjaw9ZvTY?si=1RZhszzn5AA2h2HC

    • They ran a negro against the incumbent. How the hell did anyone expect it to turn out any differently? GOP is happy to lose though. They’d lose every office before they’d put their constituents before their token negroes.

  8. The Virginia GOP is so useless, that deep-red Greene county allowed a tranny to repeatedly fuck his 80 year old, dementia ridden mother without consequence due to him being mildly autistic (for those of you who hadn’t kept up with the Chris-Chan saga, this how it ended). The GOP are really just the Washington Generals to the Dems Globetrotters.

  9. Well, when we get further breakdowns of segments of this election I think we will find that once again the GOP rode the Anti-Abortion Hobby-Horse straight to defeat. People still stuck in an 80s mindset, or living in a Southern Baptist Bubble think that abortion is wildly unpopular with the electorate. But those people who were appalled by abortion back in the “Morning in America-Reagan/Mondale thumping” who cooked their casseroles and Jello salads are in the memory unit of nursing homes or in the cemetery now. Women are now pretty much dependent on their own working wages to support themselves in this “feminist” society. Even married couples would risk mortgage default if the wife were no longer earning an income. An unwanted pregnancy which is a real possibility in post sexual revolution, feminist America would be an absolute financial and personal disaster for most women and taking abortion away is perceived as an existential threat. After seizing defeat from the jaws of victory in 2022 it seems the GOP learned nothing and doubled down on pushing abortion bans and this cost them in KY and VA. The alt right of course is so blinded by their jew hatred they are focused 24/7 now on this Gaza thing that most Americans really don’t care about. Stuff that personally affects their pocketbooks like an unplanned pregnancy gets glossed over as significant events in our culture, well better get used to Biden and Shumer, this is the golden ticket for them and they know how to use it to win elections.

    • Jews rig elections. Pro-abortion is pro-Jew. The Palestinian militants are the only people these days who understand what it takes to put up a real fight. Not liberal “conservatives” who think they’re going to win elections, libertarian dilettantes, freemasons pandering to racially suicidal generations of loose women.

      Support for race-suicide is support for white genocide. Anybody who thinks we’re going to win elections and solve our problems that way is a fool. We win the sex war by fighting it, that’s #1.

      • Really? Start a futile war like the Palestinians? Sun Tzu said you win a war, then you fight it. The Palestinians would have done better to stopped all the terrorism and settled down to do commerce like in the gulf and just waited the Israeli’s out for a century in a demographic war like the left has been pulling against Anglo America for the last 60 years. The Israeli’s drop their guard, do business, and eventually just become part of a new middle east. Nope, had to attack Custer and now they get annihilated in their own Gaza Wounded Knee. How well would it have worked out for the blacks if MLK’s NY jewish handlers had instead organized them to fight a guerrilla war like Hamas? Such talk is dangerous and futile.

        • When did Wilfred Brimley begin posting on OD?

          Go chase some kids off your lawn grandpa, and don’t forget to drink your prune juice with your Geritol.

    • The Kentucky GOP ran a negro for Governor. Stop running pro-life candidates as Republicans and see what you get. You’ll just go twice as fast to the Left.

      • Well, that doesn’t change the fact that two years worth of polling continue to indicate that abortion is the key issue in the minds of a lot of these voters in these elections. You can believe it’s all fake and the polls are lies, or perhaps there’s something to that. An abortion ban is the kind of bitter pill you need Xi’s power to pull off. Not something a party out of power looking for a popular issue needs? It’s as popular as those dreadful old jello mold salads the old ladies used to bring to luncheons forty years ago. You have to win with the team you have, not the team you wish. I personally hate democracy and the idea of civilization being in the hands of the whims of females, but that is what we are stuck with for now. And time to take that nasty looking casserole Aunt Mildred cooked up off the table and run out and get some pizza if you want the party to be a hit.

    • I am anti-abortion, but the fact that the Gay Old Pedos continue to beat this drum after the victory in overturning a “constitutional right” created by a blackrobe’s fart is yet more proof that they deliberately lose when ordered to by their owners. Once Roe v. Wade was overturned, the entire focus of the Pro-life movement needed to shift back to what it was in the 1990s, when legalized abortion mills appeared to be a permanent feature nationwide – localism and exposing (((who))) owns the abortion industry and profits from the body-parts market. CZ’s don’t like that part, though.

    • The lamentations about abortion passing in red states ignores the 800 pound silver back gorilla in the room. The number of Black on White REPORTED rapes that, thanks to pressure from the MSM, has been erased like all the OTHER Color of Crime stats formerly publicized by the FBI.

      Starting with the late Carolyn Bryant (who got the Potiphar’s Wife Treatment and was hounded until the day she died after her tragic encounter with the budding young rapist Emmett Till ended his life), White women who end up in confrontations with Black men have seen their lives and careers ruined with the help of social media, i.e. Barbecue Becky, Permit Patty, and the widespread Karen persecutions launched at any White woman who has the temerity to expect Blacks to observe and obey the same rules as Whites.

      Especially Post-Travyon Martin and Post George Floyd, if “urban teenagers” are getting away with ransacking stores to the tune of billions, smiling and waving at the cameras as they stroll away with their loot, then it’s safe to assume that the amount of rapes have skyrocketed – unreported rapes, that is.

      The Republicons are absolutely right when they say The Democrats R The Real Racists, because they got White women, especially those of child-bearing age out to the polls to vote the Democrat Platform especially and including abortion with loud hyperbole about rape and incest. For obvious reasons which escape no one but conservative talkshows.

      Of course any Republican with two working brain cells KNOWS about the Black on White crime stats that have only been recently flushed down the memory hole so why did they walk into the trap of overturning Roe v. Wade which heretofore kept state elections, especially those of conservative states out of the abortion debate? Why did they give the Democrats the ONE thing that would get the nose of the blue camel under the tent?

      Why did the Kentucky GOP, of all states, run a Mitch McConnell-backed Black candidate with a White wife and a Mulatto child for governor against a White Democrat with an attractive, clean cut White family if they wanted to win the governor’s mansion in a White conservative state?

      Too bad, Donald Trump missed the opportunity to miss a golden opportunity to stay out of it and allow the responsibility for this defeat to go where it belonged. He wasted no time jumping in to endorse this Zebra couple and will no doubt be blamed as the primary reason for yet another Republican defeat.

      If they want to win, why do the Republicans in the GOP prefer to ignore the giant, muscular 800 pound silver back gorilla tearing up the house and flinging gorilla poo all over the place? When to do so is costing them the votes of those most likely to be adversely affected by crime, anarchy, and chaos?

      To ask the question is to answer it.

      • This is an interesting and little-discussed point. So, your argument is that a bunch of white females, having experienced the joys of negroid forced sex, cast their votes for the very same people who all the negroes vote for because it’s too hard to drive to a neighboring state (or nearby state) where Schlomo Shekelstein’s 24 x 7 abortion mill and body-parts emporium operates – for which they will pay the tidy sum of 500 dollars or more (assuming the tard-taxpayer isn’t footing the bill).

        Unwed white females are the largest group found marching with BLM, and the largest group advocating for every shitlib cause imaginable. Is this some kind of Stockholm Syndrome writ large? On a certain level your argument has merit, but there is little if any supporting evidence. Sluts want to slut, and Tamudvision tells them from the time they are toddlers that the only ‘real’ men are black. Nearly all here know the Gay Old Pedos are a total worthless grift and should be destroyed with fire. The fact that they’re still running with this abortion issue after the important constitutional matter was (way too late) dealt with only demonstrates they work with their D-jersey counterparts – totally fake-and-gay “opposition”.

        • Your right about TV as it’s been pointed out countless times. But let’s just take a look at it like the average parent did 40 years ago, not recognizing any jewishness in the thing. The TV and Cinema industry is staffed from writers, to directors, actors and actresses, producers, etc with selfish, narcissistic, divorced, dysfunctional, alcoholic, addict, sexually perverted men and women. Allowing your children to submerge themselves in this media is exactly like the experience of being raised by a dysfunctional parent. It doesn’t matter if a married couple is “perfect” and happy, like Ned Flanders, or the Beaver Cleaver parents. If you allow them to be exposed to that thing you just invited a third parent into the house to destroy anything you are trying in inculcate. Even if you ban the thing THEN your kids are going to play with other kids in the neighborhood who will definitely be under the spell of that thing and still end up getting those counter culture values diffused into their mind. The electronic technology is absolutely incredible and awe inspiring. But America really never had any sort of legal structure or deep thinking about what it could mean and failed the test in long term civilizational survival in this matter well before we could ever create any sort of “AI” to destroy us like Skynet or Cylons like in the dystopian fare we get. It produced a bunch of selfish, destructive, uncivil bastards who are taking us back into the dark ages.

  10. Sad what has happened to the Old Dominion. The Tidewater produced our best elites and leaders for Dixie and now look at it.

    • Northern Virginia, the most populous part of the state is heavily Third World now. They always vote anti-White and it doesn’t do any good for the Republicans to run a black “conservative” either, the Third World always votes Left.

      Demography is destiny.

    • @BlackKnight,

      One of America’s worst presidents came from Old Dominion’s Tidewater region in the form of Woodrow Wilson. His was the first ZOG presidency.

    • Trump’s magic negroes can’t win? You say so? Trump is twice as bad as before, if in office he’ll be completely off the rails.

      • Cheetohead is no doubt counting on all those fine patriotic upstanding Christian Platinum-Murikans to come out and vote for him, just as they did in 2020. Jared told him they will be even more loyal this time….

  11. @Frank Garrett,

    There is a serious, a Serious, A VERY SERIOUS problem with GOP apparatchiks and party faithful turning a blind eye toward groomers, pedos, and homosexuals in the party while simultaneously pretending to be Christian Traditionalists. Originally, these compromised individuals were part of some hidden blackmail op. The objective was electing Republicans who could say the right thing to the base but then be managed thru compromise or thru their compromised staffers. It was government by secretive racketeering. Sadly, the jello and casserole making GOP base seems to be okay pretending they are Christian Conservatives led by faggots, since they do nothing when these scumbags get exposed.

    This goes back to early Reagan days when a group of young homosexuals fresh from being “paged” in Congress, rode the Reagan wave on Bush coattails and helped purge the party of actual conservatives like Sam Francis. One of the chief racketeers in this lavender racket was Karl Rove who essentially built the Young Republicans and College Republicans into what it is today, a dancing girl whore thing for party big wigs.
    In turn, his compromised agents proved easily controllable via blackmail. The result was these staffers and up and coming politicians could be controlled into betraying the party and the country of its stated principles and beliefs.

    What is definitely new now is the apparent lack of interest by the GOP base that they are being led by blackmailed faggots. These lavender ops continue to be publicized with little accountability and the GOP continues to follow the scumbags. The Gay Mexican Barking Chihuahua is just the most recent ideration of this playbook. The only reason he already isn’t the biggest most powerful fag inside the GOP today, is because he also happens to be open openely anti-Semitic and a Catholic supremacist. That’s a bridge to far for the GOP. But, if you think the Republicans are bad, the Democrats are even worse. The standard there is using autistic retards in sex shows as their staffers and then promoting them to Senate such as the case with John Fetterman.

  12. “The only reason he already isn’t the biggest most powerful fag inside the GOP today, is because he also happens to be open openely anti-Semitic and a Catholic supremacist”

    LOL you trying to promote him? Nutty people around here. The Republicans have a problem in that this country is controlled by Jews and Jews run the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party staffs the government. The Republicans are just there to fill seats and do nothing other than parasitize their supporters.

    • Hey Ashkenazi Globalist Cabal Bro,

      Nicholas Gay Fuentes is your gayop to keep young men on the retardican/Likud party plantation. Fuentes is exactly as Jim Goad insinuated; nothing more than an astroturfed 21st Century version of “Lonesome Roads” the (((Madison Avenue))) demagogue in the outstanding film “A Face in the Crowd.”

      As Exalted Cyclops has stated, Unit 8200, and/or Hasbara troll command are not sending their best.

      The Goldberg, uh, I mean the golden age of international jewry are beginning to hear the fat lady sing.

    • Not bad. You get TWO Palmetto Princesses for the price of just one. Ho’s be cheap these days. We can call it the Wal-Mart ticket – the people of Wal-Mart would no dount endorse it and come to the polls with their bloated arses hanging out.

  13. When will some of you stop being retardicans?

    Once again.

    America as you wish it ever was is DEAD! Flatline DEAD. No EEG or EKG activity.

    The retarded American patriotic right are cheering on the corpse, while the cultural marxists are cheering on the maggots.

    Please place some smelling salts under your noses, and wake the hell up.

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