Ron DeSantis Isn’t Waiting To Glass Palestinians

It is impossible to get more cringe than this!


MIAMI (AP) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday he’s arranged to send drones, weapons, and ammunition to Israel as it prepares for an incursion of Gaza in response to Hamas’ attack. It’s the latest official response DeSantis has taken to back Israel as he competes in the 2024 Republican primary.

Florida has sent cargo planes with healthcare supplies, drones, body armor, and helmets, said Jeremy Redfern, a spokesman for the governor’s office. The state also worked with private groups to supply weapons and ammunition at the request of Israel’s consul general in Miami, Redfern said. …


  1. This is exactly what this is, a new cause celebre. BLM and the Summer of Floyd could happen all over again because everybody wants to wring their hands over dead brown people to feel virtuous now that the holocaust isn’t cool anymore and pretty much nobody cares.

    Its going to get these freaks gulaged and thats a good thing.

    Bring on the city riots and mayhem. Anything to keep shaking Whitey back to life. All these dirtballs need to be thrown out. Meanwhile Jews are hiding in attics from their own feral orcs. Its glorious.

    They deserve all of this, this strange order of monsters and menagerie of mystery meat.

  2. Meatball Ron has taken it to another level.

    Frankly I am kinda’ surprised John McCain didn’t try something like this.

  3. Decisions; WW3 with Russia over Ukraine and/or WW3 with the Muslim world over Israel, take your pick, leftard, centard or rightard?

  4. Bwahaha! Love the Juan McLame and Homey Simpson header.
    Rhonda Santis should wear his small hat at all times.
    In fact all who worship the Star Of Remphan uber alles should always wear small hats and wail while clutching shekels.
    Sadly, family is fully onboard with muh greatest ally and the wrath should be dumped on Palestinians, no response when I asked what some poor schlep in Gaza just trying to live day to day had to do with a Kabuki false flag attack.
    This is the stupidest time in human history and it will not end well.

  5. When Pontius Pilate was resisting the demands of those Vipers, Ron DeSantis was with the Vipers yelling, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.”

  6. Dementia Joe is going to run out of troops quickly if he gets in the middle of Our Greatest Ally’s war. No doubt his genius advisors are telling him the war will be contained, it will be over quickly, few casualties etc. Of course, these idiots are never right about anything.

    Congress will have to resort to conscription if things get bad enough. It’s one thing to pass a bill of conscription, it’s another thing to have cooperation. There will be massive defiance of the Government’s efforts at conscription, it may be the thing that breaks Our Greatest Ally’s death grip on Congress.

  7. Fuckin A. I’ll write a few checks to buy tickets if they are never allowed to return.

    Hopefully they take their big flags with them so its easy for israeli drones to see which ones still need bombing.

    I’m still looking for a brown people to wrap my arms around and give a big cynical fellow anti semite hug to. None of them appreciate the gesture for some reason but, maybe they just need time to appreciate us. Don’t they know we have so much in common?


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