Israel At War


TruNews is on fire!


We are officially committed to going to war with Israel’s enemies to defend this. Is this worth the lives of American soldiers?


  1. This is good news and should be encouraged. An internecine war of factions in the leftist coalition of orcs should be encouraged and celebrated, not forestalled with commiseration for one against the other when all are an existential threat to us.

    Fewer living enemies at home, and more dead ones elsewhere is where Whitey’s interest lies.

    Support both sides or neither, sell them weapons and make them fight, kindle the flames of war and watch our enemies destroy eachother to our benefit.

    This is war. War is hell.

  2. No man can serve two masters. Stand with Israel, turn your back on your own people. God, how I despise these bastards that claim to represent us.

  3. As I posted some months back about the Russo-Ukie war, the moment American boots touch the ground, Muricans will be flying car widow flags like after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. This time, probably both Murican and Israeli.

  4. > Rabbi Meir Mazuz: “If we were dealing with humans, we would send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

    This is a classic example of a Judeo-Satanic lie.

    It sounds somewhat reasonable if one accepts the premise that Hamas attacked Israel and engaged in wanton atrocities. First of all, in any war there are going to be civilians killed when you have them right there on the battlefield. There are even Israeli settler reports that many Israeli civilians were killed in the crossfire between Hamas and IDF. I rather doubt that Hamas was abiding by any Geneva convention rules anyway, since there are Islamic rules which would supercede any western claptrap. There’s also nearly a century of hostility here – a Hatfield-McCoy blood-feud writ large.

    The part the rabbi is neglecting to tell the maleducated public is that the Jew holy-book – the Talmud – explicitly states that only jews are humans. All non-jews are merely humanoid animals placed on earth by their god to serve them as cattle and slaves (even small children as sex-slaves). Thus he’s actually telling us that if Gaza were populated by jews they would send humanitarian aid. As there are only humanoid animals living in Gaza, no aid will be forthcoming.

  5. We are getting to the heart of the problem, if the Jews cared for the pain and suffering of non-Jewish children, gentiles, in the same way they care for their own young things would be much much different. But the Jews do not give a crap about non-Jews and that is the problem with these people. And they are not like, not in the least bit, they are not human and do not have any compassion whatsoever for their fellow man. Matt Walsh and schmuck face Chris Rufo can not understand why racist crackers are standing with the squad, this stuff is getting hysterical.

    • Matt Walsh…there’s another moron who can’t put 2 and 2 together, and so misleads thousands of other morons.

  6. If you vote for and support republicans at the national level, you vote for and support the genocide of Palestinians for the sake of Israel’s expansion, pure and simple.
    Blood is on your hands.
    All republicans with the exception of a couple like Rand Paul are scum.
    Fox News is scum.
    Christian Zionism is cancer.
    They are globalists, Zionists, militarists, authoritarians and corporatists.

    I think Rand Paul is the only republican who voted against funding Israel.
    He’s the only republican at the national level smart enough not to drag us into WW3, the rest, including the poopulist right (Gaetz, Boebert, Greene, etcetera) are depraved Christian Zionist lunatics.

  7. Christian Zionism is a deranged cult, never mind Antifa, BLM and ISIS, these people are worse, they’re a homicidal, genocidal, suicidal doomsday cult, hellbent on starting WW3 with Russia, Iran and China so they can usher in their ‘rapture’ and what not.
    These people are freaks, and they have the nuclear codes.

  8. Horrific, the cult of Christian Zionism has dehumanized these poor Palestinian people to point where Christian Zionists are incapable of feeling empathy/sympathy for them.

    • Keep in mind that a small and dwindling minority of the Palestinians they want to exterminate on behalf of ‘muh Izrahell’ are Christians descended from some of the original believers from Christ’s day. Christian Zionism is a very serious heresy which ultimately leads to apostasy.

  9. James Woods….what a moron. Look at him cuck for the tribe which blacklisted him from Hollywood. Why are so many Whites severely deficient when it comes to pattern recognition, and cause/effect?

  10. Christianity is the religion of “turn the other cheek”. Judaism is the religion of genocidal, man woman child and animal killing Yahweh, and “never forget”.

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