1. Fuentes is well past his usefulness as an advocate for White interests.

    He should just get on with the normal career arc that media activists on the right all run, recant racism, come out of the closet and convert to leftism so he can work as an obnoxious op-ed writer for Huffington Post or some other equally irrelevant partisan rag for more money than his life is worth, writing articles about how the age of consent is a social construct.

    Spencer (who is gay) style. Nothing he says has any truck with me. I don’t care what queers think about anything.

  2. Swishy Nick fails his hands around constantly. This is a Jewish practice and a sure sign that he is insincere. Who is Swishy Nicky the Mexican homo really?

  3. The gay Mexican is literally the last person anyone on the Dissident Right should have speaking for them. Lots of baggage from hanging out with the Israeli agent Jacob Wohl and plan weird shit at Stop the Steal; to organizing J6ers to storm the Capitol; to grooming his interns for friend, supporter, Karl Rove agent, and pedophile predator, Ali Ackbar; to using trannies to run a cyber hack unit; to declaring Catholic Crusade to establish a Catholic Dictatorship in America; to forming a Palestine First affiliate with Hamas; to calling for a joint Moslem-Christian alliance against Jews called “Stand Together;” to issuing a Fatwa declaring holy war against Israel a few months prior to the attack. Did I also say he has never been arrested? Hmmm.

    • Nearly all of the so-called “leaders” of the Dissident Right are self-appointed and/or gaslight-media annointed. Fuentes, Spencer, Yedolf, et al. Just a massive fed-led freakshow that would be more at home in a Schlomo-run pervert-circus – with Admiral Levine as ringmistress.

      • Yeah, Spencer really came out of nowhere and ended up being a very low-class act. Was pretty obvious by the point he was fellating Fred Flintstone, I mean Mike Enoch, probably the most detestable pro-white advocate since VNNForum was around.

        I’m convinced Spencer was a fed/plant meant to damage the then alt-right because he basically had 15 minutes of fame. Then again, people quickly realized he was a huge faggot.

        Totally media-appointed. They knew he was an unstable nancy-boy drunk. Alt-right 4channer types fell for it, too.

  4. I used to agree with Alex Jones on quite a bit.
    Nowadays, not so much.
    Ever since Trump got elected, Alex kind of sold out, went from being a nationalist, noninterventionist right-libertarian to being a Trumptard/neocon who makes excuses for and worships Trump and Israel, pretty sickening.

  5. I think Fuentes did a phenomenal job here. I couldn’t have imagined these views having such mass exposure in my lifetime.

  6. The whole “looking for cum” with a black light thing was disgusting and should make Fuentes a person-non-grata in any “far-right” movement. But the jew-worshippers (read: Christians) love their poor behavior.

    That, and saying that all non-Christians should leave “the movement”. Please kiddo, the west was built by Greco-Roman pagans, Christianity simply inherited, and destroyed, what they built.

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