Israel At War


Lord have mercy.


The butchery will no longer be televised.

I will post updates throughout the day.

I’ve chosen to use this banner to emphasize what is not being shown on FOX News. If the reality of the war was actually shown in the mainstream media, it would undoubtedly horrify Americans. Obviously, none of this is being shown on television because of Jewish control of the media.

TruNews has been covering it. Dr. David Duke is covering it on Human Rights Radio. These images and clips of crying fathers holding their dead babies covered by flies are “bad for the Jews.” Israeli settlers have also been shooting kids in the West Bank. Maintaining the public image of Jews and Israel as perpetual victims matters more than covering genocide and modern day lynchings.

Joe Biden supports this and is opposed to a ceasefire. Calling for a ceasefire is an extreme position in Congress. I have been labeled a “hater” and “extremist” by groups like the SPLC and ADL, but I would never dream of treating anyone this horribly. I don’t think I ever seen so much cruelty and callousness and human suffering in my life and don’t forget these people are being starved to death on top.

I’m the bad guy? Seriously?

Contrast Bull Connor in Birmingham with Israel in Gaza and the West Bank:


  1. To the individuals who have branded the parts of their mind that can expression compassion and sympathy:

    This isn’t simply “brown people killing brown people.” These will be your vaunted people when boots hit the ground. “Just don’t go,” isn’t an option when your revered people are already hated in the US’ military institutions. Your fighting age men will be taken kicking and screaming, or else sacrificed as a so-called anti-Semitic insurgent who shot up “unarmed military recruiters who only rang the doorbell”. You are free to continue typing, “Who cares?” as long as you realize that you are the one who needs to be caring.

  2. Making hay while the weather is fine.

    It’ll never pass, but could later under Trump and a better Senate. Where’s the downside to standing on a pile of dead jews to promote removing our enemies from our home?

    If we are gonna use the “the enemy of my enemy is muh friend” line of reasoning as a cynical pretext to pearl clutch over dead brown kids, why not the reverse as fits our own interests?

    How come the reasoning is only acceptable going the one way?

    • It could be useful but not not directly so. You’re losing sight of the principle of greater enemy vs. lesser enemy. The Palestinians are lesser enemies. Jews are enemy no.1, closely followed by their white step-n-fetchits. Jewish power would prevent any deportation of Palestinian illegals as they simultaneously force their Repuke House-honkies and Dem house-niggas to obey orders to greenlight a zionist genocide with Muritard boots in the ground to serve as bullet-stops for the chosenites – even if it means reinstitution of the draft.

      Therein lies the potential usefulness – yet another direct exposure of the brazen two-faced nature of enemy no.1, who would continue to gradually lose allies across the political spectrum at grass-roots level. Even other lesser enemies in the jewish-led anti-white free-shit army will begin to wonder if they’re the next one to be tossed under Schlomo’s genocidal bus to hell. Only the ‘Christian Zionists’ are too dimwitted to perceive the reality of Schlomo’s Satanic nature because they have been literally bewitched by a heretical fantasy. They actually want to dive under the bus to ‘bring on the rapture’.

    • Where are they gonna deport these Palestinians? You mean back to the place where Israel wants them gone? Have you stopped for one second to think how retarded this cope is and why it will never happen? THE JEWS HAVE NO REASON TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING. NOTHING.

      The whole point is that jews wants young fighting age Arabs OUT of the area. There is no way you dont understand this and considering how consistent you are in all your comments trying to get us on board with your BS you are clearly a f*king zionist infiltrator.

      • I don’t want anything from Jews but to suffer under the chaos of their own system of our oppression at the hands of their own orcs.

        Likewise I want nothing from the brown hordes that have invaded our countries like locusts to strip us of resources.

        I have no sympathy for the rats or the roaches and they all are better off at eachothers throats than here in our home shitting in our back yards.

  3. This will inevitably leads to US troops in Ukraine and then China will be forced to enter the fray to avoid encirclement. From there you’re looking at World War and a draft.

    • China would like nothing more than to see Russia disintegrate and they they would fill the power vacuum in Asia especially among the -stans. Russia is simply an energy colony to China. China even has parts of Russia as being Chinese territory on some of their latest maps. There is no way China goes to war alongside of Russia, Iran, NoKo, etc.

  4. “I’ve chosen to use this banner to emphasize what is not being shown on FOX News. If the reality of the war was actually shown in the mainstream media, it would undoubtedly horrify Americans. Obviously, none of this is being shown on television because of Jewish control of the media.”

    I tried Hunter, I really tried. I said, “Look, it creates a debate platform to explain Western interests against Islam and especially Hamas as much as allowing the isolationist to out themselves.” Unsurprisingly, they wouldn’t allow propaganda to be spread even with counter arguements.

    I think the fatal error was the incessant lying Hamas Hinkle and Catboy Fuentes were spreading about atrocities Hamas did but blamed on Israel. Specifically, the Hospital and Church bombings. Also, Hamas Hinkle was getting a bunch of talking points from Hamas and Russia and to closely directing things on the Dissident Right. So, Netanyahu made the call, Putin listened, and Hamas Hinkle was cut off. Then they decided it best no images be transmitted out of Gaza period.

    The so called Jew Media was still ready to receive. It was more than happy to continue beaming dead babies killed because Hamas placed a Missile battery in the baby room. No, the final nail was the decision to eliminate all information via cyber and electronic warfare. What finished it was straight up signal interference from the US and Israel, not Jew Media. It’s called war. And it’s spreading in case you didn’t notice. It’s why there is such a death of information on a lot of things overseas. Just go fishing everyone.

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