Israel Launches Ground Invasion

Here it comes.

UPDATE: The invasion had begun.


  1. Must be plenty of Murikans there already to take the lead – and the first hail of Hamas fire, or it is actually already been under way for a while. Announcing something of this nature in advance is peak stupidity.

    • Its been beginning for at least a day. Its tactically sound to begin with a process of feints and false starts/probing incursions to create confusion and draw defenses out of position or to reveal themselves for artillery and air power to target.

      The last week has been psyop. This was always going to happen. Its also Friday…. which is when everything people don’t want talked about in the news happens.

  2. We should expect more wall to wall coverage of this for as long as it goes on. There will be more hoaxes like hamas bombing its own hospitals and everybody in our media blaming israel, or fake dead babies and AI generated psyops, which like Covid, dissidents on the right will accept uncritically and report on breathlessly because they think it will hurt jews, like they thought covid would hurt Trump (it did, great job, tell me why Biden is such a great choice again).

    When its over, instead of a wedge being driven into the coalition of the left, a huge wedge will instead have been driven back into the emerging normie concensus with our talking points, which it only “coincidentally” happens to differ on by the exact issue we are now supposed to go to the mat for brownie over…. yeah, the JQ.

    Just when we are getting some sense of normalization and going mainstream here at home. The dissident right on twitter and everywhere else is all but pulling out the tiki torches to stand with palestine, and for what? Because jews thats why.

    What will we get out of it? Nothing. Not a thing. And its gonna rain all freaking weekend so hunting is pretty much out. Too hot anyway.

    So I’m gonna drink a case of modelo (cuz Fuck Dana White) and shit post and watch the bloody shirt propaganda from people that you think would know better by now but don’t.

    • There is a sliver of a chance that Israel will not survive this coming war. The Jews there are infact on a demographic knife edge and only able to carry on because of white dupes subsidizing their military. There’s been no normalization in the US. Just repeated use of blacks as a battering ram to demolish and now Melt Down white heritage. See the statue of Gen. Lee story.

  3. As the world escalates toward general conflict and American power recedes and collapses, (applause from the Libertarian and Catholic Catboy faction) the fractured US will start becoming a scene of foreign actors to wage their proxy wars. Kinda like the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) became a battlefield for the Catholic and Protestant proxies. Sad for all of us, especially cuz you won’t be able to go fishing and be left alone anymore.

    When that occurs, BLM types will paraglide into Buckhead type cities and will massacre all the White gentiles there. They will also rampage thru nice surburban little whitetopias. In general they will likely be allies of Hamas and other such organizations. My question, under those circumstances of violent Jihad and revolutionary terror against Whiteness inside the US, what should the response be from authorities? An Israeli style response or a Progressive response? That might provide a context for how Israel thinks and contradistinctly, how Isreal’s success or failure might inform such future responses.

  4. > My question, under those circumstances of violent Jihad and revolutionary terror against Whiteness inside the US, what should the response be from authorities?

    The response from our treasonous “authorities”, whose legitimacy you apparently still recognize, will be exactly the same as when confronted with BLM and Antifa rioting and violence in the ‘Year of St. George of Fentanyl’: They will stand down and/or assist the assailants in attacking the innocent. The white police who remain are by now mostly criminals who operate under the color of law while wearing badges and carrying guns. They serve their (((paymasters))) for what will turn out to be an empty promise of thirty pieces of pension. Yes the whitopia suburbs will be a scene of considerable slaughter and ghastly atrocities. Blacks will do most of the dirty work – egged on by their jew officers. Much like the early days of the Bolshevik revolution except there the balts and other groups were assigned to do the murders – though the jews kept the Tsar and his family for their own ritual slaughter. You have little idea of how far things are down the toilet in this wreck of a country.

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