Sean Hannity Interviews House Speaker Mike Johnson


If you believe this guy is going to do anything about our border, I have a bridge to sell you.

House Republicans have settled on their agenda: continuing to arm Ukraine, a gigantic new war in the Middle East for the sake of Israel and confronting the “Axis of Evil.”


  1. Who, besides Janet Yellin, Victoria Nuland , and Bill Kristol, truly believes that America can go to war and defeat this ‘New axis of evil- Russia, China, Iran and North Korea? Where are the adults in the room?

  2. Jeez it feels like a time warp back to the bad old Dunya Bushie days.

    I imagine many of The Bubbas will be watching football this weekend and paying all this no mind.

    They even got Taylor Swift to drop a new album as a distraction for her largely female fan base.

    Me? I voted for Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. I tried to stop the Military Industrial Complex. There are just too many dang Boomers.

    Maybe the only hope now is Sen. Rand Paul and RFK Jr?

  3. This war will turn out to be GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire’s Waterloo when the dust finally settles. The Scofield Bible types at the Rotund Reverend’s shindig in Texas believe they are going to be raptured away from disaster, they have nothing to worry about. When the U.S. Government tries to conscript their sons, gasoline costs $15/gallon and there are terrorist attacks in the U.S. from decades of leaving the back door open to see what the cat drags in they will be in shock; they were supposed to raptured away from this shit! WTF is going on?

    Support for Our Greatest Ally may be a mile wide now but it’s only a millionth of an inch deep too. Right now there is no direct, personal cost attached to supporting Our Greatest Ally. This time the U.S. isn’t going to be as lucky as fifty years ago during the 1973 war, this time the costs will be severe at home. Of course, with the passage of time, half a century even, the idiots in charge have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

  4. And this guy/goy is from the state of Louisiana – the state that nearly elected our David Duke as US Senator and LA governor.

    What explains this?

    IMO – not too many things. a few simple things such as:

    “Our People are slaves of money and thus slaves of the Js”.

    GL Rockwell

    The damn near total “Submission” of America’s non homo, predominately White “Conservative” tax exempt Churches to this insane Christian Zionism.

    Man, or man are our people dumb, dumb dumb.

    No other remaining White people on planet earth want to embrace these 3 programs of mass destruction for our people, our civilization:

    1) Invade the world for Israel – endless wars (no declaration of war), regime changes, bombing raids for Israeli’s neighbors, any European nationalists like the Serbs and Russians that want to remain alive and not slaves to ZIO, EU, J New World Order, Homoturn, BLM

    Oh this suit and tie clean Southern Christian White guy wants to also escalate wars against Iran the entire Islamic world, Russia and yeah China….

    2) Invite the entire world to USA, the West. OK this Speaker of the House says he does’t want that but he doesn’t do anything to stop the Js and BLM, LGBT Somalians in the Biden Administration, the tax exempt heavily funded Hebrew, Catholic, Lutheran immigrant aid societies from flooding us – there is open talk of taking pretty much all the Palestinian survivors that the IDF and US Army doesn’t kill in this land and sea invasion of Gaza in to yes, here in the USA. That’s over 1 million really pissed of Arabs/Muslims that we just slaughtered their neighbors – somehow this Christian White Southern Guy in the suit and tie doesn’t seem to have a problem with this – it was the same when our John Derbyshire “the Derb” asked another empty suit top GOP guy Mitt Romney his views on mass 3rd world immigration, migration to the USA – “the Great Replacement”. Mitt Romney admitted that he just hadn’t really thought about the issue then tried to move on to … some other subject. WTF?!

    3) In hoc to the world, the J Federal Reserve private banking cartel, Jannet Yellin US Treasury secretary to borrow pay for some or all of this.


    And we have to suffer the likes of Sean Hannity doing this interview.

    How about some home addresses for these two – give it to some Palestinian protesters to pay them a visit.


    • I hate to break it to you and Wallace and everyone else but Russia is part of the JWO. The Ukraine warn is just different factions of the Tribe infighting. You don’t send hundreds of thousands of White men to their deaths for a few thousand sq kilometers of muddy Ukrainian cow pastures like Putin has while your country has 1/7 of the world’s landmass if you love your race.

    • Jaye,

      You might find the following analysis useful as to how and why so many white americans are utterly gaslighted. It’s part of a whole series and it serves as a handy introduction to how things actually work. It will be interesting to see what future observations the author is able to present.

      Gaslighting works. All white americans are gaslighted to one degree or another. In the space of three short decades, the gang ruling the west managed to gaslight a large segment of those living in their “Ukraine” colony into such hatred for their own brethren that half a million have now died to advance the Globo-Pedo empire run from the City of London and New York. All western governments are merely “front offices” for the “outfit” who actually calls the shots. That’s how we end up with a new speaker who is not substantially different from the one recently rejected. He will obey his masters or they’ll do something to get rid of him and replace him with another puppet.

  5. Independent Jeff
    OCTOBER 27, 2023 AT 6:08 PM
    Jeez it feels like a time warp back to the bad old Dunya Bushie days.

    I imagine many of The Bubbas will be watching football this weekend and paying all this no mind.

    They even got Taylor Swift to drop a new album as a distraction for her largely female fan base.”

    I respond:

    Yep. You said it 100% right. Our people are fat, couch potatoes addicted to pop culture Taylor Swift and 5 days a week of Negro tackle football – “Bread and Circuses”

    This is beyond embarrassing.

    • Nothing like a “Christian” who wants to have clueless young whites getting blown to pieces on distant battlefields on behalf of the Globo-Pedo Rainbow Imperium, whose only real god is Baphomet (one of Satan’s several names or titles). The linked picture sums it up quite nicely. D-jerseys are slightly more up-front about their evil intentions. Though like a broken clock which tells the right time but once a day, the Iranian mullahs’ description of Murika as “the Great Satan” is not wrong. To hell with Mike Johnson and to hell with the whore congress.

  6. To be fair, the new Speaker was interviewed by the shelieligh wielding Irish Catholic Establishment bimbo, Sean Hannity. So, its not like Speaker Johnson would be asked questions relevant to Southern Protestants like Black on White violence, Mexican gangs, illegal aliens, the collapse of the border, the failure to stop social degeneracy, anti-Southern bigotry, Southern ethnicide or even the BLM-Hamas Axis. So we don’t know exactly how this Speaker will be. Indeed, the House is moved by its members, the Speaker just guides it. But, saying Israel is our “greatest ally” when it supplied fuck-all to Afghanistan and Iraq in contrast to UK, doesnt inspire alot of hope.

    • @Aryan Globalist Bro——–Johnson’s dad was a firefighter and his fathers middle name was Patrick, James Patrick Johnson. Johnson is Irish on his fathers side. Treachery runs in Irish blood, and if the Irish could betray God and country, what are the odds they can betray the Jews too……the blood tells all……we shall see.

  7. They got rid of the other clown to give us this clown, LOL. As the Governor said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them”.

    • I have read in places that fewer white boys than ever are joining. That’s why there is talk of re-instating the draft, and wymyn will be included this time so they’ll have plenty of white girls to service the dindus and beaners who fill the ranks.

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