Israel At War

Editor’s Note: There are fewer photos and clips coming out of Gaza because Israel cut off all communications between Gaza and the outside world last night.

I agree with Holocaust survivor Gabor Maté.

These scenes coming out of Gaza and the West Bank are the worst atrocities that I have seen in my life. Sadly, the fact this is being allowed to happen doesn’t come as a surprise.

How many times in our lives have we seen so-called humanitarian interventions by the United States? Do you remember the time we attacked Syria because Assad was “gassing his own people”? Do you remember the NATO military intervention in Libya because Qaddafi was massacring civilians? Do you remember all the war propaganda that was used to justify over $100 billion in military aid to Ukraine?

“Journalists” are either covering up these atrocities or scared into silence. The Biden administration is dismissing them as “the price of war.” The United States is voting against a ceasefire at the United Nations. We also know the reason why this being allowed to continue. It is because it showing this on American television would be decried as “anti-Semitism” by the ADL. It is because protecting the public image of Israel as a perpetual victim is considered far more important than the lives of these people.

So, Israel is allowed to do whatever it wants whether it carpet bombing civilians while invoking Dresden as precedent, using chemical weapons like white phosphorous or unleashing lynch mobs in the West Bank. There are no “red lines” for Our Greatest Ally. Qaddifi was sodomized with a bayonet. Saddam Hussein was hanged. Slobodan Milosevic was put on trial for war crimes at The Hague for much less.

You are not going to see this on CNN or FOX News.

“Our Greatest Ally” has not only turned the entire world against us at the United Nations, but is alienating key American allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia all over the region:


    • @Ringo – don’t attribute quotes to me which I didn’t make. Anybody can tell I didn’t write that, as there isn’t a single comma.

      My only interests are in what benefits Whites like me, here at home. Antisemitism isn’t a complete worldview, or a comprehensive strategy for the execution of the 14 words. Its an outmoded dialectic with less explanatory force for world phenomena every day.

      You will never catch me shedding tears for dead brown people, anywhere. With any luck Lebanon gets involved so we can see dead jew pictures too.

      Supporting hamas propaganda to spite Jews is pathetic, myopic and ultimately anti White interests.

  1. The only solution to stop this ongoing genocide of the indigenous by the colonists is the REAL one-state solution: establishment of a truly socialist (class-less) Republic of Palestine, in which the recent colonists/invaders (because they can’t be sent back now) and the indigenous people, of all three religions, enjoy full economic equality – and thus, fraternity, and the maximum of liberty, that is possible only in a class-less society. The natural tendencies of religious- and ethno-centrism, and tribalism, that will always exist, are respected and protected, but they do not develop into violence against other groups. The old politics and wars of “divide and conquer” will cease with economic equality. The old, outdated capitalist system of private profit and class exploitation requires the politics of division, and wars of division, constant imperialist warfare, and a vast industry of “education” (propaganda) designed to keep the masses distracted and ignorant. Genocides and wars, and all kinds of unnecessary human suffering will continue until the now-predominant religion, the “worship” of Money (private profit), is replaced by the religion of the Sermon on the Mount. But the current system, run by and for the big capitalists, because they have the money, will naturally do everything it can to prevent that from happening. “Left” capitalism, Right-populism and other capitalist reformism only help to preserve the system. Populism is a mere pressure-relief valve, used when needed until the screws can be tightened again.

  2. Iran’s Tasin News Agency, citing a source, CLAIMS “5,000 U.S. troops participated in yesterday’s entry into Gaza.” When asked about such claims in a telephone call last night, the Pentagon Press Office replied “No comment at this time.”

  3. Does anyone doubt that Hamas, Hezbollah and other infidel muhamedeans would desire such weapons as Israel has but use them indiscriminately? Who doubts that Erdogan, Xi Xi Pin, and the Mullahs, salivate at the prospects of raining giant white phosphorus bombs on the Eiffel Tower, cruise missiles on the World Series, and cluster bombs on Hunter’s suburb. They salivate because they know that is what is coming and have planned for it.

    Erdogan, a man whom along with Xi Xi Ping, and the Mullahs, that faggot Chihuahua Papist loves and likes, issues his own fatwa declaring Jihad, then the Turks will join with the Arabs, Moors, and Negro Moslems and uprise against the European Union. At that point, the liberal progressives like Ursula, and the liberal conservatives like Boris the Turk, and the Rothschild midget like Macron will have to worry about being assassinated by Jihadis and their regimes thrown out of office as the non-whites start a Battle of Europe.

    The globalist Liberal Progressives have created for us a world wide tinderbox and Death is marching forward with the torch to light it all on fire. These things will happen here too. There is no safe fishing hole to go to and be left alone from Progs, Niggas, Mullahs, and Mexican Chihuahua Papists. Here we have 110,000,000 foreign origin people waiting along with Blacks and Progs to join with their Hamas-BLM brethren and gut this country and shit in your fishing hole. If there is any Phoenix to arise from the ashes of the EU-US and European civilization it will only be due to the people responsible for that civilization coming together and coordinating their forces and parties as I recommended earlier. Otherwise, we will all end up in our own Gaza.

  4. What we have to watch for is Biden offering to take in thousands (tens or hundreds of thousand?) of Gaza refugees for resettlement in the US. It will be sold as a “humanitarian gesture” and the Christian Zionists will be told that it is “essential for stability in the region and Israel’s security”.

    Needless to say, this is like offering to hold a time bomb. Or thousands of time bombs. It would benefit Israel by taking them off Israel’s hands and every incident of domestic terrorism would show Americans “what Israel faces each day”.

    It happens after every US intervention.

    • Yes, this will be the great switcheroo. Palestinians go from kosher concrete wall sandwich meat, to welcome refugee guests in the UK or US. You know it is going to happen, bigots.

  5. Let’s see… Bilal Saleh was a farmer picking olives on his own farm and Jew settlers (who are armed with weapons forbidden to ordinary Americans here in Jew-run Murika) walked onto his land and murdered him in cold blood. Yes it’s half a world away and there’s not a thing we can (or should) do about it. We have more than enough crime here – which of course is encouraged and even funded by jews and their criminal-friendly prosecutors, lawyers, and covered up by jew-owned media.

    I’m curious how this is any different than armed negroid thugs from the ANC marching onto the farms of whites in South Africa and slaughtering them. Looking at the victim’s picture the deceased could easily pass for a white guy in most American cities where he would likely be targeted by the jews’ negroid golem for their usual passtimes of robbery, murder and rape. Yet another example is provided that jews (as if anymore were needed) are indeed the spawn of Satan. The whole world is starting to see it now.

    • Lol he could pass as white… is that where this is going? Palestinians are basically white?

      Ffs. If the dissident right has to stand on palestinian shoulders to get air time or to keep feeling edgy (since all the rest of our ideology went mainstream), then I’m cashing out now and am just gonna be a normie from now on.

      Being edgy is fucking dumb. Like Cville tier dumb. Like drag show tier dumb.

      Nobody worth anything is ever going to care if you are edgy.

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