Joe Biden’s Pity Party

The roof is collapsing.

The Biden administration has spent the weekend throwing itself a pity party in the media. The White House was caught off guard by the explosion of violence between Hamas and Israel.


President Biden’s White House is stuck in a split-screen reality — spiraling war threats overseas and spiraling political problems at home. Both are horror shows for re-election.

Why it matters: Top officials believe Biden has been at his best in managing the early days of the Israeli-Hamas war. But they privately concede things have never been worse politically since the 80-year-old took office. …

But the White House knows the war will likely widen. One Biden insider said about the war: “The most pessimistic scenario is the most likely outcome.” …

Genocide Joe is being compared to Jimmy Carter.


On the foreign policy front, President Biden’s re-election bid is playing out similarly to that of the last Democratic president who failed to win a second term: Jimmy Carter.

Why it matters: Three destabilizing overseas crises have taken place during Biden’s presidency: The chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and now, the prospect of a regional war in the Middle East. …

Between the lines: Like Carter, Biden faces softening support from a key part of the Democratic coalition: young, progressive voters.

Even though most Democratic voters side with Israel — with its support among Democrats growing since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack — the pocket of opposition is concentrated among the youngest voters.

After Biden offered stalwart support for the Jewish state in the aftermath of the attack, a wave of stories reported Arab and Muslim Americans threatening to withhold their support for the president after backing him in 2020.

It’s hard to balance both factions within the Biden coalition, given the enormity of their differences. The clear majority of Democrats are pro-Israel and recoil from equivocation over terrorism, but in a close race, Biden will need to turn out some left-wing voters who have been critical of his support for Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Biden also faces the prospect of losing some progressives to independent candidate Cornel West. …

Young Democrats are not Standing With Israel.

Just wait until the United States itself is sucked into a regional war in the Middle East over our unwavering support for Israel. They are leaking that is the most likely scenario.

Note: As for Trump, he is vowing to unequivocally Stand With Israel and finish the war. The GOP is also Standing With Israel until the end.


  1. “””…GOP is also Standing With Israel until the end….”””

    I not very sure about that. Safe virtue signaling and massive war are different things. One thing is enjoy murdering children in the comfort of corruption, other thing is personal risk and survival when things go really ugly.

    Closing Straight of Hormuz when derivates market is 100 trillions and strategic fuel supply is only for 2 weeks is nightmare scenario even for degenerate filth. Lot of them losing personal wealth when financial system collapses, their home towns turn into war zones when supply chains break up and diversity loses their bling bling. This is not giving Netanyahu 200 standing oivation and later attending cocktail party anymore.

    I think we are nearing Stauffenberg style clash both in US and in Europe. Common sense Swamp Things will want to pull out until we still have lights on and lunatic Swamp Things are ready to burn the house down .

    Then one side will have nervous breakdown and then Q happens.

  2. Now more than ever do we need our own Ethno-State that would officially be neutral in foreign affairs while also having a policy of armed neutrality and universal conscription.

  3. How is the war going to widen? Israel will genocide the Palestinians and steal their land while US carrier battle groups provide overwatch and life will go on. That’s the unfortunate reality of it.

    • Israel escalates the ground war in Gaza.

      Hezbollah, Syria, Yemen, Iran get involved in the war.

      Sending those carriers and ships into the eastern Mediterranean hasn’t stopped dozens of attacks on American military bases.

      • Israel is just starving Gaza out and methodically pressing the front line forward with a massive armor shield. Hezbollah will just take a few half-hearted potshots and Israel will keep them in check with US air power providing cover. I still believe that Iran is controlled opposition (like Russia) and Israel just uses Iran to shake down the US for money. We’ve been told for 45 years that Iran is “Days Away From Having a Nuclear Bomb” while their half-witted Pakistani neighbors have had nuclear capabilities for over 50 years.

  4. The Israel Hamas war is a goofy desperation move by the architects of the Ukraine Russia conflict.

    It all hinged on Russia’s neighbors acting irrationally and getting dragged into a hot war.

    This is another bizzare attempt to keep the shit in Ukraine going. It’s a bait and switch.

    Come fight these camel jockeys who are a familiar and relatively easy enemy to overcome.

    Also, head over to Bakhmut to help our Ukrainian allies. Yeah, you have to fight in open fields WWI style in trenches but now with the added fun of drone attacks.

    I personally don’t see a way out for these retarded criminals.

    • If so, the Neo-Klowns have proved themselves to be stupid as well as evil. Nearly all of Russia’s neighboring states to the east and south are majority Muslim. They will be aligning with Russia, China and Iran against the Anglo-Zionist empire after seeing what Bibi and his crew are doing to Gaza. If the regime nominally led by the Biden retarded ventriloquist dummy sends boots on the ground to Jewkraine they’ll be slaughtered not only by Russians defending their own country but by newly motivated Muslims from Central Asia hell-bent on revenge for Palestine. Vicky Kagan-Nudelman sure ain’t no Sun-Tzu, not even a Benjamin Butler. So much for the “smartest people on earth”.

      Keep in mind, the Russians have not actually declared war in Jewkraine because there are many there they consider to be fellow Russians. They won’t be so laid back when dealing with a retarded Murikan orc-army of beaners, negroes and ‘Christian-Zionists’. The Chechens and other Muslims will be quite ruthless as well – and all the MIC-supplied “wunderwaffe” (over-priced junk sold to profit Wall Street) will prove its worthlessness on the field daily. Imagine 1000 dead Murikans every day, all sacrificed for Jews to have free anal-sex and eat shit in Kiev sex-palaces. (No doubt one of the big draws for all the Lady G types so show their faces there.) Uncle Schmuel and Kang Cyrus will no doubt ‘thank them for their service’, as the flag-draped caskets land in Dover

  5. Sounds like its all decided HW. War one way or another.

    One way we will never be able to do anything about it is by going back to the Alt Right model of being edgy anti semites that nobody wants to listen to.

    Alternatively we could focus instead on the pro White message that its not our problem and we should keep our distance. Afterall, isn’t the toxic relationship and unequivocal support for israel what is really bothering you?

    Its pro White to keep them at arms length. Why do we need to be Hamas water carriers spreading their bloody shirt propaganda when they would do the same to us? How long before groups affiliated with Hamas start blowing up White people here at home because of this support for Israel? When the crackdown comes, and they start looking for people supporting Hamas, do you plan to be caught in that net like Cville and stuck in another 5 years of lawfare, or gulaged like the J6’ers?

    You seem to not be thinking all of this through. As a student of history, you should know there are consequences to who you support and that risk has to be justified by the upside.

    HW, where is the upside?

    This thing is gonna be a long slog. Take some time and think about where its going. Turn off the twitter propaganda feeds and think thousand foot view.

    What is in it for Whitey.

    • Sounds like its all decided HW. War one way or another


      I’ve consistently voted against warmongers for twenty years. It is really my top issue. It is why I was repulsed by George W. Bush, why I refused to vote for John McCain, why I voted for Ron Paul twice, why I voted for Trump in 2016, why I broke with Trump when he attacked Syria and why I voted in the midterms because of Ukraine.

      In light of this, why would I be excited to Stand With Israel and plunge into a gigantic war in the Middle East? I’m an isolationist. It also has nothing to with Israel. I feel the same way about Ukraine and Taiwan. I don’t want to be involved in wars in Eurasia. Period.

    • One way we will never be able to do anything about it is by going back to the Alt Right model of being edgy anti semites that nobody wants to listen to.

      I disagree.

      It has nothing to do with antisemitism.

      Jews are bitterly divided over Israel and especially over Netanyahu and his domestic policies. Jews have held mass demonstrations against Standing With Israel in DC and New York. Also, it is people like Norman Finkelstein and Max Blumenthal who are leading the charge.

      • Your observation about Jews leading demonstrations in NYC – notice how there are no mobs of BLM and Antifa attacking them while backed by the police? – somewhat proves ISA’s point. There is no upside in carrying water for the Palestinians, but it’s never wrong to call for a ceasefire and negotiated settlements. It’s also wrong to characterize these as “carrying water for Hamas”. Actually showing up alongside Arabs and BLM would be ‘carrying water’ and is a very bad idea. They are clearly part of the oligarchy’s boots on the ground to exterminate whites. There could be a turn-away among some of the more reasonable Arabs now that they’re seeing the jewish-owned gaslight media’s performance, but that remains to be seen.

        I highly recommend you read Unz’s latest summary. Even though Unz is of Jewish descent he clearly does not agree with Talmudic supremacism and is unafraid to call out Israel and its amen chorus here in Murika on their lies. It looks like the Hamas attacks on October 7 were mainly a military operation and that the much-ballyhood invincible IDF was caught with its pants down, suffered serous losses and (worse) ended up killing a large number of Israeli civilians through their own incompetence plus application of their infamous ‘Hannibal doctrine’.

        To be fair, Hamas’s own 2017 Charter outlines an very hardline, inflexible position with respect to Israel’s existence. Under the law of conquest (not some ancient Biblical history), Israel won the right to exist by fighting and winning two wars (1948, 1967). The United States came into being under the same doctrine. Instead of working to discredit Hamas – who did not enjoy universal support among their own people in Gaza – the Netanyahu regime has seriously mismanaged the entire affair and is now engaged in open war crimes against the Gaza population. Netanyahu and his cronies – as notoriously corrupt as the Biden family – plus the gaslight media amen corner and retarded ‘Christian Zionists’ are all driving us into WW III. Maybe that’s the way it has to be though since nobody even reasonable has any influence whatsoever over the corrupt depraved mob running the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac – who is several orders more evil and corrupt than either Hamas or Netanyahu.

      • Yeah, they are divided. Why interrupt them and give them an easy slow moving target with no representation to vent their ire at? Whitey doesn’t need to adopt brown kids when they can barely take care of their own White ones.

        We have our own issues, and palestine isn’t one of them.

        • Oh, I wish.

          The House of Representatives just voted 412 to 10 to Stand With Israel no matter what. The new Speaker of the House just gave a speech to the RJC in which he pledged to back Israel to the end of the war. A whole armada has been sent to the eastern Mediterranean with two aircraft carriers. Every single Republican presidential candidate including Trump just pledged fealty to Israel. Also, the U.S. has repeatedly shot down every attempt at the United Nations to put an end to the war.

          The GOP has chosen a side … and it is to give Israel billions of dollars, to ban boycotts of Israel at the state level, to support censorship of the internet for the sake of Israel, to crush free speech which offends Israel, to hand out a war guarantee to Israel like the one the UK gave to Poland which caused World War II, to defend even the most extreme actions of Israel up to and including genocide. We are committed to going to war for the sake of Israel. We are neck deep in it.

          As for our issues, you can forget about all of that because Israel owns Congress. Once we are sucked into a gigantic war in the Middle East for the sake of Israel, it is going to be all Israel all the time. Everyone who is repulsed by this is going to cringe and drop out of politics. That is true of both sides.

    • @IronicSockAccount the activity you mentioned is probably the correct way to go at the bare minimum. But it needs to be nuanced, especially if the conflict expands. Otherwise, the entire dissident right will be marginalized even worse than after 911.

  6. I disagree on that point. How can a Jewish person be Jewish if their belief system doesn’t align with Israel’s goals? Furthermore, “Moderate Muslims” don’t exist, because whether they’re Sunni or Shia, they demand respect internationally for their prophet and their book, to the point of violence. Christians may have Catholics, Protestants, and non-denominational, but all Christians must accept Christ as their Lord and Savior; otherwise, they aren’t Christian.

    It is a common tactic to have a group boldly declare, “X isn’t real X!” to save face in the public eye. “Jonesboro aren’t real Christians,” or “Terrorists aren’t real Muslims,” or “The ADL aren’t real Jewish people,” etc. I’m guilty of the same, until I learned to make my arguments not about “good optics”. The Jewish-Americans protesting Israel are doing it solely because it makes them look bad, and the “golems” in their neighborhoods are close to lashing out.

    • > The Jewish-Americans protesting Israel are doing it solely because it makes them look bad, and the “golems” in their neighborhoods are close to lashing out.

      You’re close to the mark there. My take is that most of them are doing it in order to retain control over their free-shit armies of orcs they’ve imported from around the world into this country. The orc boots on the ground have to see that there are some of their leaders and funders who sympathize with their outrage over the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian civilians.

      Like most diaspora Jews, they would much prefer to destroy and enslave this country than go and defend the sole explicitly Jewish country on earth. Frankly, they would be far more effective demonstrating in Israel. That would come with a cost though, for Israeli police have orders to open fire on Israeli demonstrations against the Gaza campaign. Yes there are some Israelis who are opposed to this insanity. Parasites don’t like to do any hard work at the end of the day.

  7. Turkiye has always been the primary supporter of Hamas. Turkiye has a strong military. Erdogen is threatening to march his army right into the battle.

    • That’s unlikely since Erdogan loves his back-door oil-deal with Israel. If he somehow did intervene other than by leading a humanitarian relief mission for Gaza, NATO would be shattered – which is actually a very good thing for Europe (though very bad for Europe’s comprador elite).

  8. Poor old Joey Shitpants. He’s now kind of the ‘Pagliacci’ (the sad clown) of retarded ventriloquist-dummies. No doubt a tiny, tinny accordion keens somewhere bowels of hell.

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