Israel At War

Don’t look away.

Here is the latest news from Israel’s holy war against Amalek.

Jesus is about to come back with a flaming sword in his mouth. The Rapture is imminent. After the United States is sucked into the Final Battle in the Holy Land, the BoomerCons who are saved because they are Standing With Israel will ascend through the sky to Heaven. Everyone else will be Left Behind.

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The Final Solution to the Palestinian Question

Christian Zionism

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Babies In Ovens

The West Bank

The war against in Gaza is rapidly expanding into the West Bank as the IDF and lynch mobs of settlers are going at it with Palestinians.

Glassing Amalek In Gaza

Kyle and Jimmy are on the right side on this issue.


  1. Here is a Kentucky congressman with some common sense.

    No funding for Israel or Ukraine. Its not our problem and we can’t afford it.

    No belligerent appeals to peoples already calloused emotions, no insistence on a false dichotomy of supporting or standing against israel or palestine as an either or when the third option is so much more in our interest.

    No autism, and no activist bullshit made with bad faith to elicit unreasonable responses, and no bloody shirt propaganda from the least reliable people on the planet, arabs and jews.

    Wasn’t so hard after all. Normies simply don’t give a fuck. Why should we.

    • > No funding for Israel or Ukraine. Its not our problem and we can’t afford it.

      Yes. Nearly all here agree with this, ISA. I’ve stated so several times. Our host takes the same position. Hell even a few reasonable Jews do as well (see Unz, for example). Looks like Massie is one of the rare voices of sanity in the entire congress of whores. As with Ukraine, it’s not our problem and we can’t afford it. Unfortunately Massie has been hugely outvoted by the many whores who have been ordered to make it into our problem regardless. He’s a literal voice crying in the wilderness.

      If it were possible to get more like Massie (of whatever party) in congress this could actually change. So how did Massie get through the oligarchy’s filtration process? If it were as simple as taking common-sense positions like this….

  2. I don’t feel bad for any side here
    Both sides are evil, Boomers are evil, women are vile, the future is a dead end and civilization was the worst mistake ever.
    Change my mind!

    • Maybe not. As much I understand, Arabs don’t want all out war but create another sucking wound similar to Ukraine do drain all remaining resources of the Empire .

      Credibility and loyalty is also resource so if the war plays out like I think, then it is extremely useful for us when Arab’s manage to turn Israel and Christian Zionism unpopular headache like Zelensky and Ukraine.

      Of course, when Jew goes too deep in, Hamas will kick their kosher ass but master plan is delay the war, force Israel overreach their influence and demands and after 6 months nobody will stand with greatest ally but all those people will sit down and discuss how to dump greatest burden.

      Arabs understand very well that Jew power in the West is the real enemy and if they want Israel gone, they must address this issue and somehow make Jew influence vanish. Best way to make it happen is force the Jews make more and more demands what will cause more and more problems to their supporters until their greatest supporters run out of compassion and patience. Or credibility. People like John Hagee will be treated like David Duke. Anyone with some reputation goes 100 miles around from them.

      • I think Hezbollah is the one who will ultimately deflate the inflated IDF. They’ve been laying back quite a bit. Keep in mind that the much-ballyhood invincible IDF was defeated by Hezbollah when they invaded Lebanon in 2006. Hezbollah is far stronger now than back then.

  3. Oh, I see. “Democrats are the real racists; Jews are the real supremacists.”

    To paraphrase Nietzsche: I should think the unmanliness of this kind of rhetoric is what would strike the serious observer.

    The average pro-white would seem to be no more adroit, politically, than is the average BoomerCon (whatever a BoomerCon is).

  4. Jew genocide goes back to what Christians call the Old Testament. If you believe that nonsense. The Angel of the Lord killing all the firstborn of Egypt. Even Jews had to paint their doors with animal blood so the Angel could know the difference Check out

  5. I’m sure no one here cares, but does anyone realize this salient fact? Today’s [sic] “Jews“ are the Amalek of the Bible.

    White Christendom is GOD’s Israel a-nd has been for 2000 years. [Gal. 6:16] The Jews are ratcheting up the measure of their wrath by Yahweh God. Whatever happens to them (“Jews) up to & including complete annihilation -as a race -is deserved. This is the price one pays for killing God’s Son.

  6. The Dispensationalist stuff appears to be on the way out. Only older folks believe in it.

    How can the USA be blessed (for blessing Israel) when there have been millions of abortions, wide open borders, rampant homelessness (where I live) and rent costs through the roof?

    Most Protestants used to believe in Hisroricist Amilleniism. I think I am going with that instead.

    • I try to think how we can turn lemons into lemonade.

      We should use the current crisis to attack and finish off Dispensationalism. That is one productive thing that can be done.

      • Yes, yes and yes!! You are dead on target with that. Discredit dispensationalism and the oligarchy loses a major leg of their support. It’s fake-and-gay Christianity.

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