Donald Trump: Actually, I Am Israel First

How long has it been?

It has been almost three years since Trump was president.

I had almost forgotten how blackpilled and miserable I was back then.

Washington Free Beacon:

In an interview with the Washington Free Beacon on Saturday, Trump also said he has a “very good relationship” with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—whom Trump had criticized in a recent speech—and had cordial words for Vice President Mike Pence who had dropped out of the race just hours earlier. …

Earlier on Saturday, Trump gave a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition forum in Las Vegas, vowing that he would “defend Western civilization from the barbarians and savages and fascists that you see now trying to do harm to our beautiful Israel.” …

Trump told the Free Beacon that he would put aside any grievances with Netanyahu if reelected next year.

“We had a very good relationship while I was president,” he said. “I’m for Israel first, I would have no trouble [working with him] whatsoever.”


We really went through all that. The repressed memories are flooding back now.

Note: It is not like anything Trump says on this matters. He is going to prison next year anyway.


  1. I wasn’t around the blog during the latter parts of 2019 but I do go through your archives and yeah I can see the painful cringe that Trump induced in you and your audience during that time coming back.

  2. > With your vote, we will defend our country, we will defend our Judeo-Christian values.

    There he goes again. Repeating the damned masonic lie. Judaism (whose holy book is the Talmud) post-dates Christianity by about 500-600 years. Talmudism is just a convoluted form of Satanism, which was summed up in four words by the English Satanist Crowley: Do what Thou wilt. It has nothing whatsoever in common with traditional Christianity. The religion practiced in Jesus’ day was not Judaism. The closest thing to it is a tiny, persecuted sect called the Karaites, who reject the Talmud, along with the also vanishing Samaritans. Both sects are persecuted by Talmudists.

    Zion-Don would be more truthful if he were blathering on about his Satanic-Christian values. Even Islam has more in common with Christianity than Talmudism. They even recognize Jesus as a prophet and honor his mother (when they’re in the mood). Jews state both are swimming eternally in a lake of shit. Some Muslims have even protected the small Christian populations in Lebanon and Syria – the Shiites in particular have been outstanding in this respect. What a shit-face lying clown Cheetohead is. Hope he gets to run his campaign from Epstein’s old cell in Manhattan. That would be hilarious.

  3. Note: It is not like anything Trump says on this matters. He is going to prison next year anyway.

    Oh well. If he’s still going “muh precious Israel” (the real land of savages and fascists), then fuck him.

  4. As usual I agree totally with you Cyclops.The Jews mock our Lord by claiming He is one of them.That is the Devil.It is evil.The White race has sunk to a very low level under the Jewish/Satanic onslaught.And White woman(not all of course)are never far from Eve,they must be submissive to White men as God intended.They are easy marks for the Jews.Christ is coming soon and all will be made as it should be.The Jew is indeed the demon behind all evils to paraphrase Wagner.God bless all here in good faith.

  5. The Trump Presidency was horrendous. Remember how the grifters prospered during his cult-like Presidency? Remember QAnon? Remember Christian Zionists claiming he was King Cyrus reborn? Remember the disastrous Jan 6th which was 4 years of retardation and
    “4D chess”culminated in a moronic goon march? Remember his failed promises on trade deals? Remember Wall st Never Higher? Remember him pissing all over the working class union guys who voted for him? Remember his cabinet picks? Remember ASAP Rocky? Remember the clownish displays with Sheldon Adelson and giving a medal to his wife? Remember Trump handing out medals to his buddies and radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh? Remember the pardons he gave out like candy to Jewish criminals like Sholom Rabashkin? Remember the scam super pacs with his Jewish friends? The entire 4 years was god awful.

    But the worst legacy Trump has left us – his Israel-first policy decisions of extreme aggressive chauvinism on Israel which has led to what we are seeing now with the escalation of another big war in the Middle East. No one should forgive him for this.

    • MAGAtards have Battered Wife Syndrome – no matter how much The Father of the Vaccine knocks them around they won’t press charges when the Sheriff shows up and will let him back into their doublewide.

  6. Hunter,

    Have you checked on Bill Mitchell recently? He’s now anti-Trump and backs DeSantis. Couldn’t stop laughing

    • Yeah, Bill convinced himself that he was singlehandedly responsible for the rise of Trump. Funny stuff.

  7. As screwed up as Trump was and is, there really is no other choice that has a chance of winning. I could see his first administration as being seriously derailed by Javanka and seriously bad advice. And not stopping the steal the same way. And I have never been a MAGA guy, nor will I be. I have commented frequently that he might very well be a fake Hitler.

    The Jews abuse of us is reaching the point now that the Germans got to. Where the Germans would vote for anyone just to stop the abuses of the psychopathic Jews. So this time they prop up their own Hitler. They tried this with the real Hitler and even funded him, but he shafted them. As for his Israel comments, there’s no way he could get elected saying anything else.

    The reason I say he’s the only choice is that there is some possibility that if he gets office again, he will take righteous retribution on all the deep State that tormented him. No one else will even dream of that. A determined President has the power to ruin them if he is savvy enough, And Trump just might be that guy. Now people will counter that he didn’t do this or that, but the truth is that even if he betrays us again we’re no worse off than if any other politician that has a chance to win gets in office. And we will see, for positive, if he was betraying us all along or not. It would be worth voting for him just to answer that question. There’s really no downside in voting him into office. If he fails us then he will be just like the rest, but if he attacks the deep State it’s a huge win. We can’t lose with Trump any more than what we have already.

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