Breaking Points: Televangelists Push Holy War For Israel

Luther had a term for these people … Schwärmer.

Lee Fang:

In this interpretation, Christian Zionists cite the prophet Isaiah’s words in the Old Testament, that God “shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed Judah from the four corners of the Earth,” a prophecy they believe was fulfilled with the creation of Israel in 1948. Further, verses from the Book of Revelation that discuss an apocalyptic war over Israel will usher in Christ’s return and reign over the earth. 

For many of these evangelical Christians, the modern founding of Israel was the beginning of this prophecy, which they argue states that Jews must control Jerusalem before a war between the evil empires of “Gog and Magog.” Televangelists such as Hagee have said that various Arab nations, as well as China, Russia, and Iran, correspond to these biblical enemies of Israel, and he believes a war is necessary to fulfill the prophecy. According to this belief, the End Times conclude with faithful Christians raptured to heaven and Christ returning to slay or convert nonbelievers, including Jews, before ruling over the world in a final era of humankind. 

Such a view of current events was on full display last Sunday, as co-pastor Matt Hagee, John Hagee’s son, and heir to the religious throne, presided over a geopolitical map of the Middle East, showing that Israel was surrounded by its biblical enemies such as a Magog as Russia and Persia as Iran.


  1. Organized religion, Judaism and Christianity in particular, really shooting themselves in the foot with this nonsense. Gods and ancestors please strike the kike!

    • Christianity is pretty much a dead religion in the west – both Catholicism and Protestantism alike. It’s on its last legs here in Murika. Catholics are mainly poisoned by Vatican II and scandalized by the destruction wrought by the Lavender mafia (sodomites) which started in the 1920s. Pedo scandals – trumpeted by jew-owned media – have rocked many countries besides the US: Ireland, Italy, Latin America. The Vatican bank has been controlled by the Rothschild’s since the 1830s, when the church basically went bankrupt. Catholicism is now ruled by an Anti-Pope pedophile from Argentina and the college of cardinals (who elects the pope) consists mainly of Lavender mafia capos. It’s over for them absent some miracle. Even many of the trad groups (not all) have been infiltrated by the lavenders.

      Protestantism falls now into two apostasies: Full blown Church of Woke Satanism (Anglican/Episcopalian and all so-called “mainstream churches” which are the equivalent of the “mainstream media”). They might as well take down all the crosses and other Christian symbolism and erect pentagrams in their place and start infant sacrifices. The other apostasy is described above – exemplified by Hagee. The constant use of the false term Judeo-Christian (note who comes first?), the outright worship of Talmudic Satanists and the ridiculous term “Christian-Zionist”. Zionists (Talmudics) seek to totally eradicate Christianity from the face of the earth (the 2000-year hate) since they accepted Satan’s offer rejected by Christ.

      Hagee et al are thus “Christians” who seek to eradicate Christianity, which is why they urge their young men to sign up for the Imperial Rainbow Legion to go over to the middle east and assist groups like ISIS (founded by Israel) to exterminate the remaining Christian communities who’ve lived in the region for 2000 years. Some of these clowns try to finesse their Jew-worship by stating that even Jews will have to convert after the rapture. Most think the Christ-killers have a special back-door to salvation because of their dubious genetic origin claims. Take away these two groups and what’s left? A small remnant. That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless since they started out with only 12 back in the day.

      I recently visited Ireland, once a bastion of Catholicism. I even stopped in a Catholic church which was very attractive architecturally. Who was there? A few older women (mostly Polish or Lithuanian) and maybe a couple of tourists like myself. It wouldn’t have been like that 100 years ago, when Ireland was newly independent of Anglo-Zionist empire. Many churches are being burned by Muslims in places like France – or converted to Mosques. That’s what happens when you let Jews rule over you.

  2. The Rotund “Rev.” Hagee hasn’t missed too many meals lately, has he? I guess he isn’t all down with that biblical fasting thing, not too much. He needs to knock off taking the crazy pills though.

  3. Well, what if they are wrong? Many Christians believe the regathering of Israel will happen after the second coming and not before.

  4. Yeah these people do not get it, Christ in his second coming is going to be fighting on the side of the Russians, Chinese and Iranians and against them. These fake religious people do not know God. You must look inside of yourself to find God. And these fake religious people are unable to do that.

  5. This is what Jesus meant when he warned about “the leaven of the Pharisees”.

    This is what Paul warned about in Galatians.

  6. Who is that fat pig in the picture? Is that this Hagee I keep hearing about, that the Jews have on their TV operation? What a swine. He will fall back to earth during that rapture thing, too fat to fly up to Judeo-Christian heaven.

  7. > Matt Hagee, John Hagee’s son, and heir to the religious throne….

    Since when do churches have dynastic leadership? Not even the Catholics with their top-down hierarchy practice this kind of retarded idiocy (though they came close with the Medici popes). The Zionazi Church of Hagee. What a total mess…. Some of these clowns refer to themselves as “Apostles” also. At least the high-on-dope Rastafarians worship a figure who was a Christian (Emperor Hailie Selassie of Ethiopia), who was one of the Amharic elite of that nation – Semetic not Bantu.

  8. @ExaltedCyclops,

    “The Jews rule over Ireland,” will go down as the moment you equaled Spielberg, got in the refrigerator with Indian Jones to be blown a few miles away by a nuke, jumped the shark as it tried to gulp the refrigerator in mid air, and landed safe and sound. Nothing you say after that can be considered seriously.

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