Karine Jean-Pierre Compares Anti-Israel Protesters To Charlottesville Protesters

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is calling us out.

If you attended an anti-Israel protest, you are an anti-Semite who is basically the moral equivalent of the people who marched in Charlottesville and there is no place in American politics for you.

Note: I will happily die on this hill.

There is no moral equivalence between people who marched in Charlottesville to support Confederate monuments and Joe Biden supporting the extermination of thousands of Palestinian children in Gaza because they are “Amalek.” Genocide Joe has blood on his hands. I do not.


  1. If you maintain that Jews have a right to their own, exclusive homeland but Whites don’t have the same right to theirs you’re an Anti-White hypocrite.

    Regardless of the war’s outcome Anti-White hypocrites will still control White countries.

  2. Look how important they consider C’ville.

    They didn’t compared for example J6 or whatever. By some reason they consider C’ville the ultimate evil.

    • They’re playing to the Church of Woke and the free-shit army. When I saw that illiterate voodoo acolyte making the statement I laughed at its sheer idiocy. It’s almost like a scene from Birth of a Nation, with the dindu ‘legislators’ tossing chicken bones and watermelon rinds on the floor while in session.

  3. “Note: I will happily die on this hill.”

    Well, break out them tiki torches and get to it then! I’m sure all the dune coons that are protesting at Harvard and the other Ivy League colleges would welcome you all with big hugs.

    I for one am keeping this whole autistic shit show at arms length, as any sensible White should.

    You won’t see me dying on any hill for non-whites.

    • Okay.

      I can’t wait to see how popular a huge new war in the Middle East – one sure to span across Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran, and possibly other countries – waged solely for the sake of Israel is going to be. I am willing to bet my house that it will be wildly unpopular with those who will be asked to fight it.

      Christian Zionist BoomerCons who want to bring on Armageddon for they can get Raptured can go fuck themselves. I want nothing to do with it.

      • ” I am willing to bet my house, that it will be wildly unpopular, with those who will be asked to fight it ” yes, yes, at the moment it would be unpopular, that’s why , we should not be surprised, but rather expecting, some thing very nasty, to happen at any time, right here in the lower 48 and then as usual, it will become popular and their narrative, continues on ……

      • Of course it will be unpopular.

        What does that have to do with aligning ourselves with Palestinians? The one doesn’t follow the other.

        Its a false dichotomy to assert you are either standing for Israel or dying on the hill with palestinians.

        After all the years of caved in head wojak tier arguments from autistic dissidents for why we must do this or that other stupid and counterproductive thing, we should have enough sense finally to take a deep breath, take our balls in our hand and take the low time preference route of letting this all play out while keeping our message concise, targeted to our own interests, and otherwise keeping our heads down.

        Instead you are going covid hysteria levels of off the wall with all the dead brown kid propaganda because…. why? Who are you trying to convince, and what are you trying to convince them of?

        Nobody here likes Jews. Nobody trusts them. Nobody wants to support an israel war anymore than they do one in ukraine. Nobody I talk to wants to fight for israel or send them money. Do some boomers? Sure. Aren’t there always boomers wanting to do something stupid? Yeah, but so what?

        What are you freaking out about?

        This pity party being thrown for brownie is more likely gonna boomerang into a massive airlift of palestinian refugees into our own country, and nobody should want that either because the first thing they are gonna do is raise hell and murder some White people.

        This is the last I’m gonna say on it, as I’m sure my position is clear by now and I have no desire to walk people off rhetorical ledges in my spare time.

        Bottom line, taking anything but an ambivalent position on israel/palestine doesn’t benefit me or people I know like me. At the end of the day, thats where the rubber meets the road.

        • Hard disagree.

          We’re getting sucked into another huge war in the Middle East solely because of Jewish donors and the power of the Israel Lobby which owns Congress and this time around there is no ambiguity about the cause of the war. It is not about oil or something else like that. Rather, it is solely about the inability of anyone in our government including the president to stand up to Israel. All those dead brown kids in gruesome videos matter because it is going to set the whole region on fire with us in the middle of it.

          Give me a break about “our interests.” It is not in our interest to be sucked into a war in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and who knows where else all for the sake of Israel and Netanyahu’s dumb domestic policies. It is not in our interest to absorb the economic fallout from this or the refugees which will inevitably come here because of this. Once the war goes hot, it will dominate and crowd out everything else for years.

          The GOP hasn’t done shit about our interests. They can’t even defund the war in Ukraine which has gone on for two years. They can’t stop millions of illegal aliens from pouring across the border. Every single Republican member of Congress with the exception of Thomas Massie wants to plunge into this abyss.

          There is nothing any of us can do to stop it. Too many BoomerCons support it. We can take a position on it though. We can come out 100% against this. Let Con Inc. OWN this disaster and the whole train of consequences from it which is going to be utterly toxic to Americans under 45.

          Israel is not becoming more popular. Quite the opposite. Going to war with the whole Middle East for the sake of Israel’s genocidal policies in Gaza is a losing cause. I’m definitely not siding with those people

          • They are gonna own this whether you turn your blog into dead brown kid 24/7 coverage or not.

            What does that have to do with us?

          • This is the same nonsense that I see on FOX News.

            – We gotta Stand With Israel without apology or qualification
            – Dead Palestinian kids don’t matter
            – The context of the Hamas attack doesn’t matter
            – What does this have to do with us?

            Well, let’s see:

            – As a result of this, we have a whole armada in the eastern Mediterranean ready to go to war with Iran and Hezbollah and much of the region

            – Every single member of the House with the exception of Thomas Massie has voted to give Israel a blank check to do whatever it wants

            – These hideous images of dead kids and tortured civilians is setting the whole region on fire against us. It is 1000x worse than Abu Ghraib and other incidents that led to the creation of ISIS which led to a decade of terrorist attacks

            – Key American allies in the region are turning against us which is revolutionizing the geopolitics of the region

            – NATO is splitting and European allies are bailing. We are left with allies like Fiji and Papua New Guinea to deal with the fallout

            – American military bases in Iraq and Syria are already under non-stop attack

            The answer to your question is that Israel has been given a blank check to do whatever it wants and when it is plunged into another massive war like the Yom Kippur War because of its stupid actions it is going to suck us into the war and leave us isolated. We are going to absorb all the military and economic fallout from this and all the blowback from this for allowing it to happen.

            As far as I can tell, the only thing the GOP intends to deliver on is 1.) a huge new foreign aid package for Ukraine and 2.) a brand new active hot war in the Middle East. It is also investigating Hunter Biden dick pics. That’s what it has done again with power.

    • ISA, you’re kind of contradicting your own superb point here. Remember It’s not our problem and we can’t afford it. How is Hunter’s position which is to not support this latest idiocy, the equivalent of Anglin’s retarded notion of marching with BLM war-opponents (there are only a few chapters, BTW)?? Refusing support isn’t the same as showing up at a BLM rally with tiki-torch in white klan robes – although that’s what the retarded bitch at the white house claims (merely demonstrating that she’s quite unfit for any job anywhere – except perhaps as a receptionist for a negro brothel).

      • Its no less idiotic to support palestinians for no reason, when we are equally likely to begin giving them aid or flying them to the midwest.

        Recklessly parroting and echoing propaganda that is at the very least targeted for the express purpose of eliciting sympathy, knowing full well the sources of that propaganda have nothing but malice for us, is just as dumb as falling for pictures of dead AI charred jew babies then advocating for the genocide of palestinians.

        Hamas and their fellow travelers have concocted this emotional blackmail trap for EXACTLY this reason, to back people into a corner and force them to give money and support. Its no better than holocaust propaganda and its straight out of the jews own twisted playbook.

        It will bite us in the ass if we don’t put our foot down and say no, I don’t give a fuck.

        I haven’t even read the daily stormer. What is that retard Anglin advocating now? Its probably just as obnoxious as the wall of dead brown kid porn we are being subjected to here I’m guessing?

        • I don’t disagree. Like you said: It’s not our problem and we can’t afford it. I even posted a link to the Hamas charter. There is nothing moderate about them. They are just as exterminationalist as the Zionist regime of Netanyahu is. Few here have chosen sides. Have you?

          Unfortunately the oligarchy and their puppets who dominate all branches of government have decided to support Netanyahu full throttle. See HW’s post above for a ‘short’ list of the ways. A single Republican in congress voted against this total madness. Apparently nine D-jerseys were permitted to oppose it (probably all Muslims). The Hamas operation is likely a trap and the morons who run this country just stepped into it along with the shitty little tail which wags their sorry arses. World War III is pretty much a done deal now barring a miracle. I will not support this utterly evil illegitimate and lawless occupation regime under any circumstance whatsoever.

          Our overlords do not give a rat’s ass what even most normies think about the issue. They, not HW or even Clown-Prince Anglin, are the ones who’ll be demanding that the leftover Hamas jihadis be re-settled as refugees (with full welfare benefits) in your neighborhood and mine. There won’t be any being resettled in Hymietown or Chappaqua after this is done, will there? Like the normies who might be starting to catch on, we have ZERO say in the matter. I don’t see anyone except for Anglin even acting like they support Hamas (he stated he’s willing to march with BLM) – though he’s likely just cynically doing it for click-bait and more shekels. He can’t be taken any more seriously than the catboy ranch.

          Hamas will get its support from Turkey and wherever else they can get it. There’s certainly no shortage of supporters in the Dar-al-Islam with its 1.5 billion faithful, and more screaming for revenge every single day. Again, even that is not our problem (more accurately, shouldn’t be our problem). You (and everyone here) were never given a serious choice about the issue, so like it or not, it now is our problem at least to an extent.

  4. 500 Palestinians were killed today when Israel bombed a heavily populated refugee camp with 6 missiles. Anyone who says this isn’t collective punishment and not genocide is a stone-cold liar. I’m not really sure why Israel thinks this is in their own interest, with every Palestinian child they bomb, they create thousands of people with anti-Israel sentiment.

    The far left has put asides their hatred of White people for the moment and taken out their anger at Genocide Joe, his corrupt administration, and his Zionist handlers. This is why Genocide Joe and his allies are trying to equate the Pro-Palestinian-Left with the Nationalist-Right.

    On a side note, I support Palestinian refugees coming to America, and only Palestinian refugees among asylum seekers. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for what my government has done in our names. These people are real refugees escaping extermination. They are not like these fake asylum seekers that cross our border looking to drain our welfare system because they are too lazy to make their own country great. Palestinians are not anti-White. Palestinians are anti-Zionist and a lot of Zionists happen to be White. If you tell a Palestinian you support Palestine, they will treat you like a brother.

    There is a great disconnect between what the public thinks and what our elected officials think. I think the narrative is in favor of the Palestinians, especially with social media ablaze with photos and film of dead Palestinian children.

  5. Basically, the Biden Administration and the International are conducting defensive information warfare for their anti-Israeli subordinates by deflecting from the real narrative: Anti-southern bigots (BLM, SPLC, Gay Mexicans) are aligning with Palestinians.

    Instead, the Biden Administration and the International are trying to create a false narrative to justify marginalization and indictment of their enemies: the Pro-Israel Maga Nationalists (J6ers, Trumpsters, and SCVers) are in alignment with the Gay Mexicans (Nick Fuentes cultists and Uncle Adolf cultists) who are in fact aligned with the Palestinians.

    It’s clear as day what the Feds are doing: Associate the entire Rightwing as under the Fuhership of the Gay Mexican to justify the mass arrest of Maga Nationalists and stupid cult followers of Uncle Nick and Uncle Adolf. Note, the Gay Mexican being a fed will not be arrested.

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