Yemen’s Houthi Declares War On Israel


Hezbollah gives Israel until November 3 to stop its attacks on Gaza.


Meanwhile, Hezbollah in Lebanon is warming up.

The Houthis have entered the war.

Note: The Saudi defense minister was in Washington yesterday.


  1. Mr. Griffin I think these were Bout his instead of the Yemen government itself. I see conflicting reports on WHO actually declared war on Israel.

  2. The ancient civilization of Yemen or South Arabia, which was already advanced, especially in agriculture, in the Bronze Age, is marked for extermination – because (1) Yemenis dared to become a successful socialist republic (reason enough to expunge their memory) for over twenty years, until it was overthrown by the U.S., and its former colonizer Britain, and (2) because there are new, untapped oil fields within its borders and (3) the large very lightly populated island of Socotra, which is a pristine, world heritage site for flora and fauna found nowhere else, is planned to be developed as a tourist and residential real estate “mecca” by capitalists of the Emirates, Israel and the U.S.

    • You’re an endless torrent of non-values, Merthyr. That’s what it is to be a Marxist.

      • All those statements about Yemen are facts, not values. Read accurate history.
        Socialism in Somalia, located directly across the Gulf of Aden from Yemen, was also making great progress until it was overthrown and replaced by the U.S.’s “radical Muslim” proxies. Regarding me being a Marxist: Marx did not invent the Left. “Liberty, equality and fraternity” appeared in France before he was born; the red flag flew first in Wales, before he was a teenager; and Christians “had all things in common” and “gave from each according to their ability, and to each according to their need” in Palestine, more than 2,000 years ago. Marx was brilliant but the good and evil inclinations of human nature, the left and right, equality and class, love-of-neighbor and usury, have always been known, and remain the same in every age.

    • Got to hand it to the Chinese for that one. You think maybe they finally figured out (((who))) was behind their infamous “Century of Humiliation”? That would bring a smile to many faces. I read somewhere that the Chinese Imperial treasury had some astonishing pile of gold, which was all carted off by the British and French bankstein muscle back in the day. Seeing what a utter farce Britain and France are now must make them see that Karma really can be an incredible bitch. The USA participated in that bullshit too, though a relatively minor player. The Sassoons (the ‘Rothschilds of the East’) were the main profiteers of the opium racket – like the (((Sacklers))) of today.

  3. It’s time we intervened more forcefully in the Yemen civil war. Had we done so earlier, this wouldn’t be happening. Indeed, had we intervened in Lebanon like we should’ve in 2006 or even in 1990, Hezbollah woundnt exist and this war large Middle Eastern War wouldn’t now be happening. It’s what happens when you do nothing. Problems get worse and then catastrophic.

    Specifically, it’s probably too late to intervene in Lebanon without serious costs. Best to let Israel reduce Hezbollah before we go in. However, it’s not too late to intervene in Yemen and detach South Yemen and its old British harbor at Aden. A combined US-UK-Commonwealth force could easily eliminate any Al-Queda and Houthi forces in the area. Reestablishing a base in Aden with the British would also secure the lines of communication through the straights into the Red Sea.

    This should’ve been done over a decade ago but Obama, Moslems, and Isolationists combined in a kind of proto-Hamas-Anal First alliance to stop it. The result was the rise the continuation of the conflict and the strengthening of jihadis that they now launch ballistic missiles against their enemies as far away as Suez Canal, Jerusalem, Dubai, Riyadh, or ships in the Med and Indian Ocean. Contrary to what some people say, we have strong economic, trade, and geopolitical reasons to be involved in these littoral areas.

    • You and the rest of the sheenies can fight Hezbollah yourselves – but don’t be surprised if they lay another ass-whoopin’ on you like they did in 2006.

  4. @Exalted Cyclops
    “The Sassoons (the ‘Rothschilds of the East’) were the main profiteers of the opium racket – like the (((Sacklers))) of today.”

    These broad statements don’t stand detailed analysis. The Sassoons were not the main profiteers of the opium racket. Players, but not the biggest. The biggest have been Chinese Tongs in East Asia, Parsi merchant families of India, and weird semi-Chinese families in Burma. The European and Americans got involved late in the game and made the least amount of money. Their primary goal was suppressing the trade and displacing the Orientals as much as possible.

    Their primary vehicles were joint stock or chartered companies with the objective of reversing the capital flow from West to East. Various British families involved with the East India Company, French families involved with the French Indochina Opium Company, and various Yankee families involved in the China Clipper trade of 1750-1890 are examples. They were successful. But, their era was short lived thanks to World Wars and liberalism.

    Everyone likes to blame British, French, Americans as profiting the most from Opium Trade. Sometimes, someone gets a kernel of truth, such as you with the Sassoons and makes fiction whole cloth with it. In fact it was a broad movement of patriots for fortune adventurers who reduced the Opium trade, displaced the Oriental fuckers, reversed capital flows from West to East, but made the smallest amount or money. The Sassoons were allied in this effort. Their time ended with the post WWII era when the Orientals started dominating again and expanded it into the global phenomena of today and dominate the trade.

    • Yes Schomo, we know you will always defend the tribe no matter what – along with the white shabbas-goys who’ve endlessly sold us down the river. The opium trade was run primarily by the British on behalf of their owners. Though the (((Bank of England)) was invited over by William of Orange in 1694 to open a usury-racket employing the magic of fictional-reserve banking, the ownership of the British empire was achieved shortly after Wellington’s victory in 1815, when the Rothschild’s had their agents near the battle inform them of the victory before anyone else knew. They then instructed their crooked broker (((David Ricardo))) – who cooked up the bullshit economic theory behind “free” trade (which is Jewspeak for rigged trade) – start a huge panic by announcing that Napoleon won. This caused a massive crash in the London stock market (a rigged casino much like our own today). The Rothschilds thus bought the empire for farthings on the pound afterwards they had the power of fictional-reserve usury to create money out of thin air.

      The opium trade got under way not long after by the Rothschild-owned East India Co. enslaving Indian farmers with debt to grow opium then working with Chinese gangs, the (((French))) owned Indochina Opium Company, Chinese Tongs in East Asia, Parsi merchant families of India, and overseas-Chinese families in Burma. Before the promotion of opium addiction by the above group, the Ching dynasty in China was running a tidy trade surplus with Britain, France and America via their porcelain trade, for which the customers had to pay in silver (not empty promises of banksteins printed on paper). Britain, thanks to all of the wars from ca.1780-1820, plus the ultimate swindle noted above, was in no position to pay, ditto for France. Thus the money masters who controlled both came up with the plan to flood China with cheap opium. By the latter part of the 1850s, the situation in India was so bad there was a massive rebellion (1857). The (((East India Co.))) knowing wars were expensive, gave over the territory they controlled to the British regime, all arranged by Lord Palmerston who presided over quite a catalog of imperial wars in behalf of his (((City of London))) masters.

      Chinese attempts to stop the opium imports led to the Opium wars, which were fought mainly by British and French militaries who invaded and looted – including the legendary Gold reserve of ‘Great Ching’ as it was called in Chinese. Their success was due in large part to instability in China generated by massive opium addiction. The Ching also were plagued with a civilizational hubris of viewing westerners as primitive barbarians. The opium trouble and wars also served to increase their latent unpopularity with the majority Han populace. (The Ching rulers were Manchurian, and all official documents and coinage appeared in both languages until the final fall of the dynasty in 1911). There were several uprisings in the wake of the Opium wars, with the Taiping rebellion (1850-64) being especially bloody and destructive. The (((Sassoons))) were the ‘managers’ of the whole racket and became immensely wealthy in their own right – hence the moniker “Rothschilds of the East”. The rise of Japan basically of sealed the fate of the Ching dynasty and started the final phase of China’s “century of humiliation”, which only receded in 1949. Mao didn’t much help in any serious recovery, but at least the country was controlled by the Han once again.

      Schlomo the “Aryan Globalist” (a nonsensical term as the Aryans seem to have originated in India) will try to say that this is an attempt to blame all of the bad things on the Jews. That’s not really the case though. Jews – who the Christian bible flatly states are the Synagogue of Satan – are caught in their Faustian bargain unless they truly repent (which hardly ever happens, but does now and again). They’re more or less hard-wired to do their Satanic boss’ will. The bigger problem for whites are the equally Satanic ruling elites among their own people, who have enabled and facilitated all of the catastrophes we’re witnessing. The jews (being agents of Satan) are certainly there in the center of the shit-pile. So are white elites (and other comprador elites around the world). The Nigerian Musloid who sawed off the head of a British cuck-soldier (unarmed, of course) in London was a kind of latter-day Baalam’s ass when he addressed whites in the video: Remove your governments. They are not for you.

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