1. Mearsheimer is not stupid. He’s correct and likely even understating the case. Netanyahu stepped into a tar-baby. Israel might even cease to exist before too long. Ironically, most Jews prefer living in the US and in Europe while working to completely destroy their host’s culture and replace their populations over trying to make their own Jewish country a successful venture. Having some kind of accommodation with the neighbors is a necessary part of this and the actions of Likud and Netanyahu have likely foreclosed any chance of it every happening. Maybe Netanyahu should allow the ‘Christian-Zionists’ to make Aliyah.

    • Israel and the jews and their Neo-Con Shabbos Goy still think and act like it’s 2003. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a watershed moment in the ZioUS Empire. We probably will never see that kind of prolonged US military occupation and commitment to another country again. The US military has run out of young healthy White men to use as cannon fodder.

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