Israel At War

Don’t look away.

TruNews Coverage

American Leadership

Capturing Amalek

Stealing From Amalek

Starving Amalek

Destroying Amalek

Exterminating Amalek


  1. Thanks for bringing all these facts to everyone’s attention. Very good collection of useful links.

    The love of money is the root of all this evil. Wars are about money, theft and greed. The Gaza Strip is yet more “lebensraum for the invading superior race”: thousands of level acres with a pleasant, mild climate all ready to be real-estate developed, including some nice sandy beaches for tourism, and very lucrative natural gas fields (just off the coast of Gaza). Furthermore, a new pipeline will be laid through Gaza, that must not be resisted or tampered with by any indigenous “terrorists.” The One Percent (actually less) are certainly not “making a mistake.” From the perspective of the Captains of the private profit industry, finishing the long genocide of indigenous Palestine now makes good business sense, and everything is proceeding according to plan. Sometimes one of their plans doesn’t succeed, at first (Operation Barbarossa for example) but they never give up trying because they have an endless supply of money to bribe everyone with. Their wars (hot, cold and hybrid) will continue until they have destroyed all opposition to their Private Profit System, and the Almighty Dollar has been seated on the throne, and will rule all the workers of the world (including the working population of the U.S.) with an iron rod for a thousand years. (I pray that this prophecy does not come true.)

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