1. Wolf isn’t shocked about casualties. Wolf is shocked about massacres impact to World Jewry.

    Wolf is not the only Jew. Some others also understand that times have changed and old good Jew tricks don’t work in the information era and with changed society and different people and this time things can get ugly.

    Even here in Eastern Europe they are whining that thanks to internet and reborn antisemitism, hasbara is very much useless.

    • Anti-semitism: having the brains to see the truth and the temerity to speak it. Real anti-semitism is no more real than Moses, King David, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

  2. @Juri

    Yeah, ZOG has well lost the propaganda war. The entire world is turning against them, and with good reason.

  3. You need to write an article on the Israeli UN delegation wearing yellow stars to the UN general assembly.


    It seems they’re cashing in all their “holocaust chips.” Even the goofy attempts to equate an as of yet not clearly explained terrorist raid into their territory to “fifteen 9/11s” is offensive and cringe. The idea of paragliding militants seems improbable but not quite impossible.(Tons of Israeli intelligence were screwing around in the Ukraine)



    • What chips to they have after those now largely worthless ones? Hell, Elon Musk just admitted yesterday that the Church of Woke and its owners “They Absolutely Want Your Extinction” – referring explicitly to the negroid woke contingent who melted down the statue of Robert E. Lee.

      BTW, the same caution applies to Musk that applies to actively siding with the Palestinians – a la Anglin. He’s not on our side either. An ADL bitch remains in charge of censorship on X and many who were censored under the previous regime remain so now, even the mild-mannered Jew-funded Jared Taylor. Musk obviously senses a change in the wind. Even so credit is due where it’s due. The EUSSR has a huge new censorship law going into full effect on 1/1/24.

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