Rep. Brian Mast: There Are No Innocent Palestinian Civilians

This is Rep. Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wearing his IDF uniform in Congress.

Note: Mast is also part of the Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism.


  1. As an “American” Military Veteran I think that it is time this Representative is either “Deported to Israel or immediately arrested as an Agent of a Foreign Government. We need to give this traitor a History Lesson of Palestine & the actual creation of Israel & I don’t mean the manufactured Zionist propaganda version of it. Americans are done with living under this foreign Zionist occupation so If he loves Israel this much then he need to relocate there. As for me, I took only one oath & it was to the Constitution of the United States. I hold no secret Oath or Loyalty to any foreign power nor do I have any dual citizenship to a foreign government. The Government of the USA needs to be purged & cleaned out of all of these AIPAC owned, Israeli controlled dual Citizens that is squandering our national blood & treasure for this foreign government.

    • This is so damned crazy it’s kind of hard to unpack. Here’s a list of what we (might) know about this bozo so far.

      1. He’s not a jew, but 100% goy. Half white, half mexican born 1980 in Michigan.

      2. Joins US military after High School, was sent to Trashcanistan by the empire, got both legs blown off when stepping on IED. They never wanted to have feminism and rainbow celebrations of Pedophilia shoved down their throats while the legions stole their opium for the Sacklers. Imagine that.

      3. Got a handicaped-accessible house for free from a veteran-devoted charity after rehab. Went to Haaaavaaahd (often a tell of someone who’s taken the ticket). Why there? It’s practically the Church of Woke seminary. Not exactly Evangelical Christian friendly place. Run by jews for decades now. YT not welcome in general. Registered as Latino?

      4. Being a disabled veteran helps getting voted into congress in heavily Repuke districts, so I’m guessing he comes from such a FL district. Juan McStain played the vet card in AZ for decades running. The morons voted for him until he died in office.

      5. Volunteers for helping the IDF in 2015, which is how he got the uniform.

      Obvious guess is that he’s a rabid CZ and essentially an AIPAC puppet sitting in congress. They might have compromat of some kind on him from activity back in Trashcanistan – the major producer of opium until the Taliban shut it down after the clown-rout of 2019. Not every poor soldier who got his legs blown off in the ‘Graveyard of Empires’ gets such a gold-plated treatment when they come home. What’s so special about this one?

  2. “This is Rep. Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wearing his IDF uniform in Congress.”
    Brian Mast – Traitor to all Mankind and Human dignity

  3. So why isn’t he over there fighting? Israel called up their reserves after all. You just can’t make this stuff up it’s so completely moronic. Evidently Mast is not even a jew. (Mother is a Mexican, father is a honkie). Born 1980 – Generation X apparently – and at least a retarded as a boomer (if not more).

    Here’s some blurbish from Wokepedia:

    > Mast lives in Palm City, Florida, with his wife Brianna and their four children. As of 2016, he attended the evangelical Calvary Chapel.

    > In January 2015, Mast volunteered with the Israel Defense Forces, working at a base outside Tel Aviv, packing medical kits and moving supplies.

    Mast served in the Imperial Rainbow Legion (to secure the poppy fields for the Sacklers, among many other rackets in play over two decades) and lost both legs over in the Graveyard of Empires when he stepped on an IED planted by Afghans who didn’t want to be ruled by invaders and their bosses on Wall Street. Sorry he lost his legs, but there’s an old saying: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. He did not lose his legs for this country. The Israeli uniform was a just cheap party trick as the IDF wouldn’t have much use for a legless goy in battle. But since he elected to wear the uniform of a foreign military while serving as a congressman…..

    Maybe he can persuade the IDF to rig up diesel powered wheelchair with armor and a couple of machine-guns and send him in as a tunnel-drone to shoot at Hamas rats hiding out there. He can then truly sacrifice himself for God’s Chosen People and improve the IQ level of congress by just a tiny bit at the same time. Maybe someone can whisper the idea into Ben Shapiro’s ear and get the moneyball rolling. They can send in this hero with 101 violins playing the theme from Schindler’s List. Have Pedowood make a movie. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house….

  4. Brian Mast is now a confirmed Jewish supremacist and advocate for the genocide of Palestinians, just like just about everyone in Washington, it’s a uniparty, hello?

  5. “ZOG” is not just a meme or hyperbolic exaggeration. You literally have an IDF guy wearing his IDF uniform in Congress and sitting on the Foreign Relations Committee.

    If that is not proof of a Zionist Occupied Government… what is?

  6. Mast is not only a traitor but a real moron.He’s not even a Jew but wants to kiss Jew ass so bad he volunteered for the IDF”packing medical kits and supplies”haha He also ran for Congress that same year,I guess letting the Jews know he’d be a really slavish puppet.Even funnier,he’s part beaner.His mothers name is Tixomena Trujillo.What a real freak.Oh and he’s an evangelical.All that information came from wikipedia so who knows,but it sounds right on the money.

  7. I’ve seen a lot of slaughtered Palestinian babies lately. I dont think they were involved in the incursion into israel that started all this, but I could be wrong!

  8. Such sentiment is scary for multiple reasons. But the biggest? That’s what they’ll say when they come after us for defending our racist heritage and ancestors.

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