Jesse Watters Is Done With Arab-Americans

The talking points have gone out.

It is okay for BoomerCons to be racist against Muslims and Arabs again. Just like it was for about ten years when Obama was president.

Con Inc. is showing a little leg to stir up the base against the enemies of Israel. The difference is that this time around there is no group like ISIS launching terrorist attacks against Americans. Hamas is a local group embroiled in a territorial dispute with Israel.

We’re seeing a lot of articles like this … I was woke until October 7th. I supported BLM and Third World immigration until October 7th. I changed my mind though when I saw it was bad for the Jews. Now I am on your side!

We’ve been down this road before with neoconservatism and the “Counter-Jihad” movement. We will end up with a new generation of Jewish gatekeepers for a kosher pro-White movement and another generation of dead American soldiers in the Middle East.

Note: What do Arab-Americans have to do with October 7th? Literally nothing.


  1. Brad,
    Your statement “We will end up with a new generation of Jewish gatekeepers for a kosher pro-White movement and another generation of dead American soldiers in the Middle East” was true and powerful. A pro-White movement that does not dare to speak out about the Jews is doomed to failure the same as a Christian movement that refuses to condemn open sins. Both are simply empty shells of what they claim to be.

    • I can already hear it now.

      I’m anti-woke, but what we really need to be doing is fighting Iran and terrorists all over the Middle East. I’m already seeing it from Ron DeSantis types

        • I have been living in a supposedly “liberal” area in the northeast for about 18 months. Of course, the official party line from the Lügenpresse is all about support for Our Greatest Ally. The regular people I have spoken to just want to stay out of the conflict, “it’s none of our business” is what I have been hearing from people constantly.

          This part of the country has far fewer evangelicals/dispensationalists/rapture types than other parts so that is some of the difference. Also, people just don’t trust the Lügenpresse and the Government and are sick of all the wars over the last 30+ years. I think GloboHomo has gone to the well too many times with its wars; public support for U.S. involvement is just not there. Support is coming from elite factions, not average people.

          Where is that “peace dividend” we were promised after the cold war ended BTW?

  2. We’ll also see a reprise of the neocons, this time as jews penetrating the nationalist movement and capturing them for their own ends.

    • Of course. Why do you think we’ve seen the sudden appearance of an “Aryan Globalist Bro”? Does anyone here think this shill actually gives a rat’s ass about whites?? Likely someone from an Israeli troll-farm or perhaps a Fed from MIC. Trying to argue that standing by the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies and its jew masters (who openly call for extermination of whites – all goyim who are uppity enough not to bow and scrape to them) is the best course for whites. That’s worked out so well for us in the past 100 years that our population has declined significantly since they took over. The only whites who would survive an imperial triumph would be sellouts like himself (if he’s white, which is unlikely) – only until the jews find a nice smart and more obsequious imported Chinese or Pajeet to replace them.

      There is an extreme outside chance that this character is someone from a small white country which would not be able to withstand any serious invasion and therefore needs help in such an event who is arguing out of fear. The baltics, for example, are far too small to exist on their own as independent states without backup from a larger neighbor.

  3. Politics doesn’t matter, because people are too stupid to not support the duopoly/uniparty.
    Only mass homelessness and starvation could teach people not to support the duopoly/uniparty, that’s how hopeless people and democracy is.

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    What does matter is wealth, power and its limits.
    Thankfully America and the west are on their way out.
    We will lose the war in Eurasia, the middle east and East Asia over Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan respectively.
    Ukraine, or at least the Donbass, will become a part of Russia, Israel will lose Palestine and may be destroyed, and Taiwan will become a part of China.

    We will lose because America and the west are weak and gay.
    We will lose because we no longer have a monopoly on economics, industry, manufacturing, science and technology.
    The developing world has been developing for decades and has now to a large extent already been developed.

    We are on our way out and down, they are on their way in and up.
    Dedollarization is inevitable.
    Some degree of deglobalization is inevitable.
    Our economies will stagnate.
    People will no longer want to immigrate to the west.
    The American empire will recede if not cease to be.
    The American economy will shrink.
    Deflation will ensue.
    The great divergence is ending, the great convergence begins.
    The west will longer lead the pack, it’s over, a multipolar world order looms whether we like it or not, in fact especially if we don’t like it.
    We are entering a new epoch, a new world with new rules, the seeds have been (un)wittingly planted, it’s over.

    Look at America’s politics.
    It’s a mess.
    The woke imperial capitalist left fights with the woke imperial capitalist right.
    They will destroy each other.
    Only after they’re destroyed can a new era of politics begin.

    • The left and right are fighting, not over principles and policies, but over who gets the blame for America’s fall.
      These are not substantive disagreements, it’s all about ego, minutia and political tribalism, it’s all about donors and donations, money and power.
      Those who’re caught up in it, picking sides as if one was that different from the other, are hopelessly clueless.
      It will all become apparent but only after the collapse and both sides of the aisle have no one left to blame but themselves.
      The world is moving on without Zio-America and its vassals.
      Democrat-republican, liberal-conservative, these are brands, like Nike and Adidas, McDonald’s and Burger King, different piles of what’s essentially the same thing; globalism, Zionism, imperialism, interventionism, consumerism, cultural Marxism and neoliberalism.

    • “Only after they’re destroyed can a new era of politics begin.”
      ^^It won’t necessarily be anything better. Probably brutal anarchy, mass starvation and chaos. I’m not saying you’re wrong — the destruction does seem to be inevitable, at this point. Just keep in mind: we probably all get destroyed, too; and what comes next is by no means guaranteed to be something better.

      • Yes that’s true. There is no such thing as a guaranteed outcome. If we continue to serve jews – who now openly advocate our extermination – we’re finished. That is near 100% certain absent some miracle. If the present evil empire goes down, there will certainly be a period of chaos and many stupid clueless, though innocent whites will die. Maybe seeing their own kith and kin perish will cause some of the insufferable shitlibs to stop genuflecting before holy negroes for once and help their own people. Imagine that … unlikely though it might be.

  4. All while black crime soars to unprecedented heights, Whites are not permitted to notice. That would be “hate”. But jews persecuting, torturing, and murdering Palestinians, by the tens of thousands, for the past 75 years, that’s OK and should be supported by Murikans.

  5. Of course so-called conservative talk shows and news outlets support Jews and attack their enemies- that’s what you have to do to get paid in this business. Who does the paying?- answer-Jewish power and influence. As has long been noted, “Jews like to own both sides of every coin”.

  6. It was done before improperly. The movement and its political figureheads always failed to demand concessions on clear nationalist principles.

    For example, until recently, not one single conservative talking head or Republicans from either the pro-borders first to the pro-Ukraine first figured out they could have both. Putting border security immigration restriction appropriation in Ukrainian assistance appropriation was never considered. It finally has.

    Likewise with the concern of neo-con Israeli Firsters taking over as gatekeepers during 2001-2016. Had the nationalist been as organized then as now and smart enough to exact concessions we probably would’ve ended immigration 20 years ago and kept the neo-cons from gatekeeping. But it is what it is.

    We are now in another situation to do the same. Retreating to isolationism and reactive anti-Zionist posturing will not win those concessions but like last time will leave the neocon Israeli Firsters on the playing field to determine the conditions.

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